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What Is Employer Branding and How It Can Grow Your Business

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  1. Content in the recruiting context can be any piece of information that a candidate can easily consume.
  2. 4. Define the channels to promote your brand – Choose communication channels that will lead to the best return on interest (ROI). These can include your career site, social media networks, job advertisement, and candidate relationship management.
  3. “Active maintenance” means that a member of your team is responsible for joining relevant conversations, responding to reviews and messages, and giving candidates an attractive preview of the work environment, culture, and available opportunities.
  4. Forrester Research suggests it takes up to 8 brand touchpoints to influence a consumer decision, a touchpoint is just a fancy word for any interaction that someone has with your company. People rarely arrive at your website ready to buy or ready to apply.
  5. For an interesting perspective on employee-generated content take a look at this weird and wonderful piece from James Ellis, Employer Brand Manager at Groupon that draws parallels between EGC and the political campaign of Donald Trump!
  6. To meet hiring goals, you need to be able to convert candidates to employees. A strong employer brand will help you compete against other companies when those offers come rolling in for the great candidates.
  7. The picture at the top is an example of how one of our customers, Nanobit, communicates their Employer Brand in a fun and engaging way.

..the agreement between employer and employee; employer brand provides the opportunity to showcase the organisation. What is Employer Branding? WRITTEN BY: Jörgen Sundberg Focus on aligning your recruiting brand closely with your consumer brand and providing a great candidate experience. Get this right and you should see a positive impact across these areas. All posts categorized in: Employer Branding. Your employer brand can be summed up by what people say about your company when the boss is not in the room Today, a strong employer brand is seen as a critical way to attract, engage, and retain the best The problem with most employer branding is that it is disconnected from the corporate brand and the..

Rather than brag about how great a workplace they are, the first message on the Careers page is one of encouragement for job candidates: "Join a team that celebrates each other." They continue to underscore that idea with multiple Wista-created videos about the people that make up their company, the culture that they instill, and the things that make up that culture.In other words, employer branding is how you market your company to job seekers and internal employees. The better you are at employer branding, the more likely you are to attract top talent. Additionally, a positive employer brand can also help you retain top talent.For instance, consider Teach for America's mission statement — "One day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education."

Hopefully, this guide helped clarify the way you're already thinking about employer branding. If you've enjoyed it, you're probably asking what's next. Employer branding is how your company is perceived by prospective and current employees. It includes company mission, culture, compensation, and more. It's not necessary to push every one of.. Последние твиты от Employer Branding (@EmployerBrandUK). The #EmployerBranding Podcast features international employer brand leaders, rebels, and innovators

Now that you’ve got your EVP and the ownership and buy-in you need, you need to map out how to get the word out. From your research, you should have a good sense of how to get in front of folks, similar to any marketing campaign. Each small business is going to have different channels to get the message in front of the right folks but here are some common ones.Again, like any marketing campaign, you’re going to need funding to get the word out about your employer brand in all these channels. Some typical pieces of your budget should include:Employer branding then is defined as a company’s ability to differentiate and promote this identity to a defined group of candidates that they’re interested in hiring.

As you head into creating your messaging for your employer branding, make sure you’re using the right voice and not coming off as holier-than-thou. People can see through marketing speak. Use a down-to-earth, approachable voice, and focus on showing actual activity as opposed to marketing messages.Additionally, your employer value proposition is something your recruiters and HR team can discuss with potential candidates.

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  1. Employer branding vs. employer brand. The concept of employer branding has risen in the B2B sphere since the 1990s, with 59% of organizations planning to invest more in their employer brand in..
  2. The next three experts we talked to gave some advice related to how your employees should be involved, and the importance of employee engagement with your branding efforts.
  3. Below, the experts give us big-picture advice on how to understand employees, what they want in a place to work, and what you should do if you insist on keeping your branding generic.
  4. Employer Branding Guide by Homerun. A modern guide to stepping up your Employer Brand. In case you're wondering, an employer brand is how you appear to potential hires
  5. The key to a successful #employerbrand is the people behind it. Make staff personalities shine through- @tonyrestell
  6. Similar to marketing your product, you need to think through and execute an employer brand strategy with a series of steps.
  7. ate your organization's brand

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Employer branding is essential for any business which wants to stand out from its competitors in the race for the most skillful and gifted job candidates. While less talented job seekers fight for the less.. Employer Branding can also be done through Inbound Recruiting methods in which employers create useful, relevant and interesting content to encourage Candidate Engagement and improve Candidate Experience.

Hiring unique, out-of-the-box thinkers and displaying their work/talent goes a long way - @JeffFermin #employerbrand Learn what employer branding means, examples of good employer branding, and how you can implement your own employer branding strategy today Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding. The art of creating irresistible employers. Employer brands voor de nieuwe generatie. Alles draait om de juiste ervaring. De strijd op de arbeidsmarkt..

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  1. We live in an age of unprecedented transparency - your employer brand has never been more shaped by the genuine stories and perspectives of your employees and alumni.
  2. Branding and Content. kununu profiles are powerful. They make it easy for candidates to learn about your company, decide that the job is right for them, and click apply
  3. Employer Branding: Definition, Strategien, Maßnahmen. Unternehmen versuchen ständig, talentierte und motivierte Mitarbeiter in die eigenen Reihen zu holen. Dieser War for Talents wird zu großen..
  4. It’s not necessarily straightforward: Tamara Erickson and Lynda Gratton looked at the issue in their 2007 Harvard Business Review article ‘What it means to work here’ and say that “what makes your firm unique, can dramatically improve employee engagement and performance” but point out that this underpinned by the fact that different types of people will excel at different companies, and that not all workers want the same things.

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But what about employer brand work? Great Employer Branding is Grounded in Research. The report: State of Employer Branding is part one a four-part 2020 Outlook series, based on responses.. Brand and Candidate Experience - 2min readThe Compounding Interest of Employer BrandingCompound interest is a simple and powerful concept. Glassdoor hiring solutions include online brand management tools to attract top talent. Learn how Glassdoor can help with your employer branding #EmployerBranding advice - take a keen interest in the people who are interested in your business - @CyndyTrivella

This is what make's Canva's employer brand so great. On their Careers page, they highlight their values for job seekers and pair each value with a visual design, underscoring the idea that design can be a force for good. Joshua Freedman goes a little further - defining just how important employee experience should be to leadership.

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  1. An employment branding strategy is a key component in your business talent management process. This strategy will state what your employees, current and future job candidates will think about you as an employer.
  2. The main difference between company branding and employer branding is focus and channels. For employer branding, the focus is on key benefits to employees. Messaging should focus on benefits, not sales. And, you’re going to focus on channels that put that message in front of employees and potential employees, not customers.
  3. For consumers, Wistia brands itself as a video marketing software that helps grow your audience and build brands. It only makes sense that they would be brand-conscious and use their own software to underscore the ideas that they want to convey to job seekers as well. 

Employer brand communication process on social media. 1 INTRODUCTION. This thesis describes the application of social media in employer branding communication Employer Brand Summit presents a platform for global & national leaders to connect, and share best practices and discover latest trends in the employer-branding ecosystem

Only 49% of employees would recommend their employer to a friend (source). This one is especially scary, as employee referrals are often the best source of quality applicants. You can kiss those hires goodbye if less than half of your employees would recommend you to their network. employer branding during and after COVID-19. The Randstad Employer Branding Report (REBR) survey took place in January 2020, when the coronavirus outbreak was already ... An employer branding strategy allows you to control and positively change the dialogue surrounding your company to ensure higher talent acquisition and retention. At its most basic, employer branding is how you market your company to job seekers and what employees say about your company as a workplace.Rather than posting about their drinks, Starbucks uses its social media accounts to share their company mission, congratulate employees on college graduation, and share personal employee stories. The company also uses the platforms to demonstrate its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

With the amount of influence employees now have over your employer brand marketing, it should be no surprise that who you hire says something about your brand, and helps determine who it will reach. Employer branding is more important than ever before and the benefits for the customer, employee and employer are huge. Google, Apple, Facebook these are some of the top 'favorite companies to..

Onboarding is the first experience a new hire goes through, and a negative impression can have big consequences. In fact, people who have a negative onboarding experience are twice as likely to seek a different opportunity.Additionally, the video is likely empowering and pride-evoking for current employees, who can see their company's clear commitment to carrying out its mission statement through videos of its workers.At its most basic, an employer brand is your reputation among the workforce as well as your employees' perception of you as an employer.

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Your Future Brand Advocates. Employee Events Employee Engagement & Recognition Employer Branding Milestone Awards Was ist Employer Branding? Die Definition. Employer Branding ist eine Marketing-Strategie für die Personalabteilung, mit der Sie eine attraktive Arbeitgebermarke schaffen Now that you’ve got a beautiful EVP, it’s time to get the word out. You’ll need a plan to execute your employer branding.

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Employer Branding ist der Aufbau und die Pflege einer attraktiven Arbeitgebermarke, um die richtigen Mitarbeiter/-innen zu finden und zu binden. Die Arbeitgebermarke beinhaltet die Summe aller.. Now that you’ve got a list of skills, what’s important to folks, and what your competitors are doing, you should prioritize the list of benefits that you’d want to go to market with. Emphasize not only on what’s important, but how your strengths position you better than alternative employers.

Little wonder then, that over 59% of employers say that employer branding represents one of the key components of the organization’s overall HR strategy, while 55% of talent leaders see employer branding as the top investment priority in 2017. Candidate nurture - Communication sent to passive candidates or people that aren't a fit for current roles. The goal is to keep them "warm" and engaged with your brand. Your employer brand is your organization’s reputation as a place of work, for current employees, active and passive candidates and other stakeholders. Embodying your values, culture and workplace environment, your employer brand offers a promise, which, if fulfilled, can bring high returns on investment.Smart employers adapted to this shift (some faster than others) and began to take proactive steps toward attracting and retaining top talent, but thousands of organizations still fail to capitalize on the benefits of employer branding.   

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  1. Take a look at your current and future skill needs. Do you need customer service people, engineers, designers, salespeople? Often different types of employees value different things. Designers might want creative freedom. Salespeople want a fast growing company.
  2. Next, it’s time to get some feedback from candidates and employees. Remember, the idea here is to understand how they really think and feel about the company, so be sure to ask questions that will provide meaningful information.
  3. Content is extremely important during this awareness and education stage. It gives candidates the ammunition they need to learn about your employer brand and plays a crucial role in their decision to apply.
  4. has more to say on this.

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To improve your employer branding efforts I suggest conducting an employer brand audit. This will help you identify what your company is currently doing right (and should keep doing) as well as the areas your company can improve on, with actionable insights to better inform your employer brand strategy. I recently wrote a blog on how do this here.In my opinion, the key to a successful employer brand is the people behind it. Make the personalities of your staff shine through, have your staff tell their stories, feature case studies of how people’s careers have progressed – and ensure your recruiting team are on hand to interact with candidates across your social media. If yours is a company that people aspire to work for, then that’s powerful. But if yours is a company where people feel they know and like your team already, then you’re well on your way to winning the battle to be their next employer.Armed with the information collected during the employer brand audit, you’re ready to craft your employee value proposition (EVP).

5. Measure your results – During the final stage, you should measure the success of your employer branding strategy. Make use of analytics and recruiting tools to help you derive results, and enable you to correct and optimize your strategy as needed.You want a cohesive employer branding strategy, but you may want to tailor your message and choose different channels as you try to reach different folks. For example, you might have a message about intellectual challenges when recruiting at an engineering school or emphasize a flexible work environment for customer service personnel.When you're implementing a strategy to improve the market's perception of your product or service, you don't just communicate your message through one channel. Instead, you provide videos, photos, slideshows, blogs, and other forms of messaging to ensure you're reaching the largest audience on whichever platform they want to be found. Jesteśmy jedną z pierwszych agencji employer branding na rynku w Polsce. Edukujemy i wspieramy klientów w budowaniu silnych marek pracodawców

Employer branding is an organization's reputation in job market as an employer. Employer branding is an integral part of overall business strategy to establish the brand image of an.. Interns might be the most under-utilized marketing tool out there. As an Inbound Marketing Consultant here at HubSpot, I rarely spoke with a customer who was accustomed to hiring interns. Only recently did it occur to me that this could be ...

There is a wide range of solutions and tools that you can use to optimize your employer branding strategy:

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The employer brand is affected by things such as how the company conducts itself in the market to how good the employer is to its employees. So, why is employer branding so important With high ratings in each category on Indeed, including four stars on work-life balance and four stars on management, SoulCycle has undoubtedly cultivated a strong employer brand.Based on our employer branding research, we recognize the world's most attractive employers and present them with the Randstad Award trophy. The Randstad Award trophy is solely based on public perception.

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  1. Edward helped start and build three different technology companies and served as CFO and COO at Inc.com. He shares his expertise as a contributor to Fit Small Business content around retail, franchising, and starting a business.
  2. If employee experience is one of your leaders' top 3 priorities, you will need to measure it and evaluate leaders on how employees feel being part of your org. The goal: be the place talented people thrive.
  3. If you want to create a strong employer brand, it's critical you show your commitment to building diverse teams. There are plenty of company benefits to investing in D&I initiatives, including more innovative ideas, a stronger workplace culture, and better customer service. However, it's also necessary for cultivating a positive employer brand by ensuring you’re extending your brand's reach to new groups of people.
  4. Additionally, the Eventbrite recruitment team page states, "Interviewing shouldn't be nerve-wracking —-- it should be exciting. It should spark great conversation. We believe in respect, transparency, and timely responses (we don't leave anyone in the dreaded recruiting black hole)."
  5. Your employer brand is your organization's reputation as a place of work, for current employees, active and employer branding during and after COVID-19. The Randstad Employer Branding Report..
  6. 1. Define your employer branding goals – Think about what your long-term business needs are and what you want to achieve through your employer branding strategy. For example, you might want to attract more high-quality candidates or increase engagement with job seekers online.
  7. There's just too much noise now. The second someone detects a canned message, whether it's in a Tweet, an emailed job alert, a Facebook post or a job ad, they can turn to a number of different channels for something better. There are no captive audiences.

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Learn what employer branding really is and how to grow your business. Employer brand is a company's reputation as an employer and its value proposition, or what it offers to potential employees As recruitment blogger extraordinaire Matt Charney puts it, candidates are thinking about applications in the same way as they consider buying decisions. They want to be able to educate themselves about your company. They invest time in researching your company, product or role before deciding whether it's a good fit for them. The first step in any execution plan is clearly defining who’s responsible for it. For employee branding, often it’s a tussle between marketing and HR departments. Traditionally, HR departments have owned this function when it was mostly internally focused. However, the marketing department is skilled at evangelizing externally. It makes sense to leverage these capabilities and resources. So clearly, it’ll involve both departments, but having multiple departments ultimately responsible for execution is usually a recipe for failure. So pick one to take the lead.Ultimately, your research should uncover your employees' favorite aspects of your company culture that you can focus on highlighting as well as any areas for improvement to ensure a strong employer brand.

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Actually, employer branding is critical to your bottom-line. A good employer brand can reduce turnover rates by 28%, and cut your costs-per-hire by half. Additionally, 75% of active job seekers are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand. Employer Branding. Best Employer 2020 - No. 1 among all advertising and media agencies Focus Business 01/2020 Build an effective employer branding strategy that focuses on ROI. Understand modern candidate behaviors, and how employer branding plays a role in attracting/converting the right people

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If you don’t have a lot of activities that promote and enable your EVP, you need to do that first. Is one of your principles to support the environment? Then how does your business do that? Are employees volunteering to plant trees? Are they working on recycling drives? Make sure you’re walking the talk on your EVP before you start promoting it.You think that all of the time and resources that you're investing into your brand are having an effect, but there's no way to know for sure.

Randstad N.V.                                           Around 50% of employers believe that the length of application processes is a positive because it "weeds out" applicants. Your employer value proposition should have nothing to do with compensation. Instead, you want to evoke passion in potential candidates by expressing your company's positive impact on the world or its deeper purpose. People want to feel their work is meaningful, often even at the expense of a bigger paycheck.

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Research by LinkedIn has proven that more than 75% of job seekers research about a firm’s reputation and employer brand before applying. Companies with a bad reputation not only struggle to attract candidates, but they also struggle to retain employees.Ultimately, you spend plenty of time creating a compelling, incentivizing brand story surrounding your products or services. But how long do you spend cultivating a powerful employer brand to ensure you attract and retain top talent?

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Reducing turnover in your workforce means reduced recruiting costs, reduced training costs, and reduction in the loss of experience. A strong employer brand is a key piece in reducing turnover as much as possible.Referrals are usually the best ways for small businesses to attract talent. Make sure you have an employee referral program. Make sure both the messaging and processes reflect your EVP. For example, if work-life balance is a part of your EVP, think about rewarding those who refer hires by giving them time off from work instead of just a bonus.Is it any wonder that candidates trust the things that employees say more than your corporate messaging? 2. Identify your candidate persona – Identify the characteristics of your ideal job candidate based on your needs. Understanding what competencies your organization needs to thrive will help you create targeted messages that reach the best talent. Candidate persona includes personality traits, skills, education, job search behavior, and what motivates and frustrates them.

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Employer branding is how your company is perceived by prospective and current employees. It includes company mission, culture, compensation, and more. It’s not necessary to push every one of these components. For instance, lower compensation can be counterbalanced with great culture. It’s the aggregate perception of all these pieces relative to other employers that make your employer brand.You also might leverage employees by asking them to post on their social media accounts when your company does a fun giveaway or company outing. For instance, perhaps you create a Women in Tech event and hold a panel discussion. Afterwards, you might simply ask your employees to post a picture on Instagram or Facebook with a hashtag you've created. This is a fun yet powerful way for your own employees to share your company's culture with their own networks.Good talent should be dedicated enough to fill out complex forms, while the lengthy process should screen out apathetic applicants. Ultimately, instilling a positive company brand image starts with a good onboarding process. It's critical you get employees engaged and excited about their roles, and their teams, from the start. By arming your new employees with the instructions and tools necessary to excel in their roles, you're ensuring a smooth transition, lower turnover rates, and more productive teams.Employer branding is the process of managing and influencing your reputation as an employer among job seekers, employees and key stakeholders.  It encompasses everything you do to position your organization as an employer of choice.

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Leave a comment. Employer Branding. How does that become an integrated part of the employer brand strategy What does EMPLOYER BRANDING mean? EMPLOYER BRANDING meaning - EMPLOYER The term employer brand was first publicly introduced to a management audience in 1990, and defined.. A good example is Charity Water. They’ve baked their mission of bringing water to developing countries right into their business model and made it abundantly clear in all of their marketing. Good for sales but also helpful on the employer branding front. shaping your employer branding strategy to attract Gen Z talent even as Gen Z faces outsized economic repercussions from the global pandemic, employers may learn best ... Well, the candidate has had time to self-qualify. They actually understand your company, the role, and what you’re looking for!

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Branding has always been a core tool for marketers looking to win over the hearts and minds of consumers - the fact that it’s now a crucial part of the talent attraction formula shows us the influence that marketing is having on recruiting. Employer Branding videos and office tours. produced by WorkVenture for leading employers in Thailand. Our Employer Branding Clients. Office Tour Videos

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You might not be fully aware of the reputation your company has among job seekers or even your own employees. Send out internal surveys, conduct social media searches, check out sites like Glassdoor to read reviews, or hire a firm that administers reputation monitoring.#EmployerBranding promised much 20 years ago- it's become a bureaucratic generic quest of pointlessness- @markritson Brett Minchington & Papirfly. The Employer Brand Series. Join the world-renowned employer brand strategist Brett Minchington and Papirfly's Sara Naveda, for 10 exclusive, never-before-seen videos.. Current and future employees are trading their time and effort in exchange for not only earnings, but also the experience of working for you. So it’s helpful to think about your employer brand in terms of an employee value proposition or EVP. According to an HBR study, 61% of organizations have an EVP. The goal is to define and be able to articulate your company’s key strengths, such as flex-time or employee-self management, relative to other employment options they may have. When defining your EVP, consider these top 5 workplace trends.

Employer Branding Online. 3,499 likes · 12 talking about this. The Employer Branding College provides a personalized - practical - world class education Think of your EVP as the guiding light of your employer branding efforts. While you may never share it publicly, your EVP will shape your communications moving forward.

It’s up to recruiting departments to make sure candidates like what they see. This is where a carefully planned employer branding strategy becomes critical. Introduction: The Employer Branding Institute is a virtual organisation. How people feel about the Employer Branding is increasingly critical to business success or failure If you can encourage employees to share their own story, in either written or video form, it can be hugely valuable to your employer brand. Who should own employer branding in your organization? It's a tough question, and you may get different answers depending on who you talk to. The Harvard Business Review presents a strong argument that, because of the increasing strategic importance of talent acquisition, CEOs need to get more involved in employer branding and recruitment.

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Wondering where you should get started on improving your employer brand program and employer value proposition? Iventa supports you with Employer-Branding- Strategy, HR-Communication, Recruitment Marketing Campaigns and Social Media. Find more info here randstad employer brand research (REBR). REBR is the most comprehensive employer branding research with over 200,000 respondents across 32 countries, that provides insights on aligning your..

For instance, Soul gives its employees two paid business days off per year to volunteer at a charity of their choice with the hope that the charity days will help employees feel happy and more fulfilled.For many small businesses, your physical presence is just as visible, if not more so, than your website. Review all the ways you’re visible to the world, such as uniforms, retail presence, packaging, etc. The goal is to work your employer branding throughout as much of it as you can, alongside your product marketing. Branding of employer needs to be done insistently. It helps HR too, to hunt the right talent from the market. Here are the importance of employer branding

If there's one thing that's clear in tech recruiting, it's that there's a gap between tech jobs and qualified applicants, and it's taking longer and longer to fill positions. For many companies, their leverage is having an incredible employer brand and great perks to attract top talent. Many tech companies can take a cue from Shopify, where they recognize this and tell the job seeker that it's their turn to "apply to you." You can’t hope to influence or manage your employer brand if you don’t know what it is people think about you, so an employer brand audit is the first step.

Employer brand describes an employer's reputation as a place to work, and their employee value proposition, as opposed to the more general corporate brand reputation and value proposition to customers Employee advocacy - Active promotion of your company by your employees. This can be organic, or actively encouraged with advocacy programs. You want your marketing to sell products. But if you’re serious about your EVP and your employer branding, you should work them into your marketing efforts to some extent. Quite often, employer branding and marketing are two sides of the same coin. Used well together, they can convince people to come work for you and feel better about buying your product.

Apply to Employer Branding jobs now hiring on Indeed.co.uk, the world's largest job site Companies with a poor employer brand must offer a minimum of a 10% pay increase to lure top talent (source). Imagine paying a 10% premium on every single hire you make. Now take a minute to consider the state of your employer brand and ask yourself if you’re already paying that premium without realizing it?   Employer Branding brings culture, aspiration and motivation all together to establish an identity your company can leverage for talent attraction and retention So what is employer branding?In today’s “War for Talent” Employer Branding strategies have become the most important tactics for solving one of the biggest recruiting challenges – attracting high-quality applicants. Employer Branding involves all the strategies used to communicate Employer Brand to job seekers and attract them to apply to open positions.This is what the CIPD has to say about employer brand: “the way in which organisations differentiate themselves in the labour market, enabling them to recruit, retain and engage the right people. A strong employer brand helps businesses compete for the best talent and establish credibility. It should connect with an organisation’s values and must run consistently through its approach to people management.”

“In recruiting today, it’s not only recruiters who are doing the research. With 85% of job searches starting with a search engine, top talent is searching for a company the same way they would any other purchasing decision – which is why employer branding is so critical.” - Matt Charney, Executive Editor at Recruiting Daily Instead of just a marketing campaign, Avon’s breast cancer fundraising run shows that the company is willing to get out and actually try to help women by sponsoring this race.To help you out, we asked the experts, "What is your #1 piece of advice for companies that want to improve their employer brand?"

All these employer branding tactics have a great influence on a firm’s brand, reputation and, consequently, on their ability to hire the best people.According to LinkedIn's Global Talent Trends report, 23% of Millennials and Gen-X and 32% of Baby Boomers consider company mission as a top factor when considering a new job. That means that across the workforce, more and more job candidates want to be inspired and have purpose in their jobs. Quality Employer Branding & Recruiting sind unsere Passion. Queb Recruiting ist der Verband zu Exzellenz und Innovationen in den Bereichen Employer Branding, Personalmarketing und Recruiting Brandemix, a leading Employer Brand Agency helps in the process of articulating your company's unique message, voice, and strategy and attracting the right candidates to your company through..

Canva also doubles down on this idea on their social media channels, which are full of inspirational content and ideas furthered by design.This acknowledgement is one step toward earning rapport with a potential candidate, and they continue to empathize with the reader by stating, "Finding the right job is hard work." The rest of their Careers page is dedicated to providing the information that someone would need to take a chance and apply to Shopify.Everyone has heard the refrain “hard to find good help”. Most small business owners know that attracting enough of the right employees is critical to success and growth. You need to have a great recruiting strategy, but any recruiting strategy is going to be more effective if supported by a great employer brand.Ben & Jerry’s ice cream sounds authentic when describing what fair trade means to them and why it’s important.

We have a couple articles that can help you with social recruiting, recruiting strategies, the hiring process, employee engagement and bringing on new hires. Getting all these right will certainly help keep your employer brand polished. Employer Branding is extremely important part of companies' strategies nowadays. See top 10 exmployer branding examples in the article and get inspired It makes sense — nowadays, a company's reputation matters more than ever. In fact, 86% of workers would not apply for, or continue to work for, a company that has a bad reputation with former employees or the general public. Studia Podyplomowe Employer Branding podzieliliśmy na 4 główne bloki tematyczne: począwszy od przedmiotów wprowadzających w zagadnienia związane z budowaniem i zarządzaniem marką..

Many employers confuse Employer Branding with Recruitment Marketing. Employer Branding is a part of Recruitment Marketing, a relatively new concept in the world of recruiting, where marketing tactics are used for a more successful Talent Acquisition. Employer Branding can be done in many different ways and using many different channels.Let’s look at some stats — good, bad and ugly — that shine some light on why employer branding is so important.“I spent three hours customizing my resume for the job opportunity and writing my cover letter. Then it took me over an hour to trudge through the online application process. I couldn’t believe how difficult they made it.” - Anonymous candidate source

Employer Branding gives a competitive advantage for employers for getting the right candidates with required knowledge, education, competence and skills from the job market More than anything else, these statistics prove that employer branding impacts every facet of the employer-employee relationship. While it is most often associated with recruitment, employer branding also affects employee engagement, retention and even profitability. Employer branding is a critical part of your talent acquisition efforts. Strengthen your employer brand with these 10 best practices

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