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Salarian doctor. Former member of salarian Special Tasks Group. Recruited by Shepard to combat Collector technology. In Mass Effect 3 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, you can import any characters you created from the previous Mass Effect 2 game. To import a character, you just need to select New Game from the main menu. On the next screen, the bottom option will be Import ME2 Character This is the biggest load of tripe I’ve read. Each and every member is equipped for a difference situation. I went into the derelict reaper ship with Garrus and Zaeed because they both had assault rifles, a solid choice. I lost miserably. Restarted, I brought Jack and Jacob, two choices you condemned as idiocy. With my Soldier’s shotgun and their backup weaponry, we were mowing down husks left right and centre. Also, for the record, Legion is really weak physically, no matter how good a marksman he is. Doesn’t stop the Widow being badass, though :) It’s not a bad article, it just needs revising.On the whole, Garrus is one of my favorite characters. The weapons he can use are the two best in the game, and his powers are very useful. He is best suited for mid-range fighting against other humanoids, such as mercenaries, and against squads of synthetics. Also, Garrus is an excellent choice for a fire team leader in the game’s final mission.

Mass Effect 2 features a New Game + feature which allows you to play the game a second time with certain items and stats you accumulated in your first game. * You get to choose your Loyalty Bonus Skill from the start. * Your retain Skill Points but can redistribute them The designs are very Mass Effect and they look amazing. I don't often see armor sets that manage to look so satisfyingly bulky and so stylishly sleek at the same time. I also really like Jack in Mass Effect 3. Her character growth from the second game is excellent—it's so fun to see her come into her own.. Speicherstand-Ordner lokalisieren Mass Effect 2: Speicherstand-Ordner lokalisieren Quelle: PC Games Vor dem Spielstart landen Sie in einem Mass Effect 2: Welche Statuswerte werden übernommen? Quelle: PC Games Nicht nur einige Entscheidungen aus dem ersten Spiel wirken sich..

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A cast of amazing characters await discovery on a variety of dangerous, visually stunning worlds. Survey unique planets and embark on side missions to uncover more secrets in the Mass Effect universe. Robust Character Customization. Choose a player class, customize your appearance, and.. 6. Garrus Vakarian (voiced by Brandon Keener) Garrus is a Turian investigator who works for C-Sec. Following the way of most Turians, he was trained at the age of 15, however he then followed in the footsteps of his father and became an officer for C-Sec. He is the one responsible for the investigation into Saren Arterius after the Alliance claimed that Saren had gone rogue. 25. Legion (voiced by D.C. Douglas) A Geth who calls itself Legion has learned to think for itself. It’s apart from the Geth neural network that normally binds them together in groups for sentient thought.

Details of the Corang area in Mass Effect 2 (PlayStation 3, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Windows), including what enemies, upgrades, and other items of interest are found there. Characters Tali’s upgrade path is Quarian Machinist, which results in the choice of Quarian Engineer or Quarian Mechanic. Both have a 20% increase to health. Engineers gain 18% higher weapon damage and 25% longer power duration. Mechanics have 25% higher weapon damage and 18% longer power duration.

Mass Effect 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough by gamepressure.com. Mass Effect 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough is also available in our Mobile App. FREE IOS APP. Introduction Galaxy map Starting a new game Character classes and powers - p.1 Character classes and powers - p.2 Gameplay Follow @facesofgaming

Jacob Taylor Similar to Shepard, Jacob is a skilled fighter that has the Pull and Incendiary Ammo powers, plus the loyal bonus of Barrier. In-game he’s just a mediocre character, even if at rank 4 he can become Cerberus Veteran (extra health and 18% more weapon damage) or Cerberus Specialist (25% extra weapon damage). Personally, I consider him even less useful than Jack is and I don’t recommend using him! You can import them into Mass Effect 3, and your choices will affect many of the side-missions, and some other subtle options. There are a limited number of save slots per character. You'll need to delete some of your old ones eventually, but it's not like you're going to load something from so long.. 21. Urdnot Wrex (voiced by Steven Barr) One of the last of the Krogan Battlemasters, this Krogan mercenary slash bounty hunter initially encounters Commander Shephard after being hired by the Shadow Broker to kill Fist. But he ends up remaining with Shephard out of gratitude after killing Fist.23. Normandy AI EDI (voiced by Tricia Helfer) EDI (pronounced ‘E-D’ meaning Enhanced Defense Intelligence AI) is the ‘voice’ of the SSV Normandy SR-2 and is represented by a holographic floating blue sphere at various terminals throughout the ship.14. Mordin Solus (voiced by Michael Beattie) A fast talking Salarian, this doctor and scientist is the first Salarian to join Commander Shephard’s squad in Mass Effect 2. Currently Solus is looking for a cure for the plague (identified by the presence of Vorcha as a symptom). Solus is extremely smart, speaks very fast, and is “brutal in his thinking”; a person for whom the ends justifies the means.

See results from the Mass Effect 2 Characters Quiz on Sporcle, the best trivia site on the internet! Human diplomat stationed at the Citadel, first human Councilor, depending on Shepard's choices in Mass Effect I get two opcodes accessing the address (double) that the current character's skill points are stored in. One ends in [esi+04] and the other [edi+04]. Both suggest the same value needed to find this address (currently, 39892E48) Mordin Solus A Salarian Scientist, Mordin is skilled in Incinerate and Cryo Blast with the Neural Shock loyalty power. At rank 4 he can become a Salarian Genius (plus 25% health, 18% damage, 25% shields) or Salarian Savant with more weapon damage. Even though he’s not great in combat, he can prove helpful in certain situations since his powers help him freeze some opponents. Mass Effect 2: Die Ankunft. Ah yes, Reapers. Das war er also, der letzte Story-Download-Content für BioWares Mass Effect 2. Eine Art Übergang zum kommenden Mass Effect 3, der euch zeigen soll, wie unmittelbar die Bedrohung durch die Reaper doch ist garrus vakarian meedit me2edit mass effect mass effect 2 my edit okay now let me between those legs i don't do this kind of colouring a lot Alien: Because every enemy and character you meet in game is either screaming, shouting, or loudly yelling. Human: How does that make it misleading

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Mass Effect 2 looks incredible, with excellent facial modeling and incredibly dramatic locations and landscapes. The massive storyline puts the fate of the galaxy in you and your team's hands, meaning decisions you make in the game feel very important, and the emotional impact is very big. It's not a.. Grunt This “charming” character is a genetically engineered krogan super soldier with an immense desire for violence. His loyalty powers are Concussive Shot, Incendiary Ammo, and Fortification while his class is Krogan Berserker, meaning that on Rank 4 he can become a Pureblood (+50% health, 55 health points per second regen) or warlord (+25% weapon damage). Even though Grunt is useless in hihgh-ranged combat situation, he is lethal when it comes to short range combat – so he’s best to be used on the Normandy. Dieses Video zu Mass Effect 2 schon gesehen? Trainer +7. Mass Effect 2. spieletipps meint: Brilliant inszenierter Sci-Fi-Film zum Selberspielen A genetically engineered Krogan warrior, Grunt is super tough. He has health generation and can use shotguns and assault rifles. He abilities include Concussive Shot, Incendiary Ammo, and Fortification as a loyalty power. Fortification is a defensive boost which improves Grunt’s shields.

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: Mass Effect 1. : Importing ME1 Character into ME2 Through Origin. Unfortunately, when I open through Origin, it just jumps straight to the game, no config utility. I tried copying my ME1 save files into Mass Effect 2/Save/ME1 (had to create these folders) and it didn't work Mass Effect 3 Recruitable Squad Members. Ashley Williams You will have to choose between Ashley and Kaiden. One of them needs to die during Virmire Garrus Vakarian You can recruit him if he has survived the Suicide Mission in Mass Effect 2. If you don't import your character save file, he will be.. Response to female mass effect 2 character 2013-07-18 22:16:40. At 7/18/13 10:14 PM, beakerboy wrote: She's so cute! time to make her have a lesbo sex with another female And another discovers the benefits of a female character. lol i bet my bottom dollar everyones gonna turn you down tho xD Mordin is very close to being a mage. His powers include Incinerate and Cyro Blast with Neural Shock, an attack which paralyzes organic opponents, as a loyalty power. He works well against crowds because two of his powers, Cyro Blast and Neural Shock, are basically crowd-control powers which temporarily stop opponents in their tracks. He can only use pistols and SMGs, so he isn’t that great in straight up combat.Zaeed Mercenary and bounty hunter, Zaeed is a character very similar to Thane. He’s got two nice powers: Concussive Shot and Disruptor Ammo plus Inferno Grenade. His bonuses are similar to those Thane gets, but he’s better used in close combat situations. Not the best character of Mass Effect 2, though.

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5. Doctor Chakwas (voiced by Carolyn Seymour) A human doctor aboard the SSV Normandy, she originally enlisted in the military seeking a life of “exotic adventure” but soon found that the reality was not quite as romantic as her fantasies. Even still, she ended up staying and serving with the Alliance due to a sense of duty and honor that graduating from medical school and enlisting instilled in her. 18. Subject Zero (voiced by Courtenay Taylor) This human biotic female is a confirmed squad member of Commander Shephard’s with a mysterious, violent past that has made her unpredictable and hotheaded. Her fiery personality gives her a lust for combat, and her looks match her personality; shaved head, covered in tattoos for the kills and events in her life, sparsely dressed showing lots of skin and with a profanity-laden mouth. She was known to run with various gangs and at one point was a member of a cult. This “crazy bitch” nonetheless becomes a romantic interest for Commander Shephard. It's been exactly two and a half years since I did an update, so I guess it's about time!? I approved new saves today, everything since early 2017. And to re-iterate, this site and masseffect2saves aren't going anywhere anytime soon. The site doesn't even pay for itself anymore what with.. Legion Probably the most surprising follower, Legion is a great character with powers like AI Hacking and Combat Drone plus the loyal power of Geth Shield Boost. Also, at rank 4 he can become a Geth Assassin (better weapon usage) or Geth Trooper (better health and weapon damage). Legion is extremely powerful against synthetics and I found it working great together with Grunt and Tali! A really useful squad member!Jack’s Subject Zero upgrade line results in the Primal Adept or Primal Vanguard choice. Both have a 20% increase to health. Primal Adepts have a 18% bonus to weapons damage and a 25% shorter cooldown time on all powers. Vanguards have 25% higher weapon damage and an 18% lower cooldown on all powers.

Mass Effect 2 features a cast of characters over 20 long, with both new characters and returning characters from the original Mass Effect. Since the game will be released soon, on January 26, 2010 for Xbox 360 and PC, we thought it time to take a look at the characters that will appear in Mass Effect 2. Our Mass Effect 2 trainer has over 11 cheats and supports Steam and Origin. Cheat in this game and more with the WeMod app! Mass Effect 2 Available Trainers

Mass Effect 2 continues the story of John Mass Effect, Zombie Captain of the USS Normandy 2. Evil robots are still coming. Not wanting to deal with John after what happend last time, they kill him in Somewhat surprisingly, the fastest way to do a NG+ speedrun is not to use a max level character The Mass Effect 2 Cheat Console lets you do just that without the need for tedium. The cheat mod or trainer lets you easily use popular cheats that make It was mentioned before that Mass Effect 2 is a decade-old game, being released way back then is a perfect excuse for its robotic character models Samara Similar to her daughter (Morinth), Samara is a really useful biotic squad member with powers like Throw, Pull and Reave. She can become a Sapiens Justicar (extra health, decreased recharge) or Caedo Justicar (extra health and weapon damage). Thanks to her biotic powers, she’s extremely useful throughout the game, better than Jack at least!

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Garrus has always been a dark character, and Mass Effect 2 colors his personality even more darkly than the first. Discovered early in the game, Garrus reveals that he has basically been acting as a vigilante, taking out malicious mercenaries at his leisure. Mass Effect 2 includes a whole new range of characters who can accompany Shepard on missions as well as two old friends. In Mass Effect 2, Bioware has gone to greater lengths to try and make sure the each character has a very unique personality and that there is as little overlap in abilities as possible Mass Effect 2 features a cast of characters over 20 long, with both new characters and returning characters from the original Mass Effect. Since the game will be released soon, on January 26, 2010 for Xbox 360 and PC, we thought it time to take a look at the characters that will appear in Mass.. Poradnik do Mass Effect 2: Zobacz opis wszystkich opcji romansowych w grze. Romanse w Mass Effect 2. W trakcie gry Shepard może nawiązać romantyczną znajomość z jedną z postaci. Ich lista jest zależna od płci postaci

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  1. Scarica Mass Effect 2 e divertiti con questo secondo episodio di una delle serie più avvincenti. Su Mass Effect 2 segui la lotta tra umani e alieni. Il Comandante Shepard è stato assassinato dagli alieni nel corso di un'imboscata. Due anni dopo viene..
  2. A character who is only available through the Cerberus Network DLC content, free with every new copy of the game. He is the best bounty hunter in the galaxy and has been hired to help Shepard.
  3. The first Mass Effect game I played was Mass Effect 2. Did I understand what was going on from the very begining? Of course not, but that made me curious. So I found the codex, where is describes -in detail - the races, tech, storyline choices made in the original game, and what ever else you come..
  4. Thane Krios, Mordin Solus, Miranda Lawson, Jack, Kasumi Goto, Tali'Zorah vas Neema, Garrus Vakarian, Samara and Legion ©Bioware Mass Effect 2 characters
  5. e your character's background. This is the table, so fix these two numbers as necessar

Mass Effect 2 includes a whole new range of characters who can accompany Shepard on missions as well as two old friends. In Mass Effect 2, Bioware has gone to greater lengths to try and make sure the each character has a very unique personality and that there is as little overlap in abilities as possible. Each character also now has a new "loyalty power" which is unlocked upon successful completion of each NPC’s loyalty mission. In part one of this Mass Effect 2 character guide I will cover Garrus, Mordin, Grunt, Samara, Jack, and Tali. In this video i show you how to import your character from Mass Effect 1 into Mass Effect 2..

On the whole Grunt is an amazing skirmisher. He is great a killing other Krogans and in any situation where there is short-range combat going on. If you’re a Vanguard he is a particularly good wing-man. He is no good at all in long-range encounters however, so if that is what you prefer, you’d be best leaving Grunt on the Normandy. Get the best Mass Effect Character Creation Codes from the internet's most devoted Mass Effect fans! Come share your own too!! Welcome to the Mass Effect 2 Face Database. Share your Mass Effect hero with your fellow gamers

Our Mass Effect 2 Trainer is now available and supports ORIGIN. However, be warned, if you give yourself all training being a Biotic, you cannot use a heavy weapon again for some reason. Your character is not meant to carry all those weapons I assume, being a Biotic Mass Effect 2 is very, very good. More so than the first game, third-person combat plays a huge role, with many character classes to choose from (including a brute soldier, tech specialist, or stealthy infiltrator), multiple futuristic weapons and powers to choose from (all of which are upgradeable).. A Salarian scientist, Mordin talks fast and thinks fast. While he is at first referenced in Mass Effect 2 as a doctor, it quickly becomes apparent that his training extends beyond the borders of medicine.

Bienvenue sur la page d'accueil du forum Mass Effect 2 : L'Arrivée de jeuxvideo.com. Voici la liste des topics du forum. En ce momentFortniteGTA 6MinecraftLoLRed dead 2Fairy Tail. Mass Effect 2. Tout support. PC By Josh Romero: He is a lover of videogames, as well as metal music, Gilmore Girls, chatting, social networking, Phoenix Suns, reading, writing and many other nerdy things. Read his posts here and connect with him on Youtube. Mass Effect 2 tends to be an easier game the further you are from enemies. Again while there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this class I Mass Effect is known for having lots of voice acting, so much that it's surprising how much variation they accounted for when creating your character 16. Navigator Pressly An elderly human aboard the SSV Normandy, he is very loyal even though he is prejudice to a degree against non-humans. However due to his since of duty, he will serve and remain loyal to whoever his commanding officer is. Setting aside his differences for the good of the Alliance. His grandfather served in the First Contact War.20. Thane Krios A cool but calculated Drell assassin, Thane Krios likes to get up-close and personel before offing his targets. Even though he keeps his cool, he experiences extreme guilt over his job as a hired killer and always says a prayer for himself after his hit has been completed. He believes so strongly in his act of penance that he will ignore everyone and everything around him to clear his conscience.

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These last two characters have been shown in teasers. But if you want to play the game spoiler-free, resist the urge to scroll down. Mass Effect 2 will carry over a lot of your decisions from Mass Effect 1, and many of them will change certain elements of the game. If you imported a character, you can also hit Start and allocate a few points if you'd like. If not, don't fret. Just follow the instructions Miranda gives you This page is for listing the tropes related to party members who first appeared in the second Mass Effect game. For the pages listing tropes related to NPCs, Antagonists and Party Members who first appeared in other games in the trilogy, see the Mass Effect Character Index

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When it comes to taking down synthetics Tali has no peer. Combine A.I. Hacking with the Energy Drain power and you’ll be able to slaughter security mechs and Geth without issue. Although Tali hates to be around Geth, she is a must have for missions against them. The Mass Effect 2 alters you to play the role of a commander Shephard from the third person perspective. Before the game begins, you can decide the shepherd's gender, appearance, military background, combat training as well as first name. Besides, you can also import a character in the.. Последние твиты от Mass Effect (@masseffect). The official Twitter of Mass Effect. Milky Way & Andromeda Galaxies. Mass Effect. Подлинная учетная запись. @masseffect

Mass Effect 2 only allows players to pick a class during character creation. This doesn't mean you're out of luck importing an existing character, however; you'll get the same character creation and class options at the beginning. Once you've confirmed your class, you can't change it naturally for the rest of.. Characters of Mass Effect 2 are named below. Commander Shepard is the main character of the Mass Effect trilogy. The gender, race, and history of Shepard is up for the player to decided. The player can also decide to make their character Paragon (Good) or Renegade (Evil)

Garrus Vakarian Garrus is a turian with high military training – a dark character with great powers and highly useful since he’s available early in the game. Garrus’ loyalty powers are Concussive Shot, Overload, and Armor Piercing Ammo. He is of the Turian Rebel class and at rank 4 he can become a Renegade or Survivor, gaining extra stats (including +25.00% Weapon damage or +20.00% Health). Since Garrus can use both Sniper and regular Assault rifles, he’s one of the best choices in the game, being suited for both mid-ranged and high-ranged combat. A great companion!This page is for listing the tropes related to party members who first appeared in the second Mass Effect game. Specifically, the early half of the game and DLC.

Mass Effect 2. Recruit. Explore. Control.Two years after Commander Shepard repelled invading Reapers bent on the destruction of organic life, a Just like in the previous game, what you say to the other characters matters a great deal. Fortunately, the conversation system has been improved GTrainers » Mass Effect 2 » Mass Effect 2: Cheat Codes. After completing a character's loyalty mission, you can unlock a new skill for use by the main character. To pick or change which skill you are using, simply complete the Advanced Training research upgrade on your ship A human biotic and tech specialist, "born" on Earth. She eventually ran from her demanding father, who genetically engineered her for perfection, and joined Cerberus, who won her loyalty by offering her protection. She became the director of the "Lazarus Project", tasked with resurrecting Shepard after the Commander's death. She is a romance option for a male Shepard.

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The highly successful Mass Effect 2 comes with a bunch more characters than the original game, increasing the complexity of the RPG and making it difficult for the gamer to know which characters are the best in specific situations. This Mass Effect 2 characters guide for the squad members will analyze all your allies and give you advice on how to play. ► Воспроизвести все. Mass Effect 2: Characters Profiles. deejaymat. 11 видео. Mass Effect 2 Character Profile - Tali

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Mass Effect 2 features a New Game + feature which allows you to play the game a second time with certain items and stats you accumulated in your first game. 2,000 experience points : Level 50 Mass Effect character. Stand near the two engineers near the Mass Effect Core to hear the the following Choose between two celebrities an i'll give you an outfit. Take this if you are bored. My Opinion on Your OC Einen Mass Effect 2 Spielstand als Ausgangspunkt für Mass Effect 3 zu importieren ist extrem zu empfehlen, da Commander Shepard dadurch unzählige Boni erhält: Die Stufe des ME2 Charakters wird übernommen. Verteilte Talentpunkte sind vorhanden / vergeben. Alle Kräfte sind freigeschaltet Character Creation. The most important decision you will make in Mass Effect 2 isn't a choice of who to save or who to leave behind. In fact, it is the class that you pick at the start of your adventure, and there are quite a few to choose from (each is much more interesting than its counterpart in the original) While Jack is no slouch, the fact that she doesn’t have throw is a problem. Also, Jack seems to have a hard time properly aiming her Shockwave power. Because of these issues I prefer Samara when I need to bring a pure biotic. However, Jack’s Warp Ammo power, when fully upgraded, can extend Warp Ammo to the entire squad. Warp Ammo is extremely useful, so some might want to bring Jack along just to act as a Warp Ammo battery.

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This is the place to post images, videos and news about the Mass Effect Universe, comics and games. + Add media RSS LEGO Mass Effect 2 Characters (view original) I see a lot of people asking; Whats the best character class in Mass Effect 2? Or, What class should I use in Mass Effect 2? Whats The Easiest Class to 10. Jeff “Joker” Moreau (voiced by Seth Green) This human pilot of the SSV Normandy, who goes by the nickname “Joker”, is an arrogant although outstanding pilot. Very boastful, he loves to point out his prowess in flight to others in a belittling manner, and that he earned all of his accomplishments and commendations, they weren’t due to medical issues . . . Mass Effect 2 crushes blacks! Get way more detail back because of this mod. Improves the PC controls of Mass Effect 2, allowing more accurate, safe and responsive control of the character Who is your favorite character from Mass Effect? This list includes both main and side characters, so feel free to vote for even the most obscure characters from the game. The amazing character design is part of what makes Mass Effect such an amazing title, so vote for whoever you think..

13. Miranda Lawson (voiced and modeled by Yvonne Strahovski) This human informant is an excellent judge of character (or so she thinks) and guides Jacob Taylor during his missions via hologram. She is a Cerberus operative whose vast connections are highly valuable. Is Mass Effect: Andromeda really that bad / worth it? Andromeda went on sale pretty soon after release and currently goes down to about $5-10 USD. Here are some threads discussing this topic, but most users will say that the game is worth getting at the discounted price

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I can't seem to be able to import my ME1 character, even though I beat the game. I'm able to choose the new game+ in ME1, but my character is not showing up in the ME2 import character list thingy. Hit the option for 'Save Games' and it will give you a button to 'Copy Mass Effect 1 Save Games' An Asari Justicar, Samara follows a code of action which demands maximum justice, even if it means brutally killing opponents. She is a biotic over ten thousand years old. Throw and Pull are her main abilities, with Reave as a loyalty unlock. Reave is a power which can transfer life from the target to the user. She can use pistols and SMGs. Mass Effect 3 cannot successfully determine the custom face code used by this imported save game. Please update your character's appearance. In this case, you will have to recreate Shepard's facial appearance. You will also be allowed to change Shepard's class at this stage Tali’Zorah nar Rayya Or Tali, as we all know her as, she is a tech specialist with powers like Combat Drone, AI Hacking and Energy Drain when loyal. She can become a Quarian Engineer with higher power duration or Quarian Mechanic with a mix of health, weapon and power duration bonuses. As I said before when presenting Legion, she is a must have against synthetics! textures modding gaming mass effect. ALOT Installer facilitates the installation of ALOT, ALOT's updates, the ALOT Addon, and user selected textures for Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3. It is powered behind the scenes by MassEffectModderNoGui

The character I created looked okay head on when I was making the face but from the angles you see in-game he looks really... weird and it's kind of off-putting. (Original post by Slk3) Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to change your face mid-game in Mass Effect 2 for PC? The character I created.. 100,000 credits: Mass Effect character with the Rich achievement. Select the Redeem button to get a for an EA account. Log in with your EA account information that is linked to Mass Effect 2. Select Mass Effect 2 from the game list, and choose the desired bonus item Garrus’s powers include Concussive Shot, Overload, and Armor Piercing Ammo (which has a self-explanatory effect) as a loyalty power. Garrus can use Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles, and his Turian Rebel character upgrade can result in health bonuses of up to 20% and damage bonuses of up to 25%, depending on if he is upgraded to a Turian Renegade or a Turian Surivor.A Classy Cat-Burglar who is available in the Kasumi - Stolen Memory DLC pack for Xbox 360 & PC, and included on disc for PlayStation 3. She is so skilled that few are aware that she even exists. Subject: Please Choose One General FeedbackSuggestionFeature RequestBug ReportAdvertising InquiryOther

A powerful and unstable human biotic with a chequered past. Formerly a biotics test experiment of Cerberus. She is a romance option for a male Shepard. Mass Effect 3 Character Builds. Welcome to my great big collection of Mass Effect mods! Here you'll find the finest selection of mods I've ever created, plus some lists and links of my favorite ME mods out there Thane The most skilled drell assassin in the galaxy, Thane has the powers Throw, Warp and the loyal power Shredder Ammo. Again a highly useful character to have around in Mass Effect 2, Thane can become a lethal Drell Marksman (50% extra weapon damage and 15% extra health) or Drell Veteran (20% health, 37.50% weapon damage). He’s a great companion, but you should make sure that he avoids direct combat at all costs! A full character profile for Grunt as he appears in Mass Effect 2. High resolution pictures, biography, capabilities, RPG stats, personality, etc. Mass Effect was a landmark video game trilogy released from 2007 to 2012. It included multiple ties-in such as novels, comics and an animated movie Ten Years of Mass Effect. Mass Effect 2 - video z DLC The Arrival. Arrival je poslední DLC a zároveň epilog Mass Effect 2. Je to však i prolog, či možná jen ryzí intermezzo, před příchodem Mass Effect 3. Teoreticky je to poslední šance zahrát si se svými bojovými soudruhy (žádné rudé konotace)

Guía Mass Effect 2. Eliteguias te trae la Guía completa del juego Mass Effect 2. No te quedes atascado y acábate el juego al 100% sin ningún problema 11. Kaidan Alenko (voiced by Raphael Sbarge) A member of Commander Shephard’s squad (the first member), he is an human Sentinel, Marine Detail Commander aboard the SSV Normandy. A biotic with controversial L2 implants, he has been lucky to avoid severe brain damage that usually comes as a result of the implants. Although he does suffer from severe migraines. He is a possible romantic interest for a female Commander Shephard.

22. Zaeed Messani Mass Effect 2’s launch includes free downloadable content through the in-game Cerberus Network. It allows the player to download a new recruitable character, a mercenary named Zaeed Messani. The result of research experiments into the limits of biotic powers in humans, Jack’s anger seems to have no limits. Her powers include Shockwave and Pull, with Warp Ammo as a loyalty unlock power. Warp Ammo is effective against all forms of defenses except shields and it does increased damaged to enemies under the effect of a biotic power.After the death of Shepard, Tali continued her efforts to help her people against the Geth. Tali is a tech specialist, and her powers include Combat Drone and A.I. Hacking with Energy Drain as a loyalty power. Energy Drain is basically an anti-synthetic direct damage nuke. She can use pistols and shotguns.Given her biotic powers, Samara is useful in many situations. The classic pull-throw combo will be responsible for a great deal of her damage. Reave is great for keeping her alive. In most cases I would take Samara over Jack because Jack can’t use the pull-throw combo.15. Nassana Dantius (voiced by Grey DeLisle) A diplomat for the Assari emissary to the Citadel, she gives you the Asari Diplomacy assignment.

Mass Effect 2 is the offical continuation of published in 2007 previous, great part of RPG game. Game was created by BioWare studio (Dragon Travel the distant and deadly reaches of space to assemble your team for the mission at hand. A cast of amazing characters await discovery on a variety of.. Mass Effect 2 crushes blacks! Get way more detail back because of this mod. Improves the PC controls of Mass Effect 2, allowing more accurate, safe and responsive control of the character

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  1. One of the Cerberus medical officers working on the Lazarus Project. After everything goes to hell, he helps you out after you heal him. When you finally meet up with Miranda, she guns him down for being the traitor who caused this mess in the first place, thus continuing the Bioware tradition of early game sacrificial party members.
  2. gs. 8. The Illusive Man (voiced by Martin Sheen) A mysterious man who claims his goal is helping humanity achieve its rightful place in the galaxy. He leads the pro-human splinter-organization Cerberus.
  3. Komandor Shepard kontynuuje walkę przeciwko Żniwiarzom. Musi stawić czoła enigmatycznej rasie Zbieraczy, która porywa całe kolonie należące do ludzi

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Jack Known as Subject Zero, the character has the powers Shockwave and Pull, plus Warp Ammo when she’s loyal. On rank 4, she can either become a Primal Adept (pushing her biotic abilities to the limit, greatly reducing recharge times of her powers) or a Primal Vanguard (focusing her ruthless energy into combat, heightening her weapon damage). Except for the romance scene and the fact that she can recharge Warp Ammo at rank 4, Jack isn’t one of the best characters in Mass Effect 2 and I found her weak and not useful. As in the first game, Mass Effect 2 gives you the opportunity to pursue romantic relationships with your teammates. The gender of your character determines which crew members are potential love interests. Given time and attention, your relationship can blossom into a full-fledged love affair Part two of the Mass Effect 2 characters guide includes information on Jacob, Thane, Legion, Zaeed, and Miranda. There are many characters to choose There were 12 characters from Mass effect 2 that count, the two your missing are zaeed the mercenary, and kasum goto, the thief User Info..

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  1. Mass Effect 2. Electronic Arts. [Italics added] Players can also choose to have romantic encounters with the alien/human henchmen characters; this involves watching a guided cutscene in which two characters flirt, kiss, and/or embrace: clothed alien/human characters may prop a partner on top of a..
  2. Drawing of characters from Mass Effect, made in Photoshop CS5. Genius PenSketch 9x12 tablet. I'm Facundo Morello and this is my favorite game on the Citadel. Mass Effect is a video game saga made by BioWare and promoted by EA. The most amazing game of the world (personal opinion of course)
  3. The fastest growing Mass Effect 2 character database, submit your character today! Browse the guides or use the advanced search to locate the hottest lookalikes. Latest Submissions

12. Dr. Liara T’Soni (voiced by Ali Hillis) This Asari Researcher has heavily researched Prothean technology. With “heavily” meaning for the past 50 years of her life. She is around 106 years old, born in 2077, which makes her still a child for her species. Already though she has a vast amount of knowledge of Protheans. She is a potential romantic interest for Commander Shephard.1. Ashley Williams (voiced by Kimberly Brooks) This squad member of Commander Shephard’s is a human soldier (Gunnery Chief) who has had a lifelong career as a Marine. Thus she has a very tough attitude and was rescued during the Geth attack on Eden Prime. She is a possible romantic interest for Commander Shephard. Simply enter the following ID codes when you're asked to create a character in Mass Effect 2 and voilà your very own version of these sultry Shepards A biotic and former marine who joined Cerberus to protect humanity, although he dislikes their extreme methods. He first appeared as the protagonist of the iPhone game Mass Effect Galaxy. He is a romance option for a female Shepard. Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 3. Max Payne 3. Medal of Honor

Gallery of captioned artwork and official character pictures from Mass Effect 2, featuring concept art for the game's characters and environments by Matt Rhodes, Brian Sum, and Ben Huen. Mass Effect 2 Art Gallery. Characters - Promo Pictures - Concept Art Mordin’s Salarian Scientist upgrade can result in Salarian Genius or Salarian Savant. A Genius will have a 25% health bonus, 18% weapon damage bonus, and 25% shield bonus. Savants have the same health bonus but a 25% weapon damage bonus and a 18% shield bonus. Get the latest Mass Effect 2 cheats, codes, unlockables, hints, Easter eggs, glitches, tips, tricks Use the above links or scroll down see all to the PlayStation 3 cheats we have available for Mass Effect Reach Level 30 with one character. Prospector (Bronze). Retrieve mineral resources by scanning.. New character...I'm allowed to chose right? Because I'd rather kill that one. The lack of clothes, the swarm of tattoos and the vulgar talk sounds more like a Garus and Wrex were the only two worth taking with you. The girls acted y and the human biotic was just horrible.. Mass Effect 2 allows you to choose your own path for doing things. While you will need to recruit all team members at some point, the order in which you recruit them One of the achievements requires you to complete two playthroughs of the game unless you have loaded a character from the first game

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  1. So for Mass Effect, you do get more bonuses for reaching max level but they aren't crucial in order to play and enjoy Mass Effect 2. I don't see anything on the wiki page that lists what is imported based on your character level when importing a Mass Effect 2 character into Mass Effect 3, however for..
  2. This Mass Effect 2 characters guide for the squad members will analyze all your allies and give you advice on how to play. Garrus Vakarian Garrus is a turian with high military training - a dark character with great powers and highly useful since he's available early in the game
  3. Key points. Use Mass Effect Mouse Fix to remove the game's mouse acceleration. Requires installation of PhysX legacy driver to start reliably. General information. Mass Effect Wiki. Steam Community Discussions
  4. Born in 4.11.2154, Shephard graduated from the N7 special forces program and is assigned to the SSV Normandy as an Executive Officer during the first game. He later joins up with the Spectres as their first human.

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  1. Import Mass Effect 1 Character. It's not picking up my save game from Mass effect 1 i re played through the last fight and its still not picking it up. suggestions
  2. Mass Effect 2 (ME2) is a 2010 third-person shooter RPG developed by BioWare for the Xbox 360 and Windows; a PlayStation 3 version was released in January 2011. Taking place two years after the first title, Commander Shepard must join forces with a rogue paramilitary group, Cerberus..
  3. 4. David Anderson (voiced by Keith David) The original captain of the SSV Normandy and a veteran human war hero, he was born in London but doesn’t have an English accent. He was the first to graduate from the N7 Marine program at Arcturus Station and served with honor in the First Contact War, he is highly decorated and is one of the most well known special forces operatives. This character played a major role in the Mass Effect: Revelation novel which was a prequel to the original Mass Effect game.
  4. 9. Jacob Taylor (voiced by Adam Lazarre-White) Formerly an Alliance Marine, Jacob Taylor is a valuable member of Commander Shephard’s squad and is a key protagonist of Mass Effect 2. A human biotic, he is extremely skilled in combat and works alongside his informant, Miranda Lawson. Very skilled in the use of Assault Rifles, Heavy Weapons, Biotic Abilities and Tech Attacks. Jacob resigned in his position as an Alliance Marine after surviving the Geth attack on Eden Prime, where he worked under Major Derek Izunami.
  5. Mass Effect Andromeda Heroes. View your custom Ryders created in Mass Effect: Andromeda, share them with your friends, and choose one to use on your next playthrough
  6. 19. Tali’Zorah nar Rayya (voiced by Liz Sroka) A Quarian squad member of Commander Shephard’s, this young female is a mechanical genius. She is currently on a pilgrimage, which is a rite of passage for her for her to prove her worth and bring something of value back to her people who are aboard the Migrant Fleet. In the sequel life as she knows it gets turned upside down.
  7. Mass Effect 2 changes all that. With the series' major mystery - the existence of the Reapers - unveiled in the first game, BioWare needed to find a new New characters such as Jack and Thane harbour similarly troubled pasts, while returning ones have been given a personality tune-up, a grittier edge or..

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  4. mass effect 2 - Is there any special benefit in transfering a max level
  5. Mass Effect Characters #2 by Facuam on DeviantAr
  6. Grunt - Mass Effect 2 - Character Profile - Writeups
  7. Mass Effect 2: Characters Profiles - YouTub
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