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  1. Running through Arya Stark's list of prospective victims after her grisly mass murder of the Frey family in the On Sunday night's Game of Thrones premiere, Arya Stark served up her coldest dish yet
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  4. Ironically, she meets her Frey husband-to-be (Elmar Frey) while serving under Roose Bolton, and he spends time talking at length to Arya about his promised princess, unknowingly speaking to her personally. He tries to boss Arya around, but she does not comply. After being informed that Robb breached the pact with the Freys, Elmar tells Arya whiningly that his father told him he had to marry someone else, or to become a septon. Arya tries to empathize with him, telling him two of her brothers are dead. But when he responds derisively, she loses all sympathy for him.

They stop near a tavern and Arya suggests that they attack the Lannister soldiers there. She recognizes one of them as Polliver, the one who callously stabbed Lommy through the neck with her own sword, Needle. She sees Needle, still tucked into Polliver's belt and is determined to retrieve it. When Arya and the Hound are in the tavern, Polliver looks over suspiciously. Arya is worried because she thinks that Polliver recognizes her, but it is the Hound that he recognizes. The Hound and Polliver's conversation eventually turns hostile which leads into a brawl in the tavern. The Hound kills most of the men, and Arya puts a sword through one who the Hound had knocked to the floor. Arya tells the girl a false story about how she was sick too, but her father brought her here and when she drank from the temple's well, she was healed, persuading the girl to drink the poisoned water from the well. The girl dies, and Arya, having proven that she can lie, is brought to the Hall of Faces by Jaqen. All the faces had been taken from the corpses that the acolytes wash in the temple. He then asks Arya if she is ready to give up who she is to become "no one". After a moment of silence, he then states that she is not ready to become "no one" , but that she is ready to become "someone else".[38]

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While Arya and her companions travel north from Harrenhal, Arya enters Nymeria during a dream as a skinchanger and sees Nymeria kill members of the Brave Companions sent in pursuit.[20] Not long afterwards, she and her companions are discovered by a group of the brotherhood without banners and taken to the Inn of the Kneeling Man, where she is recognized by one of her father's former guards, Harwin.[9] While Hot Pie remains at the inn,[10] Arya and Gendry journey with the brotherhood and visit Lord Lymond Lychester, the Lady of the Leaves, the ghost of High Heart, and Lady Ravella Smallwood at Acorn Hall.[11] Arya stays at the Peach in Stoney Sept, where the outlaws take custody of Sandor Clegane.[44] At Harrenhal Arya is assigned to the steward Weese to work at the Wailing Tower.[6] Several days later, Arya reunites with Jaqen, Rorge, and Biter, who are now in the employ of Amory. Jaqen comes to her at night and offers her three deaths for the three lives—Rorge, Biter, and himself—she saved from burning at the Gods Eye. After several days Arya names Chiswyck, after she overhears him boast at how he participated in a gang rape, and he dies three days later. Next she names Weese, for striking her. Weese's death is untraceable, apparently linked to his small dog that he raised from a pup. While trying to figure out the last name to say, Arya realizes she should have said a more important name, such as Lord Tywin Lannister or Amory Lorch. Finally, she names Jaqen himself. To make her unsay his name, Jaqen agrees to help her free Robett Glover's and Ser Aenys Frey's men in the dungeon and stage an uprising.[8] Últimas noticias, fotos, y videos de Arya Stark las encuentras en El Comercio. Que tiemble el machismo: Arya Stark, encarnada por Maisie Williams, tuvo una acción decisiva que la catapultó al.. Arya later visits Winterfell's forges and comes upon Gendry presenting the Hound with a custom-made axe of dragonglass, which the latter is not especially impressed with. She tells him to stop insulting Gendry's work and the two lock eyes. Before he leaves, the Hound gives Arya a back-handed compliment; calling her a "cold little bitch", but saying that's probably why she's still alive. 4. Arya Stark - Maisie Williams. 5. Benjen Stark - Joseph Mawle. 6. Bran Stark - Isaac Hempstead. 7. Brienne of Tarth - Gwendolyn Christie. 8. Bronn - Jerome Flynn

Arya is tasked to kill an actress named Lady Crane, though Jaqen warns she has been given a second chance and won't get a third. She views the first portion of the play The Bloody Hand, in which Lady Crane portrays Cersei. Afterwards, Arya notices that another actress, Bianca, is jealous of Lady Crane, and deduces that it was she who hired the Faceless Men to kill Lady Crane.[44] In the books, Arya describes Gendry as her "only true friend". The two form some bond after Arya entrusts Gendry with her true identity, though Arya was ready to kill him. Although their relationship in the novels is platonic, there are several hints the point towards a romantic relationship. Arya becomes jealous when Bella, a prostitute, offers to have sex with Gendry, who rejects this offer. Gendry also becomes jealous when Edric Dayne shows interest in Arya, which is heightened by their class difference. There is also a love song that only appears once in the series, which is after Arya and Gendry playfully wrestle in the forge. The TV series didn't overtly play up a full-fledged "romance" between the two, though Gendry becomes one of Arya's few friends and, as in the novels, she is pained when he chooses to stay behind with the Brotherhood. Afterwards, Sandor clumsily addresses his wounds from Biter. Arya suggests burning to cauterize the wound, but is rebuffed by Sandor because of his fear of fire. Sandor confirms the story of his facial scars from burns inflicted by Gregor's wrath and how his father covered up the truth, making him feel alone. Arya offers to clean and stitch him up, and Sandor allows her to do so.[33] Lær mer om STARK produktene her

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  1. d, she only needs to give the coin to any man from Braavos and recite the High Valyrian words "Valar Morghulis." Jaqen changes his face to that of another man and bids a stunned Arya farewell.[21]
  2. 19 Arya Stark Moments That Prove She's The Ultimate Badass On Game Of Thrones. Sophie Turner's Reaction To Arya Stark In Episode 3 Is The Only Thing That Matters Right Now
  3. As Arya's plotline progresses and her soul grows darker, murder becomes her prime solution for every encounter; before she kills a guard at Harrenhal, she does not consider other options, like sneaking past him or knocking him unconscious. Only if the objective circumstances do not allow her to commit a murder (when she considers killing Gendry and a woman who cheats her at Saltpans) - she tries less violent way. In the fourth and fifth novels, she murders people who have not done her, her family or friends any ill - Dareon and the old insurance seller. Unlike Ramsay, Arya does not draw a sadistic pleasure from killing; it has become a need for her, the way a vampire needs blood. It seems she does not really care whom she kills; if someone from her death list happens to be nearby (Rafford), she'd kill him, but she is no hurry to look for those who are responsible for the destruction of her house.
  4. As Arya and Sandor make their way to the Eyrie, Arya laments that she doesn't feel any satisfaction over Joffrey's death (which they learned of from Rorge), expressing disappointment in the fact that she was neither able to be present during his murder or be the one to kill him. Once they reach the Bloody Gate, Ser Donnel Waynwood informs them that Lysa Arryn had passed away just three days prior, prompting Arya to burst into a fit of laughter over their continuing bad luck as Sandor stands dumbfounded over his attempts to collect a ransom being foiled yet again.[34]
  5. Arya Stark. 76 Recent Stories. The internet thinks Arya Stark could bust iPhone's Face ID wide open. Written by Tara Flanigan
  6. Arya then resentfully states that he was killed by the Lannisters with Sansa's help, reading Sansa's letter to her aloud. Sansa insists that she was forced to write it and, being a naïve child that she was at the time, was led to believe that she was saving her family. However, Arya is adamant to point out that had she been in Sansa's position, she would have died before betraying her family, calling her stupid for believing in the Lannisters' lies. Arya reveals that she, like Sansa, was present during their father's execution and that she saw the whole thing from the statue of Baelor. Arya surmises that Sansa is afraid she will show the letter to the northern lords, thus losing their respect. Taking advantage of the tension between the two sisters, Littlefinger later suggests to Sansa that she use Lady Brienne to protect her from Arya.
  7. Arya, at a loss for words, reciprocates this by kissing him but declines the proposal. She says that any woman would be lucky to marry him, saying "that's not [her]", words she said to her father years earlier. Arya continues to practice her archery and Gendry is left heartbroken.

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  1. Tywin hosts a war council, and Arya serves food and drink. She moves to pour wine, but Tywin stops her, demanding water. He questions her origin, realizing that she is a northerner. He rejects Arya's first lie that she is from the Riverlands, but her second lie withstands his scrutiny. Upon being questioned about the northerners' opinions of her brother, Robb Stark, she repeats rumors that he has a supernatural link to his direwolf and that he is invulnerable. Tywin asks if she believes this and she replies, "No, My Lord, anyone can be killed". She leaves to fetch water and encounters Jaqen, now a Lannister man-at-arms. Jaqen says that because she saved his life, and those of his two fellow prisoners, he owes her three deaths and offers to kill three people of her choosing. She first targets the Tickler. He is soon found dead in the courtyard. Arya notices Jaqen on the walkway above and he smiles and holds a single finger to his face to signify his responsibility.[17]
  2. g that he broke his vows; she ignores the fact that they are out of Westeros, and that she dissociated herself from her past - thus she has no right to kill the deserter. For this, she is given warm milk by the kindly man, and wakes up the next morning blind.
  3. Holly Thomas writes that for young female audiences who are too often fed a diet of nerves and submission around first-time sex, Arya Stark's approach on Game of Thrones marks a welcome..
  4. Arya recognizes him, and he mentioned Lord Stark giving him run of the prisons. In the novel when Eddard Stark was imprisoned Varys visited him. As we all know Varys serves only the realm and..
  5. At Harrenhal, Lord Roose Bolton informs Ser Jaime Lannister that Arya has been found and that he intends to return her to the north.[45]
  6. Once she begins the journey to King's Landing, however, she endures a constant stream of loss and trauma. As she watches her pet, sword instructor, friends, and family members taken from her one by one, she becomes increasingly detached towards murder and death. This is only exacerbated when she is captured by the Hound and is exposed to his fatalistic worldview as they traverse the war-ravaged Riverlands, though the two develop a mutual reliance and almost grudging respect for each other. When she witnesses and learns of the betrayal and murder of her family at the Red Wedding, she becomes colder and her urge to seek revenge on those who have wronged her and her family increases.
  7. Translations in context of arya stark in English-Japanese from Reverso Context: Arya Stark, come with us. Translation of arya stark in Japanese

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Arya Stark é a terceira filha de Lorde Eddard Stark e Catelyn Stark. No início do livro A Guerra dos Tronos, Arya tem nove anos de idade. Ela tem um irmão mais velho, Robb e dois irmãos mais novos, Bran e Rickon. Ela também tem uma irmã mais velha, Sansa, e um meio-irmão bastardo, Jon Snow Arya Stark used to be a little girl who didn't like sewing, just an average tomboy with a stout heart and zero muscle mass. But after surviving trauma after trauma, she started listening to the philosophies of.. After regaining her sight,[15] Arya is given her first assassination assignment. She is asked to give "the gift" to an old man who sells a type of insurance for ships. The kindly man takes her to the secret lower chambers of the House of Black and White, where thousands of faces are hung on the walls. Arya is given the face of an ugly, broken girl who had been beaten by her father and came to the House of Black and White to seek the gift. Arya watches her target carefully for days. She notices that the old man has guards with him wherever he goes, and always tests the coin he is given with his teeth. While watching him, she attempts to find ways to justify his fate, but the kindly man tells her it is not for her to judge the old man.[16]

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Arya is summoned to the Great Hall for a meeting with her sister and sees Bran and Sansa seated at the head of the great table, with Littlefinger smirking in the crowd. Sansa proceeds to list a series of crimes against House Stark... and directs them to Baelish, not Arya. Arya watches with satisfaction as Sansa and Bran turn the tables on Littlefinger and finally call him into account for his crimes, with Arya herself reminding Petyr that her new Valyrian steel dagger originally belonged to him. When Baelish's attempts to manipulate the situation turn to pleading, Arya moves in and slits his throat with his own dagger at Sansa's direction. Later, Arya and Sansa discuss their pasts, Arya saying that she couldn't have survived what Sansa survived. Sansa says she thinks Arya could have, Arya being the strongest person she knows. They then discuss the execution and the survival of their House, finally reaching an accord to play to each other's strengths - like the wolves of their sigil, they will survive as a pack.[54] She silently approaches Jon in the godswood; when Jon asks how she could move so stealthily, Arya asks how he survived a knife through the heart, to which Jon replies that he didn't. After a moment's hesitation, the two run into each other's arms. Jon notices that Arya still has Needle and asks if she's ever used it and Arya quietly replies, "Once or twice." Jon shows her his sword Longclaw, which Arya is impressed by but comments it would be too heavy for her to wield. Jon asks where she was earlier, saying he could have used her help with Sansa as Sansa is at odds with Daenerys, the latter who Jon bent the knee to and fell in love with. Arya realizes, "[Sansa] doesn't like your queen, does she?" and says Sansa is the smartest person she knows. Jon is surprised Arya is now defending Sansa; Arya replies both she and Sansa are defending their family, advising Jon not to forget he's family too and they embrace a final time.

Maisie Williams spielt in der Serie Game Of Thrones die Rolle der Arya Stark. Arya besitzt ein eigenes Schwert namens Nadel, das sie von ihrem Halbbruder Jon Schnee aka Kit Harington.. [-] mysticalone1[] 30 points31 points32 points 2 years ago (2 children). Did you notice a sign on the front of my house saying dead Stark storage

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Lord Eddard often eats in the same hall as his staff, and always keeps a seat next to him reserved, inviting a different servant or advisor to dine with him each night. Arya loves listening to their stories.[2] Arya Stark. A leader, quickly and easily grasps ideas, competitive, supportive of followers, commanding and ordering, ambitious. Examples of suitable Medieval occupations: governor, warlord, schemer.. Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. Philanthropist. Tony Stark's confidence is only matched by his high-flying abilities as the hero called Iron Man

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Atheist Arya is an advice animal image macro series featuring a photograph of the character Arya Stark On May 14th, halfprincesshalffgoddess uploaded five Atheist Arya examples, which garnered.. Arya and Sandor head towards the town of Saltpans, but Sandor is too weak to continue due to his injuries. Arya realizes she left Sandor off her list that night, and wonders why. She adds him back, but thinks maybe he will die before morning. The next day, Arya draws Needle, intending to kill Sandor, after thinking maybe if she rides off, he will die on his own. Sandor sees her indecision and tries to goad her into killing him, but she decides to leave him to die instead of administering the mercy of a quick death. She sells Craven at Saltpans and gains passage on the Titan's Daughter, a ship headed to Braavos, by using the coin that Jaqen H'ghar had given her, along with the High Valyrian phrase valar morghulis.[52] Stark Industries — Старк Ресилиент Общая информация Издатель Marvel Comics Дебют Tales of Suspense #40 Автор(ы) Роберт Бернштейн Стэн Ли Джек Кёрби Дэвид Мичелини Боб Лейтон Состав Тони Старк, Карсон Уайч, Пеппер Поттс, Бетани Кейб, Бэмби Арбогаст..

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arya stark - Tin tức, hình ảnh, video clip về arya stark mới nhất hiện nay, cập nhật tin tuc arya stark liên tục 24h trong ngày nhanh và đầy đủ nhất Game of Thrones Tee-shirt (Stark). Jan 1, 2017 by supastastatus When her brothers Robb and Jon find six direwolf pups,[28] Arya adopts one of them,[29] whom she names Nymeria, in reference to the Rhoynish warrior-queen of the same name.[1]

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Jon Snow. Daenerys Targaryen. Sansa Stark. Tyrion Lannister. Arya Stark. Jaime Lannister. Melisandre Arya Stark is the third child and second daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn Tully. A member of House Stark, she has five siblings: brothers Robb, Bran, Rickon, half-brother Jon Snow, and older sister Sansa

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She quickly stabs him in the eyes and several times in the chest, but her blade is too short and has little effect. She teases him about how he was the first name on her list and how the Many-Faced God has denied her of others, but how he has delivered Trant to her. She asks him if he remembers Syrio Forel, who he presumably killed in King's Landing. She assumes he doesn't. Arya then asks if he knows who she is, though Trant is in too much pain and shock to understand what is happening. She reveals herself as Arya Stark, and slits his throat. Download Game Of Thrones Jon Snow, Daenerys, Arya, Sansa Stark and Other Characters Background,We have full GOT Art and Dragon Images For Desktop PC, Android Mobile and Apple.. Arya technically gained the title of "princess" when her brother Robb was declared the new King in the North. While her brothers Bran and Rickon use the title of "prince" among the Northerners at Winterfell, Arya's storyline takes her on the run through the Riverlands as it is torn apart in the war between the Starks and Lannisters, so that she is usually keeping her true name a secret, let alone her title. Thus she normally isn't referred to as "princess", or at least not in her surroundings. Robb, Catelyn, and the Freys refer to her as a "princess" when brokering their marriage-alliance.

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By this point in the novels, Arya is presumed dead by most people in Westeros, including her mother and older brother. When Catelyn asks Cleos Frey, who has been acting as an envoy ferrying peace terms between Robb and Tyrion Lannister, for news of her daughters, she is disturbed when Cleos only mentions seeing Sansa at court. Catelyn wonders whether Arya, always more difficult to control than Sansa, is being deliberately kept out of sight by Cersei for fear of what she might do or say, or if something even worse has happened to her. The belief that Arya is dead, along with the news of the apparent deaths of Bran and Rickon, is what prompts Catelyn to release Jaime in the hope that her last daughter can be returned to her. Later, Robb bluntly states that his youngest sister is probably dead, since no one has seen her since their father's death, and as a result, he names his half-brother Jon Snow as his heir should he die without issue. The next day, the Waif returns and asks Arya who she is. When Arya answers "no one," the Waif brushes this off and promptly beats her in another sparring match. Arya angrily lashes out after the Waif leaves, but is stopped by Jaqen, who repeatedly asks her to say her name. After Arya tells him "a girl has no name" each time, an impressed Jaqen allows her to return to the House of Black and White.[42] While traveling on her horse, Arya comes across a ship preparing to leave port. Arya first asks the captain to take her to the Wall, her intent being to meet up with her brother, Jon Snow. When the captain, Ternesio Terys, tells her that he is in fact going home to the Free City of Braavos, Arya shows him the iron coin which Jaqen H'ghar had given her. As Terys looks in awe, she tells him "valar morghulis". He promptly nods his head and replies "valar dohaeris", offering her a cabin aboard the Titan's Daughter. Arya is then shown sailing away on the ship, headed to Braavos.[35] Sansa brings Arya to Bran in the godswood, where he is lost in thought by the Weirwood heart tree. Arya is saddened to see him paralyzed. Still somewhat detached even at the sight of Arya, Bran says he isn't surprised she's alive because he saw her at the Crossroads. Arya is confused, and Sansa explains that Bran is having "visions" now. Bran says he thought Arya was going to King's Landing, and when Sansa asks why she would head there of all places, he again startles them both by saying it's because Cersei is on her list of names (which he can't possibly be aware of through normal means). Sansa asks who else is on her list, but she says most of them besides Cersei are actually dead already. They then remark on the Valyrian steel dagger in his lap, and he explains that Littlefinger gave it to him, thinking he'd want it. Despite it being such a horrible keepsake that nearly killed him and indirectly set off a chain of events leading to his parents' deaths, he is still listless and disinterested in it. Arya is confused as to why a common cutthroat would have a rare, priceless blade of Valyrian steel. Bran matter-of-factly says that someone very wealthy wanted him dead, and gave it to the assassin. Bran says that doesn't matter and hands it to Arya, saying she can have it because it's "wasted on a cripple." The three trueborn Stark children, finally reunited, proceed back to Winterfell's castle courtyard, with Arya pushing Bran in his wheelchair. Yes, it's you who ought to run, you and Lord Tywin and the Mountain and Ser Addam and Ser Amory and stupid Ser Lyonel whoever he is, all of you better run or my brother will kill you, he’s a Stark, he’s more wolf than man, and so am I.[67]

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Though he reacts swiftly enough to whip around and catch her by the neck and arm, Arya drops her dagger from the arm he is restraining, catches it in her free hand and plunges it into his heart, causing the Night King to shatter into icy shards. With his death, the White Walkers shatter as well, and the horde of wights, including Viserion, drop dead as the magic animating them died with the Night King and his lieutenants, bringing an end to the White Walkers, wights and the Long Night forever.[57] At the kindly man's demand, Arya dissociates herself of her past and possessions. The only thing she keeps is Needle which she views as her connection to her family and home. She hides the sword with the intention of reclaiming it one day. She performs various chores at the House, spending much time with the Waif and Umma the cook. One day, the kindly man orders Arya to work for a fishmonger named Brusco, in order to master the Braavosi tongue. During her first tasks, Arya struggles to abandon her previous identity, trying to use new names such as Cat of the Canals. Brienne of Tarth visits the Quiet Isle during her search for Sansa Stark. She learns from the Elder Brother that Sansa's sister Arya had been in the company of Sandor Clegane, but she may have been killed in the raid on Saltpans.[54] Arya participates in the fighting on the ramparts with the dragonglass weapon Gendry made for her. She skillfully kills off many wights, much to Davos's surprise, but is nearly surrounded and narrowly escapes. However, she loses her weapon in the process and sustains a head injury after being knocked into a doorway by a wight. Disoriented and bleeding from the gash at the side of her head, Arya feels a newfound fear for the wights. Arya escapes through a window into the castle, as she traverses through the corridors, she takes a dead soldier's dragonglass dagger. Arya rejects the notion that she must become a lady and marry for influence and power. Instead, she believes that she can forge her own destiny. She is fascinated by warfare and training in the use of arms, and is bored by embroidery and other "lady-like" pursuits. She takes after her father and has a quarrelsome relationship with her sister Sansa, due to their contrasting interests and personalities. She is close to her "half-brother" Jon, who is also something of an outsider.[2]

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Arya and Sandor encounter a dying man in a ransacked village. Sandor gives the man a gift of mercy by stabbing him in the heart. Moments later, Sandor is ambushed by Biter who bites him on the neck. He snaps Biter's neck and drops him dead in the dirt. Rorge appears, revealing that there is a price on the Hound's head, which he and others want to collect. He is instantly recognized by Arya as one of the prisoners in Yoren's group who threatened her repeatedly. The Hound asks if Rorge is on Arya's list, but she denies it as she doesn't know his name. Sandor asks Rorge for his name and after he says it, Arya thanks him and promptly stabs him in the heart with Needle. Sandor cynically comments that she's learning.[33] Ser Gregor. Dunsen, Raff the Sweetling, Ser Ilyn, Ser Meryn, Queen Cersei. Valar morghulis, valar morghulis, valar morghulis.[26] Arya Stark - The Frisky

After departing from the Twins, Arya comes across a small convoy of Lannister soldiers, one of which gains her attention with a sweet song. Arya agrees, upon request, to join them at their fire, and accepts their offerings of food and drink, though cautiously. She engages in some small talk with them, including the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor, all the while keeping her eye on their swords, and states that she is heading for King's Landing. After she admits that she is planning on killing Queen Cersei, they laugh, unaware that this is her true intention.[49] Now blind, Arya poses as a beggar as part of her training. After overhearing two passing citizens discussing Meryn's murder, she is approached by the Waif, remarking on her blindness. Tossed a stick, she fights and loses another sparring match against the Waif. Unimpressed, the Waif leaves Arya, promising to return the following day.[41]

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In the end, Arya feigns stealing a bag of coins from a captain on his way to meet with the old man. She splits the bag in the attempt, and switches one of the captain's coins with one of her own, coated in poison. After the switch, she escapes. Later, the old man's heart mysteriously gives out. The kindly man then gives Arya an acolyte's robe and assigns her to begin her first apprenticeship with Izembaro.[16] According to the TV series official pronunciation guide developed for the cast and crew, "Arya" is pronounced "ARE - yuh". George R.R. Martin himself has pointed out that a surprisingly large number of people pronounce it incorrectly: it consists of two syllables, not three (like how the "aria" of an opera is pronounced). Martin explained: "I say it 'Are-ya', two syllables not three. Not 'are-ee-uh', not like an operatic thing, but 'Are-ya', very sharp. I wanted something that was like a knife, that was a sharp and hard sound, to be a contrast to the flowery 'Sansa'."[62]

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After killing Lord Walder, Arya uses his face to impersonate him and hold a feast in honor of all of his sons. She gives a rousing speech, "reminiscing" over House Frey's victories, before offering her audience a toast of poisoned wine. As Walder's many sons drink from their chalices, Arya refuses to let any of the women partake, aware of their innocence. She then elicits cheers from the many Frey sons upon the mention of the infamous Red Wedding, though then goes on to subtly mock them by reminding them of how they butchered a pregnant woman, cut the throat of a mother of five, and slaughtered the Starks after inviting them into their home. As the Frey sons begin to cough up blood from the poison, Arya watches with satisfaction as they all die before removing her mask and revealing herself. Before leaving, she asks Walder's wife, Kitty Frey, to tell anyone that might ask what happened that "the north remembers", and remarks that winter has come for House Frey. Arya escapes King's Landing with Yoren and his party of Night's Watch recruits, with Yoren planning to return her to Winterfell on his way back the Wall. Yoren shaves her head and makes Arya assume the identity of "Arry", a boy recruit traveling with Yoren to the Wall.[3] They make it as far as a deserted town near the Gods Eye lake, where they are attacked by House Lannister raiders led by Ser Amory Lorch. Yoren is killed and Arya is one of the few to escape alive, along with Gendry, Hot Pie, Lommy Greenhands, and Weasel. Before escaping the burning town, she saves the lives of three chained Night's Watch prisoners: Jaqen H'ghar, Rorge, and Biter.[40]

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High quality Arya Stark gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world Arya and her sister, Sansa, travel with their father, Lord Eddard, to King's Landing when he is made Hand of the King. Before she leaves, Arya's half-brother Jon gives her a sword called Needle, after her least favorite ladylike activity, as a parting gift. He tells her she will need to practice, but that the first lesson is to "stick 'em with the pointy end".[30] On the way south, she befriends a peasant boy named Mycah, and they often play at swords.[31] Arya and Sansa's relationship continues to grow increasingly strained following Arya's discovery of her sister's "incriminating" letter. Watching over the castle courtyard from the balcony, Arya reminisces about how their father used to watch her and her brothers train in the very same spot, bitterly claiming that Sansa wouldn't remember due to the fact that she was usually inside the castle knitting with her fellow ladies. She then tells Sansa how on one particular day, after their brothers had finished training with Ser Rodrik, she wandered into the vacant courtyard and began practicing her archery with Bran's discarded bow as their father watched from above. This page uses content from the English Wikipedia. The original content was at House Stark. The list of authors can be seen in the page history of House Stark. As with A Wiki of Ice and Fire, the content of Wikipedia is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Arya travels north on the Kingsroad with Yoren, posing as one of his Night's Watch recruits.[13] She is drawn to one of the prisoners in the wagon, Jaqen H'ghar. Since he is a murderer from the black cells of the dungeons, where the worst criminals are kept in King's Landing, he will stay locked up in the cage until they reach the Wall. He asks for water, but the other two murderers, Rorge and Biter, threaten her, so she does not get it for him. She forms a bond with former blacksmith's apprentice Gendry who sees through her disguise. When gold cloaks arrive from King's Landing with a warrant for one of the recruits, Arya fears that they are looking for her, but it is actually Gendry (who is unaware of his status as a royal bastard of Robert Baratheon). Yoren intimidates them into leaving empty-handed. Arya confesses her identity to Gendry after he reveals being questioned by her father before leaving the capital.[14]

With the news that the army of the dead has taken Last Hearth and is advancing towards Winterfell, the inhabitants of the castle increase the speed of their preparations. Arya returns to the forges and asks Gendry if her weapon is ready, but he is still crafting her design. Annoyed, she tells him to prioritize it, before asking him what fighting the wights was like. Gendry replies, "Bad. Really bad." Arya is unsatisfied with "really bad" and keeps pushing for details until Gendry sums up their likeness in one word: "death." Gendry says that whatever bravery and fighting skill she has, the wights are like nothing she's ever faced. Unperturbed, Arya casually picks up three dragonglass daggers and throws them, one after another, into a wooden beam over Gendry’s shoulder, landing them in a tight formation. While doing so, she explains her familiarity with death and her excitement of what is to come, and Gendry stands, mesmerized at her deadpan surety and confidence. A long time ago, she remembered her father saying that when the cold wind blows the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. He had it all backwards. Arya, the lone wolf, still lived, but the wolves of the pack had been taken and slain and skinned.[13]Later, when Arya is asleep, Jaqen H'ghar comes to test Arya again. This time, when he asks Arya who she is, Arya tells him how she came to join the Faceless Men, trying to slip in a few lies into the story. However, Jaqen is able to tell when Arya is lying and hits her whenever she does. Before he leaves, he tells her that she is lying not only to him, but to herself as well when she says she hates the Hound. A grieving father brings his sick daughter to the House of Black and White, wanting to end her suffering. 3840x2160 3840x2160 Wallpaper game of thrones, maisie williams, arya stark. Download

Arya returns to the House of Black and White to put the face she used back on the wall. She is caught by Jaqen and the Waif. They are displeased that Arya has defied the Many-Faced God by killing someone who was not hers to kill. The Waif restrains Arya and Jaqen pulls out a vial of poison saying, "Only death can pay for life". Just before Arya thinks she is about to be poisoned, Jaqen drinks it himself and dies. The Waif questions Arya's grief for her friend, only to shock Arya by revealing herself to be Jaqen. Confused, Arya repeatedly removes multiple faces from "Jaqen's" body, until she sees her own face. Arya's eyes fill over with white as she is rendered blind as punishment.[40] novak17272. no image. Arya Stark. Arya Stark. Nord. ECE

Yoren does not tell Arya the story about Willem and how he came to be part of the Night's Watch. Reciting the names of her enemies is something that she starts doing on her own. Yoren does tell her that her father was not supposed to die that day. The reason Yoren was in the Sept of Baelor and not already on the road is because he was told by Varys, the same man that came bringing Gendry, that Lord Eddard was to be given mercy, allowed to take the black, and would be traveling back with him to the Wall. When he says something must have gone wrong, Arya replies, "Joffrey. Someone should kill him." Discover images and videos about Arya Stark from all over the world on We Heart It Arya is distracted from her training exercises by news of Jory's death and her father's injury while fighting Jaime Lannister. Syrio teaches her how to ignore her troubles to focus on fighting. Later, Eddard brings his daughters together to tell them he is sending them back to Winterfell. Sansa and Arya are both upset. Arya does not want to leave Syrio's training. Sansa is incensed, feeling that losing a dancing instructor is nothing compared to breaking her betrothal to Joffrey. Lord Eddard says not to worry, he will choose another man for her to marry, one strong and gentle and brave. Sansa says she doesn't want someone like that; she wants Joffrey (to Arya's amusement). She wants to have his blonde babies, like Joffrey her "golden-haired lion". After the interjection "Seven hells", Arya asserts that he will be a stag like his father. Sansa replies that Joffrey is nothing like Robert. This prompts Eddard's sudden realization that Joffrey is not Robert's son and thus not the heir to the throne.[8] Arya also possesses a keen analytical mind and good acting skills, being able to perfectly emulate those whose face she is wearing, while putting her Faceless Men training into practice. Seeking refuge, Arya finds her way to Lady Crane, collapsing from her injuries behind the theater troupe stage. Lady Crane takes her to her living quarters, where she treats Arya's wounds and gives her a new set of clothing. Arya reluctantly accepts a dosage of milk of the poppy to help ease her pain, and soon after falls asleep in Lady Crane's bed. When she wakes up, she finds her dead in the next room, murdered by the Waif. Jumping off the balcony and into the streets of Braavos, Arya manages to escape, though she is pursued by the Waif. After scurrying the back-alleys of the city, Arya finds herself in the Braavosi market. However, the Waif continues to pursue her, forcing her to jump into the commotion of the crowd. Subsequently, Arya's stitches become undone.

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Alone, Arya and Gendry exchange banter, recalling their past time together and she asks him to craft a special weapon for her. Although skeptical, Gendry agrees. Arya shows him her dagger of Valyrian steel, and he playfully replies that he always knew she was just another highborn girl. Before leaving, Arya cheekily shoots back that Gendry doesn't know any other highborn girls.[55] When Arya learns of Joffrey's death in the novels, she is not happy about it, not because she wasn't the one to kill him or watch as she wishes in the TV series, but because Joffrey's death doesn't matter as much since Robb was dead too. Also, in the novels, Arya and the Hound do not encounter Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne, nor do they encounter Rorge and Biter. At the Crossroads Inn, Arya and The Hound fight Polliver, the Tickler and a Sarsfield squire. Arya kills the Tickler (who is assassinated at Harrenhal by Jaqen in the series) and the squire, but it is the Hound who kills Polliver. The Hound is severely injured during the fight, his wounds fester and he falls from his horse. After this, Arya refuses to give him a merciful death, and leaves him to die on his own. She does not take his silver (but later wishes she had). She rides to the Saltpans and searches for a ship that will take her to Jon at the Wall. All she can find is a ship headed to Braavos, which she boards using the coin Jaqen gave her.

1420.00 - 1600.00 Arya's storyline at Harrenhal in Season 2 was heavily condensed from the books. After being captured by Ser Gregor Clegane's men, she is exposed to rape and murder on a regular basis. She is also abused and forced to work at Harrenhal, cleaning, serving men-at-arms at meals, and running errands for an under-steward name Weese, who beats her. When Jaqen H'ghar gives her the opportunity to kill three men, the first one she picks is a man-at-arms for Gregor Clegane named Chiswyck, because she overheard him telling a story, laughing about how he and Clegane's men had gang-raped an innkeeper's daughter. The second name she chooses is Weese. The TV series changed this so that instead, Arya chooses the Tickler and Amory Lorch, who are not killed by Jaqen in the book. Arya finishes cleaning a corpse which is then taken away by two men. Arya wants to know what happens to the bodies she cleans, but the Waif tells her that she will know when the time is right. Arya demands to play the game of faces. The Waif tells her that she has already tried playing the game but failed. She asks Arya who she is, to which Arya replies that she is no one. When the Waif is about to walk away, Arya asks her who she is. The Waif tells Arya a story about how she was the only daughter of a widowed Lord, who remarried, producing another daughter. Her stepmother, in order to secure her own daughter's future, tried to poison her. The Waif found out about this and sought out the help of the Faceless Men to exact her revenge. The Waif then asks Arya whether she believed the story. When Arya doesn't respond, embarrassed that she bought the Waif's story, the Waif tells her to get back to work, hinting that to pass the game of faces, Arya must be able to lie convincingly. Tywin decides to leave Harrenhal to drive Robb's armies from the Westerlands. He names Gregor castellan and leaves Arya to serve him. Arya seeks out Jaqen, intending to name Tywin as her last target to protect Robb, but is unable to find him in time. When he returns from patrol she asks him to help her escape and he refuses, saying that it was not part of their arrangement. She gives Jaqen his own name in response, refusing to take it back unless he helps her. Jaqen kills several guards that night, allowing Arya to walk out of the castle with Gendry and Hot Pie.[20]

Enter Philippe Starck's universe and discover his creations, ideas, projects, collaborations and news Arya Stark. En küçük kız. Bir nevi erkek fatma; dikkafalı, gözüpek, cesur ve okçulukla kılıç sallamada çok becerikli bir kızımız. Wikipedia. Arama sonuçları. Bu Blogda Ara When Arya and Sandor leave the Eyrie, they encounter Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne. At first, Brienne does not know she's speaking to Arya Stark, whom she swore to her mother Catelyn to find and protect. When Pod tells her that the man with Arya is Sandor Clegane, she realizes it's Arya and begs her to come with her. The Hound doesn't trust Brienne, as she is carrying Oathkeeper, a gift from Jaime, which is gilded with a lion's head hilt, making him thinks she's working for the Lannisters. Brienne and Sandor fight, each of them believing they should be the one to watch over Arya.

Arya Stark has 51 books on Goodreads, and is currently reading The Kill Order by James Dashner, and Block Arya Stark? This will prevent Arya from sending you messages, friend request or from.. Перевод слова stark, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция stark discipline — жёсткая дисциплина the stark realities of life — суровая правда жизни Swift as a deer. Quiet as a shadow. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Quick as a snake. Calm as still water. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Strong as a bear. Fierce as a wolverine. Fear cuts deeper than swords. The man who fears losing has already lost. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Fear cuts deeper than swords.[69] Последние твиты от Arya Stark ❄ (@AryaStark_VE). Oscura es la noche... #WinterIsHere #NARCOTIRANÍA EN #VENEZUELA ⇉#IntervenciónMilitarYA ⇉#IntervenciónMilitarExtranjera.. These Arya Stark memes celebrate how she is a total savage. Many Arya Stark memes compare her to great sports legends, remarking on the athletic skill she has exhibited throughout the series and..

EuroOptic, Ltd | 635 N. Loyalsock Ave, Montoursville, PA 17754 | Phone: +1 (570) 368-3920 | Fax: +1 (570) 486-4037 #AryaStark #GameofThrones. Arya Stark Kills Night King (with Jon's Help) End Scene Full | Brightened 3 Stops - Продолжительность: 9:03 Jay Downey 4 813 077 просмотров The girl dipped before him. That was wrong as well. The real Arya Stark would have spat in his face.[55]Unbeknownst to Arya, The Waif had been following her and discovers that Arya has failed to kill the actress. The Waif proceeds to report Arya's failure to Jaqen, who grants her wish to let her kill Arya but that she must not let her suffer. Meanwhile, Arya retrieves Needle from its hiding place and prepares to defend herself, presumably abandoning the goal of becoming a Faceless assassin and knowing her failure has made her a target.[45] The World of Ice and Fire source book released in 2014 revealed that Arya was named after Eddard's maternal grandmother, Arya Flint, from the northern mountain clans. The main novels did mention that Eddard's grandmother was from the mountain clans but didn't state her name. These clans have no connection to the hill tribes of the Vale whom Tyrion encounters on the way from the Eyrie; they are minor Houses loyal to Winterfell who live in the northwestern highlands. They are a hardy folk, both due to their rough lands, and because they are located near the coast, vulnerable to attack by sea from both the ironborn and the wildlings. Like House Mormont, also located just off the northwest coast and vulnerable to these attacks, many women in the clans often have to take up arms to fight off raiders. These clans join Stannis in his military campaign against the ironborn and the Boltons.

Arya asks for Yoren's advice on living with the tragedies she has suffered, and he tells her the story of how thoughts of revenge resulted in his committing murder and having to join the Night's Watch. He became obsessed with Willem, the man who killed his brother, and recited his name over and over at night before he slept. Then when Willem returned to Yoren's village, Yoren killed him and had to flee his village. Losing his life and future, he had to take the black. Arya doesn't understand the point of the story: Yoren was trying to tell her not to be obsessed by thoughts of revenge as it will consume her, but Arya heard that she should chant the names of her enemies each night before she slept, almost like a prayer, until the day she can get revenge. The Gold Cloaks return, having enlisted the support of Ser Amory Lorch and Lannister men. Yoren dies heroically defending Gendry, but the recruits are overcome by the group. During the skirmish, a fire starts near the cage where Jaqen and his companions are being held. Arya saves them by risking the flames to give them an ax to help them get out. Polliver steals Needle from Arya. Arya convinces Ser Amory that he has killed Gendry because another recruit died while he was carrying Gendry's bull's head helm.[15] Enter the world of Game of Thrones with official maps of the Seven Kingdoms and interactive family trees that capture the rich backgrounds of the characters and locations featured in the HBO series Arya Stark finally returns to Winterfell. She rides up to the gates and dismounts, but the guards don't believe her when she identifies herself as Arya Stark, convinced that Arya has been dead for years. Arya asks that they send word to Maester Luwin and Rodrik Cassel, who can prove her identity (not knowing they are both dead). The guards brush her off, telling Arya there is nobody by those names at Winterfell. Arya asks for Jon, but they say he actually just left Winterfell, so Arya asks who is in charge of Winterfell. The guards respond, "Lady Stark," who Arya realizes is her sister. They try to brush her aside, but she dodges them with her assassin's reflexes, and insists that one way or another she's getting in. She explains to them that if she is Arya, they'll be in a lot of trouble for stopping her, and if she isn't, she won't last long in Winterfell anyway. Mildly concerned, they agree to at least let her in the courtyard, but insist that she stay put while they send for Sansa so they can disprove her identity. As soon as they take their eyes off her, however, she slips away. The two guards go to inform Sansa and try to wave the incident aside as just some impostor, but she instantly realizes it must be Arya, and knows where she has gone. Arya is resistant to pain despite her small stature, capable to outrun and later defeat a skilled assassin in spite of severe stab wounds.

Arya, due to her ability to distinguish truth and lies (via her mastery of the "Game of Faces"), changes topic and states that since the two of them are likely to die soon, she wants to know the feeling of physical love before she does. She kisses him forcefully on the lips, after which Gendry shows some slight resistance, but he finally gives into the overwhelming sense of attraction, though he is briefly startled by the scars on her rib cage. Gendry sleeps soundly after their liaison, whilst Arya lies awake, awaiting the arrival of the White Walkers.[56] Read Arya Stark from the story The Characters - A Wikipedia by AGoldenLannister with 41 reads. jonsnow, tyrion, anewhope. Arya Stark is the youngest child of.. Jon Snow, having covered himself with flour to appear as a ghost, once tried to scare his younger siblings in the crypt of Winterfell. While Sansa and Bran were frightened, Arya instead punched her half brother.[27] When Arya Stark returns, she reopens old wounds and is confronted with the consequences of her What Arya found in the Western Sea will change Westeros forever, and not everyone will be happy.. In sharp contrast to Arya's "sugarcoated" portrayal in the show, in the books she gradually loses her humanity, her soul growing darker to the point that she kills people who have never done her any harm. It may be the result of the hell Arya has been through: forced to kill in self-defense; watching her father being unjustly executed while she is powerless to do anything; traveling in the company of questionable people (Yoren's caravan, the Brotherhood and the Hound); helplessly watching people being slaughtered like sheep on the way to Harrenhal; running away from one captivity to another; held at the mercy of inhuman monsters like the Mountain and Vargo Hoat; the last straw might have been the duel between Beric and the Hound, which made Arya realize there is such thing as justice - the only rule is "might makes right".

Born in 289 AC[18] at Winterfell,[19] Arya is the youngest daughter and third child of Lord Eddard Stark, the head of House Stark and Warden of the North, and Lady Catelyn Tully.[23][24] Arya has an older sister, Sansa,[25] an older brother, Robb, and two younger brothers, Bran and Rickon. She also has an older bastard half-brother, Jon Snow.[23] Arya's first assignment is to pose as a shellfish merchant to study a target known as "the Thin Man". Before the assassination is carried out, Arya is distracted by the sight of a name on her list: Meryn Trant. She sees him dock and follows him as he guards Mace Tyrell on his way to the Iron Bank. That night, Arya follows Trant and several guards to a brothel. She is chased out by the owner, but not before she learns that Trant prefers sex with very young girls. She reports her failure to kill the Thin Man to Jaqen (not mentioning why she failed) and promises to try again tomorrow.[39]

Later, Arya is accosted in her room by the Waif, who repeatedly asks her who she is, hitting her when she gives the expected response of "no one." Eventually, Jaqen arrives and demands the Waif to stop. He notices that Arya was about to attack the Waif with Needle and points out that Arya cannot be no one, as she is still wearing Arya Stark's clothes, is in possession of Arya Stark's silver, and was about to attack the Waif using Arya Stark's sword. In order to meet the order's initiation requirements, Arya throws her old clothing and silver into the lagoon. Too attached to Needle, however, she is unable to discard it and hides it among a few rocks nearby. Later, as Arya is sweeping the floor, Jaqen escorts Arya to an inner chamber where she is to help the Waif in stripping and washing corpses. The Waif doesn't respond when Arya asks what happens to the bodies after they are cleaned.[37] Asc Desc. Apply Clear. Viewing Arya-Stark's Anime List Arya Stark, played by the inimitable Maisie Williams, has become the biggest hero Arya Stark has two goals on the show, first to reunite with her family, and secondly, to assassinate everyone who has.. After Bran exiles Jon into the Night's Watch to prevent a war with the Unsullied, the Stark siblings bid him a final farewell on the docks of King's Landing. Arya informs them all that she has decided to sail to the west of Westeros, where no one has ever gone before, fulfilling her promise to Lady Crane. When Jon asks if she has Needle with her, she assures him that she does. She later captains a ship flying the Stark sigil, and departs into uncharted waters.[60]

Multiple stick fights between Arya and the Waif ensue. At the same time, Arya learns to cope with her blindness while telling the Waif her story and list of targets. With Arya finally holding her own, Jaqen gives her a cup from the well in the House of Black and White and tells her if she truly is no one, she has nothing to fear. She drinks the water and regains her sight.[43] While journeying south on the Kingsroad, she practices her swordplay with Mycah, the son of the butcher in the King's retinue whom she befriends. When Sansa and Joffrey spot them fighting, Joffrey intervenes. He accuses Mycah of pretending to be a knight and threatens him for striking Arya. Ignoring their protests, he cuts Mycah and threatens Arya when she attacks him to defend Mycah. As Joffrey menaces her with a sword, Nymeria savages Joffrey, injuring his arm, allowing Mycah to flee and Arya to throw Joffrey's sword in the river. Arya runs away and drives Nymeria off with rocks so that she won't be punished. Be careful you don't cut yourself, Jon Snow tells his sister, Arya Stark back in the first episode of Game of Thrones when he gives her Needle, her first weapon. It's so skinny, she marvels They arrive in the area of the Twins, and Arya nervously gazes toward the Stark camp. Sandor tells Arya that she is visibly afraid that something may happen to ruin her reunion with her family. Arya tells Sandor that he was visibly afraid of Beric Dondarrion's flaming sword, and that she knows what Sandor's brother did to him when they were children. Sandor taunts Arya about the execution of her father, then Arya tells Sandor one day she will stab him through his eye and out the back of his skull.[28] Arya bluntly informs the guard that she came to kill Cersei, and it doesn't take much persuasion from the Hound for the guard to allow them to pass. The two enter King's Landing and manage to infiltrate the Red Keep amid the crowd of refugees scrambling inside. As the buildings of the Red Keep start to collapse all around them, Arya is still determined to carry out her revenge on Cersei. However, Sandor, witnessing the destruction being wrought by Daenerys on top of Drogon, dissuades Arya. He earnestly discourages her from ending up like him - beaten down by the world and driven by nothing the desire for vengeance. She thanks him, calling him 'Sandor' for the first time, and bids a final goodbye before fleeing. 

Everytime Arya puts her hand on The Needle, she remembers that her 'bastard' brother Jon gave it On the other hand, Arya is told by Jaqen that she has to let go of her identity as a Stark to become a.. Arya preparing to kill The Waif, but did she actually do it? (Picture: HBO). It may have finished more One new fan theory that has emerged relates to Arya Stark and argues that the character may have.. She overhears Varys and Illyrio Mopatis plotting about the likelihood of future war between the Starks and Lannisters and the possible timing of Khal Drogo bringing his army across the Narrow Sea with the Targaryen exiles. Following them, Arya finds a passage out of the castle and then must confront and threaten the castle guards in order to get back in. Her father is angry, as he has had people looking for her. She tries to tell him about the conspirators she overheard, but cannot identify them and has forgotten most of the details, other than "the wolf and the lion" (the Starks and Lannisters) fighting each other. Eddard introduces her as his daughter to Yoren, a recruiter for the Night's Watch. Disheveled and unclean, Arya is at first mistaken by him as a boy, to her annoyance.[7] Jon reaffirms his loyalty to Daenerys's cause and states that the North will march to King's Landing, much to his sisters' displeasure. As the meeting's adjourned, Arya blocks Jon before he could leave the room and all the siblings all go down to the godswood to talk. Arya and Sansa express their distrust towards Daenerys while Jon defends her, stating she is the reason they survived the battle. Arya concedes that Jon did the right thing when he bent the knee to Daenerys as they needed Daenerys's dragons and her army, but adds that they're doing the right thing when they tell Jon they don't trust Daenerys. Jon insists they just need time to get to know her but Arya says they'll never know her because she's not one of them. Jon protests they can't only trust the people they grew up with and Arya replies she only needs her family, they are the last of the Starks. Jon responds he's not a Stark; Sansa and Arya disagree, Arya telling Jon, "You're my brother. Not my half-brother or my bastard brother. My brother." This prompts Jon to decide to tell his sisters the truth of his heritage - but only after they swear this information to secrecy. Once Arya and Sansa vow not to tell, Jon has Bran tell them.

As Thoros lays by a fire, Arya whispers her death list prayer. Thoros reveals they will take her to Riverrun to her family, in exchange for a reward for their cause. Arya points out she is being ransomed. Thoros admits it, and that Beric would like to return her to her family without any ransom out of respect for the memory of her father, but they need the gold. Beric joins them and points out he understands she is angry with him for releasing the Hound. Arya asks why he would release a man who nearly killed him, only for Dondarrion and Thoros to reveal Beric was actually killed but was resurrected by the Lord of Light, showing her the lethal injuries he's sustained at the hands of Lannister soldiers, including Gregor Clegane. Arya asks Thoros if he could resurrect a man without a head. Both men understand she's talking about her father and tell her they are not sure it would be possible. Beric then reveals that with each time he's been resurrected he's been losing memories and adds that Ned Stark was a good man whom he admired, but he wouldn't wish his life upon Ned. Arya answers that she would, for he would at least be alive.[24] Arya tries to flee the city but is trapped in by the mass of scared people fleeing the dragon's flames. She tries to rescue the inhabitants but is knocked unconscious, unable to help anyone. Regaining her consciousness after the Battle of King's Landing is over, she witnesses the city in ruins and leaves on a horseback, shell-shocked by Daenerys's massacre.[59] On the way to the Twins, Arya and Sandor come across a hog farmer, who is also going to the Twins for the wedding, but his wagon is damaged. Sandor lifts the wagon, the hog farmer repairs it, then Sandor punches him and knocks him unconscious. Sandor draws a dagger to kill the hog farmer, but Arya begs him not to, and he relents. The hog farmer wakes up, and Arya knocks him out again with another blow to the head. Category:Wikipedia files that shadow a file on Wikimedia Commons

However, as the play is about to begin, Arya notices that one of Harys's guards is Rafford, also called Raff the Sweetling, one of the Mountain's men. She seduces him and takes him to her room. She tires him out by running there, and thus she is able to stab him in his thigh, cutting his femoral artery and rendering him unable to walk. Raff pleads to have him carried to a healer, but Arya replies: "Think so?" and stabs him in the throat, just as Raff did to the disabled Lommy. Arya throws his corpse in a canal and heads back to the Gate before she is due to come on stage.[17] Following the siege of Moat Cailin, Theon Greyjoy learns that House Bolton are claiming Jeyne Poole to be Arya.[55] Jon Snow, now Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, is shocked when Castle Black is informed that Ramsay Bolton is to marry his sister.[56] Melisandre tells Jon she saw a vision in her flames of a girl, Arya, fleeing a wedding,[56] but it is Alys Karstark who arrives at Castle Black seeking protection from Jon against Cregan Karstark.[57] Ramsay marries Jeyne at Winterfell,[58] and the northern mountain clans agree to support Stannis Baratheon so they can rescue the Ned's girl.[59] As Stannis's host approaches Winterfell, Theon helps Jeyne escape the castle[60] and they are brought to Stannis in a crofters' village.[61] Cersei has Sansa send letters to Winterfell, but Arya's mother, Catelyn Stark, notices that no mention is made of Arya.[38] Catelyn negotiates an alliance between Robb, her eldest son, and Lord Walder Frey at the Twins, and the agreement calls for Arya to wed one of Walder's sons, Elmar Frey.[39] Metin2 Server Files. Visual Studio 2019 ile Client Build Etmek. Başlatan Arya Stark. PvP'de Karakter Kayması Düzeltmesi. Başlatan Arya Stark. Dün 19:42 da Examples: Arya Stark is really cool. In this example, the underlined noun serves as the subject in the sentence. They were supposed to meet at noon

Eddard confronts Cersei, who admits that her children were fathered by her brother Jaime. However, before Eddard can inform Robert, the King is mortally wounded by a boar while hunting and dies shortly afterwards.[9] Cersei and Joffrey have Eddard arrested and send guards to take Arya into custody while she is training with Syrio. He realizes that Eddard would not send Lannister men for his daughter, and instructs Arya to flee while he faces down the guards himself. Armed only with a wooden sword, he disarms several of them and holds off one of the Kingsguard, Ser Meryn Trant. Syrio's fate after that is unknown. Arya goes first to the stable, where the men who were to take her and Sansa out of King's Landing were waiting with the baggage. The men have been killed, but she finds her sword, Needle, where she hid it in the bottom of her luggage. She is discovered by a stableboy who tries to stop her. As he comes at her, she raises her sword, and he is impaled and dies. Horrified, Arya runs away to find her way out of the castle. As a result of subsequent events, war breaks out between the forces of House Lannister and the forces loyal to House Stark, now under the leadership of Robb.[10] Arya Stark Source and its members do not claim any ownership for any type of multimedia content posted unless stated otherwise. The information on this blog is copyright to their respectful owners Get Arya Stark's contact information, age, background check, white pages, email, criminal records, photos Joanne, whose Arya Stark nickname is accompanied by a hit list of potential opponents.. plague face: Who are you?Arya: No one.plague face: Not so. You are Arya of House Stark, who bites her lip and cannot tell a lie.Arya: I was. I'm not now.[16]The group stops at High Heart where a woods witch known as the Ghost of High Heart looks at Arya closely (in the show she is replaced with Melisandre). She becomes frightened and whimpers: "I see you, wolf child. Blood child. I thought it was the lord who smelled of death... you are cruel to come to my hill, cruel. I gorged on grief at Summerhall, I need none of yours. Begone from here, dark heart. Begone!". Arya wonders if the woman is mad. She also gives them other prophecies, among them about the Red Wedding and Catelyn's resurrection. When they move away from High Heart, Thoros looks in his flames and sees that Catelyn isn't at Riverrun and there is something dangerous happening that they don't understand. They plan to take Arya to Brynden Tully instead, at which point she angrily runs off, devastated that the Brotherhood prevented her from reaching Riverrun while he mother was still there.

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