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That’s odd because adding Arcane Shot always lowers my dps on all my builds on FemaleDwarf.com. The spread sheet also doesn’t fully take into account things like Improved Steady Shot being used by arcane shot vs Chimera. Also ensure you are using the exact three glyphs I used. Testing it in the real game environment is where I noticed the biggest improvement. And yes, I technically have Arcane Shot on my bars, same with Multishot, however I rarely use them with a few exceptions. (Multishot to pull multiple mobs in a dungeon, and Arcane on fights like Hodir where I never stop moving.) My classic Marksman/Farstrider/Archer setup Really digging the Survival Hunter outfit, it looks really nice and also looks like something a Maghar NPC would actually wear

Classic Wow Hunter Guide on Vanilla Wow Hunter. We look at Stats, Rotation, Builds, Pets It gets all the essentials from MM (Marksmanship) while also getting Improved AotH & talents that help your.. Best-in-Slot Gear (BIS) for Hunter in PvE for all phases in Classic WoW. Get your Pre-raid Gear + Phases 1-6 now and become the best Hunter (Survival, Marksmanship) This is what we consider the Best Marksmanship Hunter Talent Build to use in WoW Classic, we made this with PVP Battlegrounds in mind. The first thing you might notice is the final talent in the marksmanship skill tree, Trueshot Aura which increases your party members Attack Power by 50. We also opt to pick up what we can from the Survival Tree since there is a lot of useful Talent for PVP within it, most notably the Deterrence Talent which can be a lifesaver.

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Marksmanship Hunter guide. Learn everything you need to know about their Rotation, Talent Builds, Stat Priorities, Consumables, Azerite, and more! Updated for Season 4 of Battle for Azeroth Multistrike gives you a chance for extra, weaker, strikes. You get two chances at an additional strike at 30% effect (that 30% being based off a new roll and not that incredible crit you just got.) 4) Glyph of Hunter's Mark - Increases attack power bonus of Hunter's Mark by 20%. ie. Hunter's mark will increase the ranged attack power against the marked target from 500 to 600 MANA MANAGEMENT (switch) (*) ========================== Rule n°1: make a macro to easily switch HawkViper by pressing a button. Rule n°2: use Steady Shot *only* when under Viper, then switch back to Hawk and continue your rotation. If you need more mana, switch again to Viper, shot 2 Steadies and then back to Hawk + usual rotation.ICC gear is generally pretty well optimized for MM, plus MM also benefits a bit more from the new ammo than SV does. However, the spec’s also more gear dependent than SV, so unless you really prefer MM, you may want to do some spreadsheet run-throughs before hand.

With Catalclysm everyone but Gnomes were allowed into the Hunter crowd. Probably because they’re too busy repairing their city or they’re too short to use a bow (how about a Gnomish X4500GT Zarkomatic blaster rifle?)When 3.2.2 hit, it increased the amount of ArPen needed from 1232 to 1400 in order to obtain 100% armor reduction. This meant you’d now need 735 ArPen w/ Mjolnir, or 780 w/ Grim Toll. In other words, 168 more ArPen. Trying to reach that mark would force a Hunter to have to sacrifice a ton of agility, therefore compromising the overall effectiveness of the build.Regarding Arcane shot with a Arm Pen build you really need around 700 Arm pen to drop arcane from your rotation. I have found this is also boss specific. If you have bosses that have really high armor then casting Arcane can be useful but when you get above 700 arm pen then you need to drop it from your rotation and only use it when your moving.Getting to 100, if you’re not yet there, is painless: Zygor’s guide will help you get there quickly and easily.

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My rough suggestion would be to remain survival until you obtain Zod’s, Needle Encrusted Scorpion, and around 500 or more armor pen before the proc. Of course, there are other factors to consider as well, just as Antigoriuys had mentioned.There are several very common macros that every Hunter should use (assuming they haven't started already) to simplify their life. The most common are:

Hunter's Mark is a hunter ability that visibly marks a target, increasing the ranged attack power of all attacks made against the target. It is somewhat unique in that it has an extremely long range and can be cast on an enemy without putting you into combat with the target Barnes Baron Geddon Baron Rivendare Barrens Stablehand Batterhead Beaming Sidekick Beckoner of Evil Belligerent Gnome Big Bad Archmage Big Game Hunter Big Ol' Whelp..

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Devoting serious time at the range provides the repetition needed to build confidence in your abilities as a marksman. At Sightmark, our goal is to deliver confidence by creating optics and accessories that.. Once Armor Penetration outweighs Agility, it’s time to focus on physical damage. This means removing Arcane Shot from your rotation and re-allocating talents. Your physical damaging spells require you to stay still, so proper positioning means even more at this point. Minimize your movement to fully utilize the benefits of Armor Penetration.> The 150 more AP may not seem like much, but > that’s going to increase the damage of > Serpent Sting and Chimera Shot

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Your best choice of pet is definitely a wolf. Wolves have access to the Furious Howl ability, a unique ability that boosts the physical power of both you and your whole party’s next attack. You’ll also need to unlock rank of Furious Howl, only accessible from Bloodaxe Worg in Lower Blackrock Spire.Of all five races that can be a hunter, all of them are a solid choice. Your best option will ultimately depend on your specialization, but marksmanship still has clear favorites on both factions. The horde does have an advantage when it comes to racial benefits, but that doesn’t mean an alliance hunter will be weak!Also note that the glyph of Aimed shot is in use as well as Glyph of the Hawk for more Aimed Shots and more Autoshots. In this spec I take arcane shot off my bars completely and focus on chimera, aimed, and steady. It also ensures that Improved Steady Shot procs are consumed by Chimera or Aimed. Wow-hunter-marksman. 03.11.10. Welcome to Scattered Shots, written by Frostheim of Warcraft Hunters Union and the Hunting Party Pod..

TALENT TREE ====================== While MM drains more mana than SV, as a hunter you’re required to maximize your DPS at all costs. 2/2 Rapid Recuperation is useless, in a raid environment. You *MUST* find a way to get your mana back. Learning to switch between Viper and Hawk is a priority and -once mastered- your overall DPS will suffer a very little DPS loss. 2/2 RR wont grant a decent mana regen and it’s a huge talent points cost.You’ll also need to make sure and max out your weapon skills. This is mandatory for your ranged weapon, meaning a bow, crossbow, or gun, but it is also a good idea to raise your melee weapon skills. You never know when you might need an occasional Raptor Strike or Wing Clip, so this will ensure that those abilities actually hit and deal good damage when you use them.

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  1. Use 1 Blue and Yellow gems to activate the Meta Gem. Ideally, put them in the items with the best socket bonus you can find. If you’re lacking hit rating, feel free to add more Rigid King’s Amber gem. Other slots should be filled with Red gems, Armor Penetration is a priority. Add Agility only after an Armor Penetration soft cap is reached.
  2. In Classic WoW, you do not automatically know how to use all possible weapons. To learn how to use a new type of weapon, you will need to visit a weapon master. Weapon masters can be found in the..
  3. In PvE your shot rotation or priority changes drastically. Now you really need to mix in viper sting to drain mana on casters, concussion shot to stun players briefly, arcane shot to remove buffs and properly timed aimed shots to reduce healing done to the target. Marksman hunters also gain the amazing scatter and silencing shots and these should be used whenever you can. In short, in PvP combat it is not nearly so much about a rotation as about the right shot at the right time, and learning what to do takes a lot of time.
  4. Welcome to this End-Game World of Warcraft Marksmanship Hunter Class Guide. This guide is simplified and streamlined to give effective information and advice without over-complicating things
  5. Draining bosses can be effective sometimes, at least i think so. I used to do this myself, as it returns mana to you lickity split. Problem is, when the bosses don’t use mana.

Once shot that is generally ignored, but shouldn't be is distracting shot. In PvE when your group healer or cloth wearer is being attacked you can quickly save the party by firing off a distracting shot to pull the MOB to you, or better yet into a trap, than leave it on your squishy cloth wearing friend. In my opinion MM is more mobile than you are leading readers to believe. All of our instant cast shots can be used while moving. Classic WoW Hunter. A resource for all things hunter in World of Warcraft Classic

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If there are three or more enemies, you can switch a rotation of focusing your auto attack, casting Multi-Shot, and then filling with Volley instead of Aimed Shot.You’ll also benefit from a wide variety of powerful enchants. Hunters in particular get great benefits from enchants, considering that they have access to several hit chance bonuses and use multiple weapons. These enchants can definitely get expensive, but you’ll feel the difference if you spend the time to collect them all!However, the current build is pretty much identical as far as point placement goes. The only real change is that 3/3 Avoidance is now 3/3 Culling the Herd. Apart from that, it’s the same build. Marksmen shroud themselves in the perils of the untamed wilds, perfecting the use of weapons that are deadliest from great range. They've maintained little interest, however, in gaining the loyalty of the many beasts inhabiting these crude landscapes And I don’t spec into Rapid Recup, but put some points in range instead. It’s one of my personal preferences to be able to stand at absolute max range and has kept my cute draenei ass alive more than once.

Another suggestion for you Garwulf. I pulled up your Armory and I see you have a hit gem and enchant on your hands. The hit cap is only 263, but you’re at 313. You would gain some DPS by switching to an agi/crit gem (keeps the socket bonus) and an agi enchant.In the beginning, Agility is the main stat for MM Hunters, but soon enough it will be surpassed by Armor Penetration. Per calculations, the point where ArP matches Agi is when you have 700 passive ArP (from gear). This is because ArP scales with other stats, hence why new players shouldn’t blindly rush ArP in the beginning. The cap for ArP is 1400. World of Warcraft ~ Marksman Hunter Spec ~ Legion Pre-patch. Into WoW? Join the community. Get Amino If you can use a pet, then do so for the extra damage. Otherwise, keep Hunter’s Mark applied at all times (if you’re assigned to it). After applying Hunter’s Mark, your next priority is making sure that your auto attack fires off. Once it does, you can immediately start casting Aimed Shot.*Arcane Shot can be dropped from the regular priority if the Hunter possesses the necessary amount of Armor Penetration. Currently ~350 or above.

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Home » World of Warcraft Classic » WoW Classic Weapon Master & Trainer Locations. Weapon trainers and masters are special NPCs in World of Warcraft Classic. They can teach your characters.. When I started using the outdps idea it was like I switched to Tier10 gear. I could not believe how a so simple solution could drastically change my dps/experience.While I would have tended to agree with you a week ago, I’d sought further enlightenment and did some theorycrafting.

I’ve found that the best glyphs for me on the spreadsheet are kill shot, serpent sting, and hunter’s mark. The hunter’s mark glyph only became viable after I removed Arcane shot from my rotation. I also have more latency than the standard of 150ms (I’m usually at 180-200ms). That latency makes the Chimera shot glyph much less attractive. Bm hunter. Автор Riza, 4 января, 2019 в Охотник

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The Marksmanship Hunter guide for m and wow raids for bfa patch 8.1.5 is live and kicking. One of the gods for single target damage, marksman hunter ca drill. Головна Онлайн игра World of Warcraft Wotlk 3.3.5 wow пиратка [Гайд] по класу Охотник pvp (Hunter) (3.3.x) I’ve been playing a MM PvE raider for a while now with this build/glyph: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#cxbZ0eVoRuzGIsguAox00b:fbiM0z

Multiplier. DPM. Wild Hunter ( Wild Arrow Blast ). Wow, Zero fell from number 1 to number 13 & 10 respectively. However, does this dpm chart takes into account of zero after they get their buff from.. is my current build my glyphs are kinda messed up and i need to switch out IHM for Serpent Sting and i use the Aimed Shot glyph because i have 901 Arm pen and i get better results with it due to my latency. IMO Improved Barrage + Aimed Shot Glyph is a good combo, if you have like no Latency then i could see using the Chimera Glyph and dropping the 3 pts in Barrage and moving them to IHM. Blizzard have announced that their next WoW expansion - Shadowlands - is now available for We're still hoping they'll be made available through some other means. WoW 15th Anniversary Alabaster.. Agility is your best stat as it’s a direct increase to your attack power. It no longer adds Crit, however.

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Especially since you likely won’t have Improved Revive Pet, there will be several fights where it isn’t even worth using your pet at all. Spending mana and time to revive your pet just for it die a few seconds later isn’t worth the loss of DPS. This doesn’t mean you should never use your pet, but you’ll definitely want to know how likely your pet is to survive a fight to see if it is worth using.Any pet can be either Tenacity, Ferocity, or cunning and you can switch their specs at any time (out of combat.) Ferocity is generally the best choice as it provides the greatest DPS gain, but there may be situations where Tenacity or Cunning might have use.

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  1. However, at the time of writing, IHM was a better use of 3 points than Improved Barrage for beginning raiders.
  2. g for Armor Pen isn’t necessarily dead… Blizzard didn’t nerf it so bad as to kill it they just ensured that you needed to be progressing through end-game content to achieve a successful ArPen build. If you have a proc trinket and collect some ICC 10/25 gear you can still get high enough to reach the ArPen softcap (1400 Armor Pen – Trinket Proc Amount). So don’t give up hope yet!
  3. I also suggest carrying mana potions with you as MM for boss fights so that you rarely should have to use Viper during that time.
  4. In the end however, I really love where our trees are at the moment (Even BM’s not too bad anymore). There’s so much great discussion on different theories and tweaking to be done. On my druid, and pally alts, their specs never seem to change much. But on my hunter there’s so much theorycrafting. It brings another aspect to the game that I feel other classes are lacking. Well, off to the training dummies to test some of your suggestions!
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This Marksmanship Talent Guide goes over each of the talents in the talent tree meant to allow you to do The marksmanship talent tree has traditionally been by far the most popular talent tree, at one.. How to unleash shots is critical as just sitting there firing shots will not do all that much. As a marksman hunter you have many shots at your disposal, make sure you use them. Some of the most critical ones have already been mentioned above (silence and scatter shots). Silencing shot is an excellent opening shot when dealing with casters of any kind. You can open up with this shot and lead them right into a trap, where as without it, they would stay at distance making you get close to them. Your regular shots though are going to be an aimed shot opening with follow ups of stings, arcane and steady shots.

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  1. OutDPS says, “To see whether this is a DPS increase, you need to use a DPS calculator for your spec and gear.”
  2. For a concise article on this subject, check out Armor Penetration vs. Agility, Redux! over at OutDPS.
  3. hmm not sure what happened to the middle of that post but something got deleted and it would make more sense if it read as follows:
  4. Dwarves are slightly better because they have access to Gun Specialization, which slightly boosts weapon skill with guns. You won’t benefit from this unless you’re using a gun, so this makes the difference between the two races fairly negligible. Dwarves also have Stoneform, so they also make for a decent defensive choice.

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The rotation for a marksmanship hunter isn’t very difficult because you only use 2 abilities. Hunters do have access to more, but they aren’t relevant in a raid setting. This applies to Serpent Sting, which isn’t strong enough to take up one of the 16 debuff slots, and Arcane Shot, which shares a cooldown with Aimed Shot. Marksmanship Hunter. Marksmanship Hunter Rotation Addon [Battle for Azeroth 8.3 updated April 8th 2020]. Scripts As a MM hunter, due to high burst damage it is really important to use Misdirection. Even when soloing. The Marksmanship Hunter Builds in WoW Classic value Agility as their best gear stats and for many good reasons. Primary Stats Agility gives so much to the hunter class everything from Attack Power, Crit Chance to Armor and Dodge Chance, while Secondary Stats if none of the primary stats is available then Stamina, then Intellect are a good choice, and then we have Other Stats this stats is a last option choice if you cannot get any of the others. When John Striker Gullivan left the SAS, he's been far from thinking about retirement. A skilled sniper, veteran of many covert operations, he was ready to take on the less legal side of the business

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Don’t forget to put Tranquilizing Shot on your action bars! This is an important ability that removes frenzy effects. Hunters are one of the few classes that can remove frenzy, so this gives you an added responsibility in certain raids like Molten Core.I’d be really curious to see what your findings are upon further research. I’m curious where the difference is that’s causing the numbers to fluctuate some. I have to wonder if it’s a buff or one of the weird spreadsheet settings. I also find it interesting that your dps in higher in survival, as I’ve typically found dps to be lower in survival on shorter fights, and higher on marksman on longer fights. Which is why I usually pvp and run dailies in survival, but swap out to my mm spec for raids. Marksman - Archer 4th Job Skill Build: Everything maxed. 1. Piercing Arrow, Snipe, Bolt Surplus, Vital Hunter, Arrow Illusion (1) 2 wow. you have so much time to do all this? and your own website has..

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is the exact build i use and at higher levels it does do more dps. At higher content you need the added mana regen. But with that answer another one appear in my mind lol , i use to play with mm since the biggening and i love it ,i remember just to change to sv for the searching of the highest dps, and with the dual talent that was my goal. The diference between the mm and sv for me is that the mm was so much easier and natural to get a high dps than the sv, but unfortunely i create a hole set for sv 🙁 . k here is my question if i keep my set of sv and change to bm it´s the same stats to increase my dps with agility and crit or i have to change everything ? the spirits beast really are better than the others or are the same thing? and in your opinion what it is the best dual talent and why ?

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Gnarly Guides is a site for gamers looking for gaming guides and gaming news! We cover a variety of games and expansions including World of Warcraft, Fallout 4, The Outer Worlds and other AAA and Indie game titles.Spider is the most commonly used Survival / Marksmanship hunter pets. The spider has a root with a 30 yard range. This root is probably a huge part of why it’s considered the best pet for everything except BM. The spider isn’t as tanky as the crab, so you may have to call it back to keep it from dying in certain situations.

Check out popular Spell Hunter Decks (May 2020). You can check out daily, weekly and monthly win-rates for each Spell Hunter deck list That’s because I was at 265, then won the Onyxia pendant the other night. I hadn’t had time to gather the necessary items/enchants. I’m at a perfect 263 now.@Dalaila can you provide some screenshots of your dps using that viper-steady tactic? I am curious is it really that good, because personally, i use it only when my pool is empty, and so far i can say it is affecting my dps for like 300-500 at least.Always remember, hunters of all specs are fully equipped with aggro-dropping or misdirecting spells. These can be powerful weapons in your arsenal. They enable you to stand back and shoot much easier. These spells include Disengage, Feign Death (FD) and of course misdirect. Feign death is your friend, remember it and use it.You also forgot 3/3 Improved Barrage. That is very important for MM DPS and I’d get the required points from Improved Hunter’s Mark.

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In the event of an Improved Steady Shot proc, try to use Chimera Shot to release the bonus. If it’s on cooldown, just keep spamming Steadies, delaying the use of Arcane Shot or Aimed Shot until Chimera is available. The 15% damage bonus and 20% mana cost reduction is too valuable to spend on Aimed, and definitely not for Arcane. This can sometimes be a difficult chore in the heat of battle, so an addon such as Power Auras can be beneficial here.Prior to the Patch 3.2.2 Armor Penetration nerf, Armor Penetration builds for well geared end-game Hunters were all the rage. Patch 3.2.2 nerfed the effectiveness of Armor Penetration, not by a huge amount, but enough to cause Hunters to wonder whether stacking armor Penetration was worth it or not.Due to everything going on and having to switch targets often, it is very handy to have a set focus macro.You can either use this to either set focus on the enemy and switch back to them, or focus on the tank and assist them. Also, you should have the reverse macro so that you can pick up that target at any time.

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As you can see, they were all very close, with less than a 40DPS difference between the lowest and highest.Warlords of Draenor will change your rotation somewhat. Here are the changes relevant to this section: Arcane shot is now MM and S only, you no longer have access to it, Hunter’s Mark is dead, Serpent Sting is now Survival only, but your level 100 Exotic Ammo talent can duplicate the effect. The level 100 talent Focusing Shot, if you take it, will replace your Chimera Shot and your Steady Shot, Stampede is a level 75 talent. More MM changesOur detailed guides will help you enhance your gaming experience, improve your gameplay, and help you gain efficiency!The majority of % damage procs last at least 10 seconds. This means that your chance to refresh serpent is equally good no matter what Marksman rotation you use as all are based around a 10 sec primary shot and it doesn’t matter WHEN you refresh, just so long as you do. Even if Culling the Herd (10sec) and the T10 2pc bonus (10sec) proc at times that are off-set by 5secs you would still have time to refresh during their overlap using either of our rotations because CS/AS only take 3secs of the rotation to fire leaving a whole 2seconds (20%) of your rotation to refresh if necessary and likely on more than one target if you make it snappy.

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There are several things you should know in order to successfully play as a marksmanship hunter. You’ll want to understand how to play and the best rotation to use, but you’ll also want to know the race and talent options that are best suited for the specialization. This guide will also cover all aspects of optimizing your character, including enchants, consumables, professions, and how you should be prioritizing stat values.Be careful when using the Multi-shot and Volley abilities. These can cause damage to multiple targets and can draw aggro from more than one enemy. This can easily cause you to die quite quickly as the one you are targeting stays where it is, while his buddies come and beat you senseless.Pandarens (Mists of Pandaria) can be either Alliance or Horde, they choose when they leave their starting area.

While stats will vary from player to player due to individual preferences, the following is a minimum that I would aim for before attempting to help with either heroics or the early bosses (pre Curator) in Karazhan. This means that a troll is by far your best choice. Not only do they have Bow Specialization for a boost to bow weapon skill, but they also have the powerful ability, Berserking. Berserking grants additional attack speed based on missing health, but it also synergizes very well with Rapid Fire, a hunter’s main offensive cooldown. If you’re playing a marksmanship hunter, you should definitely be a troll!Wolf is the best choice currently, solely for the Furious Howl buff. However, if you are not keen on using a wolf, then other possible suggestions would be: Contribute to TheJixel/WoW-Stuff development by creating an account on GitHub

Top 10 WoW BfA Hunter Macros You Should Be Using. Do you love playing World of Warcraft, but are feeling like your Jhin, the virtuoso is a marksman, bot laner, with HUGE damage per shot As a marksman hunter you really need to learn to trap. You put out huge damage and it tends to be in big spikes. You will draw aggro accidentally at times and therefore it is critical to always have a trap of some sort out and ready to go. Trapping in general is described in our Hunter guide and won't be gone into in detail here. Just be aware of it and keep a trap ready.

But with that answer another one appear in my mind lol , i use to play with mm since the biggening and i love it ,i remember just to change to sv for the searching of the highest dps, and with the dual talent that was my goal. The diference between the mm and sv for me is that the mm was so much easier and natural to get a high dps than the sv, but unfortunely i create a hole set for sv 🙁 . k here is my question if i keep my set of sv and change to bm it´s the same stats to increase my dps with agility and crit or i have to change everything ? the spirits beast really are better than the others or are the same thing? and in your opinion what it is the best dual talent and why ?Improved Barrage basically gives you a higher crit rating on Aimed Shot, where as IHM adds 150AP (165 w/ TSA) to all of your attacks. + ~13.5 DPS. Sure it helps guard against Volley interrupt and adds to Multi’s crit, but that’s not so important. Singe target damage is what really matters here.You can check out all the abilities offered by each race option here. Otherwise, take a look at your preferred faction below!

PvE Marksmanship hunter guide. ПвЕ ММ охоник гайд 3.3.5а. PvE rotation Marksmanship hunter ARP > 600 One thing you’ll want to master is the use of your cooldowns. If you’re playing as a troll, you’ll have access to Berserking on top of Rapid Fire. If you are a troll, you’ll want to use both abilities at the same time for the greatest benefit. They do have different cooldown times, so you’ll likely cast another Berserking in between a Rapid Fire cooldown. Well I'm fairly new to WoW and I'm going to make a Hunter. I would like some suggestions or maybe a mix of marksman and beast mastery is good for leveling start off with marksman till 20 then mix it up

The Hunter is the most common class in the World of Warcraft, and for good reason. It is a solid class that puts out good damage, has a build in tank (in the form of their pet) and is fairly survivable in mail armor. Of all the different builds possible for a hunter, most hunters seem to gravitate towards a marksman build. This is likely because the tree focuses on what a Hunter is good at to begin with and makes it even better. A Marksman hunter is the master of ranged combat and capable of putting out huge amounts of damage without stepping into range to be hit back. I have a question about keeping my spec and i would like to know what it is your important opinion. I am a dual spec hunter with sv for pve and mm for pvp ,my hunter already have all t9 set, increasing my sv stats, but talking with a high lvl hunter of my guild he said that the best think now is changing the mm for pve because the think that will drop in raids and dungeons will be better for stamina increasing my mm stats, what should i do ??

Marksmanship Hunter. Balance Druid. Elemental Shaman. What is the Best DPS class in WoW right now? You can judge for yourself by exploring our chart above A focus macro is handy when in combat so that you don't need to manually switch between targets to hit and re-trap the target. Check out all the macros in their own section below. Полный гайд по Охотникам (БМ) Повелитель зверей. В Новом дополнении World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth 8.3

Haste shortens cooldowns, increases attack speed, and increases focus regen (and you will spend that focus faster.)Example: you are at 10% mana but the fight still needs at least 50% mana. Continue your rotation in Hawk until all of your shots (except Steady) are on CD. When you can fire Steady only, Switch to Viper and cast 2x Steady, then immediately switch back to Hawk and continue your rotation (Chimera, Arcane, Aimed, Silencing). When all of them are on CD again, switch to Viper and cast 2x Steady. Repeat this “trick” until you’re satisfied with your mana.

I view the Chimera Shot Glyph as required for all MM hunters as it allows you to keep Serpent Sting up on two targets without having to cast Serpent Sting multiple times on each. This is a pretty nice DPS boost if you can switch targets quickly and effectively.Spicy Hot Talbuk - Grants +20 Hit Rating for 30 minutes. Use this if you are low on hit rating as it will add allot more damage than agility. Similar to survival, for the Marksmanship Spec the Best Race for Horde is easily Orc and for the Alliance we recommend either Night Elf or Dwarves, as they are both really strong the Dwarves may have a slight edge in PVP thanks to their Stoneform Racial Trait.First of all, we have to decide which pet do we need. In terms of PVE and Raiding our top 3 pets are:

Welcome to our Marksmanship Hunter DPS guide for World of Warcraft 4.3. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about playing a Marksmanship Hunter in a raid environment, though.. advertisementYou can view even more WoW Classic Hunter Build Guides by Clicking/Tapping the links below.

Until you start becoming clad in mainly ICC gear, SV and MM will be really close. Go with which ever spec you prefer and/or feel your raid needs.I have 444 armor pen and I tried different builds at femaledwarf.com that dropped Arcane from the rotation. In all cases it resulted in a DPS loss.

As opposed to a beast master hunter where agility is your prime concern, attack power (AP) and intellect (to gain more attack power through the careful aim ability) is key. Agility is also nice as it increases your attack power, your critical strike chance, and your armor. Stamina is also useful, as it increases your health, and your stamina increases your pet's stamina as well. Other stats that will help any hunter are +critical strike rating and +to hit. This is the popular Marksman Battleground Build. you can tweak it to your liking or wear a little PVE gear to increase your damage more.Horde have several options when it comes to being a hunter. You can play as a troll, tauren, or an orc. Tauren are definitely the weakest choice of the bunch, considering they have no racial abilities that offer a benefit. War Stomp may come in handy for an additional stun, plus Endurance for +5% Stamina never hurts.As for the points in Hawk Eye… it all boils down to what works for you. Extra range is never a bad thing, and something that can’t be measured in terms of DPS. I never expect people to read what I say as the end-all-be-all gospel of Huntering. It’s more of a template to work from, which can be aletred to fit your needs and play style. Thanks for your comment. 😀

Crit is well loved by all Hunters, especially MM. Get more. At 90 your Lethal Shots ability gives you 5% more, for a base of 20%. 40% Crit gives you a 100% chance to crit (via Careful Aim) with your Steady, Focused, and Aimed Shot or while your Rapid Fire buff is active. Add another 3% for bosses and that’s your 43%. Once the boss (or target) is below 80% health then Careful Aim no longer applies to the shots and the value of Crit drops. Your Aimed Shot crits will still grant you 20 focus (from your perk.) WoW Marksman Hunter list of talents works perfectly for raiding mainly. However, it must be your priority whatever kind of battles you are going to participate. Each talent works fantastic for one..

I tell you this because I was one of those hunters who typically switch to Viper and keep up the normal rotation, until mana is high enough. Well in that case yes, Viper kills your DPS (a lot) because you sacrifice good shots like Chimera and still consume mana to use them.Rapid Recuperation isn’t so important early on (heroics, for example), but in end game raids where the fights last 4+ minutes, the extra mana regen is huge. Dropping the ISS proc to 5% as opposed to 15%, then picking up RR, produces another ~75 DPS increase, for me anyway.The marksman tree is a very effective damage tree for hunters, providing huge ranged damage output and several useful abilities. Even non-marksman hunters almost always put 20 points minimum into the marksman tree so that they gain abilities such as mortal shots. The tree offers bonuses all the way through that especially help in PvP by providing burst damage and attack power increases. Mastery is not as useful as the other stats at this time as “Standing Still” is often not a useful thing to do.On the other hand, there is a point where a Marksman Hunter can drop Arcane Shot from their priority and see a DPS increase. The reason for this, is because Arcane Shot does not scale with Armor Penetration, unlike every other shot in the MM Hunter’s arsenal.As always your pet is a very personal choice and part of your character, so if you like something specific choose it.

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