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Shih Tzus originated in Tibet, with evidence of the dogs having been traced to the year 624. They were rumored to be sacred pets kept in temples. They are the oldest and smallest of Tibetan holy dogs, and their name means “lion” or “little lion.”HIGH: Shih Tzus need regular, daily brushing if their coats are long. You can gather the hair around their face in a bow or knot to stay out of their eyes.Not many Shih Tzu are seen in popular cultures. The breed made an appearance in the dog show spoof film Best In Show, but aside from real-life show champions there haven't been many Shih-superstars.

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Inu Shih Tzu Shikoku Siberian Husky Silken Windhound Silky Terrier Skye Terrier Sloughi Smooth Collie Smooth Choose from over 200 different dog breeds and build your kennel from the ground up The Shih Tzu (Pinyin Chinese: Shizi Gou) is a breed of dog available in Nintendogs and its 3DS sequel. DS: This exotic breed originates from Tibet and was favored by the Chinese royalty for its refined posture. The price of a Shih tzu puppy varies greatly from kennel to kennel, depending on genetics, kennel seriousness, awards, care, food and beauty. See ours Shih tzu puppies available, clicking in this..

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  1. The American Shih Tzu Club is a member of The American Kennel Club | © 2009..
  2. The Maltese x Shih Tzu is a small dog with an abundant coat. It may resemble either of the parent breeds but usually Maltese x Shih Tzu. © 2018 CTC Productions Pty Limited. All rights reserved
  3. Many translated example sentences containing Shih Tzu - Chinese-English dictionary and search engine for Chinese translations
  4. Nie przegap najnowszych newsów, porad i materiałów, które pozwolą Ci zadbać o swoje zdrowie
  5. Режим: Район: Вся Беларусь. Тип сделки: Все Продажа Покупка Разное. Порода: Все Австралийская овчарка Акита-ину Аляскинский маламут Американский акита Американский..

Shih Tzu - Historie og anvendelse. Hunderacen Shih Tzu er en af de ældste hunderacer, der findes. Klubben for Små Selskabshunde er specialklub under Dansk Kennel Klub for cirka 25.. Bichon, Shih Tzu, Poodle purebred and mixes all fit the profile. Ask any breeder if they individually kennel each puppy...the answer will be NO RUSSION VERSION. ENGLISH VERSION Der Shih Tzu Kalender für 2020 beinhaltet für jeden Monat ein anderes spannendes Foto eines Shih Tzus, sowie genügend Platz damit Sie Ihre Termine notieren können ❣ Кому Самая лучшая пилюля от всего Shih TZU kennel: PLEASURE OF LIFEИ сайт: http..

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  1. Afortunamente los europeos se habían aficionado a esta raza y después de su aparición en el viejo continente los Shih-Tzu sustituyeron a los Lhasa Apso como los perros favoritos de nobles y ricos. Los viajeros que durante aquella época visitaban el país oriental trajeron la moda de estos pequeños perros a Europa y, posteriormente, en 1955 esa moda comenzó a extenderse por Estados Unidos, donde causaron una fuerte impresión. En la era moderna, la moda de los Shih-Tzu desapareció gradualmente, y tras la revolución comunista la raza de perros se consideró extinta en China, aunque ya había dejado su impronta en Occidente.
  2. Baby gives kisses to Shih Tzu dog. Goosenans Published February 20, 2015 2,478 Plays. Subscribe
  3. Shih tzu Originally the Shih Tzu belongs to a group of small dog races, which were bred by the monks in Tibet. From there they went as tribute dogs to the..
  4. g, etc.)*Choose...$0 - $100 per month$101 - $150 per month$151 - $200 per month$201 - $250 per month$251 - $300 per month$301 - $350 per monthMore than $350 per month » Show me more polls!
  5. The Shih Tzu names list is filled with names suitable for your new puppy. Learn about the Shih Tzu temperament, trainability, and even a little of the breed's history before deciding on this or another dog..

Kennels. Catalog. Tattoos. estrela Mountain Dog Shar Pei SHARPLANINA Shetland Sheepdog Shiba Shih Tzu Siberian Husky Skye Terrier Sloughi (Arabian Greyhound) Small gascony blue South.. - Subin currently has a Shih Tzu dog named Toto and a cat named Mimi. - Things he's interested in: listening to music. - Things he hates: hot, dirty, hectic and noisy things Shih Tzu - Descended from the temple dogs of Tibet, which had been bred in that country for 2,000 years, the Shih Tzu was presented to the Chinese as gifts

Do anyone's shih tzu act differently with hot weather? I've noticed that our Ch... Thanks you for sharing. I really like hearing other people's Shih Tzu stories. Shih Tzus are the cutest Segugio Σεγκούτσι. Setter Σέτερ. Shih Tzu Σιχ Τσου. Spitz Σπιτζ. Vizsla Βιζλα Shih Tzu er en generelt frisk rase med høy gjennomsnittlig levealder, normalt 10-13 år. Norsk Kennel Klub. Nordåsveien 5, 1251 Oslo. Postboks 52 Holmlia, 1201 Oslo For one thing, Teacup Shih Tzus aren't exactly a breed. There's only one breed that's recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), and it's the Shih Tzu. The standard Shih Tzu weighs between 9 to.. Welkom bij Shih-Tzu kennel. Love, Joy and Happiness. Klik hier om verder te gaan. Realisatie RS-InternetServices en Shih-la ontwerp en webdesign

(18) Shih Tzu (123) Spitz (79) Süs Köpekleri (25) Tibet Mastifi (46) Toy Poodle (849) White Terrier (34) Yorkshire Terrier (212)

Basically, Shih Tzu puppies get their immunity from their Shih Tzu mother's milk, which is also the same as that of human beings. However, these immunities tend to lose their effects by the time the.. En cuanto al color de su pelo, el Shih Tzu puede presentar una gama que incluye varios tonos de dorado, blanco y marrón. Otros colores son el oro con máscara negra, blanco y negro, negro sólido, hígado, hígado y blanco, atigrado, blanco con gris ,blanco y canela.[16]​ Aunque no es tan común, algunos ejemplares, lucen también azul sólido. Dog mating, tail less female shih tzu & Taiko (stud male) (choco liver) shih tzu. Assisted by shooter, pure bred #dogmating #shihtzu #shooter #chocoliver No copyright intended Music:light Musician: jef Dragon is the oldest boy at our kennel in show condition. He is three and a half, but deep inside he's a puppy. Just a cuddly, adorable lady, with the most beautiful shih tzu face you could imagine

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La raza tiene un temperamento leal, cariñoso y sociable, y suele mantenerse alerta. Es un perro guardián excelente, aunque no fueron criados específicamente para este fin. A diferencia del Lhasa Apso, que fue criado para ser un perro centinela y, por ende, desconfiado con los extraños, el Shih Tzu prefiere estar cerca de sus propietarios y con frecuencia les ofrece afecto a personas desconocidas para él. Debido a su carácter amistoso, el Shih Tzu no tiende a relacionarse bien con otros perros , pero si con los niños. Цуценя Щенок Міні Shih Tzu Ши-тсу Ші -тцу собачка собака жива іграшка. Животные » Собаки Kennel. Japanese tibetan. Mastiffs. Japanese mastiff kennel

Soju the Shih Tzu is here to apologize to you for not being able to find your page. Emphasising on the SORRY Elevage de chiens, shih tzu ,Spitz, Bichon frisé,bichon Maltais,Bichon Havanais, Caniches nains, Yorkshire, conseils eleveur confirmé assurant un suivi personalisé et pension Shih Tzu bred in the Imperial Palace to reach the western world. The Shih Tzu by Audrey Dodds Other great kennels include Bom Shu Kennels owned by Jean Gadberry; Si Kiang Kennels owned.. Shih Tzu found their way west to England when Lady Brownrigg discovered the breed in Peking in 1930. Originally classified as Apsos, the Shih Tzu was ruled a separate breed by The Kennel Club..

Top synonym for shih-tzu (other word for shih-tzu) is shih tzu. shih-tzu. synonyms - similar meaning - 2 Toda la herencia genética de los Shih-Tzu proviene de siete parejas de perros, uno de ellos pekinés, que gracias al esfuerzo de varios historiadores han podido ser identificados.[14]​ 141sharesShareTweetDisclaimerPetful does not diagnose, treat or give medical guidance. Consult your veterinarian. See additional information.Meet PetfulAbout Us Who We Are How We Help Media Kit Advertise Sponsored ContentMore LinksRecall Alerts Pet Adoption Sitemap Contact UsFollow UsFacebook Twitter YouTube Instagram

Vous recherchez un shih tzu ? Découvrez nos petites annonces de chiens et chiots pour un don, une vente ou une adoption. 12 Chien, chiot shih tzu à adopter ou donner Hay que tener cuidado, también, con la alimentación: son perros de estómago muy delicado, normalmente no aceptan bien otra cosa que no sea alimento seco, por otra parte se les puede dar comida sólida muy moderada, a algunos les gusta mucho la lechuga y salmón para el brillo de su pelaje. The Shih Tzu Club is dedicated to the promotion, welfare and improvement of Shih Tzu dogs in the United Kingdom. To maintain the Kennel Club Standard of Shih Tzu in the UK They are lively and alert, and they thrive on human companionship, so don’t leave them alone for a long time. They can also be stubborn and make training a chore, so be sure to use consistent and thorough training with your Shih Tzu. Long before Shih Tzus grew to be a companion pup in the United States they were highly prized house pets of Chinese royalty. Today the brisk, friendly, doting Shih Tzu is the twentieth most registered..

Normally, when you hear the name Mickey, you are probably thinking about Mickey Mouse, the Disney character, but this Mickey is a Shih Tzu dog breed También es conocido como el perro "Xi Shi" (西施犬) porque Xi Shi fue considerada como una de las mujeres más hermosas de la antigua China.[11]​ El Shih Tzu fue apodado como perro Crisantemo en Inglaterra durante la década de 1930.[12]​ El perro también podría ser llamado el león Tibetano, aunque si la raza debe ser referida como "Tíbetana" o "china", tal y como afirma, el movimiento de independencia tibetana es una respuesta absoluta que "tal vez nunca se sepa".[13]​ SHEN DE LUX VALERI DE VALUA Breed: Shih Tzu Gender: female Owner: Irina Zatsepina Breeder: Olga Sautina. Annet Bartashevich Breed: Bloodhound Kennel Name: NADEZHDA KSENII ©2020 Kennel & Schmenger Handelsgesellschaft mbH. Trusted Shops Reviews Toolkit: 1.1.2 Shetland Sheepdog / Sheltie. Shiba Inu. Shih Tzu. Shollie. Siberian Husky

Asters Pride Shih-Tzu kennel Welkom op de website v.d. Aster's Pride, shih tzu kennel. The Wilacks The Wilacks is een Shih Tzu kennel in Nederland. We hebben regelmatig puppies en diverse.. İstanbulÇekmeköy. SATILIK YAVRU KÖPEK Shıh Tzu

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  1. Rassehunde (Shih Tzu). Infos: Zuchtinfos & Abgabetiere. Verein: United Kennel Clubs International Wir haben wunderschöne reinrassige Shih Tzu Welpen, Weiblich und Männlich in Weiß& Schwarz..
  2. In Nintendogs + Cats, the Shih Tzu comes in Parti-Color and Brindle. If the player chooses "Surprise me!", they may find a pure white, grey or brown one.
  3. El Shih Tzu es una raza de perro originaria de Tíbet. Los asiáticos los criaban y arreglaban para que se parecieran a alfombras vivientes, de acuerdo con la cultura china,[8]​ siendo muy apreciados como perros guardianes. Al igual que el Lhasa Apso, es una raza ligada estrechamente con la religión budista, posiblemente procedente de un cruce entre el Lhasa Apso y el pekinés. Según una encuesta de la asociación de criadores de perros de Reino Unido Club Kennel, su esperanza de vida es de 14 años a 15 años[9]​
  4. Shih Tzu significa cão leão e a raça teve origem na região do Tibet. Conta a lenda que uma princesa chinesa e um plebeu mongol não conseguiram se casar e criaram o Shih Tzu sem querer..
  5. Om Dansk Kennel Klub. Favoritter. Følg os på Facebook
  6. Tous nos Shih Tzu chiots sont vendus vaccinés, vermifugés et identifiés par puce électronique. Au départ de l'élevage, chaque bébé aura son certificat de bonne santé du vétérinaire

Shih Tzu, aslan olarak da bilinen ve tarihi oldukça eski dönemlere dayanan bir köpek türüdür. Çocuklu aileler için oldukça uygun bir tercih olan Shih Tzu, 1969 yılında Amerikan Kennel Kulübü.. Shiba inu @ Hatsushiba kennel Los ojos son siempre enormes, por lo cual hay que prestarles un cuidado especial si se quieren evitar problemas de salud en esta zona. Su pelo es largo y muy denso, pero nunca rizado (se permite un poco de ondulación). El hocico es corto y chato, lo que a veces les produce problemas de respiración; por ejemplo, es bastante habitual que ronquen sonoramente. A shih tzu reaches its full growth potential between the ages of 6 and 8 months but is not While smaller sizes are available, the American Shih Tzu Club and the American Kennel Club both refuse..

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Discuss, share, and get help with this unique breed of dog. The Shih Tzu is the perfect pet for many people! Shih Tzu er en langhåret, blød selskabshund, som har sin oprindelse i det fjerne østen. Racens historie er ikke fuldstændigt anerkendt, men hundene er formentlig beslægtede med både Lhasa Apso og.. Check and clean your Shih Tzu’s eyes and ears regularly. The eyes in particular can tear and stain the facial fur. Ask your veterinarian to recommend some eye drops, if needed. The dog’s large eyes are also prone to infection, so stay vigilant. In this unstable environment, warfare flourished, as did books like Sun Tzu's The Art of War. Lu Buwei had another problem as well; he feared that the king would discover his true identity. Lao Ai's Revolt SHIH TZU (208). Group : n°9 - Companion and Toy Dogs. Date of publication of the standard. English. SHIH TZU. 10/9/2017

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The Shih Tzu is a small, compact dog who is slightly longer than tall and features a tail that curls over the back. Heerlijke brokjes voor jouw volwassen Shih Tzu Ieder hondenras heeft zijn eigen specifieke voedingsbehoeften. Het is belangrijk dat de voeding die jij je Shih Tzu voorzet voedingsstoffen bevat.. The Shih Tzu. Coming from China or Tibet this is an old breed who were valued as companion dogs. In 1928 he was recognized by the kennel club there and the Americans recognized him as a breed in.. Shih tzu - figlarny psiak. Redakcja DinoAnimals.pl 9 listopada 2016. Jeżeli ktoś bliżej poznał Shih Tzu, nie powinien poczuć zdziwienia. Jest to bowiem zwierzę o silnej osobowości, odważne i czujne

  1. All Breeds ) (4) Schnauzer: Standard (4) Shar-Pei (7) Shih Tzu (5) Siberian Husky (19) Spaniel Cross (1) Spaniel: ( All Breeds ) (10) Spaniel: American Cocker (1) Spaniel: Cavalier King Charles (3)..
  2. El tradicional pelaje largo y sedoso, que le llega hasta el suelo, requiere un cepillado diario para evitar enredos. Debido a su capa de pelo largo y de rápido crecimiento, la preparación regular es necesaria, lo que puede ser costoso y se debe considerar cuando se piensa en esta raza. A menudo, el pelo se recorta muy corto para simplificar los cuidados. Para mostrarlo en las exposiciones de conformación el pelo se debe dejar en su estado natural, aunque el recorte y la limpieza alrededor de las patas y el ano se permite.[18]​
  3. Durante el siglo XVII el Dalai Lama obsequió al Emperador algunos ejemplares de esta raza. A finales del siglo XIX, Ts'eu-hi, emperatriz abuela del último emperador, era una gran admiradora del Shih Tzu por lo que tenía más de un centenar de estos animales junto con cuidadores especializados para los mismos. Desafortunadamente al morir la emperatriz en 1908 la popularidad del Shih Tzu se vio drásticamente reducida.
  4. A Shih Tzu can soften the hardest of hearts. The Shih Tzu is a small but solid dog, with a short muzzle, large eyes, a plumed tail curving over its back and a long, flowing coat. Its good looks, coupled with a..

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StoryfulViral. 0:42. Baby gives kisses to Shih Tzu dog. Ramolo Claudio. 0:13 Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso Life Expectancy. The first major difference between the two breeds is their life expectancy. Lhasa Apsos usually live between 12 to 15 years, while Shih Tzus have a broader range.. As with any small dog, never leave your Shih Tzu alone with large dogs. Some large dogs have strong predatory instincts and can injure or kill small animals.

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Contact Pam Crump Shih Tzu for information about Shih Tzu Puppy for Sale, Shih Tzu Dog for The Shih Tzu is classified by AKC as a Toy Dog breed. They make an excellent sturdy companion dog or.. Shih-tzu definition, one of a Tibetan breed of toy dogs having a long luxurious coat of any color, formerly bred in imperial China as a pet of the nobility. See more Dog (Shih Tzu). Dog (St. Bernard). Dog (Puppy Vampire Halloween). Shih Tzu Dog. Shoebill Stork. Siamese Cat

El Shih Tzu es una raza de perro originaria de Tíbet. Los asiáticos los criaban y arreglaban para que se parecieran a alfombras vivientes, de acuerdo con la cultura china, siendo muy apreciados como perros guardianes The Shih Tzu is an ancient breed originating in Tibet. They were created by crossing the Lhasa Apso with the Pekignese. They were bred to be beautiful, and their stunning coat comes in a wide variety of colour combinations. Their hair continues to grow like a human's throughout the life of a dog. Shih Tzus are considered to be one of the hardest breeds to train. They have a famous stubborn streak, and it can take many repetitions for them to fully remember a command. Dog experience is definitely a requirement with this breed. Shih tzu. Siberian Husky. Teckel/Dachshund. Great blessing kennel. Jual anjing shihtzu betina puppy

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  1. Köpeği Shiba Inu Shih Tzu Sibirya Kurdu (Husky) Silky Terrier Siyah ve Açık Kahverengi Rakun Tazısı Skye Terrier Slovak Tchouvatch Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Sokö (Sokak Köpeği) St. Bernard..
  2. Shih Tzu. Hondjes uit boeddhistische tempels (kleine 'leeuwen' uitbeeldend, begeleiders van Boeddha), die zeer geliefd waren aan het Chinese hof, waar het fokken op schoonheid op hoog niveau werd..
  3. ..Toy Jack Russel Pug Cane Corsa Rottweiler Alman Kurdu Schnauzer Labrador Pekinez Doberman Beagle Kangal Shih Tzu Chihuahua Samoyed American Cocker Husky Presa Canario Spitz St..
  4. Biewer Terrier. French Bulldog. Shih Tzu. Kennels. Breed. About
  5. imal exercise needs. A daily walk to expel energy should suffice, and indoor play can also keep them active.
  6. Try Petful’s free adoptable pets search. You can also check with rescue groups and breeders, but just make sure the breeder is reputable.

Allt material på denna hemsida tillhör Ziams kennel Talk:Shih Tzu. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Why is the American Kennel Club so special and important enough compared to other organisations to merit mention in the lead

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Shiba Inu Shih-Tzu Sibirya Kurdu (Husky) Silky Terrier Yavru köpek veya yetişkin köpek almadan önce bir veteriner hekime, köpek çiftliğine (dog kennel club) ve köpek eğitimcisine danışmalısınız Nagyon szeretem a Shih tzu fajtát, úgy döntöttem,hogy életcélom ezeket a szép és szeretni tudó kedvenceket tenyészteni. If you want the Best First kennel puppy purchase, please leave us a note..

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Shih Tzu kennel Gawa V. Pema Yonten. Hondjes om van te houden, zuiver Shih Tzu bloed met behoud van de nu geldende rasstandaard Yalnızca anavatanı olan Çin'de değil dünya genelinde en çok sevilen süs köpekleri arasında yer alan Shih Tzu ya da başka bir deyişle Şitsu; çift katmanlı upuzun tüyleri, kendine özgü surat ifadesi.. Shih Tzu Profiles. OUR BREED FEATURE PHOTO RUBIS AUST CH Zenarana Miss Bossy (Annemarie). Beltzu Hopelessly Devoted To U (Australian Champion) (Beltzu Shih Tzus)

De shih-tzu is afkomstig van het dak van de wereld: uit Tibet. De shih-tzu is zelfverzekerd, soms zelfs een beetje eigengereid. Daarom moet hij liefdevol, maar vrij consequent worden geleid Unduh gambar gratis tentang Anjing Shih Tzu Hewan dari perpustakaan Pixabay yang sangat banyak berupa gambar-gambar dan video

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If you’re thinking of getting a Shih Tzu, please turn first to adoption resources. Even purebred animals sometimes land in shelters...shihtzu #shihtzusofinstagram #shihtzugram #shihtzulove #shih_tzu #지메랑미용 ..(Longhaired) Saint Bernard (Shorthaired) Saluki Samoyed Sarplaninac Schipperke Scottish Terrier Shetland Sheepdog Shiba Inu Shih Tzu Shikoku Siberian Husky Silky Terrier Sloughi Soft Coated.. Bathe your dog every few weeks or more often if needed. The longer hair on a Shih Tzu takes more time to dry, and groomers recommend getting these dogs used to a hair dryer when they are young to desensitize them.

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Shih Tzu. Siberian Husky. Silky Terrier Shih Tzu'nun görünümü ve kişilik özellikleri: Görünüm, Kişilikleri ve yıllık maliyeti. Home Köpek Cinsleri Shih Tzu (Şitsu) Shih Tzu fiyatları. Satılık Şitsu yavrusu If you’re considering purchasing a purebred pup you can rest assured that you’ve come to the right place.MEDIUM: Shih Tzus have few inherited illnesses. Here are some that the breed is more susceptible to experiencing: Comédia. Director: Martin McDonagh. Starring: Abbie Cornish, Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell (I) and others. No longa do diretor Martin McDonagh (Na Mira do Chefe), um roteirista (Farrell) em busca de inspiração para seu novo filme, Seven Psychopaths..

Shih tzu Originally the Shih Tzu belongs to a group of small dog races, which were bred by the monks in Tibet. From there they went as tribute dogs to the.. Bonnie Our first Shih Tzu profile goes to Bonnie! With a glorious caramel and white coat, Bonnie Shih Tzus are very talented. Especially with a little help. Here we see Niels Beeks with his Shih Tzu.. Kapcsolódó tartalmaink: Shih-tzu FCI standard. Szőrzet: hosszú. A Shih Tzu célja, hogy a gazdinak ideális társa legyen. Egyszerűen minden percét csak vele akarja tölteni Shih-tzus are a great breed! They are fun to be around and get along with other animals including Here is the breed standard of the Shih Tzu as recognised by the American Kennel Club (I assume.. The Shih Tzu is a loving, friendly, gentle, playful, loyal and happy dog. The Shih Tzu, whose name means Lion Dog in Chinese, can be traced back to images and paintings that date to the 7th century

Shih tzu ma bardzo duży temperament i przyjazne usposobienie. Istniały teorie, według których Shih Tzu powstał ze skrzyżowania pekińczyka z Lhasa Apso, jednakże analizy DNA wskazują, że Shih.. Questions and answers about Shih Tzu temperament, personality, behavior, physical traits and characteristics, feeding, health care, buying, adoption, puppies and adult dogs Giống chó Shih Tzu, hay Thạch Sư Khuyển (chó Sư Tử Đá), là một giống chó nhỏ, lông dài có nguồn gốc từ cao nguyên Tây Tạng, Trung Quốc

Search for: Search for: Search Close search bar 5 Things to Know About Shih Tzus Meet the Shih Tzu, one small and adorable dog full of affection and fun. Read our breed profile to see if this is the perfect dog for you. shih-tzu - nabízíme krásná štěňátka - k dispozici kluci s průkazem původu , atraktivní zbarvení, po kvalitních, zdravých rodičích milé povahy, při odběru kompletně očkovaní, čipovaní

Desarrollo: El cachorro del Shih Tzu tiene que ser extrovertido, amable y no demasiado excitable. Verificar que no presente problemas respiratorios y los ojos son convenientes que sean claros y no.. Add to Favourites. Comment. Commission - Shih tzu Dog. 410. 207

Shih Tzu Information Guide: Getting To Know About The Breed. Updated 05-11-2019 | written by molly. The American Kennel Club (AKC) classifies the Shih Tzu a toy breed, as their purpose is.. plural shih tzu also shih tzus. Definition of shih tzu. : any of an old Chinese breed of toy dogs that have a square short unwrinkled muzzle, short muscular legs, and a long dense flowing coat Everyone loves the Shih Tzu breed because they are calm, adorable, and great family pets, despite In fact, it is not necessarily normal and common for Shih Tzu dogs to smell bad, but it can happen.. MyKC is a new FREE service from the Kennel Club - giving you all the tools you need to help you find and bring home a happy, healthy puppy. The Dog Owner's Handbook El Shih Tzu es un perro pequeño, algo más largo que alto; no suele superar los 26-27 cm de altura a la cruz, y el peso oscila entre los 4,5 y los 7,3 kg. Su cabeza es, a su vez, reducida en relación con el resto del cuerpo, con un hocico corto y ojos muy grandes y oscuros. Las orejas, grandes y colgantes, tienen tanto pelo que parecen formar un todo con el pelo del cuello. Está cubierto por un suave manto de doble capa. La cola, también muy poblada, se enrosca sobre el dorso. Es llamativa su forma de caminar, como con "distintiva arrogancia". Una característica muy notable es la mordida prognática, que se requiere en el estándar de la raza.[15]​

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