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  1. The suffix ‘지마 (jima)’ is the informal version of ‘-지 마세요 (ji maseyo)’ which means ‘don’t’.
  2. Please note that not all content is translated or available to residents of all countries. Contact us for full details.
  3. If you have Korean friends or acquaintances or if you are/will be spending a decent amount of time in Korea, this will be For close friends, you can simply use the Polite informal form for most situations
  4. If you are not prepared to accept severe limitations on your movements and behavior, you should not go to North Korea.
  5. You often see 알바생 (albasaeng) at 편의점 (pyeonuijeom | convenience stores), 피씨방 (pissibang | Internet cafe), and 카페 (kape | cafe) etc. Look out for those 알바생 (albasaeng) the next time you’re nearby a 대학교 (daehakgyo | university)!

cassiawag mentioned this issue Mar 11, 2020 Need translators for weekly situation reports #118 Closed Copy link Quote reply Contributor cassiawag commented Mar 12, 2020 • edited @minkyuxyz, let me know when you're finished! Thanks @hanbin973 English English - Japanese English - Korean English - Spanish Japanese - English Spanish - English. 그들은 매우 어려운 상황에 놓여 있다• She's in the same situation as we are

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If you happen to be 모쏠 (mossol) and want to fight fire with fire, you can use 솔로천국 커플지옥 (sollocheonguk keopeuljiok). It’s aimed at couples, and means “Solo Heaven Couple Hell.”Like in some of the other Korean slang terms,  노 (no) here is the same as “no” or “not” in English. Even the North Korean population who are always in the dark must have heard (I am assuming What will the soldiers do? Arguably they are more important in this situation than the weak and oppressed.. Copy link Quote reply Contributor hanbin973 commented Mar 13, 2020 i've read read through. It is much better with @minkyuxyz 's contributionThis Korean slang term can be used to describe someone with a great body, like a guy who is quite fit and muscular or a girl who has a great figure! It is a combination of the word for “body” (몸 | mom) and 짱 | jjang which means “great” or “the best.”

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Agricultural situation. Korean. 농업현황. Last Update: 2013-06-12 Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: English. [D]Coma (situation). Korean. 상세불명의 혼수 In Korean, this is more often used to express yourself when your mental status is on the fritz! It’s used in various situations where this is the case. For example, you could say it when at the last minute you realize you have to work on the weekend and you have a huge date that you can’t cancel!This word is a funny combination of the words baby face (베이 | bei) + glamor (글 | geul). 녀 (nyeo) just refers to a female. This is a girl who has a baby face that is cute an innocent, but an attractive, overly sexy or glamorous body. This can be used to suggest that two people look or act the same. It comes from the name of the bean paste filled pastries that resemble fish that you can buy from roadside stalls in winter.

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Speaking of Facebook, everyone needs a profile picture for their favorite social media page! You can talk about that by using this Korean slang word, which is short for 프로필 사진 (peuropil sajin | profile picture). - South Korean people in general are known to be very religious, They are practical people, they have tried different ways to reach a fundamental korean ideal: a sense of harmony and balance of.. Guys, you can use the same term for a girl who is your friend but isn’t your girlfriend. Change the 남 (nam) to 여 (yeo) which stands for 여자 (yeoja), and you’ve got 여사친 (yeosachin)!In November the crisis flared again when North Korea shelled Yeonpyeyong Island, again near to the disputed maritime border between the two states. Four people were killed, and the South returned fire. Since that time both China and Russia have called for restraint, whilst the United States has declared its strong support for South Korea, joining with the country for military exercises. The South Korean government has strengthened its forces on Yeonpyeyong Island, and has said it will use air strikes if it is attacked again. Live fire exercises held by the South near the border in December were denounced by the North; the North Korean Defence Minister Kim Yongchun said it was ready for a “sacred war” against the South. At the time of writing the Security Council has not been able to agree a position on the Yeonpyeyong incident. This word, which literally means “carrot,” is used to mean “of course” because it sounds similar to the word for “당연하지 (dangyeonhaji)?” You can say “당근이지 (danggeuniji)?” 

Thank you for this wonderful article as well as all the insightful and vital information it provided. I'm wondering what it would be like to live in such a tightly controlled culture. One thing surely fascinated me; safety and the concept of lack of street crime. Something undoubtedly which results from severe punishment and strict monitoring not mention the fear of torture and imprisonment. Credit: Korea Summit Press Pool via AP. To illustrate how economically impracticable the situation is, let's compare the current Korean situation to post-Cold War German reunification From the verb 쏘다 (ssoda), which means ‘to shoot (a gun | arrow etc.)’, the Korean slang expression 내가 쏠게 (naega ssolge) means ‘I’ll pay’. You can say this at the end of a date if you want to impress your companion and take care of the check.This word literally translates to “rock fastball” and that’s exactly what it’s meaning is intended to portray, although in this case we’re not talking about baseball! When someone says something in a very direct manner or behaves very forward, you can use the word 돌직구 (doljikgu) to describe it and in doing so, compare the action to throwing a fastball with a stone!Visited NK last February...It is a great place to visit...!!! Heed your guides words to the letter!!! Learn when to keep your mouth shut!!! Stupidity and making mistakes carry no weight in NK!!! Yes, it can be a 'dangerous' place!!!

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Short for 엄마친구의 아들 (eommachinguui adeul | my mom’s friend’s son) or  엄마친구의 딸 (eommachinguui ttal |my mom’s friend’s daughter), these Korean slang phrases are used to describe “the perfect child” or someone who is good at everything.This is an abbreviation of 안구에 습기차다 (angue seupgichada), meaning “dampening of the eyeballs.” It’s a direct term used to describe when someone tears up from embarrassment or humiliation!What are the best slang words that you have come across while learning Korean? Let us know in the comments below!

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  2. al act in North Korea to show disrespect to the country's current and former leaders, Kim Jong-Il and Kim Il-Sung. Persons violating the laws of North Korea, even unknowingly, may be expelled, arrested, or imprisoned.
  3. Hey, l want to visit just to see the new fireworks show... l hear its going to be bigger than Sydney!!!
  4. kyuxyz commented Mar 11, 2020 Just read. They are overall very well translated. I'll try to fix just a few bits in upco
  5. Korean Language Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for linguists, teachers and students of the Korean language. The Sino-Korean numbers are used in limited situations
  6. The Korean Friendship Association (KFA) was founded on November of the year 2000 with the The Korean Friendship Association (KFA) receives official information from Pyongyang and has contacts..
  7. ded, mis-guided, and sadly mis-spelled comments are authored by narrow headed baby boomer types. These people are not a threat to America, relax.

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Short for the phrase 넘을수 없는 사(4)차원의 벽 (neomeulsu eomneun sa(4)chawonui byeok), this term literally means “unclimbable wall.” It is used to refer to something that cannot be overcome or that is a big obstacle. Copy link Quote reply Contributor hanbin973 commented Mar 11, 2020 I have completed a first complete draft. Can anyone have a try and check whether the translations are good enough?Someone please help me understand why anyone would want a "cultural experience" if all that money will go directly into the pocket of the oppressive machine and not the people? English-Korean Dictionary. Translation of «situation». in Korean language: «상황». Migrant women entrepreneurship also effects the living situation of the same migrant women

This literally means ‘princess disease’ (the male equivalent is ‘prince disease’ or 왕자병 (wangjabyeong). This is when somebody is acting like a spoiled little princess and constantly seeking attention and wanting their partner to buy them things.North Korea’s uranium enrichment plant is now well developed, and it is thought that the country has enough plutonium to make six bombs. The UN has accused the North Korean regime of exporting nuclear technology to Iran, Myanmar and Syria, in defiance of UN bans. The situation is highly fluid, and the nuclear disarmament process remains stalled. When I was in the Navy many years ago, we were told before disembarking in a foreign country to respect the laws and customs of the country. North Korea is no different. If you want to visit, obey the rules. I would love to be able to visit North Korea someday. It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.Gary Meenaghan traveled to Pyongyang to see the Arirang Mass Games, and learns a lot more about North Korea than he ever imagined.This is short for 안물어봤어 (anmureobwasseo), meaning “I didn’t ask you.” It can be slightly rude and should only be used with those that are really close to you when you know they won’t be offended.

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Use 썸남 (sseomnam | about men), and 썸녀 (sseomnyeo | about women) to describe someone you have feelings towards but not formally dating.So this phrase means “no answer” and can be used in any situation where there is no solution. By using it, you are inferring there is “no answer” to the problem or situation like a troublemaker for whom who there is no hope for.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met with his Japanese counterpart Taro Kono for bilateral discussions on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York City, Monday You will not have access to anyone or anything that is not part of your authorized tour. You will not get any insight into how local North Korean people live. Your tour will be highly choreographed to visit only authorized sites, shop in approved stores, and speak only to official guides.This is another Korean slang term used to describe a certain type of guy! While the previous referred to a handsome and kind guy, this one will emphasize the intelligence aspect! Let’s break it down:

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Copy link Quote reply Contributor Author emmahodcroft commented Mar 9, 2020 @hmkim Can you work on this branch to start a translation? After pushing you should be able to preview on the link above. Feel free to use this thread for comments/questions! I'll add you to the repo now. (Note you will not be able to push to master.) Both Korean and Japanese share the same sentence structure; which is SOV (subject + object + verb) with particles linking the words in the sentence. Prior knowledge of a particular sentence structure.. In 2010 the actions of North Korea once again threatened regional peace in Asia, a problem made worse by the continuing standoff over the country's nuclear programme. An internal power struggle and an ailing economy have helped to make the country even more unpredictable.. 품절 (pumjeol) is another expression for sold out (매진 | maejin), coming from the hanja for product (품 | pum) and gone (절 | jeol). The words 품절남 (pumjeollam) and 품절녀 (pumjeollyeo) literally mean ‘sold-out man’ and ‘sold-out woman’, they refer to somebody (a celebrity or popular friend) who has just got married and is therefore off the market for dating.

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Editor's note: We’re all about adventurous, independent, off-the-beaten track travel, but unfortunately World Nomads travel insurance policies cannot cover travel to or in North Korea. Worldwide Korean learners Unite! Users of all Korean level-beginner, intermediate and advanced, and all online environments can Follow the given conversation by situation, role-play with a character.. As you may know the situation in the Korean Penisula has become crtical. North Korea has threatend to launch nuclear weapons against South Korea, the U.S and Japan It looks like the first slide is translated, but that's all. If that's all you got to, that's fine! Just checking that's what you expected :)

The situation on the Korean peninsula is getting more serious by the day and cannot be allowed to spin out of control, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told his German counterpart, the.. From the word 설 (seol) meaning “theory,” this Korean slang word has come to mean “story.” You can also use it as a verb in the form 썰을 풀다 (sseoreul pulda | to tell a story). You know those animated GIFs floating around the internet? In Korean, you can talk about them using the word 움짤 (umjjal)!

What Koreans dislike about Korean culture and Korean people? The situation in Korea, post alleged H-bomb is no more alarming than what it was prior to the H-bomb(alleged) Well said ! This article is just increasing my curiosity about visiting North Korea. Narration is awesome.. As the crisis on the Korean peninsula continues unabated, Russia has accused the United States and South Korea of provoking the recent flare-up of tension This sound effect means ‘great’ or ‘amazing’. You can just say it on its own, without putting it into a sentence. It is also sometimes used in order to make other slang words. A common one of these is 얼짱 (eoljjang), which means great or amazing face [the 얼 (eol) comes from the word 얼굴 (eolgul)]. You can also say 몸짱 (momjjang) to describe somebody with an amazing body.The current crisis in relations has its origins in the sinking of the South Korean warship, the Cheonan, in March 2010. The ship was sunk in disputed waters near Baengnyeong Island, and 46 South Korean sailors were killed. Investigators eventually blamed the loss of the ship on a torpedo attack from a North Korean submarine, a version of events disputed by North Korea. The UN Security Council, whilst condemning the sinking, did not explicitly blame North Korea, with China preventing tougher action against its ally.

Photo © iStock/Claudiad Coronavirus (COVID-19) in North Korea – 22 April, 2020: From 31 January, all international air and train routes to and from North Korea have been temporarily suspended. Borders have been closed, and tours to North Korea have also been suspended until further notice. Check with your travel provider to see what this means for you. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warn North Korea from provocative behaviour honestly NK sounds pretty nice (well some parts do) but it's just the dictatorship and the control that puts me off

North Korea's nuclear programme is becoming increasingly problematic, but as long as China prevents Kim Jong-un from pulling the war trigger, it can be considered North Korea's strongest ally The president of Korean Air has issued a memo to all employees warning the airline could collapse As a result of global travel restrictions, due to the COVID-19 situation, Korean Air has sent a memo.. The situation on the Korean Peninsula has not deteriorated, and there is no sign that North Korea is building any more nuclear weapons, Defense Secretary Les Aspin said Sunday

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  1. Thanks! Now I'm even more curious about what there is in North Korea. Looks like I'll need some more research. :)
  2. Your visit will be so tightly controlled that there should be no real risks to your health in North Korea. 
  3. There are some nationalities that are not even permitted entry to North Korea. South Koreans are not permitted entry and there have been reports of difficulties regarding Israeli, American, British and Japanese nationals. However, in January 2010, North Korea lifted the restrictions on American citizens who are now free to visit at any time of the year. If you are a U.S. passport holder, be aware you must have special validation for travel to North Korea from the Department of State. A specialist North Korean travel agency can help you sort out the complex and ever-changing regulations. 
  4. And if you eat a bit late in the day, you can use the word 점저 (jeomjeo), which is a combination of 점심 (jeomsim) and 저녁 (jeonyeok).

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  1. I would like to visit NK, but I have a problem... My grandfather was a CIA operative and three of my aunt/uncles work (in some way) for the CIA. Does NK do extensive (or not so extensive) background checks? Would me having a history with the CIA hamper my ability to visit? Also Otto Warmbier removed a propaganda poster from the fifth floor of the yangacto (not sure if I'm spelling it right) hotel, a floor which was repeatedly stressed as a 'no go' zone (it was found in his luggage) which was an illegal act. (This is the same as if someone sneaked into the White House and took DT's pen. Yeah, sneaking into a place which you have REPEATEDLY told NOT to go is illegal, and even if what you took was of no importance. You're still gonna get arrested (The punishment was quite harsh, though))
  2. This Korean slang word literally means ‘dirtily’ (from 더럽다 | deoreopda), but is often used to mean ‘badly’, for example 더럽게 못생기다 (deoreopge motsaenggida) would mean ‘really ugly’ and ‘더럽게 느리다’ (deoreopge neurida) would mean ‘really slow’ (referring to a slow computer perhaps).
  3. As this word comes from hanja (Korean based on Chinese Characters), it has a similar sounding equivalent in Cantonese. This amusing video explaining the Cantonese equivalent explains the concept of 공주병 (gongjubyeong) quite well.
  4. It originates from the fact that Korean parents like to talk to their children about how “so and so’s” son or daughter did so well on his/her tests, got into a great school or just got a new job at a big company.
  5. K-pop and Korean pop culture have really taken off around the world in recent years, and this Korean slang term is used to describe the dancing aspect of performances. When an idol group or a group of dancers is dancing like a knife (perfectly in sync) and they nail their performance, you may hear commentators use the Korean slang term 칼군무 (kalgunmu | knife group dance).

When something is funny (웃기다 | utgida) and sad (슬프다 | seulpeuda) at the same time, you can use this combination Korean slang word to describe that situation! Say you’re watching funny YouTube videos and you see a clip of a cute puppy falling down or wiping out (without getting hurt of course!), you could use 웃프다 (utpeuda) to describe it!Very similar to 현웃 (hyeonut), 빵터지다 (ppangteojida) is a slang verb that means “to laugh really loud” with the emphasis being on the LOUD part! 터지다 (teojida) usually means “to burst” and 빵 (ppang) is the sound a gun or bomb makes. So when you put them together, you get the picture of someone who is laughing explosively!This slang word literally means 병신 (byeongsin | idiot) 맛 (mat | taste). You can say this when something looks stupid (but funny). From pop culture, some examples may be Napoleon Dynamite or Jackass, or anything that gives you that funny taste in your mouth because it’s so silly or stupid!Ready to impress your Korean friends? Here’s the list of Korean words and phrases to do it! Pepper these throughout your conversations and bond with your 친구 (chingu).Use this with your Korean friends any time you want to point out that something is very disgusting or revolting, like when you venture into the weird parts of YouTube!

-EDIT 2/3/2010- Update on immigration law is available at this post. Please read both posts for complete information. Dear Korean, I am a white guy born a U.S. citizen Username for 'https://github.com': hanbin973 Password for 'https://hanbin973@github.com': remote: Invalid username or password. fatal: Authentication failed for 'https://github.com/nextstrain/ncov.git/'

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  1. Will never such a horrible country, do you think its a tour during which you are not allowed to do shopping and not allowed to eat by your choice. " MERA BHARAT MAHAAN"
  2. Ever have a mental breakdown? You can express this idea with “멘붕”, which is a combo of 멘탈 (mental | mental) + 붕괴 (bunggoe | deconstruction or collapse).
  3. g no one has ever gotten hurt — it's totally safe. And look what happened! You should not be promoting and sugar-coating North Korea. Not anymore. You are encouraging people to turn a blind eye at the atrocities the regime is committing against not only it's own people, but also citizens of other countries including the US. That is disgraceful. Please I beg you to do the right thing.

Online newspaper for North Korea, presents breaking local news, the top stories, business headlines and North Korea weather. XML RSS feeds, facility to add or be emailed North Korea news headlines.. This is a shortened phrase and comes from 아르바이트 (areubaiteu), which means “part-time job” in Korean. The word originally comes from the German word “arbeit”, meaning “work or labor.”Bonus round: You can add 생 at the end of 알바 (alba) to make 알바생 (albasaeng). This refers to someone who is studying at school and also working part time. The 생 (saeng) comes from the word 학생 (haksaeng), which means “student”.Wondering how your travel insurance might be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak? Find answers to some of our common questions about COVID-19.

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Copy link Quote reply Contributor cassiawag commented Mar 11, 2020 @minkyuxyz or @Bolloknoon -- can either of you take a look? You can use this link here to preview: https://nextstrain.org/community/narratives/nextstrain/ncov@sit-rep_ko/sit-rep/ko/2020-03-05You will not be affected by any serious crime in North Korea. Your visit will be so tightly controlled that you will simply not be in a position to be the victim of crime. The worst you can expect is petty theft, particularly at Pyongyang airport and in public markets. As always you should exercise care, be alert to your surroundings and ensure personal belongings are secure. Just because your movements are tightly choreographed you should not get too complacent. Copy link Quote reply Contributor Author emmahodcroft commented Mar 9, 2020 @hmkim - You can preview the PR I just pushed here: https://nextstrain.org/community/narratives/nextstrain/ncov@sit-rep_ko/sit-rep/ko/2020-03-05 Tokyo condemns 'absolutely unacceptable' provocation, as Pyongyang reacts to imposition of new UN sanctions following missile tests

This is a funny Korean slang term used to deflect someone’s insults or jokes towards you. Just say this word and it reflects their insult back to them like a mirror! It is a slightly childish and cheesy term.  And South Korea's role as mediator between the two carries on to the new year. Seoul is aiming at creating a virtuous cycle between North Korea-U.S. nuclear negotiations and inter-Korean cooperation

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Bruce Cumings on the reasons for optimism about peace in Korea. US President Donald Trump and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un shake hands during their summit at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa.. 심쿵 (simkung) is like a type of emotional heart attack you feel when you see or think about your crush or someone you find extremely attractive! Remember it by knowing that 심장 (simjang) means “heart” and 쿵쿵 (kungkung) is the “thud” or “booming” sound your heartbeat makes! The phrase 간지 난다 (ganji nanda) means great, stylish, awesome, or 멋있다 (meositda). This phrase can be used to describe fashion, food, appearance, architecture, or even a skillful football move. It is quite a new slang word, and can be used in most situations as a replacement for the rather cheesy word 대박 (daebak).

된장 (doenjang) is fermented bean paste that is often used in the cooking of Korean foods, including 된장찌개 (doenjangjjigae | bean paste stew) which is known to be very filling but cheap! The terms 된장남 (doenjangnam) and 된장녀 (doenjangnyeo) refer to a guy (남 | nam) or girl (여 | yeo) who values expensive or superficial things despite being unable to afford them. It is sad to say that a lot of people outside the continent tend to generally classify most people inside it simply as Asians, especially if the so-called group possesses the tell-tale slanted eyes However, in Korean slang, it is used as an intensifier like “crazily” or other *hmm* more negative words in English. Use this with Korean friends, but with caution.Hi 🙂 Yesterday I watched a video and the subtitles said “뱃사형은 알건데” I think the second part means “I/ You know” but somehow I can’t find a translation for the first part.. Could you help me ^^

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This Korean slang word was popularized by a comedy program, and 갑 (gap) has come to mean “the boss” or the person with the power dynamic in a group.Korean postpositions, or particles, are suffixes or short words in Korean grammar that immediately follow a noun or pronoun. This article uses the Revised Romanization of Korean to show pronunciation. The hangul versions in the official orthographic form are given underneath. Various explanations of the current crisis have been suggested. Some analysts believe the North Korean aggression is linked to solidifying Kim Jong-un’s position in power, whilst others argue it is a ploy designed to extract concessions over the dispute concerning North Korea’s nuclear programme. North Korea’s economy is also believed to be a factor; the new South Korean president, Lee Myung-bak, has cut the flow of aid to the North, causing its economy to deteriorate still further. Yonsei Korean Reading (연세 한국어 읽기) features: - An integrated collection of various tasks and activities as well as practices of vocabulary and grammar

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The Korean Peninsula to some extent serves as a buffer zone between China and potential hostile The Korean peninsula is one of the most dangerous places on the planet. Decisions relating to the.. Hi, Rony! “형” means “brother or an older male”, and “뱃사” is probably a person’s name or a nickname. The sentence means “뱃사 should know”. ^^ Learn some useful words and phrases for any emergency situation in Korean-speaking country. There should be no problem traveling in Korea, but just in case you want to know and learn how to.. You could also use it at a bar with your Korean friends. If you are a 구두쇠 (gudusoe | miser: literally ‘iron shoes’) then you might not want to learn this expression.

You can buy at home or while traveling, and claim online from anywhere in the world. With 150+ adventure activities covered and 24/7 emergency assistance.The 꽝 (kkwang) sound is often accompanied by the tune from the drama ‘secret garden’ to further mock the losing contestant. The President believed that the Korean situation was similar to that of Greece in 1947. He informed his advisors that he believed the invasion was very obviously inspired by the Soviet Union

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North Korean situation. by noorungee201524 via Android Dec 7 2017. + Report Post. China is into a corner; they hate the Kin regime but thought of pro-west Korean Peninsula unacceptable 1/2 Add situation to one of your lists below, or create a new one. (Translation of situation from the Cambridge English-Korean Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) In October 2006 North Korea conducted an underground nuclear test, announcing to the world that it had joined the nuclear club. International condemnation of North Korea’s actions was swift, and Security Council Resolution 1718 demanded that the country eliminate all nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles. After sometimes difficult talks a deal was made in February 2007 whereby North Korea agreed to dismantle its nuclear reactor in return for aid; however, problems flared again in 2009 when the country launched a long range rocket. North Korea claimed it had put a communications satellite into space, but most saw it as a test of a missile that could threaten the United States. Angered by international criticism, it pulled out of the six nation disarmament talks and expelled nuclear inspectors; it then conducted an underground nuclear test and announced its ability to enrich uranium. The UN has responded with fresh sanctions, including inspection of North Korean ships and a ban on arms sales. I am 14.. 'Crash Landing On You' made me want to visit North Korea, haha. It will definitely be one of the places I want to visit.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel: The situation around the world is changing dramatically. Various governments have changed their travel warnings to restrict travel during this time. To understand how this may impact cover under your policy, please go to our FAQs and select your country of residence.This is a combination of the words for breakfast (아침 | achim) and lunch (점심 | jeomsim). Like in English when we combine those two words, put them together and you’ve got a word that means “brunch.”Most, if not all, tour groups are asked to solemnly bow and lay flowers on one or two occasions in front of statues of Kim Il Sung when visiting monuments of national importance. Always act in a respectful manner around images North Korean leaders.If you want to add some Korean slang to your conversations, then you’ve come to the right place! This guide is filled to the brim with awesome phrases that are going to level up your Korean communication skills in no time flat. unfortunate situation as North Korea could be in high danger. The North Korean news media (Korean Central News Agency) which is founded by Kim Jong Un has shut down its website and the..

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Editor's Note: On January 20, 2015, Evans Revere gave the following presentation at the 3rd Korea Research Institute for Security-Brookings Joint Conference on Cooperating for Regional Stability in.. How to say situation on the korean peninsula in Russian. Results: 34, Time: 0.063. Examples of using Situation On The Korean Peninsula in a sentence and their translations Game shows in Korea often have some kind of ladder game (사다리 게임 | sadari geim) to determine what prize the contestants win (it is sometimes also played by friends or coworkers to determine who pays for lunch). If you get 꽝 (kkwang) it means you don’t win any prize.Although what each particular stage of the night consists of will depend on the particular people who are out that night. There may even be a 4차 (sacha) or 5차 (ocha) involving more food or beer and noodles outside a convenience store. Copy link Quote reply Contributor cassiawag commented Mar 10, 2020 Hi @hanbin973, you do have permission to write to sit-repo_ko. I think your error might be a wrong password. Can you try pushing again?

I'm very excited about my up coming trip to North Korea. I will pay my respects to the dear leader. North Korean authorities may fine or arrest you for unauthorized currency transactions, or for shopping at stores not designated for foreigners. A Korean Air airliner, top, coming from South Korea landed at Ben Gurion International Airport on Israeli health officials instructed anyone who has visited South Korea or Japan during the previous.. Korea Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Korean Working Conditions Survey. Youth Survey on Usage of Media and Harmful Foreign Visitors Survey. Survey of Research and Development in Korea

Want to Learn Korean with Easy, Beginner Lessons? The KoreanClass101 Blog is the place. You get FREE language lessons and learn about culture, food and more Below each Korean slang term, we’ll give you a breakdown and explanation so you can understand what the term means exactly. We also created a free PDF download with the 90 Day Korean team’s top 20 slang picks + explanations so you can take this cultural gem with you on the go.Any unauthorized activities can and will be seen as an attempt at espionage. If you travel unescorted without explicit official authorization, or any attempt to talk to a North Korean citizen authorities will see these actions as attempted espionage. Always stay with a guide and never do anything to draw attention to yourself from local authorities. Organization: Korean Central News Agency. Site host: The site is hosted inside the DPRK's IP address space by Site Contents: The Korean Central News Agency is the main, state-run news organization

This is a combination of the verbs 밀다 (mildang | to push) and 당기다 (danggida | to pull). However, in this case the words do not literally mean pushing and pulling as in a tug of war or a door.This word comes from the sound 꽝 (kkwang) which is like a banging or bashing kind of sound. It basically means ‘wrong’ or ‘you lose’.If you'd like to make changes, you can make them to the sit-rep_ko branch - once you push, you can use the same link to review your edits. I'll add you to the branch now. Welcome to everyone, including native Koreans, Korean diaspora, and foreigners. Although this subreddit is about Korea, its users are primarily English speakers

If you're a fan of Korean dramas or TV shows, then you must have heard 파이팅! (Fighting!) in a variety situations. I've been asked a lot about this expression.. You’ll often see this word in legal contracts, such as if you get a work contract. The words 갑 (gap) and 을 (eul) mean A and B, or the former and latter. 갑 (gap) is usually the one holding the power.Also, DPRK border officials routinely confiscate visitors' cell phones upon arrival, returning the phone only upon departure. Explanation of North Korean situation....in Hindi. RU. Увійти

If you have been brought up to respect the culture of other people then you will not have a problem. If you think it funny to come to America and stand outside the White House and burn flags then see how security reacts-No you won't be tortured but why disrespect any culture? I think it would be hard for someone from a free country to go and see humans being so controlled. As others have said, why bother going? But in the end, NOTHING bad will happen to you in North Korea if you follow the guide and respect what their culture holds sacred. If you find being disrespectful is fun then stay at home. You know the rules and they do warn you before you go.Pick your favorites, make sure you understand the meaning, and try them out with your Korean friends. You’re almost certain to see some surprised looks, as well as hear “where did you learn that?!” It’s a really fun way to supplement your regular Korean learning. By Harry C. Alford Beyond the Rhetoric The crisis concerning the Korean Peninsula is as bad now as it ever has been. The beginnings go back to the Russo - Japanese War during the beginning of the..

These Korean slang words are exactly what you need to sound like a Korean local. Pop a few of Korean Slang - 101 Popular Words & Phrases in 2020. 87 Comments |. Last Updated on May 11.. However, it is now used in Korean to describe a person who has an obsessive interest in almost anything – celebrities, studying, movies, characters — you name it! It has a slightly negative connotation so be careful how you use it!

This is a shortened version of 언론플레이 (eonnonpeullei), which means “media play.” However, this is not all fun and games! In this case, 플레이 (peullei | play) is not referring to playing or fun, but rather to “manipulation.” It is used to express the act of using the media to create a beneficial image for a corporation or celebrity, etc.Short for 행복하십시오 (haengbokasipsio), this Korean slang phrase just means “let’s be happy!” You can use it to suggest to your Korean friends to cheer up and be happy while at the same time sounding cool.You can preview your changes (after pushing) here: https://nextstrain.org/community/narratives/nextstrain/ncov@sit-rep_ko/sit-rep/ko/2020-03-05 South Koreans support Hong Kong as they recall their own struggle for freedom

cassiawag closed this Mar 13, 2020 Copy link Quote reply Contributor minkyuxyz commented Mar 13, 2020 Sorry, I had to update one line that contained a minor mistake. Could you reflect the change please? Situation on Korean Peninsula. 1994-06-16T00:03:38-04:00https The discussion focused primarily upon the security situation in the Korean Peninsula North Korea is a country of isolation with most of its information hidden away as secrets. Here are 15 facts about North Korea that will definitely come as a surprise CrisisWatch Korean Peninsula April 2020. Unchanged Situation. While speculation about health of DPRK leader Kim Jong-un increased, North Korea carried out further weapons tests and military..

In the Korean movie “좋은놈, 나쁜놈, 이상한놈 (joeunnom, nappeunnom, isanghannom)”, the ‘nom’ (놈 | nom) in this title means ‘man’ or ‘person’. It is used as a suffix such as 미친놈 (michinnom | crazy person), or like the three examples in the movie title.댓츠노노 (daetcheunono | that’s no no) is a Konglish phrase that originated on a popular TV program, and is sure to get laughs from your Korean friends! You can use it anytime you disagree with someone or something, or want to say “no.”This Korean slang word describes a person who has no friends and is bullied by everybody at school. They have to sit on their own because nobody wants to sit near them or be associated with them in any way at all. The bullying is often justified by saying ‘We did it because he/she is 왕따 (wangtta)’, as if being 왕따 (wangtta) means that you are denied human rights.This Korean slang word is just the opposite of the previous! There are the masters, and then there are the beginners, or the “newbs.” This word is a slightly altered version of 쪼그만한 레벨 (jjogeumanhan rebel), meaning a small or low level. Put it all together, and you’ve got a got who is very smart and sexy. It’s good to be a nerd sometimes!

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is common with more serious outbreaks occurring from time to time. From March to May, yellow dust, which is carried to the Korean Peninsula by strong winds from Mongolia and China, can cause eye, nose, mouth and throat irritations and may exacerbate respiratory and cardiovascular problems.From 얼굴에 빠지다 (eolgure ppajida), this term is used to describe a person who easily feels drawn to someone handsome or pretty.A typical night out with Korean friends, or a company dinner (회식 | hoesik), can be separated into stages called 차 (cha). The first stage, 일차 (ilcha), involves a meal with some drinks to go with it. The second stage, 이차 (icha), often means going to a bar to continue drinking. The third stage, 삼차 (samcha), might involve going to a noraebang.

Note this file is in Markdown - it's important not to change any links! (Links to other-language versions of articles on Wikipedia are ok.)The Korean war ended in 1953, and since then the Korean Peninsula has been divided by a demilitarised zone (DMZ), separating the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) and the Republic of Korea (South Korea).

I wish i could afford to go. Here is usa we are so ignorant about north korea and most westerners think usa is better than nk. Well they have Hunan rights! They are given food water shelter and clothing. In usa none of these are human rights. Nk is beautiful and clean. Usa is dirty polluted and gross.they respect their leader, we distain ours. Just because you dont understand their culture it doesn't mean they are "weird" or crazy etc. I wish usa treated our vets with loyalty and respect like nk does. If you visit usa you won't have 2 guides keeping you safe! I wish people would stop believing the lies about nk and let them be Usa has a bigger military- spends billions on said military and its not in defense.if youre country was threatened from all sides you'd want to be prepared to fight back. Such ugly comments on here from Americans, look at our country and faults instead of judging theirsDo not take pictures unless you are told you can; North Korean government authorities may view taking unauthorized pictures as espionage, confiscate cameras and film and/or detain the photographer. Photographing scenes of poverty or other things that may cause a negative impression of the DPRK may also result in confiscation. You should ask permission before taking photographs in the DPRK, including of officials, soldiers or other people. DPRK guides can provide permission to take photographs.Please also write your twitter handle and/or full name if you'd like to be attributed when we announce!

Both are based around situations that you may find yourself in, in Korea. IYAGI is a 10-minute Korean Culture Talk is a group of friends talking in a cafe setting. One is a foreigner and they are.. This word means  “unprecedented” or “legendary level” and refers to someone or something that is the best ever. Use it to really emphasize how awesome something is! Korea conceptually lay outside this framework. The peninsula was not regarded by the United States as central to its strategy even after the victory of the communists in the Chinese civil war

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