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DC Comics ended the Rebirth branding in December 2017, opting to include everything under a larger "DC Universe" banner and naming. The continuity established by Rebirth continues across DC's comic book titles, including volume one of Detective Comics and volume three of Batman.[72][73] Ý chí siêu cường: Dù không có siêu năng lực nhưng Batman lại có một ý chí thép mạnh khủng khiếp, đến mức anh từng được cân nhắc làm người nhận chiếc nhẫn Green Lantern. Batman từng được Hal Jordan cho mượn nhẫn và thực tế là Batman dùng nhẫn còn mạnh hơn Hal nhưng sau đó Batman đã từ chối việc giữ chiếc nhẫn. Batman cũng từng được chọn để dùng chiếc nhẫn vàng của Sinestro Corps. Nhẫn vàng lấy năng lượng từ nỗi sợ hãi. Hãy tưởng tượng: Batman sẽ mạnh thế nào khi sở hữu chiếc nhẫn này? Nhưng vì không muốn chiếc nhẫn nên Batman đã dùng ý chí để khước từ nó, một điều mà chưa ai từng làm được.

As Batman's ally in the Gotham City police, Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon debuted along with Batman in Detective Comics #27 and has been a consistent presence ever since. As a crime-fighting everyman, he shares Batman's goals while offering, much as the character of Watson does in Sherlock Holmes stories, a normal person's perspective on the work of Batman's extraordinary genius. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. +Tốc độ: Batman có thể chạy nhanh không thua gì các vận động viên hàng đầu thế giới (Usan Bolt vào đây)Robin, Batman's vigilante partner, has been a widely recognized supporting character for many years.[103] Bill Finger stated that he wanted to include Robin because "Batman didn't have anyone to talk to, and it got a little tiresome always having him thinking."[104] The first Robin, Dick Grayson, was introduced in 1940. In the 1970s he finally grew up, went off to college and became the hero Nightwing. A second Robin, Jason Todd, appeared in the 1980s. In the stories he was eventually badly beaten and then killed in an explosion set by the Joker, but was later revived. He used the Joker's old persona, the Red Hood, and became an antihero vigilante with no qualms about using firearms or deadly force. Carrie Kelley, the first female Robin to appear in Batman stories, was the final Robin in the continuity of Frank Miller's graphic novels The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again, fighting alongside an aging Batman in stories set out of the mainstream continuity. For years, Wayne coordinated with McGinnis, supplying advice and direction from the Batcave while McGinnis worked in the field. He also ran the labs and developed new gadgets for McGinnis to use in the new crusade against crime. During their adventures, Wayne would help McGinnis defeat modern adversaries and even some of his own revived rogues, such as Mr. Freeze,[42] Ra's al Ghul,[2] and the Joker reborn through a chip implanted in Tim Drake all those years ago.[37]

Robin đầu tiên là Dick Grayson – con trai của gia đình chuyên gia nhào lộn Grayson nổi tiếng đã bị 1 tên siêu tội phạm của Gotham thảm sát (có lúc là Two-face, có lúc là Penguin,…) và được Batman – Bruce Wayne nhận về nuôi và trở thành trợ thủ đắc lực của Batman sau này với bộ đồ phỏng theo loài chim cổ đỏ (trong tiếng Anh là Robin) với 2 màu chủ đạo là Xanh lá và Đỏ.In 2014, the live-action TV series Gotham premiered on the Fox network, featuring David Mazouz as a 12-year-old Bruce Wayne. In 2018, when the series was renewed for its fifth and final season it was announced that Batman would make an appearance in the show's series finale's flash-forward. The Batcave is Batman's secret headquarters, consisting of a series of caves beneath his mansion, Wayne Manor. As his command center, the Batcave serves multiple purposes; supercomputer, surveillance, redundant power-generators, forensics lab, medical infirmary, private study, training dojo, fabrication workshop, arsenal, hangar and garage. It houses the vehicles and equipment Batman uses in his campaign to fight crime. It is also a trophy room and storage facility for Batman's unique memorabilia collected over the years from various cases he has worked on. In both the comic Batman: Shadow of the Bat #45 and the 2005 film Batman Begins, the cave is said to have been part of the Underground Railroad.

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As Wayne continued to age, he suffered a kidney failure. Unknown to Wayne, McGinnis discovered that he was not just a suitable donor but a perfect one; eventually learning the truth about his heritage, McGinnis returned to Wayne Manor with a new sense of purpose. Wayne wondered about the fate of Gotham, and McGinnis relaxed the worries. Their relationship seemed repaired, as Wayne had truly become the father McGinnis had lost long ago.[36] Following Infinite Crisis, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson (having recovered from his wounds), and Tim Drake retrace the steps Bruce had taken when he originally left Gotham City, to "rebuild Batman".[143] In the Face the Face storyline, Batman and Robin return to Gotham City after their year-long absence. Part of this absence is captured during Week 30 of the 52 series, which shows Batman fighting his inner demons.[144] Later on in 52, Batman is shown undergoing an intense meditation ritual in Nanda Parbat. This becomes an important part of the regular Batman title, which reveals that Batman is reborn as a more effective crime fighter while undergoing this ritual, having "hunted down and ate" the last traces of fear in his mind.[145][146] At the end of the "Face the Face" story arc, Bruce officially adopts Tim (who had lost both of his parents at various points in the character's history) as his son.[147] The follow-up story arc in Batman, Batman and Son, introduces Damian Wayne, who is Batman's son with Talia al Ghul. Although originally, in Son of the Demon, Bruce's coupling with Talia was implied to be consensual, this arc retconned it into Talia forcing herself on Bruce.[148]

Batman's batsuit aids in his combat against enemies, having the properties of both Kevlar and Nomex. It protects him from gunfire and other significant impacts. His gloves typically feature three scallops that protrude from long, gauntlet-like cuffs, although in his earliest appearances he wore short, plain gloves without the scallops.[126] The overall look of the character, particularly the length of the cowl's ears and of the cape, varies greatly depending on the artist. Dennis O'Neil said, "We now say that Batman has two hundred suits hanging in the Batcave so they don't have to look the same ... Everybody loves to draw Batman, and everybody wants to put their own spin on it."[127] Batman's primary character traits can be summarized as "wealth; physical prowess; deductive abilities and obsession".[87] The details and tone of Batman comic books have varied over the years due to different creative teams. Dennis O'Neil noted that character consistency was not a major concern during early editorial regimes: "Julie Schwartz did a Batman in Batman and Detective and Murray Boltinoff did a Batman in the Brave and the Bold and apart from the costume they bore very little resemblance to each other. Julie and Murray did not want to coordinate their efforts, nor were they asked to do so. Continuity was not important in those days."[88] In September 2011, DC Comics' entire line of superhero comic books, including its Batman franchise, were canceled and relaunched with new #1 issues as part of The New 52 reboot. Bruce Wayne is the only character to be identified as Batman and is featured in Batman, Detective Comics, Batman and Robin, and Batman: The Dark Knight. Dick Grayson returns to the mantle of Nightwing and appears in his own ongoing series. While many characters have their histories significantly altered to attract new readers, Batman's history remains mostly intact. Batman Incorporated was relaunched in 2012–2013 to complete the "Leviathan" storyline.

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Additionally, members of the group Batman, Incorporated, Bruce Wayne's experiment at franchising his brand of vigilantism, have at times stood in as the official Batman in cities around the world.[61] Various others have also taken up the role of Batman in stories set in alternative universes and possible futures, including, among them, various former proteges of Bruce Wayne. Batman is often treated as a vigilante by other characters in his stories. Frank Miller views the character as "a dionysian figure, a force for anarchy that imposes an individual order".[94] Dressed as a bat, Batman deliberately cultivates a frightening persona in order to aid him in crime-fighting,[95] a fear that originates from the criminals' own guilty conscience.[96] Miller is often credited with reintroducing anti-heroic traits into Batman's characterization,[97] such as his brooding personality, willingness to use violence and torture, and increasingly alienated behavior. Batman, shortly a year after his debut and the introduction of Robin, was changed in 1940 after DC editor Whitney Ellsworth felt the character would be tainted by his lethal methods and DC established their own ethical code, subsequently he was retconned as having a stringent moral code.[36][98] Miller's Batman was closer to the original pre-Robin version, who was willing to kill criminals if necessary.[99] Batman is also frequently described as a "peak human,"[123][unreliable source?] and it has been revealed that he has (mostly unintentionally) bathed in Lazarus Pits in the past, which may or may not attribute some of his more meta-human feats.[124] batman batman. Поделиться треком в соц. сетях: ВКонтакте. Ti prosto ne videla more. Batman. 4:45 Action, adventure, animation. Director: Ethan Spaulding. Starring: David McCallum, Dee Bradley Baker, Giancarlo Esposito and others. Batman learns that he has a violent, unruly pre-teen son with Talia al Ghul named Damian Wayne who is secretly being raised by Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins

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Kane and Finger drew upon contemporary 1930s popular culture for inspiration regarding much of the Bat-Man's look, personality, methods, and weaponry. Details find predecessors in pulp fiction, comic strips, newspaper headlines, and autobiographical details referring to Kane himself.[19] As an aristocratic hero with a double identity, Batman had predecessors in the Scarlet Pimpernel (created by Baroness Emmuska Orczy, 1903) and Zorro (created by Johnston McCulley, 1919). Like them, Batman performed his heroic deeds in secret, averted suspicion by playing aloof in public, and marked his work with a signature symbol. Kane noted the influence of the films The Mark of Zorro (1920) and The Bat Whispers (1930) in the creation of the character's iconography. Finger, drawing inspiration from pulp heroes like Doc Savage, The Shadow, Dick Tracy, and Sherlock Holmes, made the character a master sleuth.[20][21] I’m sure you can think of exceptions. But basically, people who think of Batman as a person call him “Batman.” Whereas criminals, to whom Batman is practically a ghost, call him “the Batman.”When he hung up the mantle of Batman, Gotham City was left without a Dark Knight for twenty years. Bruce Wayne became a recluse, isolated in Wayne Manor after Alfred's death, and having to take up the use of a cane. During one of his yearly pilgrimages to the spot where his parents were murdered, he met a stray dog that saved him and helped take down a Jokerz gang member that tried to mug him, getting injured in the process. Wayne took the dog in and named the dog Ace.[40] Copyright © 2008–2020 Overthinking It. All rights reserved. Designed by Wrather Creative using Roots Theme. Powered by WordPress.

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Among physical and other crime fighting related training, he is also proficient at other types of skills. Some of these include being a licensed pilot (in order to operate the Batplane), as well as being able to operate other types of machinery. In some publications, he underwent some magician training. In Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight, Travis Langley argues that the concept of archetypes as described by psychologists Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell is present in the Batman mythos, such that the character represents the "shadow archetype". This archetype, according to Langley, represents a person's own dark side; it is not necessarily an evil one, but rather one that is hidden from the outside and concealed from both the world and oneself. Langley argues that Bruce Wayne confronts his own darkness early in life; he chooses to use it to instill fear in wrongdoers, with his bright and dark sides working together to fight evil. Langley uses the Jungian perspective to assert that Batman appeals to our own need to face our "shadow selves".[217][218] Dr. Travis Langley also taught a class called Batman, a title he was adamant about. "I could have called it something like the Psychology of Nocturnal Vigilantism, but no. I called it Batman," Langley says.[219] With his martial arts prowess, occasionally augmented by technology, Batman was usually more than a match for any foe he encountered, human or otherwise. He was familiar with a vast array of martial arts, including but not limited to jujutsu[3] and kung fu.[11] When he first met Superman, the vigilante suddenly threw the powerful alien across a room to Superman's complete astonishment at the attack's sheer audacity.[18] He could also gave Darkseid a fairly good fight before being subdued. As Bruce aged and retired from active crimefighting, he still maintained his wide variety of skills including martial arts, but couldn't engage in prolonged periods of physical excursion without complications without his weak heart and aging body. However, he could use his cane as a weapon. Batman was capable of incredible feats of agility and reflexes. During the Second Apokolyptian invasion, Darkseid commented that no one had ever been able to avoid his Omega Beams before.[48] Batman's strength was also exceptional; being capable of throwing Superman[18] and Kalibak several meters away.[31] Temporarily youthened for about a week in his older years, his physical mass was all the more apparent when compared to the slim teenager Terry McGinnis.

+Thám tử bậc thầy: Được mệnh danh là World’s Greatest Detective, Batman có khả năng quan sát, phân tích, khám nghiệm và tư duy logic đến mức tối đa. Trực giác siêu phàm cũng thường được Batman sử dụng. Batman có thể lần ra sự thật đằng sau mọi bí ẩn chỉ từ một manh mối nhỏ duy nhất.The Earth-Two Batman, a character from a parallel world, partners with and marries the reformed Earth-Two Selina Kyle, as shown in Superman Family #211. They have a daughter named Helena Wayne, who becomes the Huntress. Along with Dick Grayson, the Earth-Two Robin, the Huntress takes the role as Gotham's protector once Bruce Wayne retires to become police commissioner, a position he occupies until he is killed during one final adventure as Batman. Another of Batman's characterizations is that of a vigilante; in order to stop evil that started with the death of his parents, he must sometimes break the law himself. Although manifested differently by being re-told by different artists, it is nevertheless that the details and the prime components of Batman's origin have never varied at all in the comic books, the "reiteration of the basic origin events holds together otherwise divergent expressions".[92] The origin is the source of the character's traits and attributes, which play out in many of the character's adventures.[87] He also speaks over 40 different languages.[93] In the 1964 publication of Donald Barthelme's collection of short stories Come Back, Dr. Caligari, Barthelme wrote "The Joker's Greatest Triumph". Batman is portrayed for purposes of spoof as a pretentious French-speaking rich man.[168] The Batman comics garnered major attention in 1988 when DC Comics created a 900 number for readers to call to vote on whether Jason Todd, the second Robin, lived or died. Voters decided in favor of Jason's death by a narrow margin of 28 votes (see Batman: A Death in the Family).[59]

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  1. Batman must battle former district attorney Harvey Dent, who is now Two-Face and Edward Nygma, The Riddler with help from an amorous psychologist and a young circus acrobat who becomes his sidekick, Robin.
  2. Read Batman'in Düşmanları from the story Batman by Skywalker_2543 with 1,057 reads. nightwing, robin, detectivecomics. Batman'in başlıca düşmanları Joker, Peng..
  3. ence on the Batman comic series, was Jeph Loeb. Along with longtime collaborator Tim Sale, they wrote two
  4. Hôm nay chúng ta sẽ cùng nói về 1 siêu anh Nổi tiếng nhất nhì Thế Giới chỉ sau Sịp đỏ. Đó chính là Sịp đen hay Batman – The Dark Knight. 
  5. During the Thanagarian invasion of Earth, Batman was forced to reveal his identity to his teammates and provide the Batcave as a temporary meeting place and battleground when the Thanagarians tried to take them down.[32] After successfully retaking the Watchtower from Thanagarian forces, Batman resolved to end the threat by sacrificing himself by piloting the Watchtower through the Earth's atmosphere in an attempt to plunge it into a Hyperspace Bypass, a city-wide machine that would generate a wormhole through Earth. Before launching the escape pod containing his comrades, he expressed his gratitude for having known and served with them. As Batman lost consciousness due to the heat surrounding him, Superman rescued him as the Watchtower destroyed the Bypass.[33]
  6. In 2005, Batman Begins was released by Warner Bros. as a reboot of the film series; directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale as Batman. Its sequel, The Dark Knight (2008), set the record for the highest grossing opening weekend of all time in the U.S., earning approximately $158 million,[183] and became the fastest film to reach the $400 million mark in the history of American cinema (eighteenth day of release).[184] These record-breaking attendances saw The Dark Knight end its run as the second-highest domestic grossing film (at the time) with $533 million, bested then only by Titanic.[185] The film also won two Academy Awards, including Best Supporting Actor for the late Heath Ledger.[186] It was eventually followed by The Dark Knight Rises (2012), which served as a conclusion to Nolan's film series.

Batman was quick to place himself in danger, despite the awe-inspiring powers of his teammates. During the Atlantis usurpation, Batman put a stop to the melting of the polar ice caps.[26] On another occasion, Batman single-handedly defeated five dangerous criminals before being surprised by an Amazon-trained criminal while managing to take her necklace as a clue to her identity.[27] The hyphen in between Bat and Man in the Bob Kane quotation further justifies my theory that the name should be pronounced “The Bat. Man.” with a breath in between. That’s what Dr. Crane says, and I think the Joker pronounces it that way, too. That space distances us further from Batman, making him even more inhuman. It’s also more fun to say.

I loved Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But I knew that the fact that he kills people in the movie would be controversial among fans. Hey U Guys caught up with director Zack.. Batman for Sega USA version free on Emulator Online. Batman is an online SEGA game that you can play at Emulator Online. This free Sega game is the United States of America region version for.. May 1939: Batman's first appearance in Detective Comic 27 - Batman wore a bulletproof vest under his suit and had purple gloves. He wore a standard belt with a round buckle. Note the very bat-like ears Bruce's most notable relationship was with Catwoman. After their first encounter, both expressed strong feelings for each other, in Bruce's case, out of costume as well. However, the two were never able to start a true relationship due to being on opposite sides of the law, though sometimes they helped each other when they had mutual enemies. Batman Üniversitesi. Genel Bilgiler. Bulunduğu Şehir. Batman Üniversitesi 2017 tercih kılavuzunda yer almamaktadır

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Batman: Arkham Origins. Fecha de lanzamiento: 25 de octubre de 2013. · Plataforma. Tercera entrega de la serie Arkham de las aventuras de Batman que, en esta ocasión, explora los orígenes.. Mayfair released a simplified version of DC Heroes called The Batman Role-Playing Game in 1989 to coincide with the Batman film.[208] Batman has been the subject of psychological study for some time, and there have been a number of interpretations into the character's psyche. Starting in 2006, Grant Morrison and Paul Dini were the regular writers of Batman and Detective Comics, with Morrison reincorporating controversial elements of Batman lore. Most notably of these elements were the science fiction themed storylines of the 1950s Batman comics, which Morrison revised as hallucinations Batman suffered under the influence of various mind-bending gases and extensive sensory deprivation training. Morrison's run climaxed with "Batman R.I.P.", which brought Batman up against the villainous "Black Glove" organization, which sought to drive Batman into madness. "Batman R.I.P." segued into Final Crisis (also written by Morrison), which saw the apparent death of Batman at the hands of Darkseid. In the 2009 miniseries Batman: Battle for the Cowl, Wayne's former protégé Dick Grayson becomes the new Batman, and Wayne's son Damian becomes the new Robin.[66][67] In June 2009, Judd Winick returned to writing Batman, while Grant Morrison was given his own series, titled Batman and Robin.[68] Gay interpretations of the character have been part of the academic study of Batman since psychologist Fredric Wertham asserted in Seduction of the Innocent in 1954 that "Batman stories are psychologically homosexual ... The Batman type of story may stimulate children to homosexual fantasies, of the nature of which they may be unconscious."[209] Andy Medhurst wrote in his 1991 essay "Batman, Deviance, and Camp" that Batman is interesting to gay audiences because "he was one of the first fictional characters to be attacked on the grounds of his presumed homosexuality".[210] Professor of film and cultural studies Will Brooker argues the validity of a queer reading of Batman, and that gay readers would naturally find themselves drawn to the lifestyle depicted within, whether the character of Bruce Wayne himself were explicitly gay or not. He also identifies a homophobic element to the vigor with which mainstream fandom rejects the possibility of a gay reading of the character.[211] In 2005, painter Mark Chamberlain displayed a number of watercolors depicting both Batman and Robin in suggestive and sexually explicit poses,[212] prompting DC to threaten legal action.[213]

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  1. Batman's butler, Alfred Pennyworth, first appeared in Batman #16 (1943). He serves as Bruce Wayne's loyal father figure and is one of the few persons to know his secret identity. Alfred raised Bruce after his parents' death and knows him on a very personal level. He is sometimes portrayed as a sidekick to Batman and the only other resident of Wayne Manor aside from Bruce. The character "[lends] a homely touch to Batman's environs and [is] ever ready to provide a steadying and reassuring hand" to the hero and his sidekick.[100]
  2. The last events eventually put a major strain on their relationship, which made Barbara hold a long lasting grudge towards him in the future.[60] Despite what happened in the past, Bruce still cares deeply for Barbara, even having a picture of the two of them together on the Batcomputer.[2] They still keep in touch and still work together on occasion.
  3. Bruce has rarely had anything that could be described as a committed relationship, mainly because he is too focused on fighting crime than being in a full relationship and unwilling to ever get close to someone in case they are ever put at risk. Ironically, most of his more notable relationships would at some point become part of his Rogues Gallery. Also, Bruce's playboy persona is one the main causes of his several relationships, which even other individuals like Superman (before the Justice League) notice.
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YKS Okul Bilgileri Şablonu. 22 Temmuz 2019 13 36. 2017 batman il raporu In various incarnations, most notably the 1960s Batman TV series, Commissioner Gordon also has a dedicated phone line, dubbed the Bat-Phone, connected to a bright red telephone (in the TV series) which sits on a wooden base and has a transparent top. The line connects directly to Batman's residence, Wayne Manor, specifically both to a similar phone sitting on the desk in Bruce Wayne's study and the extension phone in the Batcave. Bruce Thomas Wayne – con trai của 1 tỉ phú sống ở thành phố Gotham (một thành phố giả tưởng dựa theo hình ảnh New York) đã chứng kiến cái chết của cha mẹ sau khi ra khỏi rạp hát của thành phố dưới 2 phát súng oan nghiệt của 1 tên cướp đường vào năm cậu ta mới 10 tuổi. Оригинальное название: Batman: Hush Год выпуска: 2019 Жанр: Мультфильм Выпущено: США Режиссер: Джастин Коупленд В ролях: Пейтон Лист, Дженнифер Моррисон, Ребекка Ромейн.. Batman, otherwise known as Bruce Wayne, was a Gotham City vigilante who rose up to fight gangsters, insane criminals, and eventually even alternate universe despots, metahuman threats, and intergalactic tyrants

In September 2015, DC Entertainment revealed that Finger would be receiving credit for his role in Batman's creation on the 2016 superhero film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the second season of Gotham after a deal was worked out between the Finger family and DC.[2] Finger received credit as a creator of Batman for the first time in a comic in October 2015 with Batman and Robin Eternal #3 and Batman: Arkham Knight Genesis #3. The updated acknowledgment for the character appeared as "Batman created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger".[3] Terry McGinnis is the biological son of Bruce Wayne in the DC animated universe, and has taken over the role as Batman when Bruce has become too old to do so. Will Brooker notes in his book Batman Unmasked that "the confirmation of the Batman's identity lies with the young audience ... he doesn't have to be Bruce Wayne; he just needs the suit and gadgets, the abilities, and most importantly the morality, the humanity. There's just a sense about him: 'they trust him ... and they're never wrong."[85]

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Over the course of a few months, Batman detected several security breaches in Wayne Tech's deep-space monitoring network. While investigating the Wayne Tech Metropolis sub-station, he encountered three scientists speaking a strange language. These scientists tampered with the station's antenna and, when confronted, displayed superhuman strength and resilience. Though Superman arrived to assist, he was incapacitated by J'onn J'onzz's telepathic contact, while Batman was unable to prevent the scientists from destroying the antenna. After the antenna's destruction, Superman gave Batman a signal watch to call him for help if he needed it. Batman tracked the scientists to an abandoned S.T.A.R. Labs facility where he found the scientists being held in stasis pods. He was attacked by a shape-shifting sentry and rendered unconscious, but not before signaling Superman with the watch. Vandal Savage created an alternate timeline by interfering with the events of World War II. In this alternate timeline, Bruce Wayne's parents were killed for speaking out against Savage's brutal regime. Thus, Bruce became Batman, the leader of the resistance movement against the regime. In 1992, Batman: The Animated Series premiered on the Fox television network; produced by Warner Bros. Animation and featuring Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman. The series received considerable acclaim for its darker tone, mature writing, stylistic design, and thematic complexity compared to previous superhero cartoons,[170][171] in addition to multiple Emmy Awards.[172][173] The series' success led to the theatrical film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993),[174] as well as various spin-off TV series; including Superman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited (each of which also featured Conroy as Batman's voice). The futuristic series Batman Beyond also took place in this same animated continuity and featured a newer, younger Batman voiced by Will Friedle, with the elderly Bruce Wayne (again voiced by Conroy) as a mentor.

In 1969, Dick Grayson attends college as part of DC Comics' effort to revise the Batman comics. Additionally, Batman also moves from his mansion, Wayne Manor into a penthouse apartment atop the Wayne Foundation building in downtown Gotham City, in order to be closer to Gotham City's crime. Batman spends the 1970s and early 1980s mainly working solo, with occasional team-ups with Robin and/or Batgirl. Batman's adventures also become somewhat darker and more grim during this period, depicting increasingly violent crimes, including the first appearance (since the early golden age) of the Joker as a homicidal psychopath, and the arrival of Ra's al Ghul, a centuries-old terrorist who knows Batman's secret identity. In the 1980s, Dick Grayson becomes Nightwing.[7] Trong nhiều phiên bản khác nhau thì sự xuất hiện của các trợ thủ của Batman thường ko giống nhau. Có nơi thì Batgirl xuất hiện trước xong mới có Robin, nhưng trong phiên bản Canon thì Robin lại là người xuất hiện trước. Batman returns to the big screen when a deformed man calling himself the Penguin wreaks havoc across Gotham with the help of a cruel businessman.

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  1. Bruce Wayne was born to a wealthy family, the son of Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne. Young Bruce would often watch the television adventures of the Gray Ghost with his father and took many ideas from this show later.[7]
  2. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the character, Warner Bros aired the television short film, Batman: Strange Days, that was also posted on DC's YouTube channel.
  3. Batman: la serie, es la versión animada basado en muchos de los comics, introduciendo varias historias y tramas nuevas, en donde muestra a Bruce Wayne o mejor conocido como Batman..

On several occasions former Robin Dick Grayson has served as Batman; most notably in 2009 while Wayne was believed dead, and served as a second Batman even after Wayne returned in 2010.[61] As part of DC's 2011 continuity relaunch, Grayson returned to being Nightwing following the Flashpoint crossover event. Batman Ninja takes a journey across the ages as Gorilla Grodd's time displacement machine transports many of Batman's worst enemies to feudal Japan—along with the Dark Knight and a few of his allies Subsequently, Batman begins exhibiting an excessive, reckless approach to his crimefighting, a result of the pain of losing Jason Todd. Batman works solo until the decade's close, when Tim Drake becomes the new Robin.[141] By 1942, the writers and artists behind the Batman comics had established most of the basic elements of the Batman mythos.[37] In the years following World War II, DC Comics "adopted a postwar editorial direction that increasingly de-emphasized social commentary in favor of lighthearted juvenile fantasy". The impact of this editorial approach was evident in Batman comics of the postwar period; removed from the "bleak and menacing world" of the strips of the early 1940s, Batman was instead portrayed as a respectable citizen and paternal figure that inhabited a "bright and colorful" environment.[38] DC Comics' 2005 limited series Identity Crisis reveals that JLA member Zatanna had edited Batman's memories to prevent him from stopping the Justice League from lobotomizing Dr. Light after he raped Sue Dibny. Batman later creates the Brother I satellite surveillance system to watch over and, if necessary, kill the other heroes after he remembered. The revelation of Batman's creation and his tacit responsibility for the Blue Beetle's death becomes a driving force in the lead-up to the Infinite Crisis miniseries, which again restructures DC continuity. Batman and a team of superheroes destroy Brother Eye and the OMACs, though, at the very end, Batman reaches his apparent breaking point when Alexander Luthor Jr. seriously wounds Nightwing. Picking up a gun, Batman nearly shoots Luthor in order to avenge his former sidekick, until Wonder Woman convinces him to not pull the trigger.

James Gordon có một con gái tên là Barbara Gordon, người sau này đã tự chế cho mình một bộ đồ phỏng theo Batman và trở thành 1 trong số các trợ thủ nổi tiếng của Batman với cái tên Batgirl.Thể trạng siêu việt: Batman đã rèn luyện cơ thể đến mức giới hạn, thậm chí là vượt qua giới hạn cơ thể người. Sức mạnh, tốc độ, thể lực và phản xạ của anh đều đạt đỉnh cao của giới hạn loài người. Anh đạt được trình độ này sau nhiều năm luyện tập và thành công vào năm 18 tuổi. Anh không bao giờ uống rượu để bảo toàn thể trạng, và mỗi khi xuất hiện trước đám đông anh thường giả vờ say xỉn với ly champagne, thực ra đó là ly nước gừng.When the Justice League from the original timeline appeared on Earth, Batman helped them escape from the authorities and learned of their timeline. He assisted the League in breaking into the facility where the time portal had appeared. However, Batman did not accompany the League into the past to thwart Savage. He preferred to stay behind and continue to run the resistance in case the League failed.[44]

Although Kane initially rebutted Finger's claims at having created the character, writing in a 1965 open letter to fans that "it seemed to me that Bill Finger has given out the impression that he and not myself created the ''Batman, t' [sic] as well as Robin and all the other leading villains and characters. This statement is fraudulent and entirely untrue." Kane himself also commented on Finger's lack of credit. "The trouble with being a 'ghost' writer or artist is that you must remain rather anonymously without 'credit'. However, if one wants the 'credit', then one has to cease being a 'ghost' or follower and become a leader or innovator."[23] After the introduction of DC Comics' multiverse in the 1960s, DC established that stories from the Golden Age star the Earth-Two Batman, a character from a parallel world. This version of Batman partners with and marries the reformed Earth-Two Catwoman (Selina Kyle). The two have a daughter, Helena Wayne, who becomes the Huntress. She assumes the position as Gotham's protector along with Dick Grayson, the Earth-Two Robin, once Bruce Wayne retires to become police commissioner. Wayne holds the position of police commissioner until he is killed during one final adventure as Batman. Batman titles, however, often ignored that a distinction had been made between the pre-revamp and post-revamp Batmen (since unlike the Flash or Green Lantern, Batman comics had been published without interruption through the 1950s) and would occasionally make reference to stories from the Golden Age.[137] Nevertheless, details of Batman's history were altered or expanded upon through the decades. Additions include meetings with a future Superman during his youth, his upbringing by his uncle Philip Wayne (introduced in Batman #208 (Feb. 1969)) after his parents' death, and appearances of his father and himself as prototypical versions of Batman and Robin, respectively.[138][139] In 1980, then-editor Paul Levitz commissioned the Untold Legend of the Batman miniseries to thoroughly chronicle Batman's origin and history.

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Поиск по запросу «batman». anyasneakers Batman Batman Oyunları: Süper kahraman olmak, Kara Şövalye'nin yerine geçip Gotham'ı kötülerden kurtarmak artık bedava, online Batman oyunları ile mümkün. Ücretsiz Batman Oyunlarımızdan Birini..

In 2015, DC Comics released The Dark Knight III: The Master Race, the sequel to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again.[70] I sat back and thought about it for a second and realized that I go back and forth, depending on the context and the type of point I’m trying to get across; and it depends on, basically, your two categories. If I’m debating with people about whether he should exist or not (and I’m a political nerd, so I usually do this with a political/sociological perspective), I tend to use the “the” because it is more objective and gives him more of a title. If I’m just fangirling it and talking about how hott and sexxy and bada$$ he is, I’ll leave out the “the” because it’s more about my admiration and less about justifying him and what he does in a (seemingly) objective fashion.

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Batman operates in the fictional Gotham City with assistance from various supporting characters, including his butler Alfred, police commissioner Jim Gordon, and vigilante allies such as Robin. Unlike most superheroes, Batman does not possess any inhuman superpowers. He does, however, possess a genius-level intellect and is a peerless martial artist, and his vast wealth affords him an extraordinary arsenal of weaponry and equipment. A large assortment of villains make up Batman's rogues gallery, including his nemesis, the Joker. The central fixed event in the Batman stories is the character's origin story.[87] As a young boy, Bruce Wayne was horrified and traumatized when he watched his parents, the physician Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha, murdered with a gun by a mugger named Joe Chill. Batman refuses to utilize any sort of gun on the principle that a gun was used to murder his parents. This event drove him to train his body to its peak condition and fight crime in Gotham City as Batman. Pearson and Uricchio also noted beyond the origin story and such events as the introduction of Robin, "Until recently, the fixed and accruing and hence, canonized, events have been few in number",[87] a situation altered by an increased effort by later Batman editors such as Dennis O'Neil to ensure consistency and continuity between stories.[129]

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Bruce aided the League's members in locating Chronos. When Terry was killed by Dee Dee, Bruce was visibly saddened. These events, however, were erased and therefore never occurred, although Green Lantern and Batman retained memory of the experience. In June 2016, the DC Rebirth event relaunched DC Comics' entire line of comic book titles. Batman was rebooted as starting with a one-shot issue entitled Batman: Rebirth #1 (Aug. 2016). The series then began shipping twice-monthly as a third volume, starting with Batman (vol. 3) #1 (Aug. 2016). The third volume of Batman was written by Tom King, and artwork was provided by David Finch and Mikel Janín. The Batman series introduced two vigilantes, Gotham and Gotham Girl. Detective Comics resumed its original numbering system starting with June 2016's #934, and the New 52 series was labeled as volume 2, with issues numbering from #1-52.[71] Similarly with the Batman title, the New 52 issues were labeled as volume 2 and encompassed issues #1-52. Writer James Tynion IV and artists Eddy Barrows and Alvaro Martinez worked on Detective Comics #934, and the series initially featured a team consisting of Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, and Clayface, led by Batman and Batwoman.

Showcase batman gifts that you can find in the market. The night is darkest just before the dawn. Get your batman gifts ideas now The Batman television series, starring Adam West, premiered in January 1966 on the ABC television network. Inflected with a camp sense of humor, the show became a pop culture phenomenon. In his memoir, Back to the Batcave, West notes his dislike for the term 'camp' as it was applied to the 1960s series, opining that the show was instead a farce or lampoon, and a deliberate one, at that. The series ran for 120 episodes; ending in 1968. In between the first and second season of the Batman television series, the cast and crew made the theatrical film Batman (1966). The Who recorded the theme song from the Batman show for their 1966 EP Ready Steady Who, and The Kinks performed the theme song on their 1967 album Live at Kelvin Hall.

The informal name "Batman family" is used for a group of characters closely allied with Batman, generally masked vigilantes who either have been trained by Batman or operate in Gotham City with his tacit approval. They include: Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon's daughter, who has fought crime under the vigilante identity of Batgirl and, during a period in which she was confined to a wheelchair due to a gunshot wound inflicted by the Joker, the computer hacker Oracle; Helena Bertinelli, the sole surviving member of a mob family turned vigilante, who has worked with Batman on occasion, primarily as the Huntress and as Batgirl for a brief stint; Cassandra Cain, the daughter of professional assassins David Cain, and Lady Shiva, who succeeded Bertinelli as Batgirl. Jerry Robinson, who also worked with Finger and Kane on the strip at this time, has criticized Kane for failing to share the credit. He recalled Finger resenting his position, stating in a 2005 interview with The Comics Journal:

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Mọi chuyện không khó hiểu khi danh tính thực của Batman là Bruce Wayne – một trong những đại gia của thế giới comic. Người hùng của truyện tranh DC được thừa kế tập đoàn Wayne Enterprises từ cha mẹ và có tổng tài sản lên đến 80 tỷ USD. Jungian analysis is all about cognitive preferences and cognitive preferences don't automatically equal skills. Batman is usually depicted as an INTJ 5w6 sp/sx When Batman is needed, the Gotham City police activate a searchlight with a bat-shaped insignia over the lens called the Bat-Signal, which shines into the night sky, creating a bat-symbol on a passing cloud which can be seen from any point in Gotham. The origin of the signal varies, depending on the continuity and medium. Many of the major Batman storylines since the 1990s have been intertitle crossovers that run for a number of issues. In 1993, DC published "Knightfall". During the storyline's first phase, the new villain Bane paralyzes Batman, leading Wayne to ask Azrael to take on the role. After the end of "Knightfall", the storylines split in two directions, following both the Azrael-Batman's adventures, and Bruce Wayne's quest to become Batman once more. The story arcs realign in "KnightsEnd", as Azrael becomes increasingly violent and is defeated by a healed Bruce Wayne. Wayne hands the Batman mantle to Dick Grayson (then Nightwing) for an interim period, while Wayne trains for a return to the role.[142] A note about “The Joker.” My recollection on the 60’s TV series is that The Joker was often referred to as simply “Joker” without the “the,” both when being spoken to and when spoke about. See this clip and fast forward to about 1:00:

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Batman trong các phiên bản đầu tiên được xây dựng như 1 kẻ trả thù đời hết sức tàn nhẫn, và sử dụng súng để giết chết tội phạm (tương tự như Punisher của Marvel Comics về sau này), nhưng thời đó có 1 đạo luật cấm cảnh giết chóc trong comic (vì thời đó chỉ có comic dành cho lứa tuổi thiếu niên hoặc nhỏ hơn), nên hình ảnh Batman đã được thay đổi để trở thành 1 con người cao thượng như 1 vị thánh, có 1 nguyên tắc duy nhất là không bao giờ sử dụng súng khi tóm tội phạm và không bao giờ giết người.In Batman's first appearance in Detective Comics #27, he is already operating as a crime-fighter.[130] Batman's origin is first presented in Detective Comics #33 (Nov. 1939) and is later expanded upon in Batman #47. As these comics state, Bruce Wayne is born to Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha, two very wealthy and charitable Gotham City socialites. Bruce is brought up in Wayne Manor, and leads a happy and privileged existence until the age of eight, when his parents are killed by a small-time criminal named Joe Chill while on their way home from a movie theater. That night, Bruce Wayne swears an oath to spend his life fighting crime. He engages in intense intellectual and physical training; however, he realizes that these skills alone would not be enough. "Criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot", Wayne remarks, "so my disguise must be able to strike terror into their hearts. I must be a creature of the night, black, terrible ..." As if responding to his desires, a bat suddenly flies through the window, inspiring Bruce to craft the Batman persona.[131]

¡Juega gratis a Batman Defend Gotham, el juego online gratis en Y8.com! Disfruta de los mejores juegos relacionados con Batman Defend Gotham Superman found the unconscious Batman at the S.T.A.R. Labs facility, just as a meteor crashed to Earth in Metropolis Park. Superman left Batman with an ambulance crew and flew off to investigate the meteor. Just as the medic was about to look under Batman's mask, he reached up and grabbed her hand, saying "Don't even think about it". When the Imperium's attack walker emerged from the meteor, incapacitated Superman and began raining destruction down on Metropolis, Batman took off in the Batwing, which he seemed to have summoned while lying on the gurney. Batman began firing missiles on the walker, and then two more walkers emerged from the meteor. When military air and armor units arrived on the scene, Batman followed Superman who had mysteriously left the battle without explanation.

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Batman Sonsöz Gazetesi, Doğru ve Tarafsız Haber, yerel gazete, Batman gazeteleri, Ercan Atay, Batman Batman Valisi Hulusi Şahin, çeşitli incelemelerde bulunmak ve toplantılara katılmak üzere.. Writers of Batman and Superman stories have often compared and contrasted the two. Interpretations vary depending on the writer, the story, and the timing. Grant Morrison[83] notes that both heroes "believe in the same kind of things" despite the day/night contrast their heroic roles display. He notes an equally stark contrast in their real identities. Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent belong to different social classes: "Bruce has a butler, Clark has a boss." T. James Musler's book Unleashing the Superhero in Us All explores the extent to which Bruce Wayne's vast personal wealth is important in his life story, and the crucial role it plays in his efforts as Batman.[84] Dick Grayson sau này có nhiều xích mích với Batman do cậu ta không thích bị cái bóng của Batman che phủ nên đã tách ra khỏi Batman một thời gian dài và khi trở về cậu ta đã chọn cho mình bộ đồ mới với cái tên mới – Nightwing. Robin của Dick Grayson có 1 giai đoạn dài là 1 thành viên của nhóm Teen Titans – một nhóm các siêu nhân ở lứa tuổi thiếu niên.

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After the conclusion of Batman (vol. 3) #85[74] a new creative team consisting of James Tynion IV with art by Tony S. Daniel and Danny Miki replaced Tom King, David Finch and Mikel Janín. Batman Batman: Arkham Asylum Batman: arkham city Batman: The Animated Series More than anything else, Batman music sounds like Superhero Music, moreso perhaps than any of the themes..

Batman is an expert in interrogation techniques and his intimidating and frightening appearance alone is often all that is needed in getting information from suspects. Despite having the potential to harm his enemies, Batman's most defining characteristic is his strong commitment to justice and his reluctance to take a life. This unyielding moral rectitude has earned him the respect of several heroes in the DC Universe, most notably that of Superman and Wonder Woman. The third Robin in the mainstream comics is Tim Drake, who first appeared in 1989. He went on to star in his own comic series, and currently goes by Red Robin, a variation on the traditional Robin persona. In the first decade of the new millennium, Stephanie Brown served as the fourth in-universe Robin between stints as her self-made vigilante identity the Spoiler, and later as Batgirl.[105] After Stephanie Brown's apparent death, Drake resumed the role of Robin for a time. The role eventually passed to Damian Wayne, the 10-year-old son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, in the late 2000s.[106] Damian's tenure as du jour Robin ended when the character was killed off in the pages of Batman Incorporated in 2013.[107] Batman's next young sidekick is Harper Row, a streetwise young woman who avoids the name Robin but followed the ornithological theme nonetheless; she debuted the codename and identity of Bluebird in 2014. Unlike the Robins, Bluebird is willing and permitted to use a gun, albeit non-lethal; her weapon of choice is a modified rifle that fires taser rounds.[108] In 2015, a new series began titled We Are Robin, focused on a group of teenagers using the Robin persona to fight crime in Gotham City. Inspired by a general's speech about vigilance and the possible return of the invaders, Batman had the Watchtower constructed by Wayne Enterprises, hiding the funding as a "line item in the aerospace R&D budget". Batman invited the other six heroes who had repelled the invaders to the station. With this, the seven heroes formed the Justice League. Claiming he wasn't a "people person", Batman did not officially join the group, though he did offer to be on call when they needed his help.[25] Batman faces a variety of foes ranging from common criminals to outlandish supervillains. Many of them mirror aspects of the Batman's character and development, often having tragic origin stories that lead them to a life of crime.[100] These foes are commonly referred to as Batman's rogues gallery. Batman's "most implacable foe" is the Joker, a homicidal maniac with a clown-like appearance. The Joker is considered by critics to be his perfect adversary, since he is the antithesis of Batman in personality and appearance; the Joker has a maniacal demeanor with a colorful appearance, while Batman has a serious and resolute demeanor with a dark appearance. As a "personification of the irrational", the Joker represents "everything Batman [opposes]".[37] Other long-time recurring foes that are part of Batman's rogues gallery include Catwoman (a cat burglar anti-heroine who is an occasional ally and romantic interest), the Penguin, Ra's al Ghul, Two-Face, the Riddler, the Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Bane, Clayface, and Killer Croc, among others. Many of Batman's adversaries are often psychiatric patients at Arkham Asylum. Batman's secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a wealthy American industrialist. As a child, Bruce witnessed the murder of his parents, Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne, which ultimately led him to craft the Batman persona and seek justice against criminals. He resides on the outskirts of Gotham City in his personal residence, Wayne Manor. Wayne averts suspicion by acting the part of a superficial playboy idly living off his family's fortune and the profits of Wayne Enterprises, his inherited conglomerate.[75][76] He supports philanthropic causes through his nonprofit Wayne Foundation, but is more widely known as a celebrity socialite.[77] In public, he frequently appears in the company of high-status women, which encourages tabloid gossip. Although Bruce Wayne leads an active romantic life, his vigilante activities as Batman account for most of his time.[78]

Batman's body armored costume incorporates the imagery of a bat in order to frighten criminals.[125] The details of the Batman costume change repeatedly through various decades, stories, media and artists' interpretations, but the most distinctive elements remain consistent: a scallop-hem cape; a cowl covering most of the face; a pair of bat-like ears; a stylized bat emblem on the chest; and the ever-present utility belt. Finger and Kane originally conceptualized Batman as having a black cape and cowl and grey suit, but conventions in coloring called for black to be highlighted with blue.[125] Hence, the costume's colors have appeared in the comics as dark blue and grey;[125] as well as black and grey. In the Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns films, Batman has been depicted as completely black with a bat in the middle surrounded by a yellow background. Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy depicted Batman wearing high-tech gear painted completely black with a black bat in the middle. Ben Affleck's Batman in the DC Extended Universe films wears a suit grey in color with a black cowl, cape, and bat symbol. Mayfair Games published the DC Heroes role-playing game in 1985, then published the 80-page supplement Batman the following year, written by Mike Stackpole, with cover art by Ed Hannigan.[206] In 1989, Mayfair Games published an updated 96-page softcover Batman Sourcebook, again written by Mike Stackpole, with additional material by J. Santana, Louis Prosperi, Jack Barker and Ray Winninger, with graphic design by Gregory Scott, and cover and interior art by DC Comics staff.[207] As Batman nears a bomb, it will appear on your mini-map along with the level of threat around the bomb. It is recommended to keep on upgrading the Batmobile to cope with these challenges The Batman Ratings & Reviews Explanation. Submit review. There are no critic reviews yet for The Batman. Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates Batman - The Dark Knight. Batman trong nhiều giai đoạn khác nhau và trong nhiều phiên bản khác nhau thường xuyên bị chính quyền coi như 1 tội phạm nằm ngoài pháp luật và thường xuyên bị cảnh..

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The heroes split up to disable the factories. Batman went to Giza, Egypt with Wonder Woman and J'onzz. The trio infiltrated the factory and found the Ion Matrix Crystal, a vital component of the plant. Batman and Wonder Woman provided a diversion to allow J'onzz to remove the crystal. As he removed the crystal, J'onzz was incapacitated by Imperium forces. Batman then covered Wonder Woman and J'onzz's escape from the plant, but was himself trapped inside and cornered by Imperium forces. J'onzz reported that Batman was dead,[24] but in truth, he had mentally shielded Batman to prevent the Imperium forces from detecting him. Batman remained hidden until the Imperium arrived on Earth. He then revealed himself and reversed the ion charge in the Ion Matrix Crystal, causing the plant to burn off the smoke it had been producing. With the sun shining again, the heroes defeated the Imperium and freed their human prisoners, then mopped up the remaining Imperium forces around the globe. The 1993 "Knightfall" story arc introduced a new villain, Bane, who critically injures Batman after pushing him to the limits of his endurance. Jean-Paul Valley, known as Azrael, is called upon to wear the Batsuit during Bruce Wayne's convalescence. Writers Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon, and Alan Grant worked on the Batman titles during "Knightfall", and would also contribute to other Batman crossovers throughout the 1990s. 1998's "Cataclysm" storyline served as the precursor to 1999's "No Man's Land", a year-long storyline that ran through all the Batman-related titles dealing with the effects of an earthquake-ravaged Gotham City. At the conclusion of "No Man's Land", O'Neil stepped down as editor and was replaced by Bob Schreck.[60] Batman eli Lepakkomies on yhdysvaltalaisen DC Comics -sarjakuvakustantamon julkaisemissa sarjakuvissa esiintyvä fiktiivinen supersankari. Piirtäjä Bob Kanen ja käsikirjoittaja Bill Fingerin luoma Batman esiintyi ensimmäisen kerran vuoden 1939 toukokuussa Detective Comics -sarjakuvalehden..

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And what about you, dear reader? Do you prefer to think of him as “Batman,” a playboy with a cave full of cool toys? Or “the Batman,” a dark figure lurking in the shadows, eternally watching over Gotham?Batman trong nhiều giai đoạn khác nhau và trong nhiều phiên bản khác nhau thường xuyên bị chính quyền coi như 1 tội phạm nằm ngoài pháp luật và thường xuyên bị cảnh sát truy đuổi và truy nã ngay trong khi anh ta đang chống lại bọn tội phạm thật sự. Nhưng thường thì hình ảnh Batman luôn gắn liền với 1 người bạn làm cảnh sát trưởng của anh và luôn sử dụng một cái đèn chiếu biểu tượng hình Batman lên trời để tìm sự giúp đỡ của anh – cảnh sát trưởng James Gordon (hay có nơi gọi tắt hơn là Jim Gordon). Nem sokkal azután, hogy Batman segítségével Gotham City megszabadult a pszichopata Jokertől, újabb veszély fenyegeti a Csak egyvalaki képes szembeszállni velük: Batman, a denevérember Frank Miller's limited series The Dark Knight Returns (February–June 1986) returned the character to his darker roots, both in atmosphere and tone. The comic book, which tells the story of a 55-year-old Batman coming out of retirement in a possible future, reinvigorated interest in the character. The Dark Knight Returns was a financial success and has since become one of the medium's most noted touchstones.[56] The series also sparked a major resurgence in the character's popularity.[57]

Batman nắm trong tay 1/3 thành phố Gotham, một dinh thự khổng lồ với căn cứ Batcave được ẩn sâu bên trong và hàng loạt món đồ chơi công nghệ đắt tiền. Anh dành khoảng 80 triệu USD cho các phương tiện đi lại, trong đó tiêu biểu nhất là chiếc xe Batmobile. Sunsoft's NES version of Batman: The Video Game is a side-scrolling platformer based on the movie of the same name. Two prototype versions have been dumped, the earlier of which contains completely different cutscenes and—oddly enough—does not actually let you battle the Joker

Robin đời thứ 2 là Jason Todd, đã chết dưới tay Joker và có phiên bản đã hồi sinh và trở thành siêu tội phạm như bạn ở trên có trích. Robin này thường bị các phiên bản non-canon loại bỏ ra khỏi cốt truyện để bớt sự phức tạp.Một trong những kẻ thù của Batman từng thốt lên đầy ngưỡng mộ: “Hắn lấy đâu ra những thứ đồ chơi tuyệt vời đó vậy nhỉ?” khi chứng kiến những món vũ khí và trang bị hiện đại của “kỵ sĩ bóng đêm”.Starting in 1969, writer Dennis O'Neil and artist Neal Adams made a deliberate effort to distance Batman from the campy portrayal of the 1960s TV series and to return the character to his roots as a "grim avenger of the night".[50] O'Neil said his idea was "simply to take it back to where it started. I went to the DC library and read some of the early stories. I tried to get a sense of what Kane and Finger were after."[51] The elderly Wayne occasionally ventured into the field to support McGinnis. His sense of duty and self-sacrifice ever present, he once donned the experimental exosuit to rescue McGinnis from Inque, despite Inque's metahuman power and the strain on his already-damaged heart.[43] +Năng lực ngôn ngữ: Batman nói được tiếng Anh, Tây Ban Nha, Pháp, Latin, Đức, Nhật, Nga, Tiếng Trung phổ thông, Tiếng Quảng, Hy Lạp, Bồ Đào Nha, Ả Rập, Sanskrit, Hindi, Thái và nhiều hơn nữa.

In Bruce's old age, Talia appeared on his birthday to offer him use of the Lazarus Pits, reminding him of their time together. He later discovered it was actually her father who had transferred his mind into her body when his could no longer be sustained. After defeating Ra's with the new Batman, Bruce mourned Talia and referred to her as "a very special woman", but avoided answering when Terry asked if she was "the" special woman. After looking at pictures from what appeared to be their time in an actual relationship, Bruce said his final goodbye: "Rest well, Beloved".[2] Superman returns to Earth after spending five years in space examining his homeworld Krypton. But he finds things have changed while he was gone, and he must once again prove himself important to the world. Anh đã sử dụng 1 cái hang nằm ngầm dưới khu biệt thự của gia đình để biến nó thành một trung tâm bí mật che giấu các hoạt động của Batman và để theo dõi tình trạng tội phạm của Gotham (sau này mở rộng ra là cả thế giới). Batman: Arkham Origins Game Guide by gamepressure.com. Batman: Arkham Origins Game Guide is also available in our Mobile App. FREE IOS APP In early 1939, the success of Superman in Action Comics prompted editors at National Comics Publications (the future DC Comics) to request more superheroes for its titles. In response, Bob Kane created "the Bat-Man".[10] Collaborator Bill Finger recalled that "Kane had an idea for a character called 'Batman,' and he'd like me to see the drawings. I went over to Kane's, and he had drawn a character who looked very much like Superman with kind of ... reddish tights, I believe, with boots ... no gloves, no gauntlets ... with a small domino mask, swinging on a rope. He had two stiff wings that were sticking out, looking like bat wings. And under it was a big sign ... BATMAN".[11] The bat-wing-like cape was suggested by Bob Kane, inspired as a child by Leonardo Da Vinci's sketch of an ornithopter flying device.[12]

+Nhà chiến thuật phi thường: Batman thường sử dụng chiến thuật và mưu kế để đánh bại kẻ thù. Anh là một thủ lĩnh xuất sắc của cả 2 team Justice League và Outsiders. Trong DC Universe thì Batman là một trong những nhà chiến thuật giỏi nhất, kể cả Aquaman cũng không bằng. T.C. SAĞLIK BAKANLIĞI Batman İl Sağlık Müdürlüğü Batman Bölge Devlet Hastanesi. select. 23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı vesilesiyle Hastanemiz hekimleri ve sağlık çalışanları.. As the head of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne had access to cutting-edge technology, which Batman made good use of it in his field equipment. Batman, along with Superman and Wonder Woman, reforms the Justice League in the new Justice League of America series,[149] and is leading the newest incarnation of the Outsiders.[150]

Pályázat. Batman fia. 63. Feliratkozom Starting with Batman (vol. 2) #41, Commissioner James Gordon takes over Bruce's mantle as a new, state-sanctioned, robotic-Batman, debuting in the Free Comic Book Day special comic Divergence. However, Bruce Wayne is soon revealed to be alive, albeit now suffering almost total amnesia of his life as Batman and only remembering his life as Bruce Wayne through what he has learned from Alfred. Bruce Wayne finds happiness and proposes to his girlfriend, Julie Madison, but Mr. Bloom heavily injures Jim Gordon and takes control of Gotham City and threatens to destroy the city by energizing a particle reactor to create a "strange star" to swallow the city. Bruce Wayne discovers the truth that he was Batman and after talking to a stranger who smiles a lot (it is heavily implied that this is the amnesic Joker) he forces Alfred to implant his memories as Batman, but at the cost of his memories as the reborn Bruce Wayne. He returns and helps Jim Gordon defeat Mr. Bloom and shut down the reactor. Gordon gets his job back as the commissioner, and the government Batman project is shut down.[69]

Batman: Arkham Collection を購入する. 4 アイテムを同梱: Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition, Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition, Batman™: Arkham Knight, Batman.. Batman Annual (vol. 3) #2 (Jan. 2018) centers on a romantic storyline between Batman and Catwoman. Towards the end, the story is flash-forwarded to the future, in which Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are a married couple in their golden years. Bruce receives a terminal medical diagnosis, and Selina cares for him until his death.[116] Batman's Utility Belt had compartments to hold several items, the contents of which change according to his needs, and often include items such as flashlights, laser cutters, underwater rebreathers, binoculars, a fingerprinting kit, remote controls for his vehicles, Batarangs, hand grenades, and the remote control for access to the Watchtower. Several psychologists have explored Bruce Wayne/Batman's mental health. Robin. S. Rosenberg evaluated his actions and problems to determine if they reach the level of mental disorders. She examined the possibility of several mental health issues, including dissociative identity disorder, cbsessive–compulsive disorder, and several others. She concluded that Bruce Wayne/Batman may have a disorder or a combination of disorders but due to his fictional nature, a definitive diagnosis will remain unknown.[220][221][222] Bruce's first true love is often viewed as Andrea Beaumont, who he apparently loved so much that he was willing to give up his promise of avenging his parents and marry her. This was changed when she broke off their engagement and left for Europe as her father owned money to the mob (in her letter, she lied to Bruce by saying she was "too young" and "needed time"). Years later, Audrea reappeared in Gotham shortly after the costumed murderer known as The Phantasm started killing off mob bosses. She hid behind this persona to kill off the same mob that killed her father and prevented their potential happiness. After an intense battle with The Joker, she disappeared with the lunatic and left a locket with a picture of her and Bruce in the Batcave, leaving him heartbroken.

Italics mine. Sure enough, when the character was introduced to the world in Detective Comics 27, it was with the “the.”Batman was a master of stealth and infiltration, all the more remarkable given that he stands 6'2" and weighs 210 lbs.[nb 3] He often revealed himself to his enemies when they least suspected him to. This allowed him to just disappear from allies in mid-sentence, a habit that frequently annoyed Commissioner Gordon ("One of these days I'm gonna nail his feet to the ground")[46] and Harvey Bullock ("I wonder how the Commish puts up with that").[47] During his training in Japan, Wayne became enemies with fellow student Kyodai Ken when the latter was kicked out for trying to steal Yoru's sword. The two would meet again years later, in which Kyodai would acknowledge him as a worthy adversary. Perhaps Batman's greatest ability was his intelligence. He was one of the foremost detectives on Earth (Ra's al Ghul always addressed him as "Detective"), possessing one of the sharpest analytical minds of all time.[55] Batman is highly skilled in multiple fields of science and speaks several foreign languages (including English, Kaznian, Japanese, and Spanish).[nb 4][nb 5][nb 6] As a member of the Justice League, he contributed much of the technology that kept it going, including the Watchtower and Javelins. In addition to his fighting abilities, his contributions to the team as a scientist, a detective and a strategist have proved invaluable time and again. But I completely agree with you about your theory that people who see him as a person call him Batman, while villains who fear him call him “The Batman.”

Superhero names without a “the” are basically nicknames. Wolverine. Daredevil. These are people who go by different names for a specific purpose. They are noms de crime-guerre. A free Slideshow screensaver from the Batman-Begins Movie. Batman-Begins. Free David Mee Online TV Windows/7 Version 1.0 Full Specs Batman once again becomes a member of the Justice League during Grant Morrison's 1996 relaunch of the series, titled JLA. During this time, Gotham City faces catastrophe in the decade's closing crossover arc. In 1998's "Cataclysm" storyline, Gotham City is devastated by an earthquake and ultimately cut off from the United States. Deprived of many of his technological resources, Batman fights to reclaim the city from legions of gangs during 1999's "No Man's Land".

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