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Q. Towards the end of Cataclysm, a lot of players went "on hiatus" upon concluding H DS, my guild included. We're now looking at coming back a few people short of a full roster, and with some anxiety over what our guild of the last two years will look like once we reach raid-readiness. What plans do you have to keep the end-game relevant (read: challenging) and rewarding to hardcore players between content releases?Q. Why did Thrall let Gallywix Live if he's a slave owner? Why did Thrall ever even allow Slavery in the Horde?

  1. A. We liked Ulduar and Icecrown Citadel too. Just because the 18 raid bosses in 5.0 are spread across three instances (plus two in the outside world) doesn't mean that we're never going to release another raid zone the size of Ulduar -- it just reflects the specific stories we were trying to tell about the mogu, the mantid, and the sha in this first patch of the expansion.
  2. If the answer is as simple as it was a mistake in planning I'd understand entirely, it would just mean a lot for my guild if we got an answer as to why.
  3. At least Garrosh called her out on it. What will the next Warchief do about it? Better question: What if SYLVANAS is the next Warchief? Oh man.

World of Warcraft is a trademark and Blizzard Entertainment is a trademark or registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other DISCLAIMER: This site is not assotiated with and/or endorsed by the Blizzard Entertainment. Visit the Official World of Warcraft Community Site website.. That's just one example. All of the factions have something special going on, so that they're not just a bar that grows along the bottom of your screen. The Tillers give you your own personal farm. The Shado-Pan companions accompany you on your quests every day, and you can unlock more companions, etc., etc. These are just a couple examples.I think im better in DK, but i really like the pressure and games quicker that war have, altho im not really good at itIt's the sort of thing we'd like to continue to experiment with and introduce where it makes sense. For some of the Ulduar encounters it was intuitive (kill Freya while her protectors are still alive), but in other cases it was obscure (how many people would have discovered the Vezax hard mode without an achievement describing what to do?) or an outright trap ("Why is XT hitting so hard?"). We literally spent as much time arguing over how to trigger the Mimiron hard mode as we did designing the fight itself, before someone half-jokingly suggested, "what if we just put a big red button on the wall?"

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The statistics shown below depend on recorded data and can not be complete at all. With more and more people uploading their data, the stats will become more accurate. Currently we have 28,620 active* characters in the database (total: 9,346,664). *Seen in the last 21 days online Is the Dev team aware of the problems melee classes sometimes face on boss fights (particularly on heroic), and is this something you see as a problem? Or is the 3 ranged 2 melee arrangement just considered ideal for 10 mans and we should build our raid around this assumption? World of Warcraft Art. Venture to the land of Azeroth and enjoy incredible artwork by the World of Warcraft community. Reddit Is Blizzard honestly willing to lose the amount of players they will in the name of this terrible idea?

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A. CRZ isn't intended to affect fishing tournaments. We'll get that fixed if the patch today didn't fix it.Q. Would you ever consider adding a "Want To Buy" system to the auction house? Where someone could create a WTB (or buy order) by depositing gold for an item that could be fulfilled by a seller even while the buyer is offline? Welcome to Warcraft Logs, a Web site that provides combat analysis for Blizzard's World of Warcraft MMO. Record your combats, upload them to the site and analyze them in real time. Find out exactly what went wrong and discover what you need to do to fix it

View any World of Warcraft (WoW) character's raid progress, Mythic+ progress, equipped items, azerite essences, talents, and more Q. I know this might sound like asking too much to give away, but the Sha have really interested me going into MoP. How significant are these strange negative beings going to be in the overall story and plot of Pandaria? What makes them unique to the continent of Pandaria? And in that vein, do they pose a threat to all of Azeroth?A. On the raid front, I think the trick would be making sure that it doesn't end up becoming the most effective way to raid. One of the great challenges of raid leading is executing the mechanics of the encounter as required of your own specific class and role, while also keeping tabs on the macro-level raid assignments and the ways in which the fight is unfolding. Imagine how much better someone would be at leading a raid if they could do it entirely from a third-person POV. It'd almost be mandatory for competitive players, and while some raid leaders might not mind being relegated to the role of "coach" if it gives them a better vantage from which to scold people for standing in fire, we'd rather avoid encouraging that.

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Buy World of Warcraft Russian and download. WORLD OF WARCRAFT: BATTLE CHEST (US) + 30 DAYS WORLD OF WARCRAFT key: BATTLE CHEST will be displayed on your screen immediately after payment, and will also be delivered to your e-mail addres 2. Have you considered adding some sort of gold income to PVP, such as a small gold reward for doing random BG's?Q. My question is regarding combat-enhancing racials. The existence of them limits the race choice for all the players that want to min-max their character. Wouldn't it be better if all combat-enchancing racials would be removed and replaced with non-combat racials (like the Goblin bank for example). That way everyone can truly play the race they like. The Warcraft III subreddit is /r/Warcraft3 (reddit.com). submitted 1 year ago by Lon-ami - announcement. 7 comments. World of Warcraft - Garrosh Theme 8 bit cover (youtu.be). submitted 15 days ago by HungarianCoverist Method is a professional esports organisation with teams, World of Warcraft Guides, Videos, Streams and News

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World of Warcraft (WOW) is not a native Steam game and it must be manually added to the Steam Library. However, because the Battle.net application is used to launch WOW, additional actions must be performed before you can play and stream WOW using Steam. The following instructions enable thi World of Warcraft Addons, Interfaces, Skins, Mods & Community. World of Warcraft AddOns » Search Files A. You won't need to repeat the quest. Think of the quest as earning the right to buy gems, at which point you can buy as many as you need (not necessarily for cheap). The gem itself is unique equipped. You can equip two sha-touched daggers, but only one can have the gem. You can have another gemmed sha-touched dagger in your bags.Q. I can still remember the Wrathgate cinematic starting up on my screen, completely unexpected. I burst into a huge, nerdy grin at the idea that the game's storytelling was heading in this direction. WoW's visual style is so well-suited to those specially-animated cutscenes; it's like watching the coolest cartoon ever. I know those must take a long time to plan and create, but I sincerely hope they keep coming!Is the sha a threat to Azeroth as a whole? Possibly. I'd be more worried about the orc with the nukes. ;)

Meet with other local Warcraft and World of Warcraft players to find teammates and discuss strategies. Make new friends that play your favorite game A small step we've taken to that end has been to increase the amount of loot dropped in 25-player Normal mode in 5.0 to 6 pieces per boss, matching the Heroic loot rate as it has stood in Cataclysm. That's something. But it's not a true solution to the problem. It's something we continue to discuss on a regular basis.Almost every guild has at least two raiders more than their respective raid size (our 25 man guild had up to 40 raiders at one point). So we rotate and substitute from boss to boss. But having to explain the same boss mechanics for several weeks gets really troublesome. Could it be possible upon entering an instance, to mark the raid as observable for guild members or even the public? These players could then fly around like invisible Eyes of Kilrogg watching the raid fighting bosses as a first-hand experience. Maybe add invisible walls after each boss to prevent dungeon exploring.Q. Will we see a return to multiple raids per tier, meaning more zones, that doesn't mean more bosses, I mean, 2 raids with 4-5 bosses each will make things better in terms of environment variety, and having more... story per tier.. It will actually be similar to the current MoP launch plan in terms of raids and all.. having 3 raids to start with.. with a total of.. 6 + 6 + 4 =16 bosses, or even similar to the old TBC model of low amount of bosses per zone, but 2 or 3 zones per tier. World of Warcraft is a kind of MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role-playing game. This means that there are literally thousands of players from around the globe roaming inside the game world. With these numbers, it's only common that these players form groups among themselves

Q. Cataclysm introduced the concept of certain crafted items awarding multiple skill points for the profession, but this was only implemented with Cataclysm recipes. Are there any plans to go back and apply this to older ones?A. We're always hiring developers. We can't hire them fast enough. But we are extremely picky about who we hire. A lot of Blizzard's success has to do with our culture, and we risk diluting that culture if we hire too many people too quickly, who may not be able to absorb our values or (gasp) may not even believe in them. You can't solve every problem just by throwing money at it.Q&A Focus: dungeons, raids, boss encounters, loot systems, talent systems, endgame progression, future patch contentQ. Why are full/high population servers suffering CRZ when they actually have their own population out and about in zones?

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Q. How will this "Obtaining more than one Legendary Gem" go when MoP is released? I am just interested in what part of the quest we have to repeat to get another gem.A. The story for Mists was a real challenge because we wanted to tell a story that didn't have a big giant villain on the cover of the box. I'm immensely pleased with how it all came together; it's a real journey. After the widespread destruction of Cataclysm, Pandaria is a great change of pace. You can really delve in and explore a beautiful place.A. One feature we had mentioned previously, but which didn't make it in for Mists launch, is the Proving Grounds feature. For those who aren't familiar with it, the idea was to add what would be a type of single-player scenario that would allow players to both learn and demonstrate the core skills associated with a given role or class. You can think of them as something akin to Challenges in StarCraft II.

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  1. I think that, at this point, it is extremely hard to deny that 25-mans are beginning to fade away. There are even quite a few servers that don't have a single guild on it that runs 25's, anymore! Obviously, yes, you can run LFR, but that just doesn't do justice compared to the real thing. We saw a decline in 25-man raiding since the start of Cataclysm.
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  3. Four years have passed since the mortal races stood together against the might of the Burning Legion. Peace is fading. The lands of the world of Azeroth have once again become host to a World of Warcraft

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  1. I have a lot of confidence in my team to balance the game now. We have just gotten worlds better from where we were a couple of expansions ago. When we find problems now it's often because there is a bug causing damage to be higher or lower than anticipated, or players figure out some new rotation or gear combination that we didn't anticipate.
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  3. Twitter Facebook Reddit Tencent QQ VK Weibo WhatsApp Other. In this Portal, you can find all the information you need about World of Warcraft teams. Click one of the tabs to find Teams based on the region they play in or the last tab to find info on the tournaments teams compete in consistently
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One more more thing, when i played solo in legion lfg i couldnt get some rating for shit playing war in 3s, then i switched to dk and got to 2k somewhat easy, so i keep thinking war is not for me from that experience (tho frost dk were op)A. It's hard to tackle these questions without just straight-up spoiling stuff. I argue that the best stories are experienced through gameplay.Almost every guild has at least two raiders more than their respective raid size (our 25 man guild had up to 40 raiders at one point). So we rotate and substitute from boss to boss. But having to explain the same boss mechanics for several weeks gets really troublesome. Could it be possible upon entering an instance, to mark the raid as observerable for guild members or even the public? These players could then fly around like invisible Eyes of Kilrogg watching the raid fighting bosses as a first-hand experience. Maybe add invisible walls after each boss to prevent dungeon exploring.Q. Does this mean the Alliance has lost another lore character to neutrality? Really would like to see some Alliance lore figures that don't die or go neutral.As you also know, different encounters tend to benefit different specs and play styles. That's actually what we want, within reason. It adds interest and depth to the game when players can min max to an extent.

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Joana's World - Classic WoW Speed Leveling. - Submit Guide Bug / Contact World Record fastest time through Vanilla WoW 1-60 in 4 days 20 hours. Follow my Twitch Channe World Events. Feats of Strength. Mounts Q. Is he going to retire from the calm Far-Seer position he got himself into in Cataclysm and get back as the old fearsome Thrall we had known in Warcraft III?We kick things off with a bang and then strand you on the continent to fend for yourself. You'll get to know the locals, solve some local problems, and learn what makes this land so different from the rest of Azeroth.

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Relevant Material to World of Warcraft PVP. Please post in the correct subreddit, try your best to keep this to strictly World of Warcraft PvP. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet I know we've been saying "more faster, more better" for years, but it can often take years to turn a ship this big. :(

/r/classicwow - World of Warcraft: Classic. All related subreddits. The Undermine Journal - useful resource for goldmakers. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor. and join one of thousands of communities We're concerned that just turning off mob tapping would lead to everyone just joining the raid in that zone to share experience. This was common back in the farming furblog days, and we don't see any reason why players wouldn't still gravitate towards the most efficient way to level. However, there are some other ideas we can explore to encourage cooperation without mandating it.Also, Horde and Alliance players will be happy to know that he'll be focused on Horde content this time around, not a neutral NPC helping both factions (which made sense in Cataclysm, but overwhelmingly the feedback is players want to see him be Hordey again. Yeah, I just made that word up.)For example, Do you prefer rely on live data that can't be available until MoP is released, and expect to make more changes (if necessary of course) after a week or two of actual game data?

Q. This is actually a bit insulting TBQH. You have flat out said that servers that already had a hurting economy will continue to hurt further. It is insulting more so to state that people did not have competition for rares before. There is a difference between competition and sheer impossibility. World of Warcraft introduces your character to the world in a starting zone. Right away, a new character can find a small village with a few computer-controlled, non-player-character (NPC) inhabitants. These NPCs include quest givers and vendors who sell items and can repair your armor.. A. We're certainly going to continue to iterate on the design of the talent system over the course of Mists. There are 198 talents. The odds that all 198 are perfect are rather slim.At a deeper level, there's a lot of symbology with the sha, which is good from a storytelling perspective. There are some wonderful moments in the game - one of my favorite stories has to do with a Shado-Pan warrior dealing with the death of her husband, which opens up her heart to the Sha of Hatred.

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A. Sylvanas will DEFINITELY play a role in the Alliance and Horde conflict. We might not catch up with her until one of the later patches. We've been debating on whether or not we catch up with Koltira now or later... The guy's in bad straights. World of Warcraft, ofta förkortat WoW, är ett MMORPG utvecklat av Blizzard Entertainment för Microsoft Windows och Mac OS X och är det fjärde spelet i ordningen som släppts inom Warcraft-universumet When redeemed, this item will be sent to all eligible character mailboxes associated with the destination Battle.net or World of Warcraft account. Newly created characters on redeemed account will have Grommloc waiting in mailbox. When learned, counts towards all pet collection achievements LFR was the final straw. Just take the previous two situations, and combine them - now a player gets to see content with zero preparation, and not care about anyone but his/herself. (this might as well be the TL:DR)

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Q. I lead a 10 man raid group and although we had a blast raiding throughout Cata, we found that our group was frequently sub-optimal when we ran 3 melee and 2 ranged. Sometimes during heroic progression we would sit an otherwise upstanding melee player in favour of any ranged DPS of an appropriate gear level. Even if the ranged player had lower DPS the encounter mechanics made a 3 range / 2 melee DPS set up significantly better for heroic mode progression. And I want to stress I’m not talking about min-maxing a group to try and eek out an extra 1% damage to get our first kill. At times during heroic Firelands (pre-nerfs), for instance, we were still finding it almost impossible to down bosses we’ve killed several times before without swapping out group members. Class Halls * Mythic Mode * Artifacts * Anti Hack * Honor System * World Scaling * LFR Raid Finder * Flexible Raid * Black Market * Pet Battles * AoE Loot * RPPM system * Scenarios * Fully scripted leveling zones, creatures, quests * Loremaster * Dungeons / Raids all working Blizzlike.. Help Make Gaming History in World of Warcraft! ~ Wouldn't it be symbolic for King Anduin to marry an adventurer? I started playing World of Warcraft Toward the tail-end of Legion. I was moderator for a streamer, who chat urged me to play when he created a guild on stream

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You should be fine mixing melee and casters in MoP. Let us know if you don't think it is working out.A. At some event, I met a man who said he had trouble communicating with his teenage son. Somehow they managed to start playing WoW together, and through that they were able to start talking, at first about the game, and then about life in general. They still had trouble talking face to face, but the barriers were relaxed over chat or voice chat or whatever they were using.Q. The FAQ says that CRZ will not be implemented for capital cities. How come Darnassus, Exodar, and Ironforge are being Cross Realmed?Q. Can we get CRZ turned off during the Fishing Derby and STV Fishing Tournament? Fighting against your own server was bad enough, now you're fighting against multiple servers, AND people jumping onto your server with the Shark/40 Fish already caught to win it as soon as it starts. CRZ is cool, and I like it, but the Fishing Tourny/Derby was already bad enough to win ONCE.

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A. A couple of reasons. First, there is a long history of theorycraft in this game. I think if we remove too much of the mystery and experimentation, then the game loses some of its charm. There is less motivation to try out different rotations or gems to increase your DPS if you know with near certainty even before you begin what your max DPS is.A. There are many, many loose ends in the Warcraft lore, and often we pick them up later and run with them. What are the Knights of the Ebon Blade up to? Ahhhh... we'll probably catch up with them eventually, when they're doing something cool. (But not in Pandaria...)A. The entire premise of the new LFR loot system is that your chance of winning loot is independent of absolutely all external factors. The moment you can trade items to and from your guildmates, that ceases to be the case.CRZ won't fix the economy for under-populated realms and it wasn't intended to. It will make it easier to group with friends from other realms, or to help you make new friends (or just someone to quest with).

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A. We have a target number of players for a zone. If you're on a high pop realm, then in general you won't get merged as often with other realms. However, CRZ is more static than say Dungeon Finder. The latter can spin up more instances as needed. With CRZ, we didn't want realms to be merged and unmerged constantly. If you saw someone in Silverpine, we wanted the possibility that you would also run into them in Hillsbrad. Now that the system is live, we'll gain a lot of data to help calibrate actual zone populations better. If our estimates were off and a zone is too full, then we'll merge it with fewer realms or not merge it at all. But that will take some time to adjust -- it doesn't adjust on the fly.A. Ultimately, we feel that racials such as goblins' Rocket Jump, worgens' Darkflight, or trolls' Berserking both add interesting gameplay and meaningfully reinforce racial identities, though they are definitely harder for us to balance than Bouncy and Treasure Finding. We'd rather continue to focus on the handful of races that feel they have lacking combat racials, and improve those. The addition of the undead Touch of the Grave passive is one example of this.I expect any major addition to a game like WoW to have bugs. CRZ might have come with more than the usual quantity of them, but I'm sure that they'll be fixed. My question concerns what is left when that is done - the long term impact of CRZ. For a player whose primary purpose in being out in the world is not world PvP, what good does CRZ bring? If it doesn't improve gameplay, why is it in the game?

World of Warcraft race and pet name generators. You pretty much can't talk about MMORPGs without mentioning World of Warcraft. It is by far the biggest and most successful MMORPG ever and, while it's not the first MMORPG, it has set the standard many other MMORPGs now strife for.. So the toggle is here to stay, but we're definitely keeping our eyes open for places where it makes sense to apply the Ulduar model. Dear players, current world situations is not a reason to panic, but you shouldn't underestimate the virus. Administration would like to join those who talk about protective measures and recommend to: - Stay home and play WoW - Wash your hands, leave them on the keyboard.. A. We have discussed buy orders specifically for those big ticket, risky items like end-game gear or expensive mounts. They would be nice for anything expensive but low volume. We don't think buy orders are needed for things like flasks or normal enchants that are pretty much always available.

A. CRZ is intended to make emptier zones, especially low level ones, less empty. WoW is an MMO and we think it's more fun when you see other players while you're out adventuring (and perhaps even group up with them).A. We initially balanced melee and casters to do about the same damage, figuring that melee ability to do damage while moving would offset the caster target switching. Over time, we gave casters so many ways to do damage while moving that they just ended up dominating on any movement fight. (Melee still did great on static encounters.)My second question pertains to a subject that's highly controversial on the forums, which is Lordaeron. This is not a question about whether the Forsaken qualify as the rightful owners or not (I don't want to touch that subject with a ten foot pole), but rather in how the Alliance's position there is and what the Alliance's motivations are combined with what we see in Tides of War. In Wrath of the Lich King, Varian declared that he has every intention of retaking Lordaeron, and that the Alliance's operations against the Scourge were largely conducive to that goal. In Cataclysm we see the Alliance making some effort, but it seems to be minimal as it's easily forced back and in Tides of War, Sylvanas alludes to the idea that the Alliance has not attempted to retake Lordaeron in full force. Why is the Alliance holding back, and what is the Alliance's plans for the future of the region? How does the Alliance look at the whole Lordaeron situation now, and will the Lordaeron citizens in the Alliance ever get a voice?A. We really want to show Thrall developing as a character, not moving backwards. He's learned a lot about himself after Cataclysm. He'll continue defining himself in the wake of Mists...

I totally agree that there are tons of cool things we can (and should) be pursuing to make our professions gameplay much more interesting. This is something we'd love to tackle!A. In short, we're not satisfied with the current status of 25-player raids. There are clear logistical challenges to sustaining a 25-player raiding group. It's inherently 2.5 times as much churn, and thus 2.5 times as much recruitment needed. In terms of actual encounter difficulty, while we haven't always succeeded, we feel that we can deliver on a comparable experience between the two modes: 10-player raiding often involves greater personal responsibility, while 25-player raiding is more complex on a macro level (more moving pieces). Even perfect tuning doesn't compensate for the logistical difficulties, though.

A. I agree that archaeology ended up with too much travel relative to the time you spend doing something fun. We have improved that in MoP with more dig sites per zone, and honestly Pandaria is a little more compact in general so you'll be traveling less. You should also check out some of the Archaeology gameplay in the Seat of Knowledge in Pandaria. We did some cool stuff there (IMO) and we would like to do more. This is my complete Death Knight WeakAuras for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. They contain a complete setup for Unholy Death Knight, Frost Death Knight and Blood Death Knight by covering basic and advanced rotations, resources, utilities and cooldowns tracking

We've got a whole story arc planned out for the subsequent patches, where the war between the Alliance and Horde really heats up and splashes onto Pandaria itself. The pandaren force us to question what we're really fighting over - perhaps ultimately, it's a story about the factions defining who they want to be.That doesn't mean that we can't tune brutally hard encounters, nor does it mean that we can't stress specific class mechanics, but it does mean that we need to be careful to vary the types of mechanics that matter most in a given fight when we're tuning it that way. It was really interesting to watch guilds progress on Heroic Ragnaros, to use a specific example. Guilds ran into a hard brick wall in phase 2 of the encounter initially, just trying to deal with Molten Elementals, and we saw some of them bring as many as 9 or 10 Balance Druids because they had the best burst targeted AoE in the game. And that got them to phase 3, where they promptly realized they had no hope at all of meeting the DPS check to avoid having more than 2 meteors spawn while stacking so many moonkins, because while their targeted AoE was excellent, their single-target sustained DPS while dodging World in Flames was not. And so guilds gradually brought fewer and fewer druids, adapted to handle Phase 2 in other ways, and ultimately ended up defeating the encounter with balanced compositions.

These might take the form of testing how long a tank can protect an NPC healer from a stream of oncoming enemies, or how much damage a rogue can deal to targets while avoiding awareness and movement checks of increasing difficulty. The hope is that the system will be a fun way for players to practice some of the skills that are essential for group gameplay, and for expert players to demonstrate mastery and compete for positions atop leaderboards, similar to our upcoming Challenge Mode feature.A. I'm glad you enjoyed the novel! Golden is a fantastic author who works very closely with us to do justice to the franchise.A. We have been discussing having PvP Power affect either damage or healing, depending on spec. If that's too punitive, then it could affect healing by 50% of what it does for damage.

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Q. What is your attitude towards the WoW development community? By that, I mean both addon authors and community developers that basically make their living off of the success of WoW (Curse, World of Logs, Wowhead, etc.)? I've always had the impression that Blizzard has been more of a stifling force than a supporting one. This is shown with purposely breaking addons (AVR is the first one that comes to mind), and recently with World of Logs claiming that it has become increasingly difficult for them to differentiate between different raid difficulties. World Of Warcraft Game Warcraft Movie Warcraft Art Fantasy Characters Female Characters Fantasy Warrior Fantasy Art Wow Elf Character Concept Q. SO excited to hear this--my troll character is the easiest Horde race for me to identify with fully and even though she is a tiny baby still I have a goal to go kill Garrosh with her while he is still Raid Finder content! I love Vol'jin, I want him to be warchief and then it won't feel so forced if we have temporary peace dealing with the next larger threat. I mean, that dude already gave me a bunch of quests in Zul'Gurub so he has no problem at all working with humans and such. He is the greatest I am so happy for a novel maybe I will actually have the money to buy it yayayayay. (I have the Jaina one on hold at my local public library because of broke.)That would help with the issue that arises every content patch.. which is.. people being burned out.. they will still burnout, just not as fast. It also brings back the old feeling of having something to do and a place to raid after few months of a content patch, not the same old raid instance that has been run last week, and the week before, and the week before... you get the point!

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World of Warcraft's monthly subscription now unlocks access to all base game and existing expansion content, Blizzard has announced. Regardless, the change streamlines the process for anyone still thinking about getting into World of Warcraft now, or not caught up on everything the game's more.. A. We want to make sure the loot you get is commensurate with the logistical effort involved. That doesn't meant the loot has to be higher item level, but it could mean you earn loot faster.

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One of our goals with the Legendary in 5.0 is to remove some of the guild headaches and drama often associated with Legendaries. Everyone can begin working on getting a Legendary immediately, even if you use LFR. (You'll be able to gather faster with your guild, though.) Getting the final legendary (whatever form it takes) won't be an easy feat - you'll have to participate in content throughout ALL the patches.Q. Is the story of the Knights of the Ebon Blade over? Is Darion Mograine finally in peace? Why isn't him the quest giver on the new Scarlet Monastery dungeons? It would be quite fitting.Q&A Focus: PvP, gameplay systems, cross-realm zones, character models, development timelines, Activision's role in designQ. I stopped playing WoW after WotLK and heard very mixed feedback about Cataclysm. Part of the reason I left was because of decreased difficulty (read: easier to get gear) aimed at making endgame content more playable for people new to the game (especially younger generations). While I understand this from a business standpoint, it alienated a lot of core players.Say I get a helmet token but I already have the normal or even heroic version of the helm for both my specs I just don't need that thing.

So: Thrall. Obviously Thrall feels that Garrosh is his mistake. We explored some of his emotions around this in the "Elemental Bonds" questline in patch 4.2. For that reason, he'll DEFINITELY play a role in the ultimate conflict in Orgrimmar. But maybe not the role you'd expect.My questions are: How many novels are planned to be released over this expansion? Also, since you have stated Garrosh is the main antagonist during your big MoP reveal, do you feel you've hurt opportunities to write more exciting novels to build up this already hyped epic battle we will eventually experience in-game?We now give an even bigger edge to melee DPS, knowing that on actual encounters the damage done will even out with the casters.TDLR we think Balance DPS is in a pretty good place. If you disagree, please be as specific as possible when posting about it. Just posting a link to Simulation Craft or any sim isn't very helpful in that regard.Sims are great for making gear decisions or suggesting where you can alter your rotation. Historically, they have not been great for predicting how specs will stack rank.

First, Jaina's official status is in limbo. While she declares that she's "anti-Garrosh" that seems to be the extent of her disdain for the Horde. This coupled with the fact that she's now the leader of a neutral faction, which contains both Alliance and Horde members, and it seems that she's effectively a neutral character now, and that after Garrosh is deposed she'll go "full neutral." This is the opposite of how many people thought was going to happen; after having her city destroyed by the Horde, even if Garrosh is deposed it doesn't feel as though she should be a neutral character after being victimized by the Horde to the extent she has. Can the devs shed some insight on this?Professions - crafting in WoW is not something I enjoy doing a lot, but often feels mandatory or at least needed to be able to sustain the stuff I want to do in game. In Cataclysm, the multi-point skill-ups helped some, but crafting still feels like an entirely UI bound exercise without a lot of real fun to be had other than playing in a server economy or crafting some fun items like mounts and pets. Do you have any ideas on ways to improve trade skills to make them feel more enjoyable?

A. Wait – we’re supposed to answer questions about Mists of Pandaria? I was hoping to just post pictures of my cat for karma. http://imgur.com/3UbZMWe’re gearing up to hit the ground running with raids in MoP, and we’re wondering if this same problem will come up again. My raiders are excited about the monk class, but feel we won’t be able to take any in a DPS capacity because we have a ret and a rogue as it stands.

A. Cities should not be merged. If that's happening, it's a bug. It is also possible that you are seeing groups formed of friends who invited Real ID or Battle Tag friends to adventure with them. One of the benefits we get from CRZ is being able to quest with friends from other realms.A. Cross-realm zones are definitely our first move toward improving the play experience for low-pop servers (or even medium population).Q. I'd really honestly just like an answer as to why we had the massive delay from raid to next expansion again. We were told there wouldn't be a repeat of ICC -> Cata, but it happened again with Dragonsoul -> Pandas. News, servers, addons, and guides for classic versions of World of Warcraft including Vanilla WoW, the Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria

When it comes to full-on cinematics, we definitely have more of them in Pandaria. They highlight KEY moments in the game and the lore; you'll see one when you first get your mission to go to Pandaria, and there's a whopper of a movie when you play through the climax of the Jade Forest. This stuff is AWESOME, we've got a great team who's put together some really magical pre-rendered moments.            A. That is a bug and our engineers are working on fixing it. It should be something we can hotfix. World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that Additional References. Encyclopedia Dramatica Facebook Reddit Twitter Urban Dictionary Wikipedia. World of Warcraft was released by American video game developer Blizzard Entertainment on November 23rd.. Q. I'm curious as to why WoW still doesn't promote players actually playing together in an open world environment. You are interested in making CRZ bring the zones to life with more people, but yet nothing is done to promote actual player interaction.

Q. In the new expansion the tension between the Alliance and the Horde have increased drastically. Would there ever be a raid or dungeon that would happen to be an attack on a city such as Stormwind or Orgrimmar? Bienvenue sur la page d'accueil du forum World of Warcraft de jeuxvideo.com. Voici la liste des topics du forum. Venez rejoindre notre communauté ! En ce momentFortniteGTA 6MinecraftLoLRed dead 2Fairy Tail. World of Warcraft. Tout support. PC Also, with the release of Guild Wars 2 do you feel it's going to be an uphill battle with how players are expected to pay the 14.99 monthly fee over their free gameplay?

Check out our world of warcraft map selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our prints shops Although these events are few and far between - we want them to feel special. And some big events will happen in the patches. Glad you liked the Wrathgate! It was a big milestone for WoW storytelling. Documentation for the World of Warcraft web APIs. Contribute to Blizzard/api-wow-docs development by creating an account on GitHub A. Thrall's vision of the Horde is a refuge for people in need. He's a helpful guy. The Bilgewater Goblins just had their home destroyed, and they were refugees (he can certainly relate to that). They helped him in the Lost Isles, so he offered them a home. Presumably he'd put a stop to any slave trade (the player characters don't remain slaves once they join the Horde.)

A. I guess this depends on what you think defines that event. Are you asking for more quests that have an awesome climactic cinematic? Are you asking for more quests that require you to do a whole lot of things over one or more zones before it all comes together? Are you asking for quests where you delve into major cities for huge lore events?I like many moonkin am concerned about the DPS numbers coming out of Simulation Craft for Moonkin relative to the other DPS specs. In the 5.0.5 results being generated moonkin DPS averages just above 100k DPS while 80% of the other DPS specs average at least 110k DPS, and the top classes are able to put out over 120k DPS. To be fair the Moonkin design should favor multi target fights over the standard Patchwerk simulation, but multi target fights aren't so common that it justifies such a large DPS output difference in my opinion..We had buy orders on the MoP feature list, but had to punt it in order to get some other features out. This is a very common phenomenon for us. We often start and expansion with double or triple the number of features that we can reasonably do. We get around to doing all of the good ideas eventually. An Alliance based furry community here to enjoy what the World of Warcraft has to offer

Searches web pages, images, PDF, MS Office and other file types in all the major languages, and includes advanced search features, news, maps and other services Q. Are you going to finish the Neptulon storyline? He was taken by Ozumat in throne of tides and then, nothing. His fate is unknown World of Warcraft has been throwing some buffs at players over the past few weeks, partially as a kind gesture while we're all stuck at home, and partially as a way to make the downtime between now and the 9.0 pre-patch a little more tolerable Warcraft Priests is your destination for the best community, guides, and theorycrafting for priests in World of Warcraft. Shadow PostsShadow priest posts made by the Warcraft Priests community for World of Warcraft Priest content Q. First off - thank you for the awesome game and the many hours of fun it's provided from when I first started in June 2005! Two questions:

Professor Phizzlethorpe - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide toHD Msi Wallpapers | PixelsTalk

Go to the World of Warcraft Forum. In this forum you can also discuss multiplayer, find others to play with and set up game arrangements. A StarCraft II RPG, reminiscent of the classic Warcraft III RPG style. Progress through a massive world and uncover the mystery of the cave and save the local.. World of Warcraft Exploits World of Warcraft Hacks, Cheats, and Exploits. [NO USELESS] World of Warcraft Bots and Programs Botting and Hacking programs for World of Warcraft. [no questions here

Is there a plan to make queuing for battlegrounds randomly at max level more enjoyable? I understand that gear doesn't make the player but it's frustrating when I'm T2 Full Cata getting paired with people with 80k-90k health who can barely do any damage. This must be frustrating from their end as well getting their face smashed in.Example: you're doing a quest to kill 10 bears. you need to get the first hit on the bear, the "tag" for it to count towards your quest. Well, that's all easy enough except when there's 10 people trying to kill the maybe 15 bears in the area. Why can't you make it so anyone who hits a mob gets credit towards their quest, and normal experience. Why are we PUNISHED when we quest with other people. and yes it is punishing, we get our experience cut down, we have to loot multiple quest items for gathering quests, which makes it take a lot, lot longer. Why can't quest design change to promote people playing together instead of punishing them? World Of Warcraft boosting service. Here you can buy wow leveling, mounts BFA, Legion, Draenor, Pandaria raids, Mythic Dungeons, RBG, Arena carries and more. We have been working in a market of World of Warcraft since 2008 and we know how to make every customer feel happy World of WarCraft (abrégé en WoW) est un jeu vidéo de type MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) développé par la société Blizzard Entertainment pour Vivendi Games. Le jeu se déroule dans l'univers Warcraft.. Q. Old school raiders have praised the lessening from 40 man raids down to 25. Then, making the stepping stones to the larger raiding guilds, a BC player was expected to complete the current 10man raids. With the implementation of WoWs one-progression-raid being both 10 and 25man, I understand a player is able to practice on the small scale and then into a 25man raid. But this does expand the content of the game, and (much to the dismay of this 7-year subscriber) made the game about loot/gear.

Die große deutsche Fanseite zu World of Warcraft aus dem 4Fansites Netzwerk mit aktuellen News, Guides und Downloads zu diesem Blizzard Spiel. World of Warcraft. Addon: Battle for Azeroth. Version: Patch 8.3. World of Warcraft We understand that seeing rare spawns that end up not being there can be frustrated. We would like to have what you see in the air match reality.I realize that the Simulation Craft numbers are not perfect and I understand that you have your own tools that are likely more reliable and more accurate. However Simulation Craft has proven to be fairly accurate in the past. So I'm wondering what is Simulation Craft missing that also influences your design? What are we as players and theorycrafters not considering? Warcraft Radio is Azeroth's FIRST live stream, bringing content, updates, and entertainment to casual and hardcore fans a like. Many of our content creators have been a part of the Warcraft Community since our origins in 2004, and their dedication to the community has never waned

Q. It has become apparent to the WoW community since the beginning of Cataclysm that 25-man raiding guilds are starting to become a dying breed. The recent news that top ranked guild, DREAM Paragon, will be switching to 10-man raiding, has caused us to realize that even some of the best guilds on the planet are being faced with this crisis.A. Getting content out faster is probably the best thing we can do. It's okay if guilds that work really hard get a short break. It's when that break grows long than players start to lose interest.

World of Warcraft Classic. Fire Emblem Three Houses One of our ongoing goals is to make sure that the games and novels complement each other, and that major lore events don't happen in the novels without some kind of representation in-game. This is a huge challenge for us!! But I think we're getting better at it. 'World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' trailer reveals a spooky looking expansion. Written by Kellen Beck. 'World of Warcraft' players are becoming too powerful so Blizzard secretly made the game harder World of Warcraft's upcoming 8.3 update, Visions of N'Zoth, introduces a long-anticipated new Allied Race to the Horde: The vulpera. To be clear: The vulpera are not available in World of Warcraft yet. They'll be released with update 8.3 sometime early next year (we predict) Welcome to our World of Warcraft DPS Rankings updated for the current Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.3 Visions of N'zoth and the latest Raid - Ny'alotha. We also constantly monitor player communities like Icy Veins, Wowhead, Reddit, Method and official Blizzard World of Warcraft Forums to keep in.. World of The Gods 335a-LvL255. Wrath of The Lich King Blizzlike Fun Realm. 3.3.5a Wrath of The Lich King instance scaling starter mall world teleporter Transmogrifier Instant 80

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