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With all the flat, low voltage, battery problems associated with the HSD Auris this is of real concern. The battery is too small to leave the car for more than a couple of weeks. I leave mine in a garage and a cannot get to the under bonnet charge points. If I cannot open the doors or boot there is not a way to charge a flat battery. It cannot be pushed out of the garage. If you log on to the Toyota owners club you will see lots of complaints about this vehicle that Toyota customer relations just refuse to acknowledge exist and the battery problem is the major concern. Our web site is not affiliated with Toyota, and Toyota is not responsible for the content of this web site or the accuracy of the links. Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sports Models

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  1. So far it’s not looking that great as I haven’t seen or read any mention of the hole and the 1.4 D4D lacks the cruise control (which for some strange reason only comes at the top spec level anyway). At least we have the option of a 2.0 D4D version over here so there’s still some light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. ates there work areas thus creating a health @ safety hazard. By the way, i requested a spare wheel for my lexus on purchase 6 months ago, and i`m still waiting. this car is GOING.
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Toyota Auris Touring Sports 1.4 l D-4D Active. Palivo: Diesel Prevodovka: Manuál 6-st. Najazdené: 120 000 km Výkon: 66 kW (90 PS) Rok: 2016 Kraj: Bratislavský kraj 2017 TOYOTA AURIS VVT-I ICON TOURING SPORTS 5Dr Estate Complete Cloth Interior (Fits: Toyota Auris). Seat Front Left Toyota Auris Touring Sports (E18) 333702 The extended three-panel side glazing is emphasised by blacked out pillars, with a piano-black finish to the central B-pillar. The effect is underscored by a chrome trim above the powerful crease along the car’s rising beltline. Scroll. Toyota Europe Newsroom. Subscribe Hi Jayt, In answer to your questions (apologies for delay): 1. To confirm, your dog guard can’t be transferred from your Avensis to the Auris Touring Sports. 2. I understand Kerry has sent you the images we’ve got of the Tamura leather, hope this has helped. With regards to current offers, may we refer you to your nearest Dealer who’ll be able to advise, please find your here: http://ow.ly/mGDL8. Many thanks, have a good weekend.

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Thanks for your post and feedback Ian. We can confirm that we have reached a solution regarding the battery issue (it involves a software update). We are now in the process of organising the necessary equipment for our UK network. We will keep you posted.I think that it would be really useful if different wheel/tyre options (that are homologated for the car, and “standard” for various other trim levels) are shown as “standard options” so that when asked by an insurer about modifications, one can truthfully answer that the car has not been modified from its “standard” spec. Hi Tom, We understand that the space saver in your current Auris Hybrid won’t have been developed for the Auris Touring Sports, therefore we wouldn’t recommend using it. However, there will be an accessory space saver available to buy if you’d rather have that than the tyre repair kit. This is being developed at the moment and should be available shortly, do keep in touch with your nearest Dealer for further details. Hope this helps.Hello Jayt, Thanks so much for your comments, we’re delighted to hear that you’ve a new Auris Touring Sports. With regards to sourcing an alternative boot-liner, our recommendation would be to speak directly with the Dealer you purchased the car through. They are best placed to help you further. If necessary, follow the link to get the details of your Dealer (which you may well already have): http://ow.ly/oTLz0. Many thanks and kind regards.Hi Simon, Thanks for the note. Just to give you a heads up, we have sent you an email with the images. Many thanks.

What are the Kerb the kerb weights of the new Auris Touring Sports range? Are the wights the same across the range or do they vary with model variants.CO2I have just got a question about fuel efficiency, my car is meant to do 78mpg but i could only get 38pmg since i purchased. Any idea why that is the case? or is it something the cars functionality?Your response to my post a while ago now seems very hollow indeed. My current (handed down) company car Prius had a puncture this evening. One solitary single screw in the tyre main tread, found outside Sainsbury’s after returning after shopping. I tried the ‘credible alternative’ tyre repair Kit/pump. It failed to re-inflate the tyre, wouldn’t get above 20psi, then deflated after it was switched off. I had to call the lease company, who sent the RAC, who put in a bung and followed me to Kwik Fit to replace the tyre. So please, explain how a ‘TRK’ is credible when A) it cannot re-inflate a tyre with one screw in it. Then, B) After using it, the tyre must be replaced as the foam was used (they won’t repair it – even if it was repairable), and I am quoted eighty pounds for a replacement Tyre Repair Kit. So at least 180 pounds to replace tyre and kit, for a puncture that was otherwise repairable for the usual twenty pounds or so. And I the meantime, forty pounds of frozen shopping defrosted in the boot and had to be thrown away. Toyota, get real.

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Hi David, Thank you for getting in touch. We have sent the Tamura images over to you this morning. Hope this helps.A couple of questions for Toyota employees (I guess marketing people as engineers would be speechless): Will the space saver spare wheel from the Prius not fit the Auris? If so it could then be stored in the well where the puncture repair kit is currently stored. Until Toyota said that a spare wheel would be offered as an extra I had intended to check this out. I very much prefer the peace of mind that a spare wheel gives over a puncture repair kit and will quite happily sacrifice the tiny amount of fuel saving for that peace of mind.Hi all, Just had a flat, filled it with gunk to continue journey, via tyre repair shop. Guess what, £800. bill. Buyer beware no spare will cost more than having a spare.

Toyota Touch and Go satellite navigation is available on Icon, Sport and Excel, and is priced at £650.Station Wagon karoseri ile bir test sonucu yok. Ancak geliştirildiği kardeş modelinin Euro NCAP çarpışma testleri sonuçlarını incelediğimiz zaman oldukça başarılı olduğunu görüyoruz. En yüksek puan olan 5 yıldızı zorlanmadan alırken, yolcu güvenliğinden yüzde 92, çocuk güvenliğinden yüzde 84 ve yaya güvenliğinden yüzde 68 puan almış durumda.Auris estate. Supposed to be delivered early September but was ordered beginning of July. It would seem that the North East does not have as high a delivery priority as the South of the country.

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In the mean time, if you can’t wait for the updated Auris, some countries also offer the 1AD-FTV 2.0D engine which includes cruise control. Karma Yakıt Tüketimi 6.1 lt. Lastik Ölçüleri -. Güncel donanım bilgileri için Toyota Auris sayfasını ziyaret edebilirsiniz I am considering upgrading from a 61 auris hybrid to give more room for dogs!I have a 17″space saver in the current car-could I transfer this to the touring?Once again you have sent my comment to ” Marketing” who defend their decision by saying it is based on customer responses. Are these customers who have driven the car on low profile tires? Or owned any car on LP tires or do they just think that’s what looks nice. How many Auris TS HSD have been sold of this spec? The feedback on-line from What Car would dispute their claim and how do they know how many potential customers have gone elsewhere. This issue stopped me buying a Lexus CT but I doubt Toyota Marketing knew that. One dealer would not even take my order unless I accepted low profiles, did the person who made this decision get that feedback? Will he now?? Again I want a response from engineers who know what tires work best, and designed the car. Or at least somebody who has actually driven the car on low profiles and has practical experience. Marketing should not be allowed to blight a cars ride and performance by fashion, sound engineering common sense should dictate a cars basic specification. Low profile tires on roads in N.Wales are not fit for purpose, wheel size is not the issue. Will Marketing cover the warranty cover damage to rims and suspension caused by speed bumps and mountain roads?

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  1. Auris TS tartozékok. Tekintse meg tartozékkatalógusunkat! Az Ön Toyotájához kínált eredeti tartozékokkal még többet hozhat ki autójából. Adatvédelmi és adatkezelési szabályzat. Ugrás ide: Auris Touring Sports
  2. Help the dealers by telling them what will fit the car and the space available as they have not got the cars to try anything in. The manufacturer need to take the lead in this matter and give the customer the alternatives that are available.
  3. Hi Jernej, You can now find full specification and pricing for the new Auris Touring Sports here: http://ow.ly/hWO2S. This includes a video showing the vehicle interior and boot space. We hope this helps.
  4. Toyota has clearly thought pretty hard about maximizing space in the estate’s boot. The load lip is 100mm lower than on the hatchback, making it easier to stash items in the boot. The estate is 285mm longer than the hatch, which means that with the rear seats up, there’s a useful 530 litres of space. Drop the 60:40 folding rear seats with the pull of a handle, and this increases to 1,658 litres on all models – they hybrid’s batteries are mounted under the rear seats. There’s also underfloor storage areas, plus plenty of space around the interior for oddments, including a decent-sized glovebox. The car has three powerpoints, with one in the boot.
  5. g the 1,658 litres maximum capacity is the figure quoted with rear seats folded down? Thanks
  6. Toyota Auris Touring Sports on varmasti monen suomalaisautoilijan mielestä tervetullut uutuus Toyota perheeseen. Auton myynti on lähtenyt Toyotan mukaan hyvin käyntiin Suomessa ja sen myynnin odotetaankin nappaavan yli 50 prosentin osuuden Auris-malliston myynnistä

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  1. Uporedi karakteristike TOYOTA AURIS TOURING SPORTS sa drugim modelima automobila, pronađi ovlašćene dilere. - MojNoviAuto.com. Izaberite jednu od opcija za Toyota Auris Touring Sports i vidite detaljne karakteristike, pakete opreme i cene
  2. Hi Gareth, Thank you for getting in touch. It is possible to get cross bars fitted on to your Auris Touring Sports. We suggest contacting your local Toyota Dealer who’ll be happy to order this in and fit it for you. To find your Local Dealer please visit: http: //bit.ly/16WmR5P and quote the following part number: PZ403-E5622-00. Hope this helps.
  3. I am aware its all about headline mpg figures but while a 205/55/R17 HP Primacy may give an acceptable ride a 225/45/R17 does not. I cannot find what tires ship from the OEM list. I suspect to keep the rolling size the same they ship the smoker and HSD ICON with 205/55/R16 the HSD Excel with 215 or 225/45/R17 and the base models on 195/65/R15. If it was just a case of waiting until the 225/45/R17 wear out and replacing them with 215/55/R17 to improve ride and fuel consumption I may accept 17″wheels but I suspect that would not be possible.
  4. Vehículos de ocasión Toyota. Auris Touring Sports. El Toyota Auris apostó por el gran diseño y materiales de alta calidad. La pantalla TFT a color en el panel de instrumentos del Toyota Touch 2 abre una ventana al mundo del entretenimiento

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Good morning, The kerb weights for the new Auris Touring Sports vary across the range. If you could possibly let us know which models you are interested in, we’ll be happy to provide them to you. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, we can email you the kerb weights for the range, if you could please provide your email address through toyota.contact@tgb.toyota.co.uk. Thanks for your question.Totally agree. A few years back I had a series of 4 flats within 8 months and every single time had to replace the tire because it was too damaged to fix it. And I stopped immediately each time. Unless it goes flat at city speeds (happened to my dad 2 months ago, a plug was successfully applied) you might as well just call right away to order a replacement. In marketing speak you hear the new models are 30kg lighter but in reality most of it is just saving weight with repair kits to offset useless gadgets and features. I can easily lift a front seat out of my Carina, good luck doing it yourself in any modern car with all the electric motors, heaters/coolers, airbags etc. Just get someone to help you. Sorry for the rant 🙂Thank you for letting us know that Toyota dealers would not have a problem with fitting used tyres in a winter/summer exchange and that a tyre hotel service is available. It is really helpful to know that.Next up is the £18,745 Toyota Auris Touring Sports Icon. The full range of engines is available with the Icon, including the 1.8-litre petrol electric hybrid. A 1.6-litre Valvematic petrol is also offered, with a choice of six-speed manual or Multidrive S continuously variable transmission. Standard specification includes 16” alloy wheels (15” alloy wheels on hybrid), front fog lamps, double level boot floor and storable tonneau cover, Toyota Touch touchscreen entertainment system, including Bluetooth connectivity, DAB Radio and a rear view camera. So this time Toyota Auris HSD Touring Sport. So a hybrid engine, consisting of a 1.8-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 100 hp electric motor with 60 kW and 30 kW generator. Meanwhile, I was 7000 km away with this car, and very, ver

Lancée en 2013, la Toyota Auris Touring Sports hybride a subi son dernier restylage en même que la Toyota Auris hybride, en 2015, avec l'adoption d'une nouvelle calandre et d'un beaucoup plus expressif que la génération précédente. Vis-à-vis de ses homologues thermiques.. Toyota actualiza la gama del Toyota Auris con muy ligeras mejoras listas para mantener al día al compacto de la firma japonesa, a Recuerda que la gama de motorizaciones disponible con el Toyota Auris y Toyota Auris Touring Sports pasa por el Auris 120T en gasolina, el Auris 90D y 115D..

3. In the official Auris trailer the car is seen in White, could you tell me, is this the pearl white or the pure white? 752 Toyota Auris Touring Sports usate sono state valutate. Offerte selezionate. Toyota Auris Touring Sports 1.8 Hybrid Team Elettrica/Benzina Hi Paul, Thank you for taking the time to contact us. It’s great to hear you’re soon to be a new and happy Auris Touring Sports owner. Unfortunately we don’t have access to delivery times for vehicles. We advise liaising with the centre that agreed the sale as they should be able to provide you with your estimated delivery time. Hope this helps.

The Auris Hybrid Touring Sports is Toyota's equivalent to diesel-powered versions of the Ford Focus estate, Kia cee'd Sportswagon and Volkswagen Golf After six months of hard graft, the Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sports has been withdrawn from the front line of family warfare and retired from duties We believe in helping you find the product that is right for you. AliExpress carries wide variety of products, so you can find just what you’re looking for – and maybe something you never even imagined along the way. If you are interested in Toyota auris touring sports, AliExpress has found 99 related results, so you can compare and shop! Try finding the one that is right for you by choosing the price range, brand, or specifications that meet your needs. Hi Paul, Thank you for taking the time to write to us with your feedback regarding the tyre repair kit (TRK). We really appreciate customers taking the time to share their opinions and experiences. Most manufacturers have introduced TRK to some or even all of their range of cars but that’s not to say we shouldn’t listen and act upon customer feedback. As a result, our Product Development team are well aware of some opinions regarding TRK and are currently working to provide an alternative. Unfortunately, at this time, we are awaiting details regarding the proposed alternative. In the meantime, please click on the link and take a look at our short video on ‘How to use a Tyre Repair Kit’: http://ow.ly/kOQhH. While we don’t expect to change everyone’s minds about TRK, we have found this has helped explain why TRK is a credible solution and hopefully answers other questions you may have about puncture repairs. We hope this helps and thank you once again for your post.Hi Jernej, We have unfortunately since found out that Cruise Control is not available on the 1.4 Diesel engine. We are sorry for the miscommunication here and we do hope you like the full specification, pricing and interior video now they are available. Many thanks.

I was seriously considering buying an Auris but there are two major drawbacks for me. No spare wheel – fancy losing sales because of a ‘saving’ of £100 or so on the part of Toyota. It is clear from feedback already that this is a major issue for other potential/lost customers. Also there is no cruise control option on the diesel. Don’t the people at Toyota do any market research? The Touring Sport looks fantastic but sorry Toyota I’ll be looking elsewhere. Incidentally, a BMW 1 Series is also off my list because of the lack of a spare wheel.Hi Pette, We’re so pleased to hear of your order for the new Auris Touring Sports. The alloy wheel specifications are the same as those offered for the new Auris hatchback. Depending on the grade ordered, the wheels are either 15″ with the Icon grade or 17″ with the Excel grade. For the Icon grade, we have a range of 16″ wheels, which can replace the originally equipped 15″ wheels with no implications on CO2 emissions or fuel economy. The Excel grade has two 17″ wheel options, both available in either anthracite or an anthracite machined finish. You can find more information on our Auris Accessories section, under ‘Alloys’: http://ow.ly/iKFpH. We hope this helps and we look forward to hearing more about your new Auris Touring Sports once you’ve received your new car! 2016 Toyota Auris Sports Tourer Fiyat Listesi. Model. Donanım. Anahtar Teslim TL. Auris TS. 1.6 Advance Multidrive S. 78,100

Hybridudgaven af Auris Touring Sport blev oven i købet kåret som Danmarks mest økonomiske stationcar i en analyse udført af den biløkonomiske Efter 12 år med Auris vender Toyota tilbage til Corolla i forbindelse med introduktionen af en ny generation. Navneskiftet sker som led i en større.. Hi George, Thanks for your post and for ordering a new Auris with us. For a full vehicle specification see here: http://po.st/IZZ7UA Upgrades made to you revised Excel grade Auris include: – Touch 2 with Go Navigation – Tyre pressure monitoring system Hope this helps. Auris Hibrid 2016. Mala potrosnja (grad 5 - magistrala 4 - autoput 5), tih (na struju i necujan) auto. Evo baš juče sam gledao prociju Corolle koja će zameniti Auris. Upravo su najviše radili na poboljšanju tog CVT menjača kako bi se izbegao taj skuter efekat Can you offer any information on the available interior colour choices for the Auris Touring Sports Excel Hybrid? Will the leather option be restriced to “Ice Grey” Tamura Leather as per the hatchback? Why is there a restriction on the “Black” Katuri Leather option? Is this something Toyota will change in the future, I certainly would be much happier ordering a new Auris Touring Sports Excel Hybrid if the “Black” Katuri Leather was an option.Not being able to get a simple thing like a web site correct does reflect badly on the company. More importantly from Toyotas point of view how many sales has this mistake cost the company with people genuinely believing that the Excel is not available as a hybrid and so going elsewhere?

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Toyota Auris Touring Sports - automāts. Pirkta jauna pie oficiālā dīlera Amserv. Esmu bijis vienīgais saimnieks. Ļoti uzticama un neliks vilties. Tikko izieta obligātā 5 gadu apkope Amserv Krasta 3 (nomainīta eļļa, salona filtrs, diagnostika, kopējā pārbaude). Papildu tam, nomainīti visi bremžu kluči.. Hi bloggers, I have recently purchased Auris 1.4 diesel from Jemca, Edgware Road, Colindale, extremely disappointed by their deceitful seller tactics and then denying all that was promised. I would be very interested in the top of the range Hybrid. BUT only if it had a spare wheel or space saver. Run flat and Repair kits are just not any use when you are in the very remote areas that I have to travel in.Hello Matthew, Many thanks for your questions. The interior trims are exactly the same as hatchback, so currently the “Ice Grey” leather is the only option on the Auris Touring Sports Hybrid Excel model. However, we are currently developing an equivalent product to the Katuri leather for Excel hybrid, which we hope will be available later in the year. Unfortunately the black leather isn’t available to us as an option from factory on Excel hybrid. Sorry we don’t have exact dates yet. We do hope this helps.After a long conversation with Toyota I still have not had a logical technical explanation as to why the Excel Hybrid can not have 16″ wheels. What happens when I want to fit winter tyres? Even if I could fit them I expect the insurance company would see it as a non- standard mod. Currently it is no sale for Toyota.

1. On the Auris brochure it states the leather option for the Hybrid Excel model is Ice Grey Tamura leather. From the pictures that I have seen online it seems to be white, whereas in the brochure it looks grey. Could you send me accurate pictures of these seats please? Photos et vidéos Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybride 136h. Agrandir la photo. Éléments suivants. Caractéristiques Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybride 136h. Voir toutes les caractéristiques. Identification Toyota Auris Touring Sports’un motor kaputunun altında benzinli bir ünite yatıyordu. Toyota’nın diğer araçlarında da kullandığı 1.6 lt’lik benzinli ünite kendini ispatlamış bir motor olarak ön plana çıkıyor. Bu motor seçeneği ve CVT otomatik şanzımanla birlikte aracın satış fiyatı 93 bin 300 TL’den başlıyor. Günümüz araç fiyatlarına göz önüne aldığımız zaman bu kombinasyon için iyi fiyat dememiz mümkün görünüyor. 1598 cc hacmindeki benzinli ünite 6400 d/d’de 132 HP güç üretiyor. Bu devir bantlarına çıktığınız zaman gerçekten de performans etkili. 4000 d/d’nin altında yaptığınız sürüşler sırasında ekonomik tüketmeyi göz önüne alarak performansı daha sakin bir karaktere bürünüyor. 4400 d/d’de ürettiği 160 Nm tork ise biraz daha fazlasını hak ediyor dedirtiyor. ) TOYOTA AURIS TOURING SPORTS (ADE18_, ZWE18_, ZRE18_) (2013/07 - /) Contact information Production Process. 954 for toyota corolla auris products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which auto brake pads accounts for 70%, other auto parts accounts for 9%, and car.. Auris Touring Sports reinforces Toyota’s commitment to improving the dynamic abilities of its vehicles to give customers a more engaging driving experience. To this end, it carries forward all the improvements made in the new Auris hatchback. These include a more rigid bodyshell, a lower centre of gravity, improved suspension and steering, a better driving position and improved NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) performance.

Hi Ian, Our technical department will be happy to look into this for you. Could you please send us an email to – toyota.contact@tgb.toyota.co.uk – with your VIN number and/or Model Code. We can then pass these details on and get back in touch with you. Many thanks. Cote auto Toyota Auris - 2015 - Touring Sports Hybride 136h Dynamic Business (4 CV) Rechercher une autre fiche technique auto  Comparez les assurances Toyota Auris. Toyota Auris 136 Hybride Business 95 000 km - 2015 12 490 € Hi Mike, Thank you for your feedback regarding the tyre repair kit (TRK) and cruise control on the Auris Touring Sports. We really appreciate customers taking the time to share their opinions and experiences. Most manufacturers have introduced TRK to some or even all of their range of cars but that’s not to say we shouldn’t listen and act upon customer feedback. As a result, our Product Development team are well aware of some opinions regarding TRK and are currently working to provide an alternative. Unfortunately, at this time, we are awaiting details regarding the proposed alternative. In the meantime, please click on the link and take a look at our short video on ‘How to use a Tyre Repair Kit’: http://ow.ly/kOQhH. While we don’t expect to change everyone’s minds about TRK, we have found this has helped explain why TRK is a credible solution and hopefully answers other questions you may have about puncture repairs. We have also raised your feedback with regards to cruise control not being offered on the diesel model for the Auris Touring Sports and are looking into the reasons behind this for you. We hope this helps and thank you once again for your post. Toyota extends its Auris range to include a compact family estate, complete with hybrid drivetrain that helps it stand out from the rest of the segment. In order to muscle in on this segment, Toyota has released its Auris Touring Sports. It's offered with a choice of petrol and diesel engines but, more.. Toyota Auris Touring Sports te koop aangeboden. Grootste aanbod Toyota Auris Touring Sports occasions van Nederland

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As with most potential owners of the new RAV4, I never have and never will purchase a car that does not come with a spare / tempory wheel. Sorry Toyota but you have lost me as a customer. Those tire repair kits are terrible, they ruin the tire, and you can’t get a simple puncture repaired as the tyre repair companies wont / can’t repair them, as has happened twice to a friend who had to fork out £170 per tyre each time.In the meantime, we have a shot of the skyview roof taken from the inside as requested: http://media.toyota.co.uk/image_library/auris-touring-sports-interior-2013-current/ Hi – I have Toyota auris 2014 model , can you please tell me how to turn off the traction control button. I don’t see the button in the car. ThanksHi Steve, Thanks for getting in touch. The entry level Auris Touring Sport does not come with Lumbar support, it is only available in the Excel grade. Hope this helps.

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  1. Free download of your Toyota Auris Touring Sports 2015 User Manual. Still need help after reading the user manual? Post your question in our forums
  2. 1. I have a new Auris Excell TS (1.6 M) and as far as I can tell from the user manual, this car cannot use snow chains on its 17″ 45 profiled tyres. How are we to get up the Alps in any legal fashion, please?
  3. The practical estate car will offer a wide choice of engines, including one diesel and two petrols. It’s also the first model in its class to offer a full-hybrid petrol electric powertrain, which delivers class leading CO2 emissions of 85g/km.

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Hi Collected my Auris Excel TS Hybrid yesterday and love it. It feels much more solid than my Prius and the trim looks to be more durable. I even like the colour Island Blue, my first Toyota in 12 years that has not been silver. The boot is huge and well thought out, space saver is still on its way but it looks as if it would even take a full size spare. The DAB locks on well and gives better reception than FM. I only have one serious criticism it is going to be very hard to keep to 30mph and 50mph speed limits. The speedo is not marked for either and is small,low and hard to see. The digital driving monitor, which is very nice and easy to see, gives clear average mph, mpg, range but not the true speed. This must be known and should have been an easy implantation. I am surprised such a simple thing was missed given UK speed limits, the car is so quiet there is little audible indication of speed. I do not have Sat Nav so I do not know if that gives true speed. I knew I would miss the Prius HUD, but in most other ways this is a much nicer car to drive. If they called it Corolla and could get customers to drive it, Toyota could have a winner. Toyota Auris Touring Sports Misafir 30.04.2019. aracın ön kısmına sivri tasarım detaylarına yer verilmiş biraz suv görünüm sağlamak istemişler ama olmamış. Toyota Auris Touring Sports Misafir 26.07.2018. bu arabanın tasarımı daha güzel olabilir di Are the 225/45/91 W r17 tyres on the Excel HSD TS run flats? are they low rolling resistance? What make and type will they be? All New AURIS安全再升級|TSS 2.0智動駕駛輔助系統. 7372. 變速系統:Direct Shift-CVT無段變速系統 附10速序列式手自排與Sport Mode. 表列數值為標準值未含容許公差。 . TOYOTA全車系自排車種配備ASL自排防暴衝裝置。

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Hi Misha, The car is homologated and specifications are chosen by TGB to comply with the UK requirements in regards to road and weather conditions. An option could be to check the possibility to install autosock or equivalent. You would have to check that these legally comply with regulations for driving in the Alps. Further to this, there may be other products you could investigate. With regards to changing over summer / winter tyres, it is up to the customer to choose when and if to change. Some buy brand new rims to install winter tyres on and then simply change the complete wheels twice a year. But you can also choose to replace the tyres on the existing rims twice a year. Non-Toyota affiliated fitting companies run independently and as such we’re unable to comment about them however, toyota dealers are providing both services. Hope this help,s if you’d like some personal assistance, we’d recommend popping into your nearest Toyota Dealer. We are now offering a Tyre Hotel to many Dealers throughout the UK which may be an option to explore. Many thanks. JIAYITIAN rear camera For Toyota Auris Touring Sports/Hybrid E180 2012~2018 CCD Night Vision Backup Camera license plate camera. Car Seat Cover Seats Covers Protector Accessories for Tesla Model S Toyota Aqua Auris 2017 Touring Sports Avensis 2007

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Are there any pictures available of the interior of either the tourer or the hatchback in Tamura leather? The Toyota Auris Touring Sports is the carmaker's take on an estate version of its family hatch. Pitched against the Ford Focus Estate, Kia Cee'd Sportswagon and Skoda Octavia Estate, the Auris is designed to offer lots of space, plus the option of the same hybrid powertrain that's fitted to the Prius.. Toyota (GB) PLC is a company registered in England and Wales with registered company number 0916634 with it's registered office at Great Burgh, Burgh Heath, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 5UX.Can you confirm yet whether the Auris Sports Tourer will be available at dealers on 1st July or earlier? If I was to order the Auris in early July what would the expected waiting / delivery time be? And if I pre-ordered in June instead would the car be ready for pick up in early July? Auris Touring Sports dostępny jest również z benzynowym 1.6 Valvematic (132 KM, 160 Nm), wysokoprężnym 1.4 D-4D (90 KM, 205 Nm) oraz Summa Summarum. Powrót Toyoty do segmentu kompaktowych kombi można uznać za udany. W Aurisie z dopiskiem Touring Sports trudno znaleźć..

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  1. I can not find any information in the manual about “deadlocking”. I have found that if I “double tap” either the handle or the key button I can hear a second lock come home. This would appear to deadlock the drivers door. Does this deadlock all doors? Can it be programmed to deadlock with a single tap? or after a set period of time?
  2. Further to last post I have found a ref to Double Locking on page 93 for RHD cars only but I have no stickers and looked for it under Section 3.2. It is nice to have but I thought all new cars had this, I am sure my old Lexus IS200 “deadlocked”. What happens if its Double Locked and the battery goes flat?
  3. Hi, Great article, I am interested in ordering the sports tourer, can you let me know if there are any alloy wheel options availlable on the hybrid model? Will any 17 inch options affect the BIK tax rate of 10%
  4. Entry-level Toyota Auris Touring Sports Active models will cost from £16,045, offering drivers the choice of a 1.33 Dual VVT-i petrol engine or a 1.4 D-4D diesel. Both cars are fitted with a six-speed manual transmission, while standard equipment includes roof rails, 15 steel wheels, follow me home..
  5. I understand that you’re giving as much information as you can (or have) and all I’m doing is pushing for more 🙂 and hoping you’re pushing someone that can provide the photos. And I do thank you for being pretty much the only source of information on the new tourer so far.
  6. 1. I have an avensis tourer at the moment, with dog guard, and looking at the new auris tourer it would seem that the anchor points are in the same place, would I be able to transfer my current one to the auris?, i.e is it physically the same standardised item, please advise ASAP
  7. Toyota Auris Touring Hybrid Production Starts In Europe. June 13th, 2013 | by Nicholas Brown. Toyota Auris has [&hellip. Back to Top ↑

As stated in some other comment… I really, really want a hole through the back seats to transport skis (I keep them in the car permanently all winter) and I desperately want cruise control on a diesel engine. Both of these features are likely a deal breaker for me. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Toyota Auris Touring Sports, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal. Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid Edition-S+. Sonderausstattung: Mica-Lackierung Weitere Ausstattung: 3. Bremsleuchte, 6 Lautspreche

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The model in question is the Auris Touring Sports, the extended wagon version of the model we know in America as the Corolla iM (and previously as the Scion iM). Toyota has sold more than one and a quarter million Auris models across Europe since the introduction of the first-generation model in.. Good idea AndyM, but where do you put a full sized wheel in a car not designed for one. How do you secure it so that it does not take your head of in a smash. This is an estate. remember.I see that many people choose Excell trim for all other features other than the 17″ wheels and low profile tyres. It would therefore be quite a winning proposition for Toyota, to have (ideally a no cost) option(s) of all homologated combinations – let customers choose wheel size independently of the other features. Toyota could even do a customer survey on the matter – they know who bought Excell trim cars – ask them whether they would have insisted on having 17″ rims if 16″ were also available, for example. A simple question. I know that people can change wheels, but the issue about the insurance then again comes to the surface.

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  1. Not all the answers to your questions are immediatley to hand but as soon as we get the information and / or pictures you need we’ll pass this on. We can however confirm the colour of the car in the new advertisement is Pearl White
  2. Hi – can someone please confirm if the Tamura Leather seats are the same width/fit as the cloth please? I’m having trouble fiding one to try out and I’m worried that they’ll be a bit too snug for my fat backside!
  3. - El Toyota Auris Touring Sports es un familiar derivado del compacto Auris, que añade versatilidad y espacio adicionales. Aquí puedes ver de forma gráfica aquellas cualidades que más y que menos destacan del Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid, según las puntuaciones de nuestro equipo..
  4. Hi Ian Thanks for your post. If you are referring to double locking the doors then we do make reference to this on page 110 and 111 of the owners manual. If this is not the case do please let us know.
  5. I was getting quite interested in this new car, as a replacement for my ultra-reliable 2003 RAV4, but very disappointed to read above comments and official replies regarding the no-spare-wheel dilemma. It’s now clear that there’s no way Toyota intends to offer a spare wheel. Sorry Toyota, but I now have no intention of buying this car and will look elsewhere!
  6. Predstavljanje novog Toyota Touring Sports Freestyle i palete Aurisa za 2018. godinu. Toyota predstavlja dalje izmene Auris modela u Frankfurtu, što će ojačati i proširiti njegovu privlačnost na vrlo zahtevnom tržištu kompaktnih automobila sa 5 vrata i karavana

Like some of the people below, I would be interested in seeing some photos of the tourer with Tamura leather, and with and without the Skyview. Many thanks.If one is to consider buying a new set of rims for winter tyres, could that set be of a different size (something available as standard on other trims, say on 16″ rims and narrower than 225mm), that may allow snow chains to be fitted (in extreme driving conditions) and still be considered by the insurance industry not to constitute a modification to the original spec of the car? The latter is very important as I know from own experience that once one has to declare a mod of any kind (and wheel change is it), premiums go through the roof, regardless of whether it makes sense or not.

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The Toyota Auris Touring Sports is an estate version of the Toyota Auris. It is available as a Hybrid or with petrol or diesel engine. (en); μοντέλο αυτοκινήτου (el); Toyota Auris Touring Sports е комби версия на хечбека Auris и се предлага във варианти бензин и хибрид (bg); automodel van.. horse crap – high priority in south of the country !!! I ordered early July, and will not get my Excel Estate 1.8 until beginning of October (i almost pulled out due to length of wait !!). You cannot too much more South than where i am as well !! Car wallpapers > Toyota > Toyota Auris > All wallpapers > Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid 2012 images. Ratio: 0/5. Pictures of Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid 2012. Resolution: 2048 x 1536 Related Manuals for Toyota Auris Touring Sport. Automobile Toyota AURIS User Manual. Page 17 CHECK SHEET Bumper corner Model / Year Auris Touring Sport 2015/05 protectors VIN n° P/N = OK = OK Installation Date: Technician Name & Signature: Stamp: Manual reference number: AIM 003..

Hi Michael, The Auris Touring Sports will come with the Tyre Repair Kit as standard. This is quickly becoming a standard on many models across the market and soon we’ll be releasing a ‘how to’ video showing the benefits of using a TRK. We’ll naturally post this on the blog once we’ve got our hands on it! Many thanks.Hi Ian, Thank you for taking the time to contact us. The Auris Touring Sports is not homologated on the 55 profile tyres on 17 inch wheels, only the 45 profile. Therefore we do not suggest fitting tyres which are not to the homologated specification. Hope this helps.

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No spare wheel. A big mistake. Would stop me buying the car. Repair kits are impractical and useless for today’s traveller. You need to be able to change a wheel for peace of mind… Toyota Auris Touring Sports er det relativt omstendelige navnet på bilen. Auris stasjonsvogn, på godt norsk. Det betyr at vi her har en mer praktisk utgave av kompaktbilen som etterfulgte Corolla kombikupé. Første generasjon Auris kom aldri som stasjonsvogn, så denne har Toyota gledet seg til.. Willkommen auf der offiziellen Seite von Toyota Deutschland. Informiere dich jetzt über aktuelle Fahrzeugmodelle und buche eine Probefahrt Jetzt Toyota Auris Touring Sports bei mobile.de kaufen. Finden Sie viele günstige Auto Angebote bei mobile.de - Deutschlands größtem Fahrzeugmarkt. Marke, Modell, Variante. Toyota Auris Touring Sports

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You must have a different manual mine is Publication OM12G18E. Auris Hybrid Touring Sports Page 110 is the instrument cluster. 111 Energy monitor.Toyota’s Intelligent Park Assist system is available as an option for Icon and Sport grades, priced at £350. 14/05/20. Segnala abuso. TOYOTA Auris Touring Sports 1.8 Hybrid Business Navigatore. 15.450 €. Toyota. Modello. Auris. Tipologia. Station Wagon Yeni Auris Touring Sports, station wagon otomobiller arasında fonksiyonel yükleme alanı ve dinamik tasarımı ile kompakt sınıfa yeni bir soluk getiriyor. 2047 mm uzunluğu ve 1658 litreye varan bagaj kapasitesiyla aileler için ideal olmaya aday olan Auris Touring Sports, Toyota'nın Easy Flat..

Mit dem Auris Touring Sports präsentiert Toyota nach langer Abstinenz wieder einen Kombi in der Kompaktklasse. Er wird in fünf Ausstattungsvariante... Jetzt auch mit großer Klappe (Vorabbericht) Toyota Auris Touring Sport. Toyota bringt den Kombi zurück in die Kompaktklasse 2. reading various posts about winter tyres, are you expecting us to remove summer set from our rims, fit winter ones and keep doing that, year after year? Last time I checked with a widely spread rapid fitting outfit, they refuse to mount tyres that are not brand new on any rims. Last time I was up the Alps, a car with winter tyres was just not good enough 211; chains were needed. Fitting 225/45R17 winter tyres and not being able to fit chains (as the manual suggests) to get through real snow / ice is just not good enough. Discuss.

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The site owner hides the web page description Hi Roy, We will try and help you with regards to sourcing a spare wheel / space saver. Our recommendation would be to speak directly with your Dealer as they’ll be best placed to help. There are potential problems with fitting spares, for example we must comply with regulations to safely secure a spare wheel into the car. Those vehicles that are designed without a designated space can sometimes not fit a spare safely. Again, have a conversation with your Dealer, they may well be able to help you out with this. Here’s the link to find your nearest Dealer: http://ow.ly/imWJM. Best wishes.

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Perhaps this will help answer some questions… I’ve inquired about cruise control on 1.4 diesel engine (1ND-TV) with the local dealer and the reply I got was that it’s a software issue with the ECU of such nature that a firmware update isn’t feasible. In other words, in my opinion, the engine was designed at a time (released in 2001) when nobody cared about cruise control on small(er), low powered cars and nobody ever bothered to significantly update the software. Coincidentally, CC isn’t offered on any of the 1ND-TV powered cars. This is more than likely just a coding issue and I’d be surprised if it required any, certainly not major, physical changes to the engine. But it would require software development that goes beyond changing one line of code to turn on a feature. The Toyota Auris Touring Sports is the only C-segment wagon to offer customers the combined benefits of Toyota's Easy Flat, one-touch foldable The Auris Touring Sports' drag coefficient of just Cd 0.28 contributes to reducing fuel consumption. The new Toyota Auris Touring Sports shares the.. Corolla Touring Sports. • Toyota objavlja, da bodo tretjo generacijo modela Auris izdelovali v tovarni v Burnastonu v Veliki Britaniji. • Novi model bo nastal na platformi Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA). Am I missing something here? Can’t you just order an extra alloy or steel wheel as already fitted and put in in the boot space? I have 2 vehicles and for both I have purchased a fifth alloy wheel. If I get a puncture I get the AA out to change it and have the punctured tyre sorted at the dealer. No need to change it back as they all match. Really can’t see the issue here. If you are buying a new car, allow for a extra wheel to be included in the sums. I wouldn’t switch from Toyota just for the sake of a wheel; sorry but I wouldn’t even drive a Skoda as a coutesy car.Hi, I have Auris 1.6 v-matic excel with smart entry & start system and wondered how you can get heater or radio to work with the engine turned off eg if you were parked-up and wanted to keep warm without the engine running? Thanks

I have just been accepted for finance with cab direct for the icon tourer, very happy with the model but could you give me some idea of the turnaround for this model, how long before delivery. ThanksTherefore do you know if a similar one to the Avensis is available for the new Auris and or if not currently are Toyota planning to develop one as an accessory, As I would buy one immediately. Please advise ASAP, such a shame that such an insignificant spec item, can put a downer on our new pride and joyThe full hybrid’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system features a 1.8-litre VVT-i petrol engine and an electric motor, giving a maximum power output of 134bhp/100kW. This enables 0-62mph acceleration in 10.9 seconds and a top speed of 112mph.

Sprawdź wydatki dla Toyota Auris II Touring Sports. LPG. 16,52 zł. Liczba wpisów: 6. Dziwne dźwięki z tyłu samochodu. Toyota Auris II Touring Sports Facelifting 1.8 Hybrid 136KM 100kW 2015-2018 Hi Colin, Thanks for your question. With the rear seats in place the load area is 1,115mm long and 1,452mm wide, giving a capacity of 530 litres. With the rear seats folded the length increases to 2,047mm; with loadspace height up to 890mm, the maximum capacity is a class-leading 1,658 litres. We hope this helps. The Toyota Auris (Japanese: トヨタ・オーリス, Toyota Ōrisu) is a compact car derived from the Corolla, manufactured and sold by Toyota Hi Jernej, Thank you for your interest in this exciting new model! We will be able to reveal pricing and specifications shortly so please do keep a check back here on the Toyota Blog. To help with your questions in the meantime: – We have passed on your feedback regarding interior imagery, particularly of the boot space. Unfortunately, these are not currently available, but as soon as we are provided with further imagery, we will be sure to provide an update. – Unfortunately, there will not be a hole in the back seats. However, there will be roof rails as standard and easy flat 60:40 split/folding rear seats, which will assist with storage. – The 1.4 D-4D is a transmission available with the Excel grade. This grade will feature Cruise Control as standard. As we suggest, we will update you with further details shortly. Many thanks.the auris sports tourer has roof rails, but I can’t find roof bars that fit it. the toyota website doesn’t seem to have any and other manufacturers don’t either. Can you help?

Hi Andrew Thanks for your post and sorry for the delay in replying. We can run you through this process. If you push the start button once without pressing the brake then you will be able to operate the radio. If you push the start button twice without pressing the brake then this will also enable the heater to be operated. We do have a word of caution on the second point, as you will of course be draining the car battery quite quickly if you do this for prolonged periods and we would not recommend that you do this. The heat will also be reducing if the engine is not switched on. We hope this helps clarify but please let us know if you have any other questions.The British-built Toyota Auris Touring Sports will cost from £16,045 when it goes on sale this summer.Arka tarafında büyük bir çanta taşıyor olmasına rağmen sürüş kabiliyeti ve sürüş güvenliği açısından başarılı bulduğumuz bir araç oldu. Viraj performans testleri sırasında stabil yapısını koruyarak üzerine düşeni yerine getirdi. Şehir kullanımlarında arka tarafın nerede bittiğini anlamak biraz zamanımızı aldı. Kısa süre içinde alışkanlık sağlamamız da mümkün olmadı. Bu gibi durumlarda park yardımcıları imdadımıza yetişti. Sessizlik konusunda CVT otomatik şanzımanın getirdiği bir mekanik ses söz konusu. Buna otoyol kullanımları sırasında rüzgar sesleri de eşlik ediyor. Çukur geçişleri konusunda konfordan ödün vermeyen araç gelen darbe seslerini yaşam alanına beklediğimizden biraz fazla aldı. Yol tutuş özellikleri ile beğenimizi kazandı ama konfor konusunda biraz daha geliştirilmesini beklediğimiz bir araç oldu.Hi Ian, Thanks for your post. Currently the tyres being fited by the factory are either Continental Sport Contact 5 or Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response. These are not run flats but they are low rolling resistance tyres. Hope this helps.

Hello George, Many thanks for your questions. We are expecting demo models of the Auris Touring Sports to be available in Dealers later this month. Sorry that we don’t have a specific date. With regards to lead times, may we recommend you speak directly with your nearest Toyota Dealer. They’ll have up to date information about the local delivery times and will be able to assist you further. Please find your here: http://ow.ly/lIS43. Hope this helps.Since these things are probably just a matter of a few lines of code I honestly don’t know what Toyota is thinking for not providing cruise control on the 1.4. With mandatory DPF filters you’d be a fool to buy a diesel car for city driving and short journeys while long journeys can be a pain without the CC.Hi Roy, Thank you for your feedback and we appreciate some customers would prefer to have a spare or temporary wheel option. We suggest speaking with your local Dealer, who will be able to provide you with spare wheel options, as they will be able to fit these locally. If we can help with anything further, please let us know. Many thanks.Arka taraftaysa büyük ve çok kolay bir şekilde kullanılan bir bagaj yer alıyor. Bagajı neden mi kolay kullandık? Yükleme eşiği tam istediğimiz yerde konumlandırılmıştı. Buna herhangi bir kısıtlama yaratmayan bagaj kapağı eşlik edince gerekli olan yüklemeleri çok kolay bir şekilde yaptık. Bununla birlikte yaşam alanında sunulan eşya gözlerinin sayısı açısından da başarılı diyebiliriz.Hi Jayt, Thank you for getting in touch with us. The Auris Touring Sports accessory list will feature a half height dog guard option, starting from the rear seats and continuing to the roof. You also have the option of a half divider, so if you have more than one dog, or want to separate the boot area you can do this. Hope this helps.

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Hi, Thank you for taking the time to contact us. This does sound a lot, however before we pass comment we would like to find out a little bit more. If you could send us your contact details, vehicle model/reg and a break down of the cost we would like to get a better understanding of the situation. Please contact us via email to: toyota.contact@tgb.toyota.co.uk. Many thanks. Toyota Auris Touring Sports, 2015 year. wagon. Autotrans - a catalog of the most popular car models. The catalog presents 68 brands of vehicles, including cars Toyota Auris Touring Sports Toyota Auris Touring Sports tasarım açısından Station Wagon karoserli araçlar arasında en başarılılardan biri. Özellikle profil tasarımında kullanılan kat geçişi sayesinde SW araç olmasına rağmen arka tasarımını çok iyi bir şekilde gizleyebilen bir araç olarak karşımıza çıktı. Bu hat sayesinde araç baştan aşağıya kadar bir bütün olmuş.

Just taken delivery yesterday of my new Tourer sport Excel HSD, FANTASTIC, the only issue I have is the bootliner which is part of the protection pack, it is simply no good, and is not as good as the previous one that I had on my Avensis. The last one covered the entire floor space of my boot, was shaped to fit whereas the new one only covers the square floor space in the boot, however with two big dogs this is simply just not upto the job as we found it moved and slided when laden with the dogs weight on top of it, It simply does not meet with my expectations, especially when such a good and more durable made to fit version was available in my previous Toyota Tourer (Aventsis) What about inside the Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sports? It's still boring, despite the swooping dashboard being beset with all kinds of angles, corners and shapes. Toyota's classic alarm clock still features, and will probably still accurately tell you the time long after a nuclear apocalypse

Testy samochodów Toyota Toyota Auris. Nowa Toyota Auris 1.2 Multidrive S - test, opinia, spalanie, cena. Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid Prestige [test] Hi Alan, As you will have seen from the comments, there are alternative options available from that of the tyre repair kit. You simply have to either contact your Dealer or our Customer Relations team who are briefed to help customers with regard to the New RAV4. If you’d like to discuss spare options further, please follow the link: http://ow.ly/jEUn0. Many thanks.Hi Alan, Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We don’t advise transferring the space saver from a Prius to an Auris. This is due to the Auris not being designed to fit a Prius space saver. A space saver wheel will be available as an accessory option soon. Many thanks and kind regards. The Toyota Auris Touring Sports, launched in 2013, appeals to the head over the heart in the compact estate market. Foregoing the more involving driving experience and avant-garde design of some rivals, and instead focussing on practicality and minimising running costs Hi Matt, We’re pleased you enjoyed this post! The alloy wheel options available for the new Auris Touring Sports are the same as those offered on the Auris. The optional alloy wheel chosen must be the same size as the original wheel. For the Hybrid model, this means that the Icon grade must have the 16″ wheel and the Excel grade the 17″ wheel. The 17″ wheel does not impact the BIK tax rate because the optional wheels are of the same size. As you may be aware, the Auris Touring Sports Black was a concept car so these specific accessories are not in production. Alloy options you may like closest to this design include the Podium II or Orion wheel for the Icon grade, both of which are available in anthracite with a machined finish and for the Excel grade, the Pitlane II alloys in anthracite with the machined finish. You can find more details here: http://ow.ly/lhx4S. If there’s anything further we can help with please let us know. Many thanks.

i have taken a test drive in the hydrid hatchback, with a view to ordering the touring sports (they have not been alocated on yet, for me to see). I noticed when googling some pictures of the sport, that sport “black” pops up in many places – i did not see this in the brochure – is this something that is available to us public ? I pre ordered a colour black excel one, with some extra’s, but the pictures i have seen, show red wheel trims, and other bits and bobs – could you pass any info my way or know anything ? many thanks El nuevo Toyota Auris Touring Sports estará disponible con tres acabados: Live, Active y Advance, con elementos distintivos del diseño, o materiales en el interior. La entrada de gama, llamada Live está indicada especialmente para las flotas de grandes empresas, pero no está disponible con propulsión..

Although it’s called the Touring Sports, that’s more an attempt by Toyota to fit in with its rivals, rather than a promise that the car is a decent drive. The steering is light and lacks feel, while bodyroll is pronounced. The 1.6-litre petrol engine is smooth, and has a slick gearbox, but it lacks torque. The hybrid offers excellent refinement around town that’s spoiled by the CVT gearbox, which causes the 1.8-litre petrol engine to drone under acceleration. Despite the boost from the batteries, the hybrid is also short on torque. The Auris does feature powerful brakes and a comfortable ride, while the interior remains very quiet at the motorway limit.In profile it also shares the hatchback’s steeply raked windscreen, which flows into an extended roofline with aluminium roof rails and an integral rear spoiler. Some versions of  Auris Touring Sports will be available with a Skyview panoramic roof; measuring 1,553 by 960mm, it is one of the largest in its class and increases the sense of light and space in the new interior. Looking for a Toyota Auris Touring Sport to lease or buy? We have a wide range of financing options for every need, whether business or personal with... Toyota Auris Touring Sport. Home. Select a Make All Auris Touring Sports come with Toyota Safety Sense as standard. This packages together autonomous emergency braking (AEB), lane-departure warning, auto-dipping headlights For a more detailed look at the Toyota Auris Touring Sports hybrid, read on for the rest of our in-depth review Robert Mularczyk Maciej Gorzelak. Sukces Aurisa w 2013 roku. Segment C jest najważniejszą częścią rynku (30%) Wprowadzenie nowej Toyoty Auris w styczniu 2013 Poprzednia generacja sprzedawana równolegle jako Auris Classic Slideshow 3169983 by gayle

Auris Touring Sports has the same 2,600mm wheelbase and 10.4m turning circle as its sister hatchback, but is 285mm longer overall – all dedicated to the extended loadspace. With the rear seats in place the load area is 1,115mm long and 1,452mm wide, giving a capacity of 530 litres. With the rear seats folded the length increases to 2,047mm; with loadspace height up to 890mm, the maximum capacity is a class-leading 1,658 litres. Praxistest Toyota Auris Touring Sports HybridAntrieb. Viehmann Bild 1/27 - Die Eco-Anzeige des Hybrid zeigt, ob man effizient unterwegs ist - bei Vollgas leuchtet die Nadel sogar rot. Viehmann Bild 2/27 - Toyota kann auch schicke Autos bauen - der Auris als Kombi It will be available in the UK with the same powertrain options as the hatch: 1.33-litre Dual VVT-i and 1.6-litre Valvematic petrol units; the 1.4-litre D-4D diesel; and full hybrid – a first in the compact estate car market.Kerry My point is 45 profile tires are not fit for purpose on the poor roads in this area. I have been told the HSD Excel is also not homologated for any 16″ wheels. But I can not get a technical answer as to why, or an answer from the engineering people who think 45 profile tires are needed on an estate car. It may make sense to marketing as I am sure you will sell a lot more tires but I have yet to speak to anybody who has actually driven the car on 17″ wheels, let alone an HSD, and thinks they improve the ride. I have been driving for over 50 years and very bad experiences of cars on low profile tires. On-line reviews of your customer for this model on 17″ wheels criticize the firm ride. Having owned two Prius models over the last 8 years I know how sensitive HSD cars are to tire pressures so I tire type must have an affect. Type definitely increases the running cost significantly. Again is it worth sacrificing 6 mpg for 17″ wheels. Is the 6mpg down to the resistance caused by the extra drag of wider tires or is that they are not low rolling resistance? what degree of inaccuracy of the speedo would retrofitting 55 profiles cause. This will be my car not a company purchase I have to pay all the bills. What tires are fitted as OEM on the 16″ ICON and the 17″ Excel???The 1.6 petrol Auris has the largest towing capacity of 1,300kg. The diesel Auris has a towing capacity of 1,000kg. We’d recommend, for towing, that the petrol model would suit you best.

Toyota extends its Auris range to include a compact family estate, complete with hybrid drivetrain that helps it stand out from the rest of the segment. In order to muscle in on this segment, Toyota has released its Auris Touring Sports. It's offered with a choice of petrol and diesel engines but, more.. I have just been checking the Toyota web site. On the build your Auris section for some reason it does not allow the hybrid choice to be selected for the Tourer range. Presumably the tourer is available as a hybrid. Toyota Auris Touring Sports comparator with other vehicles. Use the comparison tool to simultaneously compare the external measurements and boot of three automobiles to choose from different makes and models. More similar automobiles to current model I would like to be able to get some similar to the Sports tourer “Black” that i have seen displayed. Catálogo Toyota Auris Touring Sports - Questione mais. Divirta-se mais | O novo Auris TS afirma-se como uma referência no mercado automóvel

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Hi Ian, The summer tyre for the Auris Hybrid Touring Sports is 225/45 R17 91W, usually a Continental or Dunlop tyre. The winter tyre that we will be making available through our Centres is, as we currently understand however may be subject to change, a Yokohama 225/45 R17 94V. This winter weather tyre is due to be available in a month and will be available through your Toyota Dealer. Do hope this helps.This is where the Auris claws back some ground. Thanks to the hybrid option CO2 emissions are cut to 85g/km on Icon-spec cars with 15-inch alloys, and 92g/km for top-spec Excel models on 17s, while all hybrids claim over 70mpg. This cuts company car tax bills and fuel costs extensively, while Toyota claims that the hybrid system’s fewer moving parts mean cheaper maintenance too. The rest of the range features downsized engines which look decent on paper, but can struggle to shift the car along, particularly if you carry heavier loads – leading to higher overall running costs.I have noticed that Pete has ordered the new Auris Touring Sport. Please can you confirm when it is available within the UK to order?Hi Stephen, Thank you for your question. The new Auris Touring Sports is on sale from the 1st July this year, however pre-orders are available now through your local dealer. You can find their details here: http://ow.ly/jQRAE. If there’s anything we can help with, please let us know. Have a good week.Would you be able to send the pictures of the Tamura leather to myself? Also any pictures of the interior of a touring sports with a Skyview roof would also be appreciated. I have just today placed an order for the Auris Hybrid Touring Sports (Excel) with both Tamura Leather and Skyview roof as a replacement company car. I am hoping that my fleet company are pre-ordering so I can take delivery in early July! Informationen zum Toyota Auris Touring Sports. Die Automobile von Toyota haben sich in der asiatischen Welt längst ihren Namen gemacht. Nicht umsonst ist Toyota international der Autohersteller mit dem größten Absatz. Der Auris ist ein junges Modell und wurde zuletzt 2012 überarbeitet

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