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Top 10 Hearthstone Most Fun Decks. Some Hearthstone players want to make it all the way to the The addition of the Demon Hunter class changed the meta completely. This new class was so strong.. If you think that the Hearthstone meta becomes stale too fast it is because the expansions don't release often enough and because is the nerfs of the imbalanced cards don't arrive soon enough Brawl Stars. Hearthstone This weekend's HCT Germany tour stop was Hearthstone's first big competitive event following the release of The Boomsday Project I appreciate and respect your constructed criticism. At the same time however, I don’t really see how any of the sentences would come out as “know-it-all”. If those sentences weren’t supported by the argument or a smiley (signalling cynical or sarcastic language), than I would agree with you. But giving an argument to any kind of statement sentences is how every constructed debate usually flows and how majority of professional scientific articles are usually written in. “Can’t be denied” is quite common phrase actually and talking about statistics and strengths of particular decks falls into this category. Sure, some sentences and words might be expressed better, but the message would remain the same.

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We’ll update our Standard meta tier list when everything settles slightly after the 2nd nerf patch.

The two most important differences are the fact that Mech Hunter runs Nine Lives (so bases a big part of its game plan on that card), as well as Zul’jin. Since it runs Zul’jin, unlike Bomb Hunter which is a minion-focused deck, Mech build runs a bunch of spells too – most notably Unleash the Beast, Unleash the Hounds and Deadly Shot, all of which are reactive cards. Mech Hunter builds sometimes also include other removals (like Marked Shot here, or Secrets), which are not present in Bomb version. Also, since Magnetic is not as important to the deck’s game plan, it can run a lower density of Mech cards, which means that it can play cards like Springpaw or Animal Companion without hurting its game plan that much. In fact, Mech Hunter would not want to play too many Deathrattle Mechs, because it wants to always be able to hit either Oblivitron or Mechanical Whelp with Nine Lives. It already has Spider Bomb (which is also useful from Nine Lives sometimes) and Ursatron – adding more things like Mecharoo or Replicating Menace (or even SN1P-SN4P for that matter) could possibly mess up with this game plan. Here's a pattern that Hearthstone players are familiar with: an expansion is released, the game flourishes, then the meta begins to settle, and eventually it gets completely stale Hearthstone: Most Popular Decks June 2018 - The Monthly Meta Had to re upload this version. First upload Druid Class was cut out! ► Next Episode! - vnclip.net/video/Zn8p5E29Wbg/video.html ► 100.. The truth is, Playing Razakus priest require lots of strategies to survive the early game, and its a goal to rush control decks down with aggresive/ tempo plays which also requires skill and knowledge of playing around specific counters. Like people keeps scalebane on starting hand if they face against priest, and SI if they’re going second and so on. So why i’m trying to say is that every deck you play has to do with your card choice, and decisions you made in the play.

Another thing, I have seen madam Lazul in a lot of highlander priest decks, do you think it’s required/Good to put in (I accidentally disenchanted mine). 0Sacrificial Pact2 1Mortal Coil2 1Plague of Flames2 2Mo’arg Artificer2 2Nether Breath2 2Zephrys the Great1 3Dark Skies2 3Dragonblight Cultist2 4Devoted Maniac2 4Fiendish Rites1 4Veiled Worshipper2 5Crazed Netherwing2 5Shield of Galakrond2 6Keli’dan the Breaker1 6Kronx Dragonhoof1 7Galakrond, the Wretched1 8Twisting Nether1 9Alexstrasza1 9Dragonqueen Alexstrasza1 Copy Deck Code Murloc Paladin

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Off-meta is relative with this one: the higher you are on the ladder, the more you should see Aggro If nothing has been off-meta enough for you, take a look at this one. No responsible article writer would.. IMO, pirate warrior is not that strong in this meta anymore. half the deck are 3+ drops and if your starting hand is filled with them, its going to be very frustrating.Big Druid, known as “Ramp Druid” back in the day, is one of the oldest archetypes for the class. Have slow early game, ramp up to high mana, then start dropping big minion after big minion has been the most basic way to play the class for a long time. And it seems to be pretty viable once again. Between Breath of Dreams and Overgrowth, you have enough ramp.If the only class you play sucks at the moment, and you either only play in Play Mode or play there the majority of time, then I would do one or more of the following until a new set hits and hopefully your hero class gets better cards/decks: A. Play arena runs if you have the gold or money to spend.

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The stats I’ve shown have Quest Shaman as a good matchup (63%). Maybe if you face builds that tech against Combo Priest than it’s a different story, but I’ve never seen a Quest Shaman with Hex (Earth Shocks are also rather uncommon, but I see them from time to time). You’re right that Hunters are Priest’s worst matchup and they are more common in around Rank 10. But besides Hunters, Warriors are the only bad matchup for the deck, and I wouldn’t even call it terrible – ~45/55 matchup is far from unwinnable. Stats indicate that Combo Priest is a Tier 1 deck no matter what rank you play it at, and it includes Ranks around 10. Sorry to hear that your personal experience with the deck wasn’t that great, but you might take a 60% win rate deck and then go on a 10 games losing streak with it. That’s Hearthstone for you.Guess i spoke too soon , sacc pacc is getting nerfed to target only friendly demons (alongside massive DH nerfs) The good part is Jaraxus is coming back into the meta.The Ancient Greek word meta means beyond/within itself. For example, metaphilosophy is philosophy about philosophy, or 'the investigation of the nature of philosophy.' In a similar fashion, metagame refers to the investigation of the nature of the game population. Sorry about the short comment and might feel like it was mean but i was on a train so i couldn’t type a lot . And back to the topic the winrate only speaks for the deck as a whole and doesn’t talk about any single cards and the effect it has on the game when played on a certain turn which is really well explained by Regiskillbin in his video, which shows how often both LUNAS POCKET GALAXY (we all know how often mage plays pocket galaxy on turn 5 or turn 4 with coin and there’s data to prove the same) and CC is played on curve and how high the winrate spikes when played on curve and he even compares it to the BARNES power spike when played on curve. And talking about un-fun to play against is more about what cards they draw and how often it can escalate hard like if they can put 8/8 on turn 4 and then CC it to kill u by next turn or else if you are aggro they can just freeze your board till they can do this CC shenanigans side by side or put 1 mana KING PHAORIS by turn 5-6 fill their board while freezing yours .I mean unlike warrior they can steam roll both aggro and control if they draw right and that happens more consistently (as they can generate 2 more CC or RAY OF FROST depending on the situation from MAGIC TRICK) than anything and its more about cheating out big value early in the game when most cant deal with it and most times all these situations leads to frustration and un-fun. Its like u had the game all along but they won it out of nowhere, I mean we all can understand if that happened by a puzzle box but that’s not the case most of the time We're here sharing the best decks in the MTG Arena meta. That way you can figure out which decks you want With Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths released, the meta has drastically changed on MTG Arena

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Keep up the great work! This is my defacto Hearthstone site and point people to it that are looking for guidance.Which deck are you playing to be going soo good? I’m a noob and need to get out of 18-17 down to 15 (my goal for season).

Like what happened to all the warrior decks? I mean,just got my 1000 win hero for warrior,got to diamond,and the rotation came in and boom,knocked the warrior out of the window.Just look at the highlander deck you could build in galakrond’s awakening.It was really strong,it got soo much value from cards and now….Now controll warrior is a joke,such as highlander warrior…..The saddest part of it when you build the higlander deck now,and realize that you can not really give any additional value to the deck as a warrior.I mean, yeah sure, got a good prime,but let’s be real here.All the really strong value cards rotated out,and they left warrior with basically the weakest set of cards so far.And what?If i wanna play warrior effectively i have to play that pirate warrior?Come on…Any idea how i can build a control warrior deck or a highlander deck to not S*ck all the time?Or i have to wait for the next expansion to come out?Another thing is,galakrond warrior also unuseable after the rotation,while priest got the biggest buff ever in hearthstone i guess.Awesome!hey one thing i did was, this was for WotOG because I wanted to paly somewhat casually but didn’t want to buy anything and still remain somewhat competitive, was I dusted a couple classes I didn’t play, weren’t as strong at the time, and wasn’t going to play unless they were so strong i had to. I think you just have have bad luck or don’t fully know how to play quest rogue. I’m currently at rank 5 with the quest rogue I made. (from rank 15). You can check out my deck if you want, it’s at the front page or here’s the link http://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/decks/the-cavern-below-quest-rogue/ The release of Shudderwock brought Shudderwock Shaman into play, featuring Lifedrinker, Grumble, Worldshaker and Saronite Chain Gang. Decks that aimed to kill the opponent in one turn often used Murmuring Elemental and Fire Plume Harbinger in conjunction with Shudderwock. Although Shudderwock was very powerful and seen in many competitive tournaments, its power level was not its main concern, the long-lasting animation times were. Witching Hour finally made Taunt Druid a competitive deck, utilizing Hadronox, Master Oakheart, Dragonhatcher, and plenty of taunts such as Primordial Drake and Sleepy Dragon, Taunt Druid proved to be effective against almost every deck archetype, contesting the board against aggro decks through Ironwood Golem and Oaken Summons, having plenty of removal such as Lesser Jasper Spellstone and Naturalize against midrange decks, outvaluing the control decks through Carnivorous Cube and The Lich King, and pressuring the Combo Decks with Master Oakheart and Malfurion the Pestilent. I crafted Galakrond warlock and it plays so nice that I’m honestly scared the devs might nerf it

Pally is actually pretty good, i think. Currently i’m having a lot of success with midrange palladin including curator. Try it out!“Accidentally “ yeah you were probably one of those netdeckers who got her back when she wasnt anywhere and you dusted her to craft stupid netdeck. Dude never disenchant i was being so fucked by the years by disenchantments i packed her and everyone was telling me to dust her free 400 dust blah blah. Well i didnt m, same thing with hadronox. Never dust legs . And lazul is super funGiant Hunter with Naga Sea Witch remains the midrange deck of choice, usually being able to win by turn 7, and control decks such as Reno Warlock and Highlander Priest generally stay the same with the only addition being Rotten Applebaum.

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At priest section there is a problem; its Blackrock Mountain not Blackwing Mountain. Sorry to be a grammer nazi. Love your work Evident keep up the good work!They usually update it before the new expansion, after and before the nerf patches etc. Sometimes they does not update it for 2 months. It will be updated this week i think.

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1Blazing Battlemage2 1Dwarven Sharpshooter2 1Stonetusk Boar2 1Tracking2 2Corrosive Breath2 2Explosive Trap2 2Faerie Dragon2 2Imprisoned Felmaw2 2Phase Stalker2 2Scavenger’s Ingenuity2 3Kill Command2 3Primordial Explorer2 3Stormhammer2 4Evasive Feywing2 5Rotnest Drake2 Copy Deck Code Spell Druid You can always find the latest high Legend decks here: https://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/deck-category/style/ladder/

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The decks have a very similar win rate as of now, but it’s still very early into the meta, so things might change in a week or two. However, I’m 100% sure that some kind of Tempo Demon Hunter will be viable (unless it’s nerfed once again), that’s why I put it at #1. I’m positive that Galakrond Warlock will also be good, but I’m not as sure as in case of DH 🙂Embig druid isn`t that powerful so calm yourself down. You brag about that on every article. And Galakrond priest? Wtf !? It runs 2 Galak cards, you barely can call that Galakrond priest. It`s just the same resurrect priest – the questAnd then, when talking about the answers I meant AoE board wipes like Brawl, Plague of Wrath, Plauge of Death, Equality + Pyro, Twisting Nether etc. I could have made it more clear.Token druid appears as the highest tier but the winrates % are calculated against decks from the last year, actually all deck are, that dont make sense or is it an error in the chart?

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My point is, you have to farm hearthstone a long time with aggro decks before being able to get a good control deck. So don’t complain about aggro. I just started playing again for 6~7 weeks and farming begin to be really rewarding (I used around 2000 dust+5euros in the starter packs to get an aggro deck running and now, I have almost 3500 dust in bank)Overview: The Grand Tournament's central themes of Inspire and Joust failed to take off as archetypes of their own, but value-oriented cards such as Justicar Trueheart and Nexus-Champion Saraad found use in Control decks. However, Wyrmrest Agent and Twilight Guardian pushed Dragon Priest into legitimacy. After the nerf to Warsong Commander brought down Patron Warrior and made it one of the worst Basic cards alongside Magma Rager, Silverback and a few others, Mysterious Challenger almost single-handedly carried Secret Paladin to the top. Great analysis and you are totally right. In MTG playing the value-war and getting 2-for-1’s is so important, but in HS there is so much value generation. I recently played a Rogue who very carelessly played all his cards and I had clearly stabilized, with 4 cards in hand and on a sure path to victory. Next turn he topdecks Myra’s Unstable Element and draws enough burn to finish me off. Not saying that MUE is an overpowered card or that this is a typical case scenario (we’ve all lost to lucky topdecks). I’m just saying that it feels completely wrong to get so outvalued by individual cards. It happened with the DK hero cards that pulled value out of thin air. And we still have it today, although not so blatantly, with Discover-like mechanics. And I love Discover, BTW, but not Elysiana/Master’s Call/Omega Assembly types of Discover that packs so much value in just one card.Demon Hunter is a Tier 2 deck according to replay and in my hands its more of a tier 5 deck I win maybe 20 percent of my games….i think ladder decks means decks that is used to climb ladder fast from a low rank and meta decks are the best decks but might be slower to win with like controldecks

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Hello, what do you think about Mill rogue Mogu rogue and Choose one druid? Which one is funniest and better for ladder.Same, I used to play druid cos token was top tier but it got really boring so I stopped playing and I hate druid wether I’m playing with or against him it’s a really boring no skill class .I recently got past round 20 and went on to win against a Control Warlock with my Spell Hunter. Safe to say Hunters aren’t only an aggro deck if you know what you’re doing.I’ve been waiting for two expansions now for them to fix my paladin deck… I’m about out of patience waiting especially when they should have been able to see the deck isn’t competitive. But they put it out everytime anyway. Thanks the pricey disappointment. Ironic since that the Blizzard team that makes WoW does an outstanding job in my opinion of balancing classes and making new content all the time.And one more thing – everyone finds different decks fun, so I can’t really give you a “fun” deck – something that’s fun for me might not be fun for you 🙂

more importantly, you have cornered sentry for regular quest warrior. Gives you that bump in chance to defeat taunt druid. Without it, it’s very hard, especially when you only have maximum 2 AOE with odd quest – brawl & reckless.Kibler made the same point about nerfing Mage, but I disagree. Data has to be a crucial consideration when it comes to deciding whether to nerf a deck or not, and the data doesn’t tell me Mage needs a nerf. HSReplay tells me that the most popular Warrior deck archetype, Control Warrior, has a 61.9% winrate with its most popular decklist. The second most popular archetype, Aggro Warrior, has 59.83%. The most popular Mage archetype, Control Mage, has 55.68%, followed (in popularity) by Highlander Mage with 57.12%. For reference, Secret Hunter’s winrate is 59.81%, Mech Hunter’s is 59.38%, Murloc Paladin’s is 58.42%, Quest Paladin’s is 58.02%, Combo Priest’s is 59.39%, Murloc Shaman’s is 59.7%, and Tempo Rogue’s is 57.99%. Warlock and Druid also have archetypes with comparable winrates to Mage’s.

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  1. HEARTHSTONE. Home. Meta Snapshot. Sealed Generator. Deck Builder. Welcome to the 100th edition of the Tempo Storm Hearthstone Standard Meta Snapshot
  2. Is combo priest not tier 1? It’s done well enough to get nerfed. I haven’t come across any big spell mage decks before during ranked, are they really tier 1? Same for bomb warrior, I used to come up against it loads and now I never play against it.
  3. Feels fringe. In my opinion, the reason why a deck like Recruit Hunter is thriving better than Recruit Warrior is for two reasons:
  4. Overview: The introduction of Hero cards once again pushed the power level, slowing the metagame even further as decks worked to play these expensive powerhouses. In particular, Shadowreaper Anduin took the game by storm, combining the original version of Raza the Chained for massive damage. The usual aggro gap was filled by Tempo decks, which utilized Prince Keleseth and the heart of the cards for a major power boost throughout the game.
  5. Hearthstone - New Meta Patron Mage. beepbeepimajeep. 51:52. Mulligan Meta Skip To 33:21 (Hearthstone) New Meta: Beast Priest. elejwapa. 2:50. Hobbs Meta Net Deck Test ~ Hearthstone..

Priest isn’t in a great spot right now. Miracle version shows most promise, but it’s still not a great deck. Or rather, it IS great when it works, but it’s not an incredibly consistent one – you get a lot of terrible hands that you just can’t win with. It’s also pretty difficult, so in the lower ranks it’s a low Tier 3 deck at best. It got briefly popular in high Legend, but mostly because of the novelty – players still didn’t knew exactly what it can do and how to face it. Once they’ve started teching for it, it was no longer that good. I think increasing Dr. Boom Mad Genius’ mana cost to 10 specifically would be a very big deal, delaying a Control Warrior from being fully operational by one turn. Control Warrior already has a very awkward turn 9, which can be exploited by playing giant minions that would be prime targets for Omega Devastator’s Battlecry right before Warrior’s turn 9. After that, on turn 10, Warrior can do crazy powerful things: with Dr. Boom already online, you can Omega Assembly, Omega Devastator, Dyn-o-Matic, and rush both minions into any board your opponent might have left over. The story would be very different if turn 10 made you choose between playing Dr. Boom Mad Genius, or playing your Omega Devastator plus something else, but without Rush and delaying the point where the Dr. Boom hero power comes online. Then again, changing its battlecry that gives mechs Rush into something else would also do a lot to bring the card’s power level down to a better place.Every game is different. One game one card would help better and vice vers. But to make a choice I would go with Elise. Could get huge rng cards from her spell.Interestingly enough, Priestess of Fury has dodged both nerfs despite being an insanely powerful card. Your basic gameplay hasn’t changed even after the nerfs – you basically want to kill your opponent while constantly refilling your hand and making amazing board swings thanks to all kinds of mana reductions and efficient removals. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the deck was nerfed once more, but finally it’s not something they have to do right away, luckily.On my America server however my cards have been crap but I got Supreme Archaeology and Dr Morrigan so I hoped it’s a viable alternative but I guess not. Then Archvillain Rafaam popped up on my Asia server which was an annoying divide, needless to say he is dust now.

1Renew2 2Penance2 3Breath of the Infinite2 4Archmage Vargoth1 4Bad Luck Albatross2 4Bone Wraith2 4Grave Rune2 4Holy Nova2 4Psychopomp2 4Shadow Word: Ruin1 5Convincing Infiltrator2 6Khartut Defender2 7Galakrond, the Unspeakable1 7Skeletal Dragon1 7Soul Mirror1 8Catrina Muerte1 9Mass Resurrection2 9Plague of Death2 Copy Deck Code Galakrond Priest It’s not fun to be annoyed and frustrated for any length of time playing Hearthstone or doing anything in life. So do safe productive things that make you happy, and limit your exposure to things that don’t make you happy as much as possible, as long as it’s beneficial to you in the long run.The best advice I can give you is to find the archetype that fits you best. I just got in to hearthstone and I’m currently rank 9, which is by no means the best, but I have played a few card games over the years and I almost always start out playing really hard control. People are saying that you can only play aggro in the meta, but that’s not true, agrro just always does really well at the beginning of an expansion because people have to figure out how to handle the onslaught. I’ve been climbing the ladder with a control dragon priest that’s not even on the deck tier list and it has around. 75% win rate. Study the other decks, learn the cards they run, and adjust your strategy to handle that. Good luck, I hope things turn up for you.

Highlander Rogue is slightly worse than the regular Galakrond version, but it’s still great. What it sacrifices in consistency (the worst thing about it is how hard it is to fully activate Galakrond because you’re missing a lot of Invoke cards), it makes up in the flexibility of Zephrys the Great as well as an amazing late game threat of Dragonqueen Alexstrasza. Other than that, the game play is quite similar, so pick the one which you enjoy more (although Highlander version is significantly more expensive).Patch nerfed Spiteful Summoner, Naga Sea Witch, Possessed Lackey, Call to Arms, Dark Pact, and Crystal Core. The effected decks included Cube Warlock, Spiteful Druid, Quest Rogue, Giant Hunter, Even Paladin, and Murloc Paladin. As a result of the nerfs, Spiteful Druid stopped seeing play altogether, with Taunt Druid being the only competitively viable Druid deck until the release of The Boomsday Project. Giant Hunter was also completely abandoned. All other nerfed decks kept seeing play, albeit with less power. Even Paladin abandoned its Silver Hand Recruit package in favor for a Corpsetaker package, featuring Corpsetaker, Windfury Harpy, and sometimes Tirion Fordring. Control Warlock contested Cube Warlock's position in the meta and sometimes saw play. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Tempostorm Meta Snapshot 12. more with their new format and that they use a selection of 6 good players opposed to just Hyped doing the Meta Snapshots himself

Did you read what the guy said? Who COPIES decks will never be a click after anyone, bro. And he doesnt expect to be ahead, just the game to be more fun. Those who copy meta decks never have fun, they are just focusing on winning more. You must be that guy that copy various decks (aggro ones I mean) and even disenchant to build such decks… just to hit legend and comment like you are a good player… hahaha. shame on you! Real-Time Hearthstone Stats and Meta Reports Generated using actual hearthstone games. Game data is collected using our plugins for Hearthstone Deck Tracker and TrackoBot Galakrond's Awakening saw the rise of Mech Paladin with the arrival of Shotbot. Highlander Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, and Embiggen Druid were also rampant in the meta during this time.


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  1. Overview: Gadgetzan is remembered for the rise of the Pirate all across the meta, to the point where Bloodsail Corsair was a legitimate card for Druid decks for Patches the Pirate. While the Grimy Goons archetype only found much success in Paladin, Jade Golems began to see play, most notably in Druidand Kazakus breathed new life into Reno Jackson decks. Aviana and Kun the Forgotten King proved to be a devastating late-game finisher for Druids, and from them rose the most powerful deck in Hearthstone history.
  2. well Ill try it when I craft it but ill have to get some dust just used it all on cubelock which isn’t much help against anything except paly!
  3. Was previously a run of terrible luck … started bad again today, dropped from 13 to 14 then started to turn it around – got to rank 12 before I got bored.

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I play mostly mage and over the years have rarely seen it crack the tier 2 list and I find it rather irksome as I usually have pretty decent success, admittedly maybe because I’m not too high up the ladder. I’m just left confused how a deck can be a strong matchup against everything other than 1 class (Hunter), by your own words it is quite successful in tournaments after banning Hunter, and yet be second to last on this list. Granted that may keep it out of top tier 1 decks, or even the bottom, but second to last? That seems to be pretty low. “Pray to the RNG gods”? To play Reno it’s turn 10 (9 under certain circumstances) if you don’t have any board presence yet, you’re playing the deck wrong. There should be many minions on your side of the field by now, probably your opponent too so for that random spell to be A) a pyroblast and B) thrown at yourself, that’s just highly unlikely. Hearthstone. First up, Blizzard has finally responded to the issue of players gaming the Fireside Here's our updated snapshot of the top ten decks being played in the Hearthstone meta right now Great write up as always. Personally Iam not convinced of quest druid though. Iwin against it most of the time and I don’t really enjoy piloting it myself. It is decent and popular, but I wouldn’t call it the best right now. Season 2019 Hero Meta and Pick Rates

I’m not saying that this is perfect, but I think that it should be closer than HSReplay. The closest one would probably be Vicious Syndicate, though, because they have a team of experts on top of stats.Okay, I can definitely believe a big spike in winrate from playing Luna’s Pocket Galaxy on curve, similar to a Year of the Raven aggro deck with a turn 2 Keleseth or a turn 4 Barnes on Big Priest as you mentioned, so that can be pretty frustrating as there’s not a lot of in-game counterplay to that.

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Odd quest has significant weakness, you lack warpath & blood razor, both extremely great in clearing mass 1/1 mob. Warpath allows you to deal 4 dmg to all minion when you’re turn 10 to use your hero power.Control warlock lower tier than evolve shaman? Say it isn’t so! I don’t put much time into rank farming, but I had no trouble getting to rank 10 using a cube free manipulator free honest control-lock. It requires a decent hand to beat aggro, but it can generally survive to turn 8 and from then on its smooth sailing! I think ill post the decklist, one of my friends hit rank 5 with it, so it certainly isn’t awful!Each game format and game mode has its own meta, due to the differing rules and population. Similarly, different regions tend to have different metas, likely due both to separate player pools, and overall cultural differences, often influenced by larger gaming trends in those regions. When used without context or qualifiers, the term meta is usually used to refer to that of Standard format Ranked Play.

It doesn’t matter to me and I’m not sure if others get confused. I would say if it’s never caused confusion before, don’t mess with it.Renolock is MORE than capable! Check out some of the nzoth renolock lists. I’m currently rank 122 legend with renolock and I’ve played it all season.

you have to find the right deck to counter the meta at the time u are playing. use aggro druid / mid range pally / quest warrior. once you get it right, you will start win streaking.We've received your message and a partnership manager will be contacting you shortly. Thanks for your interest in ProGuides!Well…there were decks that recquired no skill at all. Today’s aggro decks are “fair” in a sense, but let’s go down to memory lane and remember Aggro Shaman and the old Pirate Warrior. I don’t think I need to convince you guys, but those decks were true “autopilots”.

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The problem depends on the way these cards are nerfed, they are done in a more linear way . I mean blizz should be more creative in nerfing the cards rather than nerfing it to a unplayable state and suddenly that deck is low tier. When the cards are printed they intend to have some power level and if they are to be nerfed later for that power level why print the card in the first place rather i would like it to have that kind of power without breaking the meta and having a healthy gameplay. I mean rather than increasing the cost or removing a text they should think on what else can be done which will bring the cards power level down but not to a point where its just garbage and it has the intend game plan and power level which was imagined before printing the card. Rather done just increasing the Pocket Galaxy to 6-7 mana they can increase the minions cost to 3 or do something else, similarly for Dr. Boom rather than increasing the cost ,the text can be changed where rush only applies to Mech with 5 or less attack and for CC as previously done they can increase the 12 mana pool with worst stat minions so there’s a risk in it when you are CC-ing a minion and FROST NOVA freezes both yours and opponents board.The meta is a subject of constant discussion in Hearthstone media, with changes regularly charted, and the emergence of new deck types documented.

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It may be helpful to include the pro player’s name in the deck name, even if there’s a guide. For example, you have a guide for Midrange Murloc Paladin that use’s Machamp’s deck, which is cited in the guide. However, a person wouldn’t know that by browsing this listing. On the flip side, it seems the pro player that created the deck is mentioned in the title of there isn’t a guide, like Feno’s Control Paladin. Top Hearthstone Decks in the Meta. Best Standard Decks in the Meta. Tier 1 Decks by High Legend Players Really nice post stonekeep keep it up. One question tho, do you think quest malygos Druid is better than just the normal quest?As a ftp player how do you reccomend me get this amount of dust? I dont like disenchanting cards because i usually just end up spending dust to craft them later lmao. People have told me to play arena but i usually only end up getting 3 -4 wins if im lucky im just lost hope you can help

Stonekeep, i want to make a deck to play it for long time. Can you please tell me a deck that will always be funny and good for ladders? I want to use it for a long time. Please help. Последние твиты от HS Meta Stats (@MetaStats). Hearthstone Meta Stats using actual user data. Los Angeles, CA

So I got hunter quest as free gift and opened rogue quest in my total of 15packs so far… is any of them good? i have tried all streamer versions of quest rogue but barely get any wins. I fell from 10-11 to 20 from inactivity and constantly face control warriors, quest druids and few zoolocks. most of them have the full deck (which surprises me that they got t1 full decks and are r20. I managed to get 1600dust and i dont know what legendary i may need, highlander decks are expensive (dont have siamat/zephrys highlander class cards). 1Arcane Breath1 1Ray of Frost1 2Astromancer Solarian1 2Doomsayer1 2Frostbolt1 2Khadgar1 2Zephrys the Great1 3Arcane Intellect1 3Frost Nova1 3Ice Barrier1 3Overconfident Orc1 4Bone Wraith1 4Conjurer’s Calling1 4Escaped Manasaber1 4Twilight Drake1 5Malygos, Aspect of Magic1 5Rolling Fireball1 5Ruststeed Raider1 6Blizzard1 6Dragoncaster1 6Reno the Relicologist1 7Siamat1 8Deep Freeze1 8Power of Creation1 8Tortollan Pilgrim1 9Alexstrasza1 9Dragonqueen Alexstrasza1 10Kalecgos1 10Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron1 10The Amazing Reno1 Copy Deck Code Highlander Rogue

I hope y know that y are funny…First i dont care about reports 2nd is that you cant accept that you are bad if you cant pass beyond rank 17,so i didnt say anything bad myself its just the truth i see from what you saidI don’t brag, I stated the obvious. You can’t deny it is true. Embiggen druid is still powerful, especially if it hits 2/3 main cards in the early game. As for Galakrond priest, it is ment Galakrond itself, the card. Not full invoke package needs to be played to make it work and that is exactly what I was saying. So far statictics say this version is performing better than quest version, so my statement so far is correct.The way you behave and the way you communicate without proper argumentation proves it all. You have been noting but offensive without even aknowledging what the discussion was all about. If you think you can call others names and they will silently stood by, you are wrong. It is obvious to me that you didn’t even read properly. Learn some manners, bye.

Yeah, the win rate I’ve posted was from R10 – Legend. And it got even worse since I’ve posted it – right now it’s at 40.8%. Warlock’s Quest has the worst win rate – 2% lower than the second worst Quest right now (which is, surprisingly, Hack the System with ~43% – I thought that Mage’s will be second worst, but it’s pretty close at ~44% :p).You are obviously being a troll. Being stuck on rank 17 for ages and suddenly you are going into Legend rank with a winstreak of 9? There aren’t any winstreaks anymore after rank 5 so that is already BS. You claim you dont care if people say you probably just suck but you are in the same message throwing around with ban talk. Sharehs.com is a quick decks tool for HearthStone players. Its primary function is to provide the HearthStone community easy access to Professional Players decks across all regions

Temple of Anubis map guide - Overwatch | Metabomb

Sensei Picks: Top 10 Hearthstone Meta Decks for - Gamer Sense

  1. Welcome to the Eleventh Edition of Team Rankstar's Wild Meta Snapshot for 2019! In this meta report, we will be going through a tier list of 67 decks we've seen frequently on ladder, explain the..
  2. Dude im a warrior player too i have 1200+ wins and i can tell you, you’re wrong af. Yes since after ungoro warrior was bad i even remember that but since the launch of hs warrior was top 3 classes ever. Control warrior is something developpers dont want back in the game that’s probably why they nerf it from time to time. Basically in standard for the past 2 years odd and dr boom warrior was fucking everywhere warrior was S tier idk ehat youre talking about… they basically made boomsday to buff warrior since it got slack for a while. You can be happy that’s it your favourite but fiery win axe was a huge nerf idk how they will return that ever.
  3. g unsuccessful in the resulting meta; or the popularity of the counter deck may itself inspire players to use decks that work well to counter that deck, leading to the rise of yet another counter-deck, and so on. However, while individual decks can influence the meta strongly, the variety of decks seen usually results in more complex shifts, with a range of counters and checks in place. Overall, the meta functions much like a bacterial culture - the population shifts constantly, responding to any changes in its environment, engaged in an ongoing power struggle between its various counter-balanced elements.
  4. Why? this is one of the best expansions in my opinion and most if not all of 12!! top meta decks are relatively cheap to craft
  5. If you need to play another deck to keep an interesting in between, then I don’t blame you. However, my number one tip, is don’t switch cards in against specific decks because they feel like you only play those decks. Too often do people switch because they play 3 hunters in a row when playing a slow deck. Just remember that you are playing against an incredibly small portion of the people playing and that the reason why Pros’s play stuff like both crabs and eater of secrets is due to the Conquest style format where it’s beneficial to play hard counters.

Already done that in effect as I’ve not played enough standard ladder to keep my rank up … yes you get some bad decks at rank 20 (encountered someone who was obviously seeing how far they could get using nothing but basic cards yesterday) – but more often than not you just get net-decks piloted badly. Welcome to the Hearthstone Leaderboards! Hearthstone Leaderboards are based on the monthly list of Top Hearthstone Players posted by Blizzard every month and aggregated by Hearthstone..

Of course! It’s not an obligation to follow the rule, but to prevent any regrets later on it’s generally a good rule to follow.why did they have to get warlock to a point it just sucks? It is my favorite class, I don’t even play hearthstone anymore at the moment because it’s also the only class I play. I think they shouldn’t have removed power overwhelming

Shudderwock probably isn’t on here because the way people use it is practically bug abuse. I’ve had games of ranked disconnect post update even after they shortened animations. Not to mention if you use it you give every one you play against cancer. Can’t wait until it’s removed from standard.I’m surprised Cube Warlock is tier 2. I’m no legend player, but I find it pretty easy to beat any of the decks listed on tier 1 provided I don’t get incredibly unlucky. The only match I usually find difficult is Aggro Paladin.The meta is primarily of interest to players seeking to anticipate the choices of their opponents. Since the opponent's class is not revealed until the match has started, and the contents of their deck usually does not become clear until some way into the match, being able to predict the opponent's choices offers a strong tactical advantage. Additionally, certain decks are considered "hard counters" to other decks, with the current meta often having an element of "rock-paper-scissors", and some matchups estimated to offer as little as a 10% chance of victory to the less fortunate side. Knowledge of the meta thus allows for superior strategy within a match, during the mulligan, and when choosing which deck to play with. I just hit Legend with Galakrond Warlock. It’s super strong against a lot of other decks currently.The stats are provided by metastats.net and it might take them a while to update for the new Rise of Shadows decks. Don’t pay attention to those for now.

It hurts knowing that cubelock will only keep falling on these lists. It was such a good, fun deck, but I don’t see blizzard adding any significant cards to it before most of it’s core cards get rotated out next year.it is actually 5/10 minion that are <5. It was originally created as a big priest by Savjz but other names have been adopted since early September including zerek priest, OTK priest etc.

Understood. I am looking for a deck that i can play it really long time. Like highlander hunter and zoo warlock but i have these decks. So i wanna make a deck that never gets old. Can you tell me a deck about this? Thx. All Rights Reserved. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. That doesn’t solve the problem with Luna’s Pocket Galaxy .KIng Phaoris summons minions based on the cost of the spells you hold, CC-ing King Phaoris is not the problem ,problem is when you can summon a full board of 4/5 ,8/8,and so on for just for 1 mana is high value and when done on turn 5-6 is meta breaking same with Tortollan Pilgrim, discover a spell and cast it for 1 mana is huge and when you see like this there’s a huge value bundled into a single card when played on curve which doesn’t need any kind of former settings to activate . Anyways as i told earlier, its neither me nor you who’s gonna make this nerfs or balance changes happen so it doesn’t matter either way someones gonna be at the top no matter what 🙂You didn’t come off as a, know it all, but that’s just me; to me it seems like your are just letting others know you where right and that you where teasing the community a little, which the community needs to not explode every time someone points out the obvious. Also for the record I thought Imbiggen Druid was going to be a fail, but after a few games of getting pounded, I realized it was a good. “Opened minds grow faster then closed minds”AND BEST OF YET……make your opponent say to himself, “wtf just happened “as cursor-ing abck and forth between the different card infos consumes the next 10 sec of his [email protected]@@@GET OWNED OPPENENT! “WaggleLock”

Pls send some guide for odd paladin. I think I don’t play IT right. I am ať rank 15 and I can’t get to 14 Thxso, these galakronds will be here for 2 years, right? am I the only one who thinks they are so much powerful? KoFT had hero cards but they were acceptable and “beatable” if you play right. once my opponent becomes galakrond, it’s really hard to beat it with non-galakrond tribes such as hunter. I was rank 20 when uldum starts, and I was 9 when galakronds arrive. now, stuck on bottom of 10, thanks to the milestone. I am not sure if it’s even possible to pass 5 now as a f2p player.Agree with everything, except for Druid not having answer to N’Zoth. An addition of baleful banker allows you to go infinite with Elise, Kun, Zephrys and an extra card of your choice. So far, I haven’t lost a single game against N’Zoth builds. Also, midrange N’Zoth warlock shows some promise as well, I would either add it or replace control warrior that seems to be struggling. Oh and this is from a player who actually reached Legend and is rank 5-Legend consistently every season.This new Highlander Hunter doesn’t feel like tier 1 tbh – more like solid tier 2. Seem to need a very good curve and my opponent a poor draw to win with it. Still trying to work out when is the best time to trade and when to go face.

Control priest isn’t really a tier 1/2 deck, it doesn’t handle well early pressure, since it has little removal, so it loses to even/odd paladin, even shaman …Wow. Learn some english and learn to read. Nice one! I get now with whom i`m talking. Have a “gud” day SIR.Dude calm the hell down, it’s one legendary and it doesn’t matter. I tried playing priest and it turns out it’s not very good or fun atm.

Pls help, I crafted the wrong deck.. If I would have known about the second shaman, my dude would still have Vessina and a good playable evolve shaman.. This is really frustrating, because at one side you want to have one of the best decks that is also cheap enough. But at the other hand you may lose many value for crafting it. ????‍♂️ How long is this evolve deck going around actually? Could it be a few weeks now or just a couple days? Also is there a way to prevent getting rekt in this scenario? (If I knew that, I would’ve kept Vessina and crafting all the Low-Roll cards xD And also the Sea Giants there would’ve been just 800 dust not 48???????? in legendarys.. But the positive thing is.. in one month it’s still playable for good mostly, if thez don’t nerf mogul with eight mana cost xP ) This is really awfull don’t getting that washed away ????‍♂️Metagaming is any strategy, action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game. Another definition refers to the game universe outside of the game itself. Metagaming differs from strategy in that metagaming is making decisions based upon out of game knowledge, whereas strategies are decisions made based upon in-game actions and knowledge. In simple terms, it is the use of out-of-game information or resources to affect one's in-game decisions. Unfortunately I wasn’t forward thinking enough when they gave free legendaries out and I only ever logged in in Europe to get my free Archmage and Snip Snap, crafting them now would be like getting kicked in the balls.The problem is that there’s been a ton of value power creep since then. The very concept of dealing with 2 of your opponents’ cards with just one of your own becomes a little suspect when the game is full of cards like EVIL Miscreant, Omega Assembly, Book of Specters and Crystalsong Portal that refill your hand very cheaply and efficiently. For the most part, I think that this has been a good thing for Hearthstone, as completely running out of steam because you have no cards in hand isn’t a lot of fun- remember Blizzard pushing no-cards topdeck Hunter, with cards like Brave Archer, Quick Shot and Core Rager? We’re a long ways from those days.I think the Web master here is great actually, he responds well and isn’t rude about it. I enjoy this website a lot, most the people here are pretty chill and respond to my questions well, only website where a can ask questions and be told im an idiot.

Or maybe, just maybe some people have fun while they are winning. Competing is in some people’s nature. We aren’t judging you for wanting to play wacky, fun decks, so please stop whining if we have fun winning. You can always just concede down to rank 20 if you want to play against bad decks.Thank you for this. I hope you’ll never get tired giving tips about newbies. Btw i’m really hype about WCG for making Hearthstone as their official game titles, i can’t wait for it to start to learn some techniques.

https://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/decks/malygos-shaman-rise-of-shadows-feno/ but swap both hauting visions for lightning storm and feral spiritAs a fellow fan of Control-style decks, let me posit this question: which would you rather have? Every game last 4-10 minutes? Or every game last 3/4 of an hour?

Galakrond Warlock is a top deck because it does really well vs. Tempo Demon Hunter, and there are a lot of people playing Tempo Demon Hunter on ladder right now. Otherwise, it didn’t get any great new cards that would have elevated it from mid-Tier 2 to top of the meta so suddenly. If the percentage of Tempo Demon Hunter goes down the win rate of Galakrond Warlock will go down too.Just one question: What happened to Miracle Priest? Priest has the lowest winrate on hsreplay, but having zero good meta decks is pretty sad.On this page, you will find all the meta decks that we currently have on Icy Veins. You can use the category and tag filters to further refine your selection.Guide list is made about Kingsbane Mill Rogue, but it’s win percentage clearly tell that it’s a fringe deck.

ProGuides isn’t endorsed by Riot Games and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends. League of Legends™ and Riot Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc.We will review and resolve each case carefully. If you have specific questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected]. 1Disciple of Galakrond2 1Renew2 2Mo’arg Artificer2 2Penance2 2Shadow Word: Death2 2Thoughtsteal2 3Breath of the Infinite2 3Madame Lazul1 3Shadow Madness1 3Vulpera Scoundrel1 4Fate Weaver2 4Holy Nova2 5Shield of Galakrond2 5Time Rip2 6Kronx Dragonhoof1 7Galakrond, the Unspeakable1 7Soul Mirror1 9Plague of Death2 Copy Deck Code Big Druid

We’re updating the site every day, just not the tier list… It’s one of the hundreds of posts on HSTD.Not trying to be rude but I`m rank 2 with cubelock just now reached my peak with it.I get matchups with legendary cubes so I dont see how it is that you can not surpass rank 17.It’s absolutely sh*t… not a single warrior deck has listed on here in suchna long time. Warrior (a long time ago) had a really good time with control warrior. It was OP so it seems blizzard are now making warrior sh*t and seem to have abandoned it entirely. Not a single warrior deck can compete anymore and as a warrior player, it has absolutely ruined my enjoyment of the game… i literally just concede immediately to every class other than demon hunter, which it can win about 1 in 5 times, which is better than the 1 in 10 times it wins against all the others… really bad how they’ve just abandoned warriorI’m playing Cubelock, but I’ve scratched a Spellbreaker and Prince Taldaram for a couple of Tar Creepers. Aggro Paladin is extremely easy dude, think about this: they’re very reliant on Call of Arms which is basically a set up for Defile. And by turn 7 they concede.When I was playing galakrond rogue i met a quest galakrond shaman and he spawnd 4 8/8s and i was like, “hum……wtf just happened.”I just felt like the Malygos combo deck was better, but you might be right maybe I shouldn’t have removed it.

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