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Gini coefficient (Q162455). From Wikidata. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Also known as. English. Gini coefficient. measure of inequality in the income distribution The Gini coefficient is based on the comparison of cumulative proportions of the population against cumulative proportions of income they receive, and it ranges between 0 in the case of perfect equality.. Christoph Lakner of the World Bank and Branko Milanovic of the City University of New York estimate that the global income Gini coefficient was 0.705 in 2008, down from 0.722 in 1988. Figures vary considerably, however. DELTA economists François Bourguignon and Christian Morrisson estimate that the figure was 0.657 in both 1980 and 1992. Bourguignon and Morrisson's work shows a sustained growth in inequality since 1820 when the global Gini coefficient was 0.500. Lakner and Milanovic's shows a decline in inequality around the beginning of the 21st century, as does a 2015 book by Bourguignon: Looking for online definition of Gini in the Medical Dictionary? Gini explanation free. What is Gini? Meaning of Gini medical term. What does Gini mean Source: World Bank (2013). "World Development Indicators 2013." Washington, D.C.: World Bank. http://data.worldbank.org. Accessed October, 2013.

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Definition: Gini index measures the extent to which the distribution of income (or, in some cases Thus a Gini index of 0 represents perfect equality, while an index of 100 implies perfect inequality The same analysis can be applied to wealth distribution (the "wealth Gini coefficient"), but because wealth is more difficult to measure than income, Gini coefficients usually refer to income and appear simply as "Gini coefficient" or "Gini index," without specifying that they refer to income. Wealth Gini coefficients tend to be much higher than those for income.In our story, we only have 10 people in our example population. If there were, say, 100 million people in the country, and one person had all the income, then the Gini Coefficient would be 0.999999, or very close to 1."

GINI index (World Bank estimate) from The World Bank: Dat

Income Gini coefficient

[...] The Gini Coefficient is a measure of inequality. It’s well described on its wiki page and also with more simple examples here. [...]A country in which every resident has the same income would have an income Gini coefficient of 0. A country in which one resident earned all the income, while everyone else earned nothing, would have an income Gini coefficient of 1.Gini Coefficient is also known as the Gini index is the statistical measure which is used in order to measure the distribution of the income among the population of the country i.e., it helps in measuring the inequality of income of the country’s population. Meet Gini. A personal health & nutritional assistant powered by you, your daily life, your biometrics Why wouldn't your vitamins do the same? Gini Vitamins are here to help support your nutrition at.. The review concludes with a discussion of the mechanisms of Gene-Gini interplay and what the findings mean for efforts to optimize education for all people

But your point is certainly true - I never did understand why Bush (and Reagan before him) was hell-bent on taking from the soon-to-be-poor and giving to the already-rich.[…] (5) http://www.investopedia.com/terms/g/gdp.asp (6) Gini (7) http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SI.POV.GINI (8) […] Entropy and Gini Impurity are what are called selection criterion for decision trees. Essentially they help you determine what is a good split point for root/decision nodes on classification/regression trees (the.. Gini says: measuring income inequality. an LBO report, October 18, 1993. There are several ways to express the degree of The most popular of these is the Gini index (or coefficient or ratio or number) The Gini index is often represented graphically through the Lorenz curve, which shows income (or wealth) distribution by plotting the population percentile by income on the horizontal axis and cumulative income on the vertical axis. The Gini coefficient is equal to the area below the line of perfect equality (0.5 by definition) minus the area below the Lorenz curve, divided by the area below the line of perfect equality. In other words, it is double the area between the Lorenz curve and the line of perfect equality.

For instance, we get in order to fill the first row in ‘% of Population that is richer’ column, we will add 0.50 and 0.40, which are the rows in ‘Fraction of population’ below it. Hence, we get 0.90. Gini ratio According to Wikipedia 'Gini coefficient' should not be confused with 'Gini impurity'. 2) 'Gini coefficient' - each splitting can be assessed based on the AUC criterion a) Gini coefficient of Country A has shown a rising trend from 0.40 in 2010 to 0.57 in 2015. Hence, income inequality in Country A has risen in these years. The coefficient of Country B has fallen from 0.38 in 2010 to 0.29 in 2015. Hence, income inequality in Country B has declined over these years.

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  1. The Gini Coefficient is one way to measure how evenly the income (or wealth) is distributed throughout a country.
  2. Gini-Apps create digital products that are easy to get hooked on. Specialties: iOS/Android apps,Graphic design UI/UX, Unity and QA Automation
  3. What does GINI stand for? Your abbreviation search returned 7 meanings. MLA style: GINI. Acronym Finder. 2020. AcronymFinder.com 16 Apr
  4. The Gini Coefficient is calculated as follows. We find out the income of all the people in a country and then express this information as a cumulative percentage of people against the cumulative share of income earned. This gives us a Lorenz Curve which typically looks something like the following.
  5. Gini Impurity. Gini Impurity is a measurement of the likelihood of an incorrect classification of a new instance of a random variable, if that new instance were randomly classified according to the..

Corrado Gini, Italian statistician and demographer. Gini was educated at Bologna, where he studied law, mathematics, economics, and biology. He was a statistics professor at Cagliari in 1909 and at.. Looking for the definition of GINI? What does GINI stand for? 12 meanings for GINI abbreviations and acronyms on acronymsandslang.com The World's most comprehensive acronyms and slang..

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The Gini Coefficient ranges between 0 and 1 (or it can also be expressed as a number from 0 to 100) and is given by the ratio of the areas:

Gini Index Definitio

  1. Country comparison :: distribution of family income - gini index. Distribution of family income - Gini index measures the degree of inequality in the distribution of family income in a..
  2. ing how much of the wealth the top 20% owns?
  3. Hello Luise. I think using the median would be OK. I suspect each band would need to be the same width(so it would be 0 to 7,500, hen 7,500 to 15,000 and so on.
  4. The Gini Coefficient measures income distribution and is commonly used to assess the extent to which income is distributed equally among the population. Possible values range from zero to one
  5. The Gini coefficient isn't quite a fair measure of overall equality, because it doesn't include taxes (which are progressive), government transfers (which are mostly targeted towards lower-income people), or..
  6. The Gini coefficient, sometimes called the Gini Index or Gini ratio, is a statistical measure of The Gini coefficient ranges from 0 (0%) to 1 (100%), with 0 representing perfect equality and 1..

@Peter: Yes! If it is difficult (impossible?) to get an "accurate" Gini for the advanced countries, how meaningful is it for developing ones, especially those that still hang on to some communist ideology. The Gini Coefficient for the country is estimated to be close to 0.50, which would be an all-time high. Gini Coefficient is a popular statistical measure to gauge the rich-poor income or wealth divide Gini & Jony Limited engages in the manufacture and sale of apparel for kids and young adults in India. It offers T-shirts, shirts, jackets, trousers, cargos, and jeans for boys; capris, dungarees, skirts..

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Income is defined as household disposable income in a particular year. It consists of earnings, self-employment and capital income and public cash transfers; income taxes and social security contributions paid by households are deducted. The income of the household is attributed to each of its members, with an adjustment to reflect differences in needs for households of different sizes. Income inequality among individuals is measured here by five indicators. The Gini coefficient is based on the comparison of cumulative proportions of the population against cumulative proportions of income they receive, and it ranges between 0 in the case of perfect equality and 1 in the case of perfect inequality. S80/S20 is the ratio of the average income of the 20% richest to the 20% poorest; P90/P10 is the ratio of the upper bound value of the ninth decile (i.e. the 10% of people with highest income) to that of the first decile; P90/P50 of the upper bound value of the ninth decile to the median income; and P50/P10 of median income to the upper bound value of the first decile. The Palma ratio is the share of all income received by the 10% people with highest disposable income divided by the share of all income received by the 40% people with the lowest disposable income. Correlation between Gini coefficients and GDP per capita in three time periods. Source: Moatsos and Baten.

Gini Coefficient (Definition, Formula) How to Calculate

@Liam: Yes, that seemed to come from nowhere. I used that because the curve y = x5 is close to the shape of the curve we have in the graph. I have added a statement to that effect in the article. Gini Coefficient BIBLIOGRAPHY [1] The Gini coefficient [2] is the most popular measure of inequality in use today. The measurement is named for its developer, Corrado Gini (1884-1965).. @Jack: I mentioned several times in the comments already that any calculation for Gini coefficient is approximate - for advanced or developing countries. Interesting to ponder, but not possible to conclude anything with any great certainty.

One way to measure income equality is the Gini Coefficient

Gini coefficient is used for analyzing wealth or income distribution. It can be used to compare income inequality across different population sectors. For instance, the Gini index of urban areas in a country can be compared with that of rural areas. Similarly, the Gini index of one country can be compared to that of another. It can also be used to find the trend of income inequality over a period of time. For instance, the Gini coefficient in India in the year 2000 can be compared with the coefficient of 2019.@Nikos: Calculating Gini is a challenge even for government statisticians, who usually have access to a lot more information than we do! It sounds like you'll need to dig out some more data before you can proceed. A quick search gave me:

Income Gini coefficient Human Development Report

Economy of the Gambia - Wikipedia

Gini coefficient calculato

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  1. @Sahin. A quick google brought up this one. I don't know if it will do what you need, but give the suggested formulas a try.
  2. If A=0, the Lorenz curve is the line of equality. When A=0, the Gini index is 0. In case A is a very large area and B is a small area, the Gini coefficient is large. It indicates there is huge income/wealth inequality.
  3. Below are the income Gini coefficients of every country for which the CIA World Factbook provides data:

I am working on my master thesis and I have to calculate inequality. Lets say I decide to calculate Gini for my country for the years beginning in 1878 to 1960 (economic History). I can find total income and population but it is close to impossible to find cumulative share of income earned. Can i still somehow calculate Gini?@Dean: Is it always the case that "one persons income is another's expense"? You're right if it's a closed system, but it's always possible that income is derived from elsewhere (from investments, for example) and shared among everyone.

This data includes both income and consumption measures and comparability across countries is therefore limited. A higher Gini index indicates higher inequality The Gini coefficient, named for the Italian statistician Corrado Gini, represents a dimensionless measurement of statistical dispersion that is often employed to analyze income distribution In economics, the Gini coefficient (/ˈdʒiːni/ JEE-nee), sometimes called the Gini index or Gini ratio, is a measure of statistical dispersion intended to represent the income or wealth distribution of a nation's.. Economic expansion in Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe has driven much of the recent decline in income inequality. While inequality between countries has fallen in recent decades, however, inequality within countries has risen. Gini index measures the extent to which the distribution of income or consumption expenditure among individuals or households within an economy deviates from a perfectly equal distribution

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@Dean: I'm not sure that I have enough background in this specific aspect to help you. Any other readers like to take Dean up on his challenge? Gini Coefficient is also known as the Gini index is the statistical measure which is used in order to measure the distribution of the income among the population of the country i.e., it helps in measuring.. In plain English, the graph above indicates the proportion of the income going to the poorest people, middle-income people and richest people.

We will also look for GINI metrics, which you can learn from Wiki. In this example, we will learn how AUC and GINI model metrics are calculated using True Positive Results (TPR) and False Positive.. Thanks. The view in Desmos is instructive. It seems like it may be a little flat at the lower end, i.e it would be better if it was a bit more spherical than parabolic. Not sure how to do that. I want to use it as a quick way to approximate the income distribution given the gini for a large number of countries. Any ideas?The cumulative income is 0% for Persons A to I, then it jumps up to 100% for Person J. Here's the graph. GINI & JONY is one of the most recognizable kids' wear brands across India. A trusted name in kids' fashion, GINI & JONY provides complete range of kids' clothing for infants, and young boys and girls Your questions are good ones though. Gini is just one model of relative wealth, and is not without its problems.

Countries ranked by GINI index (World Bank estimate

Ginis (ジニス Jinisu) is the main antagonist of Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger. He is the Deathgaliens' owner (オーナー Ōnā), who loves playing with the lives of others. Residing aboard the Deathgalien's space-faring base, the Sagittari Ark.. For those readers interested in relating the changes in the Gini coefficient over time to US politics, there was a slight downward trend from 1994 to 2008, and after that a slight upward trend. I see no obvious connection to any particular tax policies.For example, say we have 10 people in a village and the income for the village is $100 per day. If every person shares this income evenly, they get $10 each per day. The Gini coefficient measures the amount of income inequality in a given country or region, when measured, a group with a coefficient of 0 has complete equality whereas a group with a coefficient of.. The Gini coefficient (Gini 1912) is a popular measure of statistical dispersion, especially used for analyzing The Gini coefficient (G) varies between 0 (no inequality/concentration) and 1 (complete..

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  1. What if i have to compute gini coefficient without being given any number? Or how can i use my own assumed numbers to compute gini coefficient? Please can i be helped..
  2. The problem is I cant prove it with math formulas like economists like to use. I have only been able to prove it from a legal perspective.
  3. Tidak ada pembagian harta gono-gini antara keduanya dan tidak ada perjanjian pernikahan mereka yang mengatur masalah prosentase pembagian harta gono-gini
  4. This leads to a fundamental question: How do you compute the Gini in these circumstances, because as you say
  5. antly in English and its origin is Latin. Gini is not widely used as a baby name for girls. It is listed outside of the top 1000 names
  6. Is there any excel sheet or software to calculate gini coeefficient for 12 income groups. Thank you very much
  7. That is correct, Adu. Gini Coefficient is only concerned about the spread of the wealth, not the total wealth.

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  1. Источник: https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SI.POV.GINI?end=2015&locations=RU&start=1993&view=chart
  2. Most Gini Coefficient data is going to be approximate. In countries where barter systems are common, it would be very difficult to come up with a meaningful Gini Coefficient. Same thing for war-ravaged countries.
  3. Considering the curves given at the bottom of this page, http://www.physics.ucla.edu/~chester/GINI/, I think your parabolic model is actually not bad at all. None of those idealized curves is circular.
  4. Gini & Jony Ltd. Gini & Jony Limited retails apparels and accessories. The Company offers jacket, t-shirt, jacket, track pants, dresses, skirts, and tops
  5. Also read an interview with Wolff -The Wealth Divide The Growing Gap in the United States Between the Rich and the Rest

The Gini index, also known as the Gini coefficient, measures the inequality between social classes, expressed as a decimal Specifically, the Gini index measures income and wealth within a population China's coefficient is quite high and this is causing a lot of concern. The Eastern provinces are now well-developed and responsible for most of the income growth, whereas the rural west is still quite poor.

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Well, the information on Singapore is totally out as you did not consider the net effect after Taxes and Transfers, a latest article dated Aug 21, 2015 has concluded that many of these countries, such as the United States, Australia, and Germany, actually have greater income inequality than Singapore. However, their taxes and transfers have done a better job of reducing inequality, to the point where they now have a narrower gap than Singapore. Thank you for your special interest on Singapore, that little red dot. http://themiddleground.sg/2015/08/21/gini-coefficient-bad-income-inequality/Step 1: Write the ‘Fraction of Income’ and ‘Fraction of Population’ data in tabular format in Excel bir ülkede gelir dağılımındaki adaletsizlik ne kadar fazlaysa gini katsayısı o kadar büyüktür. bu katsayı sıfıra yaklaştıkça, gelir dağılımındaki adaletsizliğin azaldığı anlamı ortaya çıkar. ayrıca, lorenz eğrisi..

Gini index is the most commonly used measure of inequality. Also referred as Gini ratio or Gini coefficient. Gini index for binary variables is calculated i See here for an up-to-date blog entry on the GINI Index: http://www.oneutah.org/2010/09/the-gini-index/I'm in a masters program studying post-conflict environments. Would you have any idea what the Gini coefficient is for Iraq? Or how I can estimate? Table 11-10-0134-01 Gini coefficients of adjusted market, total and after-tax..

Gini Coefficient Economics tutor2

GINI has held a series of Workshops / Stakeholders Dialogues on Framework for Economic Growth of Pakistan in selected Public/Private Universities in Pakistan during July-Dec, 2011 Now, what is the Gini coefficient for Iraq? This compilation sidesteps the issue with "NA", as it does for several impenetrable countries like North Korea.

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Estimating Gini coefficients for any poverty-struck, politically unstable or war-torn country is nigh-impossible.It is a value between 0 and 1. A higher number indicates a greater degree of income inequality. A value of 1 indicates the highest degree of income inequality where a single individual earns the entire income of the country. A value of 0 indicates that all individuals have the same income. Thus, a value of 0 indicates perfect income equality. One of the limitations of the Gini index is that its use requires that no one has negative net wealth.@Tony61: Rajiv mentioned this dichotomy in an earlier comment. Yes, we are assuming income distribution is roughly correlated to wealth distribution, but this does not hold for many societies.

This has been a guide to Gini Coefficient Formula. Here we learn how to calculate the Gini coefficient using its formula along with practical examples and downloadable excel template. You can learn more about financial analysis from the following articles –@Glory: You could follow the same steps I do in the article. Put your values into a table and then find the cumulative frequency.Another way of thinking about the Gini coefficient is as a measure of deviation from perfect equality. The further a Lorenz curve deviates from the perfectly equal straight line (which represents a Gini coefficient of 0), the higher the Gini coefficient and the less equal the society. In the example above, Haiti is more unequal than Bolivia.

The Gini coefficient is an important tool for analyzing income or wealth distribution within a country or region, but it should not be mistaken for an absolute measurement of income or wealth. A high-income country and a low-income one can have the same Gini coefficient, as long as incomes are distributed similarly within each: Turkey and the U.S. both had income Gini coefficients around 0.39-0.40 in 2016, according to the OECD, though Turkey's GDP per person was less than half the U.S.'s (in 2010 dollar terms).  This statistic shows the Gini coefficient on household income after taxes (based on the modified OECD scale) in Singapore from 2010 to 2019 I've shaded 2 regions in the above graph, region A (with light magenta shading) and region B (with light green shading). Gini now works in HR, helping companies with talent recruitment, as Gini co-authored a white paper on soft skills training with VR, one of the first papers exploring the benefits of VR in the training industry

I am trying to calculate the Gini index for each row of my database. So what i need to do is to add a column with the Gini index by row, for each customer throughout the 12 months Последние твиты от Gini (@Gini). Gini macht Papierkram magisch einfach. SaaS Lösung zur Extraktion von Inhalten aus Dokumenten wie Rechnungen, Belegen, Briefen, Verträgen & Angeboten! I've seen a few articles on the growing Maoist revival in China - now that will be interesting to watch. ↑ 7.0 7.1 7.2 7.3 World Economic Outlook Database, April 2019 International Monetary Fund. Retrieved December 28, 2019. ↑ Income Gini coefficient Human Development Reports..

The Gini coefficient (also known as the Gini index or Gini ratio) is a measure of statistical dispersion developed by the Italian statistician and sociologist Corrado Gini and published in his 1912 paper.. Area A = 0.095 (from calculating area B - one triangle and 2 trapezoids - and subtracting it from 0.5) Here's the coefficient for Singapore over the last decade. The rapid rise from 2002 and spike in 2007 were due to several factors, including rapid population increases (through immigration) of higher-income people, and a subsequent boost in the overall economy. L'indice di Gini è comunemente utilizzato per misurare il grado di disuguaglianza di grandezze quali L'idea che sta alla base dell'indice di Gini è di calcolare la differenza (in valore assoluto) fra le varie..

This coefficient can be used along with GDP numbers. If the Gini index is increasing along with GDP, then there may not be an improvement on the poverty front for the majority of the population. On the basis of this coefficient, welfare measures can be designed for the population to reduce this income inequality.So I don’t really care about income inequality per se, I care about equality of consumption. That is, I mostly care about whether people get to consume similar amounts of societal resources, as opposed to what their before-tax income is. The Gini coefficient isn’t quite a fair measure of overall equality, because it doesn’t include taxes (which are progressive), government transfers (which are mostly targeted towards lower-income people), or the amount that the government spends on public goods which are shared equally by everyone (and therefore increase equality). It also doesn’t include the cost-of-living differences between different places–higher income people live in states and suburbs where prices are higher.There is a big difference between the Gini Coefficient based on wealth compared to that based on income. While today 2011, the gini coefficient based on income for the US is close to 0.5, give or take 0.02, the gini based on wealth distribution (household net worth) is close to 0.85 -- I believe that it has crept up from 0.834 to 0.865 from 2007 to 2009 -- see Wolff - Recent Trends in Household Wealth in the United StatesStep 2: Fill ‘% of Population that is richer’ column by adding all terms in ‘Fraction of Population’ below that row. For instance, in the first row under ‘% of the population that is richer’, write the formula = B3+B4+B5. Then, drag the formula to subsequent rows.

Another flaw is that very different income distributions can result in identical Gini coefficients. Because the Gini attempts to distill a two dimensional area (the gap between the Lorenz curve and the equality line) down in to a single number, it obscures information about the "shape" of inequality. In everyday terms, this would be similar to describing the contents of a photo solely by it's length along one edge, or the simple average brightness value of the pixels. While using the Lorenz curve as a supplement can provide more information in this respect, it also does not show demographic variations among subgroups within the distribution, such as a the distribution of incomes across age, race, or social groups. In that vein, understanding demographics can be important for understanding what a given Gini coefficient represents. For example, a large retired population pushes the Gini higher. Dicționar dexonline. Definiții, sinonime, conjugări, declinări, paradigme pentru gini din dicționarele: MDA2, DEX '09, DEX '96, DOOM 2, Ortografic, Sinonime, Sinonime82, DER, Argou

Rasio Gini Menurut Provinsi. Dataset ini berisi Rasio Gini per provinsi di Indonesia There will always be rich and poor, but we are interested in how evenly wealth is distributed and most governments put effort into keeping this coefficient as low as possible. Gini is the Gini coefficient, a common measure of inequality within a distribution. It is commonly used to measure income inequality Gini Rigs are globally known for producing the best quality DSLR, BMCC, BMPCC and RED compatible Cages and Rigs for filmmaking. Dont pay more than Gini Rigs

In a particular country, the lowest 10% of the earners make 2% of all wages. The next 40% of earners make 13% of wages. The next 40% of earners make 45% of all wages. The highest 10% of all earners make 40% of all wages. Calculate the Gini coefficient of the country. gini-vision-lib-android. Android library providing components for capturing, reviewing and analyzing photos of invoices and remittance slips Thanks for a good basic explanation, but when you have a small number in your population, the data does not even come close to approximating to a continuous function, but is instead a series of clearly discrete steps. Thus for your sample of 10 for your second, third, fourth and fifth graphs, the graph should show a series of 10 steps like a bar chart and not a slope.I am trying to understand just where South Africa ranks on the Gini coefficient calculation. Usually its numbers are near the top. Why would there be such a difference between the UN and the CIA calculations for South Africa? gini is a very attractive girl that has one boy always wanting to be her boyfriend even if it means doing crazy things for her

The Administration of a village is concerned about income inequality in the village. It wants to introduce some developmental schemes to reduce income inequality. For this purpose, it requires data relating to income inequality. The Administration orders a research study about income levels in his village. Here are some findings from the research study: 6 people earn Rs 10 each, 3 people earn Rs 20 each and 1 person earns Rs 80. Calculate the Gini coefficient relating to the income inequality in the village. When we were about to go on to the pitch for the biggest game of the year in Madrid, suddenly it was Gini who said, 'Hang on, boys, let's all get together here'. We formed a tight circle right there in the..

Gini index is the most commonly used measure of inequality. It is a very popular measure in The Gini coefficient is usually defined mathematically based on the Lorenz curve, which plots the proportion of.. Gini. Gini bietet eine SaaS Lösung zur Dokumentenerkennung und Extraktion von Inhalten.. If A = 0, it means the Lorenz Curve is actually the Line of Equality. In this case, the Gini Coefficient is 0 and it means there is "perfect" distribution of income (everyone earns the same amount).

Definition of Gini index: Standard economic measure of income inequality, based on Lorenz Curve. A society that scores 0.0 on the Gini scale has perfect equality in income distribution In summary, the bottom 30% of the population earns 15% of the income, while the top 30% earns 45% of the income.

The Gini coefficient measures the extent to which the distribution of income within a country deviates from a perfectly equal distribution. A coefficient of 0 expresses perfect equality where everyone has.. Gini - der Garant für beste Informations-Extraktion aus Dokumenten in Echtzeit mit unserer selbstlernenden künstlichen Intelligenz Gini indice, Índice de Gini (pt); Chỉ số Gini (vi); ضریب جینی (fa); Gini (af); Gini-koefficienten, Gini-indeks (da); Gini coefficient (tr); ジニ指数 (ja); Жини коеффициент (mn); Ջինիի ինդեքս (hy); ค่าสัม.. The Gini coefficient for the US, of .408, in the table, above, is quite out of date. That number predates the Republican tax cuts that shifted income from the middle class radically to the rich. We now have a Gini coefficient that is closer to .50 and will not recover from this Great Recession until we redress this issue.

Gini Reticker, Director: Pray the Devil Back to Hell. Chief Creative Officer of Fork Films, Gini Reticker is an Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning director and producer with a distinguished.. In economics, the Gini coefficient , sometimes called the Gini index or Gini ratio, is a measure of statistical dispersion intended to represent the income or wealth distribution of a nation's residents.. @David: My second to fifth graphs do in fact use discrete units. Since I'm explaining how the Gini curve comes about, it would not make sense to use histograms. (The third graph, for example, has 3 distinct portions for the "curve", representing the 3 different income bands in the idealised society. The second curve illustrates the "line of equality" from the first graph.)

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