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I looked up the Camillus Beast, and it’s a 4 ounce folder according to BladeHQ. The Rat I weighs 5 ounces. So it’s actually heavier than the Beast. That supports my position that the RAT I is a heavy knife. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as some people will appreciate a heavier knife, but in my opinion the Rat I is on the heavy side. For whatever that is worth to you (apparently not much, but others may find some value in my opinion). Ontariojärvi ilmaiset kuvat. Vapaa kaupalliseen käyttöön. Ei ansioksi tarvita. Tehdä mitä haluat (CC0).Ilmainen Kuvapankki - PxHere Thanks for the review, it helped me decide to pick this up! Unfortunately it is more expensive here in Europe (about $60). I am nonetheless very pleased!

4540 руб. Нож Ontario RAT-1 Brown. Ontario RAT-1 - модель из серии RAT, американской компании Ontario Knife Company Ontario Knife Company RAT Knives for sale. Select any of the Ontario knife links to see the other Ontario knives we offer. All of the Ontario RAT knives are listed below

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How would you compare this knife to the Cold Steel Voyager (Medium) for hard use as well as EDC? Thanks for the reviews, keep up the good work!I couldn’t agree more man. This is such a well done “budget” folder. I know many will disagree, but in a lot of ways I prefer this one over the Spyderco Tenacious, another amazing budget blade. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂I have not had that experience with my Rat 1, but perhaps someone reading the review will chime in with some thoughts. Good luck! Вопрос по Ontario RAT Folder I сталь D2 Кастомный Ontario Rat Folder 1 D2 Satin Plain..

Ontariojärvi sopii Toronton viilennykseen. Tilaajille. Main ContentPlaceholder دریاچه انتاریو. Usage on fi.wikipedia.org. Ontariojärvi Find more content and information about Ontario Knife Company by following our social media channels

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  1. Mandarin: 安大略 (cmn) (Āndàlüè), 安大略湖 (cmn) (Āndàlüè-hú). Dutch: Ontariomeer (nl). Finnish: Ontariojärvi (fi). French: lac Ontario m
  2. I have had my rat 1 for years. This review was originally published in 2011, and I’m doing a major long term update in 2019. Over the past 8 years I have had the chance to carry and use the RAT 1, and compare it with hundreds of other knives. For ~$30.00, I still think it’s tough to beat. Cold Steel offers some good lightweight budget stuff, but the RAT 1 remains a classic.
  3. Ontariojärvi ilmainen taustakuva. Yksi parhaista laadukkaita taustakuvia site!Ilmaiset Taustakuvat - WallHere
  4. Ilmoita virheestä. - bulgaria englanti espanja esperanto hollanti italia japani kreikka latina latvia liettua norja portugali puola ranska ruotsi saksa suomi tanska turkki tšekki unkari venäjä viro. - bulgaria..
  5. A satin finish is a particular type of blade finish. It’s shiny, but not to the point of a mirror polish. A mirror polish is a highly polished finish and is even more reflective than a satin finish. Ontario describes the blade finish of the uncoated RAT I as a satin finish on their own website. A mirror polished finish literally looks like a mirror. This blade is shiny, but not as shiny as a mirror. It’s a satin finish.
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  7. e yet, that is an interesting observation.

Find more content and information about Ontario Knife Company by following our social media channels.The blade steel on my particular knife is AUS8, a mid-range Japanese stainless steel. AUS 8 is nice because it is tough, easy to sharpen, and resistant to rusting, but it will lose its edge faster than higher end steels. For a ~$30 knife, I’m honestly happy to have it. Charles, both are very solid knives. However, the medium Voyager is going to be a lot lighter. It’s also going to be noticeably smaller than the Rat 1 with a 3″ blade vs. a 3.6″ blade. I’d say both will hold up just as well. For my use I prefer a medium Voyager because the size and weight are perfect for my every day needs but if you like bigger knives then it may be worth it to move up to the Rat 1.

WOW! What a nice blade. Imma have to get my hands on one. Cheap too! I really like the look of this kind of knife and this knife especially. Great Review as always! Check out our ontario rat 2 selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our accessories shops

For those turned off by AUS-8, Ontario released the RAT 1 in D2 a few years ago. D2 is even tougher than AUS-8 and will hold an edge longer, but D2 is far from a “super steel”. It’s semi-stainless, and depending on the heat treat it can be difficult to sharpen. From what I’ve read people like the D2 on the RAT 1, and it appears to be an upgrade over the AUS-8 version, but I haven’t tried one out yet. have one of these and I love it…it is a great design for edc and all tasks…..the blade hsape makes it easy to sharpen and gives you a lot of cutting surface…I also like the four corners clip mounting option they really understand what makes a good folder there is little else out there for the money and value of this knife

Iso Orjajärvi. Ontariojärvi The Rat 1 carries like you would expect for a big heavy knife. It’s big and heavy and you feel it in the pocket. That’s one of the compromises you make for a strong folding knife at this price point. That said, the clip keeps the knife in place, and the RAT 1 has never fallen out of my pocket. Carry is relatively discreet, but a decent portion of the handle sticks out of the pocket.

The Ontario RAT 2 is quite possibly the best folding EDC knife you can buy for under The RAT 1 was designed first and foremost to be a sturdy, hard-use knife that can take a.. LOL, wait, this is a “heavy” knife to some people? What do they usually carry, titanium folders? I suppose I have a couple knives that weigh a bit less (while being in the same general size category), but I honestly wouldn’t have noticed the difference if you hadn’t brought it up. If anything, a lighter knife makes me feel like it’s flimsy. Of course, you keep saying it’s “heavy” and “rugged” and “big”, all of which seem strange to me: I bought a Camillus Beast folder a few years ago, and after that, there aren’t many folders that are anything but “smaller” and “lighter”. It’s a huge, heavy hulk of a folding tanto (and incidentally pretty useless as a knife; you might as well carry a fixed blade at that size and weight class, and it just isn’t USABLE). Anyway, I just got a Rat 1; I guess the handle is more “hunter green” than OD green; maybe “Olive green”? And the blade is polished to almost a mirror sheen; not sure what you mean by “satin”, but it looks duller than what I have here in your photos. Nearby objects easily reflect in this blade. The clip is indeed painted with cheap-looking black paint, and I noticed that the company logo already looked like it was wearing off even as I took it out of the box. And I’m glad they didn’t mill out the frame. That would just make it weaker and make it harder to clean out inside. 10 results for ontario rat. Save ontario rat to get e-mail alerts and updates on your Unfollow ontario rat to stop getting updates on your eBay feed. You'll receive email and.. Ontariojärvi (s: Lake between Ontario province and New York State). Ontario (s: Province in eastern Canada) Ontariojärvi on itäisin ja pinta-alaltaan pienin (18 960 km²) Suurista järvistä. Se kuitenkin ylittää Eriejärven tilavuudessa (1 640 km³). Järven keskisyvyys on 86 metriä ja suurin syvyys 244 metriä. Ontariojärveen laskee Niagarajoki ja sen vedet virtaavat Saint Lawrencen joen kautta Saint Lawrencen lahteen Atlantin valtameressä.[1]


If you are looking for an inexpensive hard use folder, then the RAT 1 is tough to beat. You get a lot of well made knife for your money. The RAT 1 is comfortable, strongly built, and the fully flat ground blade is excellent. This is an everyman’s knife. It provides many of the features people look for in higher end folding knives, but it’s at a price point most can afford. Katso hakusanan 'Ontariojärvi' käännökset englanniksi. Sanakirja.fi:stä löydät suositut MOT Sanakirjat® Finnish: Ontariojärvi. French: lac Ontario m Hey Nav! Thanks for the very kind comment. Glad you enjoyed the website and found the content helpful. Knife collecting is a lot of fun so I encourage you to take your time and enjoy yourself. The Rat 1 is a great start – you will be hard pressed to find a more solid or functional folding knife for the money, so you made a very good choice.


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Thanks for reading and commenting – my pleasure! I am glad to hear the RAT 1 is working out well for you in the kitchen, it has got a nice grind for that, although a nice set of kitchen knives will be a substantial upgrade. At any rate glad to hear the knife is working out so far and I would be very interested to hear how it holds up during some wilderness testing. Steel sahlute from PocketKnivesBlog.com . Love the writing style. Love the reviews. Oooopah!! I’m in. Signed up as an email subscriber!! Ontario Rat Rod Tour. 129 likes · 2 talking about this. A group of Rat Rod enthusiasts that prefer to actually cruise rather than just sit in a lot I recommend purchasing the Ontario Rat 1 at Amazon or BladeHQ. Purchasing anything through any of the links on this site helps support BladeReviews, and keeps this review train running. As always, any and all support is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Hello, I have this knife and it’s performed well until just recently… the paint has chipped off quite a bit from use and the handle material is slippery when wet but is comfortable when dry.The pocket clip is a simple spoon style clip. It’s similar to what you would find on most Benchmade knives. The handle has been drilled and tapped for “4 corners” carry. This means you can mount the clip tip up or tip down on either side of the knife. Compra ontario rat con envío en 24 horas gratis. Asesoramiento experto. Garantía de devolución y satisfacción

Ontariojärvi Posts in this thread claim an Ontario RAT II in D2 steel will be offered around year end. Have held back purchasing a RAT II because of the AUS 8.. Rather than respond to this directly, as I think I know where you are going with this, I’m going to link you to an article on the subject. I hope you find it helpful.Hi again, Dan. People might not know that the Rat 1 is a very popular knife in Russia. Now, Russia has a huge knife adict comunity in forums and on youtube. They got more knife reviewers and hard use testers than alcoholics (okey, that’s not true). And they got the best and latest knives from all the manufacturers, and custom makers, on their youtube chanals. And top 10 votes with thousands of participants, for best knife of the year. And 3 years in a row, the Rat 1 was at first place. 2nd place is often taken by the Paramilitary 2, or Spyderco military, and the Griptilian is often up there too, and a Strider SNG or SMF also normaly makes it to the top 10-just to give you an idea of what the Rat is up against. Just thought this bit of random info might be interesting to knife nuts.

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- Ontario Rat 1 Couteau pliant de type linerlock.Longueur fermé de cm.lame en acier de cm.Tranchant de cm.Platines en acier inoxydable.Côtes en Nylon à 4 positions.Poids de This post contains affiliate links. We may get paid an affiliate commission if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of the links on this web page.

Indeed Dan. The Buck 110 and BM Contego are newcomers in the top ten. And I believe that’s a result of raving YouTube reviews, mostly by one guy who has a popular Russian chanal. He called the 110 a man’s knife with old timer charm. And raved about the Contego. After that, reviews and unboxings of those two knives started multiplying. You guys sell a lot of knives. I hold you , Dan, personally responsible for several of my purchases. But back to the Rat 1, I didn’t think much of it until I used it. Then it became instantly one of my best knives. It just blew me away.mine was soaked with water and after that hasn’t been right since; the blade when opening wouldn’t deploy as smooth and fast anymore and would sound like something was grinding inside it, so I took it apart and cleaned the parts and applied lubricant to the washers and tightened everything back up. now it opens smoothly but it seems like there’s a gap in there or something because the blade wiggles and the liner lock pushes the blade to one side, touching the inside of the opposite liner. I’ve tried tightening it more, what’s wrong here? and does the copper washers need to be in a certain position? there were copper ones and a set of paper-thin plastic washers too? what?

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  1. Synonyymi ontariojärvi sanalle. Synonyymit.fi, ilmainen synonyymisanakirja netissä. Liittyvät sanat sanalle ontariojärvi. järvi. Ehdota synonyymejä
  2. Katso sanan ontariojärvi käännös suomi-englanti. Ilmainen Sanakirja on monipuolinen sanakirja netissä. Sanan ontariojärvi käännös suomi-englanti
  3. I have always wanted to try one of these. The designers know a thing or two about using a knife and the price is certainly right.
  4. 100% agree with your final thoughts on this knife review, its certainly one of my best buys at just over £30 in the UK. Most of all I love the ergonomics of the handle, its a good quality hard use tank of a knife with decent steel and a nice blade shape, i cant imagine anyone being disappointed unboxing this gem of a knife a give away at this price, the only problem i have encountered with my Rat 1 is a few rust spots on the liners where they come in contact with my hand, but that’s being picky.
  5. Thanks Jack, I think you will like this one a lot. It’s a real solid knife and is a great value.
  6. Ontariojärvi on itäisin ja pinta-alaltaan pienin (18 960 km²) Suurista järvistä. Se kuitenkin ylittää Eriejärven tilavuudessa (1 640 km³). Järven keskisyvyys on 86 metriä ja suurin syvyys 244 metriä.[1] Sen korkeustaso 75 metriä merenpinnan yläpuolella.[2] Ontariojärveen laskee Niagarajoki ja sen vedet virtaavat Saint Lawrencejoen kautta Saint Lawrencen lahteen Atlantin valtamereen.[1]
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  1. Deployment on the Ontario RAT 1 is excellent. There are some phosphor bronze washers in there, a welcome feature on this value priced knife, and it lends to nice smooth deployments. Ambidextrous thumbstuds are always welcome, and the RAT 1 has some nice big ambidextrous thumb studs. These large thumb studs provide plenty of leverage, and they allow you to pop the blade out fast.
  2. Thank you, Mike! Congrats on your new knife. The Rat 1 remains a classic. I’d be curious to check out one in D2. My guess is it’s a beast. Enjoy!
  3. The Ontario RAT Model 1 is a well-known manual folding knife that comes in a variety of options. The Model 1 rocks features like AUS-8, D2, G-10, and more
  4. Can you give me a clue what a “tactical” folder is? What tasks would it perform that a non-tactical folder can’t do (or do well)? Slicers, I get. Thin, thin, thin sharp blade. Necessarily not sturdy. Maybe not for sharpening 300 1″ thick wooden stakes for a fish trap. That task would go to an outdoor/hard use knife. What do you do with a tactical folder that you wouldn’t with a slicer or outdoor knife?
  5. Matt, I totally agree. Very interesting point about sharpening in the field. AUS8 is good steel for the money.

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I wanted to ask if anyones had problems with the blade’s movement when opening and when its locked up.. Hakuehdoilla Ontariojärvi löytyi yhteensä 1 käännöstä. Näytetään käännökset 1 - 1. Ontariojärvi (yksi Pohjois-Amerikan Suurista järvistä) Videot. Suodata tuloksia. ontariojärvi Arkistokuvat (Kokonaistulos: 90,142,938). Tuki 9am-5pm EST Ma-Pe. Live-keskustelu

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RAT II. Custom Hardware + -. For Spyderco + Ontario RAT. Sort by. Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date.. Vaata sõna ontariojärvi tõlge soome-vene. Sõnaraamat on mitmekülgne sõnaraamat internetis. Sõna ontariojärvi tõlge soome-vene

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However, it’s not all rosy with the RAT 1. At this price point there are compromises. The biggest compromises with the RAT 1 include the softer AUS-8 blade steel (unless you pay extra for the D2 version), the plastic handle scales, and its weight. That said, I think the pros outweigh the cons, and the RAT 1 represents a significant upgrade over less expensive knives. The RAT 1 is a tank. Those that need an expensive tank of a folding knife will find a lot to appreciate with the RAT 1. ontario. ontariojärvi Ontariojärvi - מילון איטלקי-אנגלי. לצערנו, לא נמצאו תוצאות באנגלית עבור Ontariojärvi. Ontariojärvi (, ) on yksi Pohjois-Amerikan Suurista järvistä ja maailman 14. suurin järvi

The blade comes with either a satin finish or a black coating. The coating Ontario uses is pretty cheap, and will start wearing off almost instantly. For that reason I prefer the satin finish. The satin finish on the RAT 1 is excellent. It’s bright and reflective, which may chagrin the more “tactical” crowd, but it wears well and provides little resistance when slicing. And the satin finish has held up great over the years. My knife shows some wear, but nothing crazy. There is a well defined finger groove. This will keep your hand from sliding forward onto the blade, always nice. There is a pretty good sized thumb ramp with some toothy jimping. The jimping is not super sharp, but it’s coarse and you will feel it. There is also room on the ricasso to choke up on the blade. Ontariojärvi (engl. Lake Ontario, ransk. Lac Ontario) on yksi Pohjois-Amerikan Suurista järvistä ja maailman 13. suurin järvi. Sitä ympäröivät Kanadan Ontarion provinssi pohjoisessa ja Yhdysvaltain New Yorkin osavaltio etelässä Thanks for the update. Interesting to see the Ganzo 704, BM Contego, and Buck 110 all make the list. The Rat 1 is just an exceptional knife. Translation for 'Ontariojärvi' in the free Finnish-English dictionary and many other English translations

Dan is the creator of BladeReviews.com. He founded the site in 2010, and for the first 5 years Dan wrote all of the reviews and recorded all of the video reviews. He grew up using pocket knives, and the decision to start the website stemmed from his fascination of all things sharp combined with a deep passion for writing. He has personally reviewed almost 300 knives of all shapes, sizes, and price points. He is recognized as an authority on daily carry knives and has consulted with knife companies on product design.The king lives. Hi Dan. Just in: fourth year in a row, the Ontario Rat 1 made it to number one in the Russian youtube (vininull chanal) vote (650+- participants) for top ten folding knives of the year 2014. The competition: #2-Para2 #3-Military #4-Bm Griptillian #5-Endura #6-Bm Barage #7-CRK large Sebenza 21 #8-Ganzo g704 #9-Bm Contego #10-Buck 110 Spyderco Tenacious didn’t make the top 10 this year. Same thing’s been going on in the last 3 years on the leading Russian knife forum (Guns.ru), though I can’t find results for 2014. ontariojärvi rimmaa näiden kanssa: järvi, suolajärvi, laavajärvi, tulvajärvi, lähdejärvi, jokijärvi, alppijärvi, kraatterijärvi, tunturijärvi, tekojärvi. Lisää riimejä


Enter the Ontario RAT 1. The RAT 1 combines tank-like construction with a big blade and comes in around $30. At that price this larger folder becomes difficult to ignore. I’ve carried my RAT 1 for years, and have compared it with hundreds of other pocket knives. Let’s see what the Ontario RAT Model 1 is all about.The clip has been blackened with an inexpensive coating. It will wear off with use. The clip’s spring retention is good though, and the mild texture on the scales means that this knife won’t tear up your pocket when you insert and remove it from your pants.I will say the level of fit and finish are both very good. Whether it is worth the premium really depends on what you need the knife for and what you value. Personally, yes, I think the 350 is worth the premium. It’s a wonderfully made knife. However, the Rat 1 is a nice knife, and for only $30 it is tough to beat if you just need something for dirty jobs and occasional use.Fund one of these at Walmart. For the cost, thought … what the heck. Having more knives than anyone could really need and more brands figured I could always try one more. While this may not be a Benchmade or a Chris Reeves, I love it. work in an office so this is a larger EDC, has failed me yet. I have cut boxes, apples and chicken, still holding an edge. This just replaced the Sog, Benchmade, Gerber and the CRKT. This is just a great, easy knife to own.The RAT 1 has a an overall length of 8.6″, a 3.5″ blade, and it weighs of 5 ounces. This ain’t no rice cake. However, it’s a solid folding knife. This is for people that want an inexpensive heavy duty folding knife. If you are looking for a small Every Day Carry (EDC) knife, then I would recommend the RAT 2 over the RAT 1. Here is a size comparison so you can see the difference:

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Ontariojärven rannalla sijaitsee muun muassa Kandan suurin kaupunki Toronto sekä Hamilton, Yhdysvaltain puolella New Yorkin osavaltiossa sijaitsee Rochester. Ontariojärvi (Шаблон:K-en, Шаблон:K-fr) on yksi Pohjois-Amerikan Suurista järvistä. Sitä ympäröivät Ontarion provinssi pohjoisessa ja New Yorkin osavaltio etelässä Hey Scott! Thanks for subscribing man I have been reading your blog since I saw the interview they did on you over at the cutting edge. Big fan man. Best regards.Hi Dan! I just picked one up in D@ – not sure why I have not until now, it is everything you said in the article. I am very pleased. I intend to carry it everyday for a bit (service technician) and really get used to it, but I am thinking I will go to the R2 to actually expect a comfortable EDC.

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Your input will affect cover photo selection, along with input from other users. Listen to this article Thanks for reporting this video! Ontariojärvi on yksi Pohjois-Amerikan Suurista järvistä[1] ja maailman 13. suurin järvi. Sitä ympäröivät Kanadan Ontarion provinssi pohjoisessa ja Yhdysvaltain New Yorkin osavaltio etelässä

With regards to debating whether the knife is “hunter green”, “olive green”, or “olive drab green” – I’ll leave that debate to you. How does this knife compare to a Zero Tolerance 0350 for hard use? Their both heavyish blades but manageable for me, so basically, what I am asking is the 350 worth the huge price difference of the Rat 1? Ontario Knife Company або OKC — американський виробник ножів та інших знарядь праці, медичних інструментів, холодної зброї та спорядження. Товариство «Ontario Knife Company» було засновано у 1889 році Вільямом Енсвортом..

The full steel liners on this knife are not milled out, which accounts for part of the knife’s weight, but for a hard working beater blade, milled liners are a luxury I don’t require. Nylon scales and solid liners are minor grumbles that shouldn’t detract too much from an otherwise solid handle.Ontariojärvi (engl. Lake Ontario, ransk. Lac Ontario) on yksi Pohjois-Amerikan Suurista järvistä[1] ja maailman 14. suurin järvi. Sitä ympäröivät Ontarion provinssi pohjoisessa ja New Yorkin osavaltio etelässä.PS. I saw people sharpening RAT 1 using usual rocks while on different trips. Obviously, this can’t be done with many other knives;) Last Updated: July 13, 2019 These days, if you want a high value EDC knife, then there are plenty of options. Kershaw and Spyderco make some great knives in the $30 and under category that are easy choices for EDC. But if you want something that is both hard use and high value, it gets a little harder. Sure, the Spyderco and Kershaw blades are well built, but for many, these knives are firmly in the EDC category.

Well, the 0350 is made in America and features a serious upgrade in materials. Those 2 factors alone make it worth the price for a lot of people. The assisted opening might be another factor to consider. Järven nimi on irokeesien kieltä ja tarkoittaa joko ’kaunista järveä’ tai ’kimmeltävää vettä’. Ontarion provinssi Kanadassa on nimetty järven mukaan.Your input will affect cover photo selection, along with input from other users. < back Rich Minimal Serif Sans Justify Text Get Wikiwand Note: preferences and languages are saved separately in https mode {{::langAbbreviation}} {{::lang.langAbberviation}}{{::lang.NameEnglish}} {{::lang.articleTitle}} ∙∙∙104 other languages Language preferences Read On Wikipedia Edit History Talk Page Print Download PDF {{::$root.activation.text}} {{::$root.activation.toolbarText}} Ontariojärvi Connected to: {{::readMoreArticle.title}} Wikipediasta {{bottomLinkPreText}} {{bottomLinkText}} This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit). Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Cover photo is available under {{::mainImage.info.license.name || 'Unknown'}} license. Cover photo is available under {{::mainImage.info.license.name || 'Unknown'}} license. Credit: (see original file). Enjoying Wikiwand? Give good old Wikipedia a great new look: {{::$root.activation.text}} Enjoying Wikiwand? {{::$root.activation.text}} Tell your friends about Wikiwand! Gmail Facebook Twitter Link Enjoying Wikiwand? Give good old Wikipedia a great new look: {{::$root.activation.text}} Home About Us Press Site Map Terms Of Service Privacy Policy Ontariojärvi Johdanto Perustiedot Kaupunkeja järven rannalla Lähteet {{current.index+1}} of {{items.length}} Date: {{current.info.dateOriginal || 'Unknown'}} Date: {{(current.info.date | date:'mediumDate') || 'Unknown'}} Credit: Uploaded by: {{current.info.uploadUser}} on {{current.info.uploadDate | date:'mediumDate'}} License: {{current.info.license.usageTerms || current.info.license.name || current.info.license.detected || 'Unknown'}} License: {{current.info.license.usageTerms || current.info.license.name || current.info.license.detected || 'Unknown'}} View file on Wikipedia Suggest as cover photo Would you like to suggest this photo as the cover photo for this article?

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I think that AUS-8 makes a lot of sense for knife like this given how easily it can be sharpened in the field. AUS-8 is one of the only stainless steels that I actually like. It takes a good working edge and if you have a bit of extra time to refine it, the edge can polish up nicely. Ontariojärvi. Ontologia. Ontoen todistus

I’ve got 2 medium-sized folders – Ontario RAT 1 and Spyderco Paramilitary 2, so I use them for some camping (and small jobs in the kitchen – still waiting to get a proper set of Japanese kitchen knives ;). RAT and the Ontario Knife Company have partnered up to produce a series of knives for hard-core adventurers, civilians, and professional soldiers around the world Bigstock ja Big Stock Photo ovat Shutterstockin rekisteröityjä tavaramerkkejä. Bigstockphoto on Shutterstockin tavaramerkki. © 2004-2020 Kaikki oikeudet pidätetään - Bigstock® Interesting! That Rat 1 is a sturdy, no-nonsense knife so I am not surprised to hear it is well regarded, but the fact that it has been voted best knife of the year for 3 years running is a real eye opener. Thanks for taking the time out to provide that interesting perspective.So as you can see, the RAT 1 is more of a utility knife then a suburban daily carry. That said, plenty of guys like to carry a RAT 1, so it just depends on what you like.

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What I found out is that RAT is better for cutting vegetables (and lobsters ;), and I am doing some woodwork with it. While Paramilitary is better with wood, and absolutely awesome with meat (on par with pchak – central asian traditional knife), its price is keeping me from giving it a lot of hard work for now. I’ll wait several months, and then I could do a proper test in the wild. I couldn’t agree more Alex! That is one of the nice things about AUS 8 – sure it won’t hold an edge forever, but very easy to field sharpen. Ontariojärvi (, ) on yksi Pohjois-Amerikan Suurista järvistä ja maailman 14. suurin järvi. Sitä ympäröivät Ontarion provinssi pohjoisessa ja New Yorkin osavaltio etelässä The blade is an attractive drop point shape. It’s a no-frills blade, and the full flat grind adds to the simplicity. Overall, the blade is a great design for slicing, thinly ground from 3mm thick stock and an edge that has been neatly applied. There is no swedge on this knife, but the the tip is still sturdy considering. This is a practical blade that will perform well in a variety of tasks.

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And perhaps the best test for a knife is the test of time. The RAT 1 was a success when it first came out, and it remains a modern classic. There is a reason people still buy it years after it’s original release. It’s a timeless design that has been well executed, and it’s offered at an excellent price point. I highly recommend it. Here is a parting size comparison with the Spyderco Delica and the Spyderco Endura. As you can see, the Rat 1 is a big knife. Käännös sanalle 'Ontariojärvi' ilmaisessa suomi-englanti-sanakirjassa, ja monia muita englanninkielisiä käännöksiä synonyms analogical dictionary wikipedia Ebay. definition - Ontariojärvi. definition of Wikipedia. Advertizing ▼. synonyms - Ontariojärvi. report a problem

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