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Hi Ray, just to say that I am another fellow awaiting for your Rotor 2INpower review. Would especially appreciate to learn how it interacts with the Wahoo Bolt (sorry Polar, no love for you). CheersAs a v650 owner, reading about this really annoys me. There is more functionality on the cheaper polar device (m450) than the v650, let alone the m469.

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I like the Polar products and software interface for the money but I’ve certainly learned to be sure I’m 100% satisfied with everything “as is” when purchasing since they obviously can’t be relied on to tweak and improve through firmware updates like Garmin or Wahoo.Completely disagree with you. Polar gear just works, their software is very stable, opposite to Garmin who rellease half-finished software. For GPS accuracy and heart reate accuracy – Polar wins easily. Garmin is all about heart rate spikes and missed beats due to poor connection. Polar just works.

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  2. The license fee that a company pays to Dynastream for ANT+ usage is about a dime per deice. Yes, 10 cents, and that was about a year ago last I checked.
  3. Once you approach a segment you’ll get a countdown distance to where it begins.  For example below you see 127m remaining till the segment starts.  Again, since I couldn’t enable this on my unit yet one of the Polar guys went out and did some segment hunting with a camera:
  4. The RRP for the M460 is GBP155 and GBP200 with the H10 HRM. Actual ‘live’ prices are shown below.

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I’m not especially into SEGMENT-HUNTING myself but I know VERY many of yo are, so this is a welcome feature that will likely prove popular.To cut a long story short the M460 scored a good 75% when mounted on handlebars, which is a bit better than most. It comes in at slightly higher than the M450 even though the chip and it’s implementation may well be identical.“in couple of years, lack of bluetooth in current Garmin devices will be much bigger problem than the lack of ANT in Polar/Suunto devices.” Se beste pris på Polar M460. Sammenlign priser. Les tester og omtaler før du kjøper. Specs: GPS, Barometer, Høydemåler, Klokke, Frontlys Polar M460. GPS, Barometer, Høydemåler, Klokke, Frontlys, Smartfunksjoner, Batterilevetid 16t, Bluetooth mer »

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Polar M460 Polar Polar M460 è un bike computer con GPS, compatibile con i misuratori di potenza Strava Live Segments e Polar Smart Polar M460 è compatibile con vari sensori per la misurazione della potenza a trasmissione Bluetooth Smart. Rendi le tue pedalate.. Polar M460 Cycling Training Computer. Free 2 Day Shipping! The Polar M640 is a very powerful, GPS-enabled cycling (bike) computer designed help athletes train smarter to push their limits You can see below the sport profile editing screen where up to 8 screens can be configured, each with up to 4 different metrics. That should be enough! Very intuitive to use and better than doing it on the device’s screen IMO. Alibaba.com offers 62 polar m400 watch products. About 61% of these are Watch Bands. A wide variety of polar m400 watch options are available to you, such as material Polar M 460 GPS user reviews : 0 out of 5 - 0 reviews. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - mtbr.com. Polar M 460 GPS. No reviews yet

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I agree it’s like a floppy drive, only we are still in the time period where everything comes on floppies. 5 years from now I wouldn’t want to use the m460 as current devices will be much better But they were right.  While the M450 got off to a rocky start with delays, the core reason it simply hasn’t done well in the larger bike computer market is due to lack of ANT+. Period.  If they were to add that in, it’d wipe Garmin and Wahoo on the floor…overnight.  A unit that’s $80-$120 cheaper that does almost everything they do (if not more in some cases)?  Seems like a no-brainer, no matter how proud one might be of protocol party politics.

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  1. Other thoughts—with Lezyne you get mapping and structured workouts whereas with Polar you get some good training load type metrics via Polar Flow.
  2. Yes Lezyne units would pair with P1 pedals (over BT or ANT+). Here’s a look at sizes if that is biggest factor.
  3. Owners of that latter device seem to be left in the wilderness of having bought a device that is not being updated while polar concentrate their efforts on new products rather than existing ones. Bad form
  4. You chose the sport profile you want to follow. The pre-ride status is shown for the bike number (in this case bike #1) the HR, battery and GPS.
  5. You can follow a pre-defined interval session and any session can benefit from manual laps or automatic laps
  6. Yup, I finished up all data collection and photos before I left for the US. So, that’s on my radar for very short-term. You’ll see Quarq’s D-Zero review likely on Tuesday, and then ROTOR in the following days or at worst next week.
  7. I bought a one sided Rotor inPower for my previous bike, and the 4iiii HR strap that received ANT+ and transmitted it via Bluetooth to the V800.

Thanks David, will any of those pick up power from P1 pedals do you know?? Ideal the Garmin 25 with power would be perfect!! Polar M460 GPS-Fahrradcomputer (Bild: Polar). Polar M650 - eine Weiterentwicklung des Polar M450 - jetzt mit Strava Live Segmenten, erweiterter Leistungsmesser Unterstützung und Polar Smart Coaching Funktionen

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Interesting to note that on the Polar website (US) the M460 is listed under the “Pro” products, along with the V800 and V650. Previously, the M450 was listed under the “Sport” products, along with the M600, M400, M200, and M430. Pricing for the M460 is listed as $229.95 and the V650 at $299.95. 144.45 €. Polar M460 is a GPS bike computer with advanced power meter compatibility, Strava Live Segments and Polar Smart Coaching. Packed with plenty of essential cycling features, it's a great value companion for both road cycling and mountain biking

If you're thinking of buying this product using a cashback deal why not use the road.cc Top Cashback page and get some top cashback while helping to support your favourite independent cycling website Przeczytaj recenzję Polar, Komputer rowerowy z GPS, M460. Zamów dostawę do dowolnego salonu i zapłać przy odbiorze! Monitorowanie pracy serca Połącz Polar M460 z pulsometrem Polar H10 i odkryj zalety treningu opartego na pomiarze tętna Like those others, you’ll need a Strava Premium account in order to get the functionality to work, though Polar/Strava will give you a free 60-day trial to see if you like it.  Once that’s all connected behind the scenes you’ll see your favorite Strava Segments within Polar Flow (the ones that are starred).  Since it’s not live yet on production, they shot me over a few screenshots to explain:

Βρες τιμές για Polar M460 σε 4 καταστήματα στο Skroutz. Διάβασε χαρακτηριστικά & πραγματικές αξιολογήσεις χρηστών! Γράψε μια αξιολόγηση για το Polar M460 και βοήθησε σημαντικά τους άλλους χρήστες WAHOO are likely to release a lower priced device BOLT mini in mid 2017, although that does not have the POWER support and other more advanced features like the M460.in couple of years, lack of bluetooth in current Garmin devices will be much bigger problem than the lack of ANT in Polar/Suunto devices.Polar sent out an “exclusive survey” in the fall of 2016 to V650 owners. It asked for feature requests and insights to help Polar update the V650 and provide a great product. It appears now that this survey was just a feature request for new Polar products.

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Besides the above, I am very interested to upload structured training plans (Today’s Plan) on the computer. With my current v800 and v650 this is not possible. Which is a shame.Regardless of whether or not that’s true to most consumers becomes irrelevant. When international press take that message back to folks, you have to pay attention as a manufacturer. They can still lead the BLE sports movement in the same way Garmin leads the ANT+ movement. Nobody takes that away from them (either of them).Providing you have your bikes, profiles, pages and metrics set up properly there is not a lot you need to know about using it on your ride. You can lock training zones, recalibrate the altimeter, change between pages or profiles, press a lap/start/stop button. Simple! It’s a great user experience.Then it was made new again in 5.0 back around December…which…nobody has implemented yet (understandable given chipsets are somewhat barely here).

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Specifically that the M460 contains no major additional/new hardware, but rather just three software enhancements.  Sure, it’s got a new exterior case that’s now black instead of white – but it’s the same guts.  They did make a minor tweak in the buttons however to make them feel a bit better. Da Nencini Sport puoi trovare i migliori prodotti POLAR Sconti Fino al 52%. Cogli subito l'occasione: sfoglia il nostro catalogo

Is that right? Wow. So a major failing of their protocols has a fix ready and waiting and they won’t implement it. Polar M460 on polkupyörän mittari GPS:llä, se on yhteensopiva tehomittareiden, nopeus- ja poljinvoima-antureiden kanssa ja siinä on Strava Live Segments ja Polar Smart Coaching. Se on täynnä käyttökelpoisia polkupyörätoimintoja ja se on ihanteellinen.. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked.If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatar, which works here on DCR and across the web.Here’s my most recent gadget recommendations guide (Winter 2019-2020 edition) and trainers here (Winter 2019-2020 edition) – covering almost every category of sports gadgets out there.  Looking for the equipment I use day to day?  I also just put together my complete ‘Gear I Use’ equipment list, from swim to bike to run and everything in between (plus a few extra things).  And to compliment that, here’s The Girl’s (my wife’s) list. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!As you may remember last week, Polar announced their M430 successor to the M400.  This was a modest hardware tweak to their existing and popular running watch.  It added an optical heart rate sensor to the back and a few new features.  It essentially kept them competitive in that market.  With the M460 bike computer however, they’ve taken a different path despite the similarities in target markets.

Informative review on the M450 and 451 enhanced model. I am in the position to add a further comment as I own and use a Polar w650 and my wife uses a Polar w450 which I purchased as a gift. Basically the 650 is significantly better built and the human to device interface much better. Nothing wrong with the 450 but my advice to anybody considering the purchase of either of the polar units is unless your budget is really tight then the relatively small incremental cost of the 650 is money well spentThis goes down more as price than costs. And eventually it’s what will kill them. The later they realize, the harder to get up. Polar M460 (with heart rate monitor) overview and full product specs on CNET. Model Polar M460 (with heart rate monitor) for those of you concerned about calories, Polar claim to have the most accurate calorie estimator on the market.

(If I am not wrong (?) – the gap between the m450 and the garmin 520 in the first place was significantly bigger – what made sense.)For example, in trying it out last night (it’s still beta of course) with the ROTOR 2INPower, it kinda worked for the advanced metrics.  It showed one side, but not the other.  But did properly display left/right balance on other screens.  Polar responded this morning that they’re aware of the issue and are working to resolve it.Sebastian–hopefully Ray can confirm but if you search for V650 (Control + F on my keyboard) in comments section of dzero first ride post (link below) you’ll see at least one user has confirmed V650 is compatible. A skin case for Polar M450. Prevent your Polar from dirt and mud. A tough shell case made from silicone designed to offer Package Includes: New Case For GPS Polar M450 x1. COLOR: All pictures are taken by professional photographers under studio light

And in many ways the same is true of the power meter side.  All the other bike computers in the market already support these metrics (or similar ones), and all of them have mostly complete compatibility for advanced power data.  There’s some nuances between units, especially when it comes to how you match up certain data fields on the ANT+ side to that of the Bluetooth Smart side. But we’re roughly in the same ballpark.I can’t decide what’s more frustrating, not getting updates Polar said may be coming, or Polar not acknowledging that it’s not something they’re working on (which by this point seems is obviously the case). Polar M460 GPS Bike Computer With Heart Rate Sensor - Black. Take your cycling performance to the next level with Polar M460 bicycle computer, the perfect training companion for both mountain bikers and road cyclists I know both Polar and power meter companies have been working closely together in recent months to try and resolve these issues, but I still want to see long term proof of sustainability.

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I am just wondering if the one who is not using power meters and strava live segments could buy M450 instead of M460? M450 is still available and much cheaper. Just thinking if there are any major differences except power meters and strava live segments. 202 €. Polar M460 on GPS-rattakompuuter, mis ühildub paljude võimsuse mõõtjatega ning on varustatud Strava Live Segments ja Polar Smart Coaching funktsioonidega. M460 on väärtuslikuks kaaslaseks nii maantee- kui ka maastikusõidul Packed with essential cycling features, the Polar M460 merges GPS, Strava Live Segments and improved 3rd party power compatibility to provide a best in class training experience for cyclists at all levels Discounts average $19 off with a Polar promo code or coupon. 4 Polar coupons now on RetailMeNot I m really enjoying my m450 now since almost 2 years. Great product!! But was waiting for software updates. Now they re offering almost the same product (display e.g.) with some software updates for 229Euro on Amazon. That is roughly 100Euro more than the current bundle price for the m450 (134Euro). 100Euro for strava live segments?

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  1. Think my written reviews are deep? You should check out my videos. I take things to a whole new level of interactive depth!
  2. Suppose I don’t need gps recording for a ride and have the Bluetooth speed sensor enabled. Will this mean that i will be able to turn off the gps and significantly increase the battery life while having accurate speed? Will total distance still be calculated in this gps-off mode?
  3. 520? looking for the smallest unit out there with GPS and Powertap P1 support to go inbetween my hands on my TT bars!
  4. , but Polar is very solid with regard to crucial basic training data. The web site has been consistently improved as well.
  5. As soon as I saw that I pretty much thought it was the same hardware as the m450. Isn’t it based on the v800? Perhaps with the altimeter taken out. Would be awesome to get strava segments on the v800.
  6. d I would not expect a response form Polar here. I would suggest to continue to contact Polar through their official channels as I and others have reported doing (I communicate with Polar Support weekly). Ultimately, I agree with you both that Polar should address their customers’ questions/concerns, especially those of us that were early adopters of Polar cycling computers. I just don’t think it’s fair to Polar, or DC RAINMAKER, to expect it here. Hopefully Polar will release an official statement.

This space is fairly competitive now with many offering from MIO, Lezyne, Garmin and others. The M450 is now selling at rock-bottom prices below Eur/$/£100 if you want to grab a bargain. I remember a decade ago when I first got into running, Polar was was the technology I really wanted. I saw them (rightly I think at the time) as the leaders in heart rate technology and they had some pretty cool watches. I ran with an RS300X with a foot pod for a few years but as GPS technology started to really become affordable, Polar really lagged behind. And Ant+ isn’t even new. I love the design of Polar’s gear but I can’t imagine ever buying one of their devices again. They just seem to be out of sync with sports technology.I have had my M450 unit for about a year now and have been hoping for a firmware update allowing Strava live segments. The M450 does everything I need except live segments.I can’t help wondering if it wouldn’t be a better marketing strategy for Polar to make these options available to existing M450 and V650 users as firmware updates AND release the new M460 to the market at the same time . New customers would no doubt opt for the M460 , and existing M450 and V650 users would be a LOT happier. How many V650 and M450 owners are going to buy the M460 , knowing they have just been denied those features via a firmware update ?

Packed with essential cycling features, the Polar M460 merges GPS, Strava live segments and improved 3rd party power compatibility to provide a best in class training experience for cyclists at all levels. Chris Hoy was on radio 4 recently recounting that when he first used them, he got into bother, so he thought he would lean on the fence next to him... A-GPS is used by many sports watches. Either when you synchronise or as you exercise, the future position of satellites for the next couple of weeks is downloaded. this means that when you next start your device a GPS fix should be quick. We’re talking 5-10 seconds, or even faster, with most devices. The M460 seems at the slower end of that range but perfectly acceptable to me.

Polar m460 cena interneta veikalos ir no 156€ līdz 440 €, kopā ir 35 preces 15 veikalos ar nosaukumu 'polar m460'. Meklē 12,2 milj. preces 1358 interneta veikalos During initial device setup you can alter most of the settings on the unit such as miles or km, your own physical profile, and time and date, but to set up the data screens you need to connect to Polar Flow. Polar Flow can be downloaded to your phone or desktop, and it's nice and easy to use, with a personal diary, progress chart and community (Polar Groups) to keep you motivated, as well as the basic syncing, uploading and device setting functions. You can also get smart notifications from your phone if you simply can't miss a text or an email.Disabling the GPS and utilizing a Bluetooth Smart speed sensor would allow you to increase battery life while accurately record speed and distance.Do you know if they are planning to offer a firmware update for existing M450 users so we can use Strava Live? (Garmin did it for 500 users after the 510 come out, so surely the precedent is there)

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  1. Structured workouts are available as ‘PHASED TRAINING’ in Polar Flow. They seem to be based only ON HR and SPEED ZONES at present and this should be extended to include POWER ZONES. Whilst this functionality could be improved it will suffice for most people most of the time. Effort periods can be set to have an automatic or manual end and can be stored on the M450 as ‘favourites’.
  2. Vector 1 or 2 pedals with it, for example, although most power meters nowadays are Bluetooth and ANT+.
  3. Polar says: The Polar M460 is a compact but advanced computer, with power meter compatibility, built-in Strava Live Segments and Polar Smart Coaching. You can also take advantage of workout tracking, device set-up and analysis via Polar's own Flow app. Tell us some more about the technical..
  4. POLAR Compteur GPS M460 Noir au Meilleur Prix ! Compteurs Vélo Polar - Payez 4X sans frais - Retour facile - Livraison éclair. Le compteur Polar M460 bénéficie d'un design sobre noir carbone et d'une interface améliorée. Il intègre en plus de la fonction..
  5. It's functional with a very good companion app and most of the metrics you could want, and good battery life; for me, though, the buttons aren't the most intuitive, the screen's a bit cluttered and it's disappointing there's no ANT+ connectivity.
  6. A capable training partner for data-demanding runners, the Polar M430 watch is a triple threat with state-of-the-art running metrics, advanced GPS and the freedom of optical heart rate technology

If you haven't used Strava Live Segments before, I'd recommend you try it out. You'll need a premium account to take advantage, and you can get a free trial with the purchase of a Polar M460. It's great fun, and on a Polar device it's probably the best experience you can have with it. The M460 tells you when a segment is approaching, counts down, and then in real time tells you your results and whether you got a PB, KOM or QOM. You can see your results in the Polar Flow app rather than having to head over to Strava, which is unique to Polar as far as I know.It’s a functional sporting tool rather than a toy. many of such TOYS on the market are full of bugs. Most of us don’t have much time for that. The Polar M460 is a cycling tool that will be accurate, easy-to-use and hassle free from the start.Interesting. There is a ‘new’ PM coming out soonish as dual band moving from the ANT+ only version of the existing model.As Ray very diplomatically points out, “… all companies have given these same features to existing units without purchase of a new unit… it’s a bit surprising Polar isn’t doing the same”. I would say that this is a slap-in-the-face to Polar M450/V650 owners (myself included).It’s a shame polar are being so obibstinate regarding ant+, as acknowledged by everyone, it has to be killing sales. That and their stupid sensors that don’t have replaceable batteries. At least wahoo make decent alternatives.

Si la pasada semana Polar nos sorprendió con el Polar M43o, hoy lo hace con el M460. Sí, lo digo de forma un poco sarcástica El Polar M460 estará disponible de forma individual por 180€, o con el nuevo sensor Polar H10 por 230€. Se podrá encontrar en.. Polar M460 HR od 789,00 zł ✅ Sprawdź lub napisz opinię ✅ GPS Wbudowany odbiornik GPS, Czujnik tętna Posiada czujnik tętna. Licznik rowerowy M460 marki Polar jest wyjątkowo funkcjonalnym urządzeniem - został wyposażony w licznik kalorii, opcję pomiar pulsu i dokładny GPS And then, voila, as if by magic or tech they appear on  your device. Well, definitely not magic. Unless that magic is also shared by MIO, Lezyne and others 😉 This is a good but still a CATCH-UP feature compared to the competition.Lezyne Micro Computer 33.7mm (W) x 47.9mm (L) x 22.5mm (H) Screen: 24.25mm (W) x 25.25mm (L) $130 b&w; $160 color

One of my favourites Bluetooth sensors is the Viiiiva V100 HRM which converts ANT+ sensor signals into Bluetooth so that the M460 can access them…cool!When I set off for my first ride, the GPS locked on reasonably quickly, but I found if you need any firmware updates it really interferes so you need to check this regularly to keep it performing at full capacity. It uses GPS only and not the GLONASS system simultaneously like Garmins do, which does mean you'll experience more small dropouts compared with GPS/GLONASS combo computers, but the overall accuracy was good.A very good cycling computer on the bike, but the apps could do with some tweaks to make them easier to navigate БЕЗОПАСНОСТ: Polar M460 се грижи за безопасността ви с предна LED светлина. СЪЗДАДЕН ЗА ИЗДРЪЖЛИВОСТ: Polar M460 притежава елегантен и изчистен дизайн с финиш от карбонови нишки. Страничните бутони имат текстура за лесно..

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  1. head unit and a polar v800. If I were to replace my gar
  2. Polar Flow est un analyseur de sport, de fitness et d'activité à utiliser avec les montres de sport GPS, les trackers fitness et les trackers d'activité Polar.* Suivez votre entraînement et votre activité pour percevoir instantanément vos exploits. Vous pouvez consulter toutes..
  3. The extra features are good, such as the fitness tests. It does the basics okay, but it's not the most intuitive to use.

Polar have a good app and good online platform – both called FLOW. Information is synchronised between your device and FLOW either through the app or using desktop-based FLOW SYNC software.In my opinion there are better options out there for £200 at the moment. If you don't want the HRM then you can get it for much less online, and if you can pick it up for less than £150 it's unrivalled at that price point.The lacking of temperature data on Strava is because of the poor export by Polar Flow. I’ve already contact their support and their answer was that temperature data is not part of the TCX file format. But that’s nonsense since there is an extension for that (and Garmin uses it, of course).Polar’s menus are differently organised to menus from other device manufacturers however they are perfectly sensible. Even if you are not familiar with Polar devices, getting used to them will be easy.

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159 €. Polar M460 on yhteensopiva Polar Bluetooth smart -sensoreiden kanssa.M460 tekniset tiedot:Paino 50 grammaaPaksuus 14mmNäytön koko 34,65mm x 34,65mm ja resoluuti 128x128 pikseliäIPX7 roiskesuojattuMicro usb- liitettävyysBluetooth smart.. No, I don't think there's a risk, but it feels to be the courteous thing to do whilst other people are concerned for their own health. ... Claimed battery life is 16 hours using all the functionality, and based on my experience I'd say that's pretty much spot on using both heart rate and GPS. It's better than the majority of the competition (Garmin Edge 520 is a claimed 15 hours, as is Wahoo's Elemnt Bolt) but less than the huge 24 hours of Lezyne's Super GPS.

Yeah, they were confirming the GPS chipset swapout last week (if it occurred on the bike side as it did on the running side). I’ll validate again if so. Polar M460 è un bike computer con GPS, compatibile con i misuratori di potenza di ultima generazione, Strava Live Segments e Polar Smart Coaching. Grazie alle numerose funzioni ciclistiche fondamentali, è un ottimo compagno sia per il.. I regularly do the following types of riding: road racing, time trialling, commuting, club rides, sportives, general fitness riding, triathlon races

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Greg–take a look at Ray’s video on Wahoo Bolt unboxing. At minute 15:23, he does size comparison of lots of units including Polar M450 (has same body as M460). If you’re looking for something smaller than M460–might want to check out Lezyne’s GPS units (Super GPS or Micro) or maybe Bryton/Giant (not in below video). There should be a 5mm spacer for Boost spacing that comes with it, and Tacx can also supply a narrower one. This isn't an issue with all bikes with... Ho recensito il Polar M460 dopo il mio test, esprimendo le mie opinioni su questo bike computer. E' uno dei migliori per rapporto qualità prezzo. Il Polar M460 è a tutti gli effetti un bike computer dotato di GPS. Viene utilizzato soprattutto dagli appassionati di bici su strada e mountain bike grazie ai suoi.. POLAR M460 bez hrudního pásu a vysílače, je kombinací plnohodnotného sportestru a cyklocomputeru. POLAR M460 je nástupcem řady M450, jedná se v podstatě o jeho vylepšenou verzi. Nová verze nabízí pokročilé měření výkonu pro systém TrainingPeaks.. Beyond these noted features, there isn’t anything else new on the platform.  It’s a pretty cut and dry situation.  The existing M450 will retail at $159USD/EUR, while the new M460 will come in at $179USD/EUR.  I think it’s fair to say that if you care about Strava, you’re likely willing to pay another 20 bucks.

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Łatwa, bezprzewodowa synchronizacja z aplikacją Polar Flow dzięki funkcji Bluetooth Smart. Złącze Micro-USB do ładowania i synchronizacji danych z komputerem PC lub Mac przy użyciu Polar FlowSync. Kompatybilność serwisu internetowego Polar Flow z.. The M460 aims to incrementally improve upon the M450 with some modest software enhancements, along with a new all-black look.  These updates include Strava Live Segment functionality and increased power meter support/metrics.The screen has a fairly basic resolution with good glass cover and nice contrast. It’s easy to read and does the job. The screen does NOT look great but it DOES do the job of presenting data well. El GPS POLAR M460 HR (CINTA H10) es la herramienta perfecta para los ciclistas más exigentes, gracias a su conexión en tiempo real con strava, haz de tus salidas una competición Once I started triathlon, Polar had integrated GPS watches (I still on my RC3 GPS) but did not have a solid multisport offering. The V800 did not have open water swim capabilities until July 2015. That was just way too late. I would never tell anyone not to buy any of their current devices…they all look great. But Polar seems very slow to adopt things that would only help their sales and they should be far more agile as a small company.

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  1. Introduced as the M450 in 2015, the new Polar M460 GPS cycling computer brings a few functional and aesthetic improvements to make their budget almost-category-killer cycling computer an even better deal. The important stuff -good price, integrated blinky light, full GPS, barometer-based inclinometer..
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  3. utes or as “Did we hit the pace in those intervals?” These are all valid questions but I would encourage everyone to use features like those provided by Polar’s Smart Coaching.
  4. Another great review, are you aware of any further Polar v650 software enhancements or have Polar now abandoned support for this unit for newer models? Many Thanks
  5. Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community.
  6. Strava Live segments included on device, including alerts when you're approaching one and segment results
  7. Polar M460 Cycling Computer. Train like the pros with the Polar M460 GPS cycling computer. With Polar's Smart Coaching feature you get the tools you need to achieve your goals with efficiency and precision. Pair the M460 with the H10 heart rate sensor to..

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Polar m450 users! Welcome to the “being the redheaded stepchild with no good firmware updates” club.*The numbers I see here for sell-throughs show that Polar is selling as close to a zero-value number of units in comparison to Garmin and Wahoo as possible. This is notable even more so because I haven’t actually done even an Edge 520 or 820 review (just like I’ve never done an M450/460 in-depth review). All these products, including the V650 have simple ‘first look’ posts. In fact, the V650 got a secondary update post too. Online ansehen oder herunterladen Polar M460 Gebrauchsanleitung. Anleitungen und Benutzerhandbücher für Polar M460. Wir haben 1 Polar M460 zum kostenlosen PDF-Download zur Verfügung: Gebrauchsanleitung Hi, in a crash I did break my Polar V650. Before buying a new one I was wondering if you have heard any rumours about a successor for this great bike computer? Thanks, RolandTheir own bulletin board has a pretty good list of requests (link to forum.polar.fi) which goes largely unanswered too. Very frustrating.

Polar M460 a € 135,99 (oggi) Miglior prezzo su ideal

I travel a fair bit, both for work and for fun. Here’s a bunch of random trip reports and daily trip-logs that I’ve put together and posted. I’ve sorted it all by world geography, in an attempt to make it easy to figure out where I’ve been.Update: You can pre-order the Polar M460 from Clever Training today, expected delivery later this month.  Plus, if you use DCR Coupon code DCR10BTF, you’ll save 10% and also get free US shipping.  Plus, it helps support the site.  Enjoy!

44 results for polar m460. Save polar m460 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. polar m460: Items in search results Polar M460 Cycling Computer. Train like the pros with the Polar M460 GPS cycling computer. With Polar's Smart Coaching feature you get the tools you need to achieve your goals with efficiency and precision. Pair the M460 with the H10 heart rate sensor to receive the most accurate heart rate data..

Any idea if these features will be added to the v650? I’m mostly interested in the phone notifications. It’s bad enough that Polar still has not joined the ANT+ train, but to see better features on the step down model is insulting.In summary, the M460 does everything you want it to, just not – for me – the way I'd want it to: I didn't find the buttons the most intuitive and I'd appreciate more viewable data, which wouldn't fit on the small screen on this computer. The battery life is good, though, Polar Flow is a decent companion app, and you can analyse all the usual metrics applicable to the majority of riders. I just didn't fully get on with the head unit configuration and there are some things that needed ironing out on the previous M450 that haven't been, such as ANT+ connectivity.Ant+ is owned by Garmin while Polar have a very large influence in the BLE realm. There is more to it then just technical aspects от 460 ₽. Наушники JBL T110

Polar's M460 is a budget, highly competent, cycling training device. It's got pretty much all the capability and stats that you need on a clear and compact display. Smartphone notifications, STRAVA segment integration and more power metrics have been added over and above what was on the previous M450 Hi Ray! Are there any plans for an in-depth-review? Particularly I would like to see how well Strava-segments work, something that wasn’t ready for your first-look.As for the chipsets, I haven’t seen a teardown of what’s in the M450, as that would tell us the chipset. If for example they went with Nordic, it’s just a licensing fee to unlock the dual ANT+/BLE side of things. There are three modes: ANT+ only, BLE only, dual ANT+. Almost everyone just pays the licensing fee for dual, and it can even be done after the fact.In the USA the M460 is available with a 10% discount from PowerMeterCity (checkout code: the5krunner10) and you help this blog in a small way by purchasing from there. It should be about $10-$15 cheaper than the normal Amazon price.Not very exciting and many already mentioned but here you go for completeness: UBlox UBX-G7020ct GPS chip; >12 hours battery; Bluetooth SMART V4 sensor compatibility; ANT+ sensors only indirectly through 3rd party products; 1second data recording will give a whopping 35 hours of exercise recording time; barometric altimeter; and Waterproof to IPX7. Oh and it’s got a nice white, configurable LED which comes on automatically at the front when light conditions deteriorate.

This update was ostensibly 33% focused on power meters, yet it only impacts a fraction of the addressable market for this product (a fraction of a fraction really).Previously, the only annoyance was that the screen had to be configured online so, once you are riding, that was it! Recent versions of the smartphone app now DO allow sport profiles to be customised.It would be nice to get more than 4 on the screen sometimes as that is often one of the attractions of a dedicated cycling computer. However more than 4 would probably not be right on the M450’s screen size. You can click the image below and see there are a vast array of data fields for almost every need. Ascent, descent, temperature, cadence, power, Intensity Factor, heart rate, speed and many, many variations on each of those such as for the total ride and for the lap. At some point in the last year or so the TRAINING PEAKS metrics seem to have snuck on there. Oh well! It’s all good.

I think it’s perfectly acceptable to vent thoughts/comments here on what a company is doing (as long as it’s done in a relatively constructive/fair/non-droll-like/whatever manner, which you did just fine).Think about BLE only is that one unit “gobbles” the sensor connection. On the bike I like to use a cycle specifc handlebar mounted head unit and a watch as well so that the watch can “see” everything I do plus it acts as a backup should one or the other crash (not uncommon). No can do here. If was ANT+ you could. So I’m out as they say…B) And two…I know of no successful business that says they don’t plan to make marketable products for “a couple of years”.Other training features included are a five-minute fitness test and orthostatic test, completed in conjunction with Polar's HRM strap. They're useful, but to get the most out of them they require regular analysis on Polar Flow and a semi-regimented training routine, so won't apply to those who use their data more sporadically.

This what I heard from other Garmin users as well – various crashes. For me a crashing watch during is simply a NO-GO. I have had various polars but no watch ever crashed. GPS accuracy is as good as Garmin, even better what I read here and there. HR anyway speaks for Polar. The black white screen just works no need for colour from my point of view. Important to me is the square and not round screen since it is the most efficient use of the screen. Polar Flow just looks modern on the other Hand Garmin looks to me not. Polar stands for professional sport. All that speaks for me for Polar and at the moment I dont see a reason to change, especially since the prices are competetitive too. POLAR M460 ciclocomputadora GPS con segmentos de STRAVA en vivo. Oferta hasta fin de existencias. El nuevo Polar M460 llega pisando fuerte en el mundo del ciclismo; es un bike computer con GPS integrado que presenta una atractivo diseño.. So, I assume if you purchased this and purchased a Mio Velo your Ant + power meter would work with it. But, then your another $70 in.I don’t really see what the advantage of Bluetooth is, even though everyone seems to say it’s the future, ant+ just works. All the time. I use Bluetooth on the trainer to connect to my iPhone using trainerroad. Every time I have to faff around turning every other Bluetooth device off that I’ve previously paired a sensor with due to Bluetooth sensors not being able to pair to two devices concurrently. it’s the reason I gave up on the v650/v800 I own and settled on the fenix3/esge520. Try to record data on two devices with polar? Forget it unless you mess around with analogue heart signals etc and gave multiple speed/cadence sensors.This would be indeed interesting. I’ve tried to pair the M450 and the V800 to a Elite trainer which transmits via bluetooth with partial success. No power nor cadence data but speed data – sort of. You cannot set the rim diameter below 1000 mm, which is unsuitable for most trainers that contain internal sensors (and Kid bikes, btw). I’ve filed a bug with Polar for that months ago ..

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