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  1. Battery life is great. If you go easy on the Polar A360—meaning you don't track a lot of special activities—a charge can last up to two weeks. An included cable lets you recharge the device. The fact that it's a micro USB cable, which is fairly universal and easy to replace, is a bonus. Fitbit has released every single product it ever created with its own proprietary charger. If you upgrade from one Fitbit to another, you can't even keep your old cable as a backup because it won't fit the new model.
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  3. Polar Flow näol on tegu veebiteenuse ja nutirakendusega, mis pakub põhjalikku - ja tõesti põhjalikku - analüüsi kogu Sinu treeninginfost. Polar A360 on meister mitmel ametil. Tegu on usina aktiivsusmonitori ja püüdliku spordikellaga, millele annab luksusliku tunnetuse puutetundlik ekraan..
  4. As mentioned, the A360 can get push notifications from Android or iOS. When a notification arrives, a few lines of text appear on the tracker's display in landscape orientation. At all other times, the device uses portrait orientation. The A360 isn't a smartwatch, so you can't reply to messages from it, but that's to be expected. It's how most fitness trackers with smart notifications work.

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Скачать последнюю версию Polar Flow для Android Polar's A360 is one of the most user-friendly fitness trackers you can buy, and arguably one of the best on the market period, even if it lacks some of the Before launching a workout the A360 asks users to pick a loaded sport profile, which not only marks it properly in Flow but brings up a different set of.. Sleep data from the A360 shows up in the app, too, but it's a little skimpy on the details. A report tells you total time asleep, percentage of restful sleep, cumulative restful sleep time, and cumulative restless sleep time, but not a graph of your night's tossing and turning. The A360 also doesn't track heart rate overnight. I can't say why you'd want to see your heart rate overnight, but the information does help differentiate between light, deep, and REM sleep stages. The Basis Peak tracks heart rate overnight in addition to skin temperature and perspiration, which it uses to estimate your sleep cycles. But it also gives you the raw data. My partner was fascinated to see my heart drop while I slept ("It's like you're a hibernating frog.") To be clear, though, I didn't find the information useful, just neat.

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So a sport like soccer that involves inconsistent pace will likely be underestimated or inconsistent. For me personally, the Polar A360 was able to track the session’s HR data but not tag a distance to the session; even though the distance is still tracked and added to the total for the day.Glad you found the review helpful Rick. When not in a training session, the display lights up and dims after a short while. It is activated when you lift it up like a watch so there’s some in built algorithm that recognises this. Either that or you can manually activate the display by pressing the button. In battery conservation mode, it won’t be able to track training and goes into perpetual dimmed mode. The Polar A360 does not have GPS, but it does still measure speed and distance, which is plenty for non-competitive runners. You can see in the Polar Flow app a history of your runs on a calendar, with more stats within the logs. You also get Training Benefit assessments of your runs. For example, I ran three miles the other day, and the app categorized it as Tempo training. "Great pace!" it said. "You improved your aerobic fitness, speed, and ability to sustain high intensity effort for longer."I also periodically pair the fitness devices to Android smart phones and I use a Google Nexus 5. I could see the “Inactivity stamps” on the main dashboard and I could also see the “Inactivity alert” settings under “Settings” then “Notifications.” To keep you motivated, there's a pretty useful inactivity alert that sends a purposeful vibration to the band after 55 minutes of inactivity and will collect the inactivity alerts inside the app like a collection of naughty stamps in a homework book.

POLAR A360 im Preisvergleich Alle Varianten Testberichte Echte Nutzerbewertungen und geprüfte Shops ▶ Vor dem Kauf: Preis vergleichen und sparen! Das leistungsstarke Modell überzeugt durch eine Reihe von vielseitigen Funktionen, jedoch besteht bei der Polar Flow App noch.. Tracking Your Fitness The A360 looks more like a tracker than a watch when you wear it because the screen doesn't stay illuminated. When you raise your arm, the clock automatically appears. You can also wake the screen by pressing the button once. As you get exercise throughout the day, a background color fills in the white numbers of the clock proportionally to how close you are to achieving your goal. In other words, when you're 50 percent of the way to meeting your goal, the numbers will be shaded halfway, which is a nice way to get a sense of where you stand at a glance.

Polar Flow app allows you to see an instant visual interpretation of your activity and training data offline whenever you want. On your mobile device, open Flow app and sign in with your Polar account, which you have created when setting up your A360 Have you tried swimming with it? I’ve read some activity trackers do not accurately read heart rate during swimming. Also those trackers seems to register water as taps on the screen.The band doesn't weigh much: 1.1 ounces for the small, 1.2 ounces for the medium, and 1.3 ounces for the large. Comfortable as it is, it's no match for the featherlight Misfit Ray, which weighs hardly anything at all at 0.3-ounce. But the Ray doesn't have a display, much less an HRM. The A360, by comparison, has a 1.1-inch, 80-by-160-pixel color touch screen.

Unfollow polar a360 to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. Polar A360 Fitness Tracker with 24/7 Wrist Based Heart Rate + GPS White M Medium. C $127.11 Zegarek fitness Polar A360 mierzy tętno bezpośrednio na nadgarstku, więc nie wymaga stosowania do monitorowania Polar A360 jest znakomitym partnerem treningów, który utrzyma Cię w odpowiedniej strefie tętna. budzik z wibracją i funkcją drzemki, działanie budzika jest powiązane z aplikacją Flow

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Polar A360 è un activity e fitness tracker con cardiofrequenzimetro integrato con rilevazione della frequenza cardiaca da polso. Puoi controllare la tua attività sull'app Polar Flow o usando il servizio web Flow (compatibile con versioni iOS 8.0 o successivi e versioni Android 4.3 o successivi) I’m a little confused with how accurately it tracks distance covered. I’m looking to track how much ground I cover when playing football (soccer). Will this be able to tell me even though it doesn’t have GPS? and how accurate will that reading be? Thanks – good review!

There's a dedicated button for breaking down data by day, week or month with a drop down menu letting you see an activity feed and a training diary with all your logged sessions. As far as customisation goes, you'll also need to venture here to turn do things like setting up an alarm. adjusting measurements and choosing your level of daily activity goal.Optical heart rate sensors can be tricky. It’s a whole new can of worms testing heart rate accuracy during physical activities, sedentary activities and during rest. I was hoping the A360 would feature all day heart rate measurement; even if it’s just intermittent readings during sleep. Perhaps what’s holding Polar back is their pursuit for a high level of accuracy that corresponds to that from chest worn heart rate straps.The home display screen is customisable and you can choose from 4 designs that are already in the Polar A360. Der Fitnesstracker Polar A360 verfügt über einen optischen Herzfrequenzsensor und misst die Herzfrequenz ohne lästigen Brustgurt. Updates der Firmware können nur über USB und die Polar-Flow-Software ausgeführt werden. Leider ist das Öffnen der Verschlussklappe sehr fummelig..

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Polar A360 Bilekten Kalp Atış Hızı Ölçümlü Kondisyon İzleyici. Bluetooth® Smart üzerinden Polar Flow uygulamasıyla kolay kablosuz senkronizasyon. Şarj etme ve Polar FlowSync üzerinden PC veya Mac ile veri senkronizasyonu için mikro USB konektörü Polar A360. Heart rate monitor with measurements of heart rate from wirst. Prepare for the cross-country events, using personalized running training program available in Polar Flow. Choose from four different purposes - run 5 km, 10 km, half-marathon and marathon - and gain a comprehensive.. Polar A360 menyambungkan ke aplikasi seluler Polar Flow secara nirkabel melalui Bluetooth, jadi ingat untuk menyalakannya pada perangkat seluler Anda. 1. Untuk memastikan bahwa pengisian daya pada A360 cukup sebelum memulai penyetelan seluler, sambungkan kabel USB pada port USB yang..

Unlike Fitbit's Charge HR and to a degree Garmin's vivosmart HR, the Polar A360 is not trying to be all things to all users. It does not have a built-in food/calorie intake counter, for example. And while it uses a Bluetooth connection to sync to iOS and Android smartphone apps, it's not designed to handle phone calls or control your music like some smartwatch-oriented devices. It will deliver notifications about incoming texts and posts, but it doesn't have built-in GPS, so runners looking to trace routes will have to rely on a paired smartphone. Polar A360 притежава вграден сензор за измерване на сърдечната честота. Мобилно приложение Polar Flow, с което получавате синхронизация на данните и задълбочен анализ на резултатите във вид на графики и статистики

Free. Android. Скачать последнюю версию Polar Flow - Sync & Analyze от Health & Fitness для Андроид. Polar Flow is a sports, fitness, and activity analyzer to be used with Polar GPS sports watches, fitness trackers, and activity trackers.*. Follow your training and activity and instantly.. Polar A360 is a very popular and one of the most expensive options. It's in the top 3 bestselling fitness trackers and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Fitbit Flex 2 or Fitbit Charge 3 . Polar A360 was released in 2015. There are a lot of newer fitness trackers on the market In terms of using the app, user interface displays data that's easy to digest, burying the extras when you scroll down. It's perhaps not as clean or as slick looking as Jawbone or Fitbit's apps, but it certainly doesn't overload you with information.

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  1. You can bundle a chest strap HRM with the A360 for an extra $79.95, but you don't necessarily need it because the A360's optical one does an admirable job measuring both at rest and in motion. In my testing, it was accurate compared with my known heart rates while running at a certain pace and my resting heart rate using the old fingers-to-jugular method.
  2. Fitness sportestr POLAR A360 je vyjímečný hned v několika ohledech. Fitness sportestr POLAR A360 je vyjímečný hned v několika ohledech. Umí měřit tepovou frekvenci ze zápěstí, strojek je odnimatelný z řemínku (lze měnit za jiné barvy), je vybaven čidlem pro sledování denní aktivity
  3. Polar-A360 teaser from Polar.com. Whilst we can see the product features in the image at the top; the devil, as always, will be in the detail. Clearly it's a wrist-based activity tracker/sports watch with a Optical Heart Rate Monitor (oHRM). When looking at this and speculating we need to understand that Polar..
  4. One reader by the name of Mark listed his experience under the comments section which I thought might be useful for readers to take note. Unfortunately it’s too far down the list of comments so I’ve obtained his permission to list it out verbatim. I think everyone’s experience differs and it’s always good to hear different perspectives.
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Hi, can I see my heart rate recording rate 1s, 5s, 15s, 60s like I do with my Polar RS400? Also does the Polar FlowSync records all my HR data?Syncing results from the watch to your smartphone is not automatic. But all you have to do is press the single side button on the band to sync it with the included smartphone app.UPDATE: We've put the Polar A360's swimming and gym performance through their paces in more focused tests. Check out our gym tracker big test and swimming tech review for in-depth analysis. The Polar A360-HRM-Pink is a Fitness Tracker which can provide 24/7 activity tracking, personalize training guidance and wrist based heart rate data. It can also providedetails about your activity and the correlating health benefits which can be viewed any time on Polar flow which is Polar's free..

Sitting inside the band is the tracking module, which also holds the colour touchscreen display flanked by silver ascents. It's a not so impressive 80 x 160 screen resolution but fortunately, with such a simplistic UI to deal with, that's more than suitable. It's bright, vibrant and, while you can't adjust screen brightness, visibility in bright sunlight or at night is no problem here. Screen responsiveness is on the money as well, registering even the sweatiest swipes with ease. I wouldn’t recommend using optical heart rate sensors for swimming based activities if I’m trying to get HR readings. You can explore the Garmin Swim or Tri series of heart rate monitors if you’re interested. Those are made specifically for swimming.It's priced at £154.50 putting it into Microsoft Band 2 price territory and is more expensive than the Charge HR. While we weren't exactly blown away by Polar's Loop trackers, there seems to be more going for the A360. Does it pay the price for leaving out some key features and is the heart rate monitoring up to scratch? We slapped it on for a couple of weeks to find out.The Polar Flow app also allows you to flip back to previous days or look at weekly or monthly charts. I found the graphs to be a little cramped, even on the large LG V10. To really get an idea of how you're progressing, Polar delivers all the information automatically to a free online portal, where you'll find more activity scores that rank sleep, sitting, walking and running. I discovered what I already suspected: I don't sleep enough, I sit for too long, but my running boosts my score overall.

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The A360's interface resembles previous Polar devices, like the M400. The default screen shows you the time and a small icon appears in the corner These all connect to your Polar Flow account, which you can see in the mobile app or by browsing on your desktop. With this account, you can customize.. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Polar A360 Fitness, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal. Polar A360 Fitnessuhr Fitnesstrainer Fitnesstracker. Verkauft wird eine Fitnessuhr wie beschrieben. Privatverkauf, keine Garantie oder Rücknahme oder.. Der Polar Flow-Webservice ist mit Mac OS und Windows kompatibel. Genaue Angaben zu den unterstützten Geräten und zum benötigten Stand Der Polar A360 bietet ein umfassendes Angebot an Funktionen und Features. Für Menschen, die einen aktiven Lebensstil führen und sich sportlich.. Traditionally, Polar's products have been intended for serious fitness fans, triathletes and bikers. Part of the company's ethos was an insistence that to properly measure an athlete's heart rate, the only accurate method was to use a chest strap that directly monitors the electrical impulses of the heart. But improvements in optical sensors—and the growing popularity of wrist bands like those from Fitbit—prompted the company to offer its own wrist-bound fitness tracker with a built-in heart rate monitor, the $199 A360.

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The Polar A360 is a capable all day activity tracker if you don’t need GPS functions. It tracks steps, distance, calories, heart rate and even the number of idle alerts that you managed to chalk up throughout the day. From the main screen you can see the time, “My day”, “Training” and “Fitness Test” which I’ll talk about later.Tapping on “My Day” brings up the current activity level up to that point in time. The Polar A360 is able to provide advice on what else needs to be done to reach 100% for the day.As seen above, you could stand up for 4 hours and 59 minutes, or jog for 39 minutes to reach your set goal for the day.If there are tracked activity sessions, you’ll be able to view them by scrolling up or down in the form of a time line. If you’ve hit your target for the day, you’ll also see a mini display show followed by multiple vibrations to reaffirm your efforts.The tracked information is also presented in Polar Flow mobile app after syncing. Now because the Polar A360 does not feature autosync, you’ll have to manually sync if you wish to view the latest tracked stats on the mobile app, something which I found backwards and inconvenient. 4.0 See It at Amazon MSRP $199.95 Pros Tracks daily activity, steps, calories, workouts, and sleep. Helpful coaching features. Includes optical heart rate monitor. Excellent battery life. Waterproof. Comfortable. Swappable bands. View More Cons Costs $50 more than closest competitor. Sleep data could be presented better. The Bottom Line If you've already mastered the basics, the Polar A360 is an advanced fitness tracker that gives concrete recommendations on how to improve your health.Thank you very much for sharing your experience with the A360. I’m sure optical HRMs at present will in no way compare to the accuracy levels of a chest worn HRM. But we can’t deny that there’s a growing group of consumers who are looking for convenience and decent estimate of their exercising heart rate. And I’m surprised the “guy at polar” actually informed you the A360 was something they had to produce! I was looking for an in depth review of this product and was finally able to find, thanks! I’m solely an indoor type of exercise guy (HIIT / crossfit) and was craving for a product like this one. I’m biased towards Polar due to its fairly accurate algorithms, but am tempted between this product and the garmin vivo smart. However (and even though the higher price tag of the A360), specifically for my needs, I think the polar suits best me. Could this the be paired with any compatible bluetooth HRM and still be accurate? Or would the best bet for those of us that do HIIT and/or fit is to buy the H7? Thanks in advance !!

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I compared the heart rate measurements from the Polar A360 against that from a Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart chest worn heart rate monitor transmitting HR readings to Polar Beat mobile app. The results are shown above. If you examine closely, you’ll notice that the Polar A360 HR graph appears smoother and displayed more dips compared to that of the Polar H7 heart rate monitor.While I found the size and rubber band of the Polar A360 more comfortable than other fitness/activity trackers, I did have one gripe with the design. The Polar strap uses a loop-through band with a dual-pronged snap to hold it in place. Securely fastening it takes practice, and even after weeks of use, there were occasions when I discovered I had not properly clipped it in place, leaving it dangling in my sleeve.

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  1. Polar Flow’s user interface hasn’t changed much in the last year and it’s a breakaway from most other fitness tracker company’s app interface. Not the best I’ve seen but it gets the message across.
  2. ute along with colored bars that represents the different heart rate zones. There’s also a white bar that shows how much time you spent in each zone. I have a Polar H7 HR chest strap and the a360 very quickly pairs with it. I dislike that it doesn’t show you the steps or the distance while you are jogging. Therefore it’s perfect for those who do a lot of lifting, high intensity training, rowing, etc. but not if you just want to use it as a regular tracker for your daily jogs.
  3. Sader ar Android operētājsistēmu Ūdensizturīga Parociga Polar Flow aplikācija Polar A360 Fitness Tracker Large fitnesa aproce. Polar A360 | Black. Akcijas cena spēkā līdz 31.05.2020. vai kamēr prece ir noliktavā. Apraksts Tehniskā specifikācija
  4. The more annoying aspect of notification support is the delay in receiving the notification. There's a significant delay in some instances especially for instant messaging services. Worst of all, some messages or calendar appointments you've already dismissed can appear repeatedly on occasions.
  5. Polar Flow also has an online web dashboard where you can explore your tracked stats in detail in an easier to view format. This is where you can plan your training, join interest groups and so much more.An update just a month back has added a new progress summary for users. You can choose which stats you would like plotted in the box and line graphs for ease of comparison over a month.I particularly liked how the new progress summary gives you an overview of the month, how many inactivity alerts you received and the activity benefits.

Scrolling through the A360 screens, a Heart Rate button reads your heart rate on the spot, and a Training option lets you start recording an activity. Walking, running, strength training, group exercise, cycling, other outdoor, and other indoor activities are included. Whenever you start an activity, the HRM automatically begins recording. The Polar A370 is an updated version to the Polar A360. The A370 is an intelligent, powerful wrist-based fitness tracker with continuous heart rate Mobile Connectivity: Seamless communication via Bluetooth Smart to Polar Flow app on mobile devices. Smart Notifications: Get an alert whenever you..

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(Ship from US) New Replacement Wrist Strap Silicone Band for Polar A360 A370 Tracker Hot smart wristband sport watch band not mi band Tapping the summary brings up a dynamically generated recommendation for what more you can do to achieve your daily goal, such as jog for 41 minutes. You'll find similar suggestions in the Misfit app, but a lot of other trackers don't have this feature.Great review. I recently purchased this tracker (5th different model that I’m trialing). I’m not used to Polar setups … I couldn’t find much help on how to use this device from a new user viewpoint, but I think I was able to figure it out. What I don’t seem to get are the ‘inactivity’ notifications. I’ve worn it for 2 days so far, and just watching football on tv, nothing has alerted me to move .. I set it to silent and with sound in Polar Flow. Just curious if you know the time interval that it tracks before issuing ‘inactivity’ notifications? At $200, Polar's new A360 is priced exactly the same as the M400 was back in September of last year, and marathon runners and long-distance cyclists who still prefer a fitness tracker with GPS that can keep tabs on how far and how fast they've traveled might still want to consider the M400

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  1. The new update came out and Android notification settings are active now. However, the ‘Inactivity Alert’ does not appear to be working. It is interesting though, that just before I updated the firmware, I received the first and only ‘Inactivity Alert’. After the firmware updt, I have yet to receive another.
  2. ’s Vivosmart HR in terms of features.
  3. The Polar A360 is available in in black and white at the recommended retail price of $199.95 with more colour straps available in 2016 You can buy the Polar A360 from Amazon.com where there’s usually a small discount and free delivery depending on where you reside. In return, you purchase helps to fund the running of this site. As always, thanks for reading!

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The other thing which I thought could improve is the truncated smart notifications. Take for example Whatsapp messages, even pseudo smart devices like the Vivoactive and Microsoft Band 2 expands to display the entire message. In the case of the Polar A360, you’ll need to whip out your smart phones if you wish to see the entire message.Get personalized training and activity tracking all on your wrist with the Polar A360 Fitness Tracker. Using a built-in heart rate monitor, this waterproof fitness band gives you training guidance, 24/7 activity tracking, and even keeps you connected to the world outside of your workout. With a color touchscreen, the Polar A360 gives you smart notifications just as call, messages, calendar events, and even social media. You also have the option to tune out from the real world if you wish by silencing these features. Just by strapping to your wrist and turning on, this fitness tracker gathers your steps, calories, distance, sleep, and even give you encouragement to keep moving and maintain your heart rate. You can also swap the interchangeable silicone band to match your daily style. The design of this tracker is very minimalist yet it has everything you need for a more active and informed lifestyle.

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Zegarki Polar A360, A300, M200 i M600 - który wybrać? Który Polar najlepszy do biegania? Monitory aktywności Polar. Ponad rok po moim zakupie otrzymałam do testów trzy modele: A360, M200 i M600. Testowałam je od marca i długo zastanawiałam się, jak ugryźć ich recenzję/porównanie - czy.. The A360 is Polar's first attempt at competing head-to-head against mainstream premium fitness trackers such as Fitbit Surge, Jawbone Up3, and When syncing the Polar A360 with the Flow app and web service there will be a more detailed analysis. The feature is available for running related.. Последние твиты от Polar Flow (@PolarFlow). It's #PolarFlow, you know what it is. We at the bottom but we gonna make it to the top in a hurry The tracker has a single button on the left and a silver Polar logo on top. Thankfully, Polar omitted the red from its logo here, which is an eyesore on some its devices, like the M400 . It's a soft silicone band with a two-prong closure system. It feels secure, and a sturdy metal loop makes sure it stays on your wrist if the prongs lose their grip. Polar A360: Hartslagzones en nauwkeurigheid. Als Polar ergens om bekend staat, dan is het wel om de De Polar A360 analyseert de duur en kwaliteit van je slaap aan de hand van de bewegingen van je Ook met Polar Flow volg je je slaappatroon op de langere termijn. Zo ontdek je wat voor jou de..

Polar A360 Unofficial community: friendly hints, knowledge, tips, rumors, updates and news. View and analyze your Stryd power data in the Polar Flow web service or export it to a third-party service for further analysis Polar Flow is a special application designed to work with the Polar sports watch. It synchronizes data between the computer and the clock and analyzes it. Application features. With this application, you plan your training regime, and track its execution, analyze data after a workout..

Garmin Vivosmart       Read Garmin Vivosmart Review Fitbit Alta $91.50 See It at Amazon Read Fitbit Alta Review Polar M400 $179.95 See It at Holabird Sports Read Polar M400 Review Fitbit Blaze $228.68 See It at Amazon Read Fitbit Blaze Review Garmin Vivoactive $289.99 See It at Amazon Read Garmin Vivoactive Review Garmin Forerunner 15   See It at Amazon Read Garmin Forerunner 15 Review Mio Fuse       Read Mio Fuse Review Fitbit Surge $219.75 See It at Amazon Read Fitbit Surge Review Fitbit Charge HR $85.11 See It at Amazon Read Fitbit Charge HR Review Fitbit Charge $87.70 See It at Amazon Read Fitbit Charge Review Basis Peak       Read Basis Peak Review MIO Link   See It at Amazon Read MIO Link Review Jawbone UP4       Read Jawbone UP4 Review Misfit Flash $52.00 See It at Amazon Read Misfit Flash Review TomTom Spark Cardio + Music   See It at Amazon Read TomTom Spark Cardio + Music Review Like other wrist-based fitness trackers, optical sensors on the underside of the A360 gauge your heart rate. The sensors measure your blood flow, and from that, the watch calculates a pulse rate. The A360's sensors are slightly more flush with the bottom of the watch than those of the Garmin vivosmart HR, making it considerably more comfortable to wear. Better still, unlike just about every other fitness tracker, the Polar A360 uses a common micro USB port for charging, so you don't have to remember to bring a separate, proprietary charger along with you wherever you go.For a wrist-based heart rate monitor, the Polar A360 did an excellent job. In all instances, it was within a few beats per minute of the other devices. The A360 can display your pulse in real time, even during strenuous workouts that generate a lot of perspiration. It did tend to take a few seconds to get an accurate reading and often lagged behind the Mio Alpha by a couple of beats at peak heart rate times. Otherwise, during periods of rest, it matched the measurements taken by the pressure cuff Panasonic blood pressure and heart rate device.

Polar Flow uygulaması. Bu kadar etkileyici olmayan şey, A360'ın uygulamayı açtığınızda otomatik olarak senkronize olmaması ve cihazın yan tarafındaki tek düğmeye basmanızdır. Senkronizasyonu manuel olarak başlattığınızda bile, tamamlamak için mutlak bir yaş gerekir Keeping things in place is a two-pronged clasp that has unfortunately come loose when I've worn it in bed on several occasions. The band can have a habit of picking up fluff as well, but it's nowhere near as bad as it is on the Moto 360 Sport or Sony SmartWatch 3, which use very similar looking bands.Once you get out running with it, things get worse. I took the A360 out for several runs while also wearing the TomTom Spark and the Polar H7 heart rate monitor chest strap paired with the Polar Beat Android app. The screenshots below show how wide of the mark the readings were for one of the sessions. With the A360 falling well below the Spark and the H7, the heart rate zones recorded also appeared massively inaccurate. This wasn't a one off either. PCMag, PCMag.com and PC Magazine are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. The display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does not necessarily indicate any affiliation or the endorsement of PCMag. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product or service, we may be paid a fee by that merchant.

F360 HVIDBJOERNEN Polar A360 rolls out on wearable stage with color touchscreen, heart rate monitor. The $200 Polar A360 joins an uber-crowded wearable device scene, aiming to stand out with a respectable color display, and optical heart rate monitor

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  1. There are no options to add friends functions so you won’t be seeing a step challenge with friends on the Polar Flow.
  2. One drawback is the A360’s alarm function. It’s has a solid vibration alert, however, only one alarm can be set and the only options for that alarm are for one day, just weekdays, or everyday. For people with repeating daily schedules this may work well, but we get up at different times each morning and having to set the A360 alarm every night before going to bed is a hassle.
  3. I found the weekly calendar view in the app the most helpful because it pinpoints the times of day you tend to be too sedentary.
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Polar A360 Review. Polar has created an optical heart rate monitor device. Some might say a little bit late to the party. Optical heart rate devices have been around since the end of 2014 from companies like Mio, but it's only in the later half of 2015 that we've started seeing optical heart rate monitors.. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is much appreciated. I believe it is important the readers get various perspective on how the actual usage on the fitness device is, from fit to HR accuracy for different individuals.Unfortunately your comment is too far down the list and might be missed easily. Would you be all right if I were to paste your comment, verbatim, into my review please? Let me know how you feel about it.

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  1. The Polar A360 is intended to track your active states, follow your workouts and sporting activities, and accurately measure your heart rate. I tested it for several weeks, running, weight training and doing regular daily activities (including shoveling snow and hauling wood). It's waterproof-rated to a depth of 30 meters (just shy of 100 feet), which means it will survive everything but scuba diving.
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  3. web Polar Flow y personalizar tu A360. la sincronizacin de la app Polar Flow y vincular un dispositivo accesorio. 5. La pantalla del A360 se abrir en la vista de hora cuando se
  4. The watch itself will prompt you with vibrations and on-screen messages such as, "Time to move!" (which usually occurred after I'd been driving for over an hour without interruption). You can also use the watch to check calories burned and activity levels for the current day.
  5. Go to flow.polar.com/start to start using your A360 and to download and install the FlowSync software. POLAR FLOW WEB SERVICE Plan your training 33 POLAR FLOW APP Sync your A360 with Flow app by pressing and holding the button in the time view. In Flow app you can analyze your data at a..
  6. You can set multiple sports profiles and commence tracking using those profiles. For example, you can have indoor run, treadmill run, floorball and many more. What this does is it allows the correct activity to be recorded like a diary within the Polar Flow mobile app and subsequently the web dashboard.
  7. Once we had it all set up, using the A360 to track steps, log activities, and get smart notifications was a breeze. In no time it became one of the most functional fitness bands we’ve tested. Not having to worry about getting it wet was a relief and its bright color screen made checking stats clean and easy in any light situation. We also liked being able to check the charge on our connected smartphone while checking the time. In fact, it it weren’t for a few little glitches the A360 would be our favorite heart rate fitness band.

After creating an account on Polar Flow we were expecting the app to automatically recognize the band (as mentioned in the quickstart guide) and allow us to pair the band. When it did not automatically pair, we searched for a menu item that would allow manually pairing. The A360 to our phone. But there was no such menu. By holding the button on the side of the A360 we could force the band into sync mode, but the band never could find our phone to sync with. It wasn’t until we performed a factory reset and updated the firmware that we could get it paired and running smoothly. Step tracking compared: Polar Flow (left) and Jawbone UP2 (right). As far as tracking accuracy is concerned, the A360 handles things pretty well. The problem with pretty much every other fitness tracker is that no two devices are going to deliver identical results, simply because the monitoring is.. Polar Flow App I need to be frank about the Polar Flow app. For the first year and a half that I used it, I hated it. More recently, however, it has become a Conclusions The Polar A360 is for a certain type of person—someone who has mastered the basics of fitness tracking and wants to get fitter through.. The A360 is Polar's first fitness tracker to include a touchscreen display and an optical heart rate sensor. It also has an extensive library of training Through the Polar Flow app, users have access to an entire library of training modes. Up to 20 of these exercises display on your device at a time, and.. I’m unsure if it’s a software issue and I highly doubt that. The GPS-less A360 was geared towards gym goers. Tagging the activity as a run probably helps in recording it correctly within the Polar Flow platform, nothing more. Similar to the Polar M400, tracking an activity as an indoor run does not give you any estimated distance if I remember right. This is where some of Garmin’s products shine over Polar’s.

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You are correct Teo. The micro USB port is really a bonus. I’ve amended my article to reflect the correct term. Thank you.” In battery conservation mode, it won’t be able to track training and goes into perpetual dimmed mode.”

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Polar has done its research when it comes to what active people want in a fitness band. The A360’s feature list reads like an answer to many people’s complaints about Fitbit products: color display, full smart notifications, waterproof, Micro USB charging cable, and interchangeable bands. We’re getting pretty picky when it comes to fitness devices, and the A360 is as close to perfect as Polar has ever come.Any purchase you make from the embedded links on this website allows me to generate a bit of income, at no cost to you, from the Amazon affiliate program.  It helps to offset costs incurred to run this site. Polar Flow, Polar GPS spor saatleri, egzersiz takipçileri ve etkinlik takipçileriyle kullanıma yönelik bir spor, egzersiz ve etkinlik analiz hizmetidir.* Egzersizinizi ve etkinliğinizi takip ederek başarılarınızı anında görün. Hareket halindeyken tüm egzersiz ve etkinlik verilerinizi telefonunuzda görebilir ve.. بررسی POLAR A360. 516. نمایندگی انحصاری پلار. # polar iran POLAR. نمایندگی انحصاری پلار. 8 دنبال کننده

The Web app has more to explore than the mobile app, but either works for checking in on your habits and syncing your device. It's useful to know that you can use the Polar A360 without a mobile app at all. It can sync via the charging cable and a Windows or Mac computer.On the device, that information is presented under the My Day section. This pulls together activity tracking and logged training sessions for the day letting you quickly glance at step counts, distance and calorie counts. Inside the Polar Flow companion app, it'll actually breakdown tracking into Resting, Sitting, Low, Medium and High intensity levels. It's actually quite a nice way to get an idea of how long you've been active or sitting at your desk at work.“Unable to estimate distance with in built accelerometer” so it won’t show how far I’ve walked for the day? Only if I specifically set an activity?The Polar A360 has a color TFT LCD display that's impressively legible in a variety of lighting conditions. Its 1.06 x 0.51-inch screen is larger than that of either the Fitbit Charge HR or Garmin vivosmart HR. The added real estate helps to reveal additional data so that, with a swipe on the touch screen, you can check your day's progress, your heart rate or begin a training session (running, swimming, cycling, walking, weight training, group activity or other outdoor activity). The screen displays the time and date with remaining battery life whenever you shake your wrist.While it cannot assess REM versus shallow sleep times, the Polar A360 accurately monitored total sleep duration. I found it comfortable enough to wear at night (although I still prefer removing it). The A360 is also intelligent enough to recognize that you're lying down, so it won't send you vibrating alerts to get up and move in the middle of the night.

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The A360’s RGB touch screen is a half inch by an inch with a resolution of 80 x 160 pixels. The band features one small button on the lower left side covered by the silicone strap. The band is available in five colors: powder white, charcoal black, and sorbet pink, with accessory bands in neon green, and navy blue. All of them can be easily switched by popping the A360 out of one and into the other. Heart rate is tracked with an optical monitor on the back of the watch. Those who prefer a classic Polar cloth heart rate strap can also connect one via Bluetooth. With its new A360 fitness tracker, Polar has added a splash of color to a device designed to offer 24/7 activity tracking, convenient wrist-based heart rate Unlike previous Polar products that have relied on monochrome displays, the A360 fitness tracker displays current activity levels, measured steps.. Bookmarklet for exporting your Polar Flow data. Contribute to Pyppe/polar-flow-export development by creating an account on GitHub

if you hold your finger on it while in training mode a light bulb pic will come on and then just tap again and it will stay lit so you can read it while working outBattery life is advertised as 2 weeks with an hour of training per day, this is with the smart notifications switched off. I had the Polar A360 for about a week and I’d say it lasts about 5 full days with smart notifications switched on and an hour of training daily. Not bad at all.I wouldn’t bother tracking my HR while immersed or swimming. There are a few reasons. No matter how tightly you’ve strapped the optical heart rate sensors around your wrist, rigorous upper limb movement will surely create that gap between the optical heart rate sensors and your skin. So with a layer of water disrupting the readings, it is unlikely your readings will be accurate if you do get any readings at all. Polar A360 ($199.95) is the first optical heart rate sensor ever from the Finnish based company. Amidst the grueling fight for consumer’s hearts, pun intended, Polar has finally entered the ring with the Polar A360. Targeted at gym goers, the GPS-less activity tracker has Polar’s in-house algorithm for heart rate measurements. I gave this debutante a few days and here’s what I have to say.The A360 records HR every second. So you can actually DL the HR data from Polar Flow as well in editable excel format.

Up against the Jawbone UP2, step count was generally within 1-200 steps within Jawbone's data. It was a similar story with the automatic sleep tracking although there's not a lot happening on the analysis side on both fronts. The comments on how active your day was and how long you've been sitting for are nice touches but are quite easy to ignore. There are some elements here that Polar does really well, but there's definitely room for improvement, especially from a motivational perspective.The A360 is waterproof to 30 meters, which means you can safely swim and shower while wearing it. The Garmin Vivosmart HR is also safe for swimming, while the Fitbit Alta ($91.50 at Amazon) is merely splash-resistant (and doesn't have an HRM).The $199 Polar A360 is comfortable, waterproof, accurately measures your heart rate in real time and delivers helpful information about exercise, sleep and periods of rest. The screen is possibly the easiest to read among comparably priced fitness watches, and it's svelte enough for women to wear without discomfort. The Polar A360 is an easy-to-read fitness tracker with a built-in heart rate monitor whose main weakness is that it doesn't log the miles you run. The Polar Flow app also allows you to flip back to previous days or look at weekly or monthly charts. I found the graphs to be a little cramped, even on..

Polar A360 may look nothing out of the ordinary but put it on and it fits like a glove on the wrist. Clearly thought has been put into hardware design. Polar Flow's user interface hasn't changed much in the last year and it's a breakaway from most other fitness tracker company's app interface I realised my comment might have sounded misleading and have amended it. The Polar A360 will show you how far you’ve walked for the day based on the in built accelerometer. It just will not show the step count nor distance for a particular activity tracking session. For example, you can track a run but both distance and steps will not show up for that particular tracked session. However the overall step count and estimated distance will reflect that. Polar A360 GittiGidiyor'da! Polar A360 modelleri, Polar A360 özellikleri ve markaları en uygun fiyatları ile GittiGidiyor'da

Where the A360 impresses, at least on paper, is battery performance. There's a 100mAh battery packed into the tracker's body that can deliver two weeks of power. That is based on using it only as an activity tracker and without notifications turned on. If you're going to take advantage of the notification support and heart rate-based training as well, it's closer to five days, which is pretty much what I found. The Polar A360 is an attractive, slim, modern fitness tracker with an RGB touch screen that delivers a trio of our favorite features: step counting, smart notifications, and wrist-based heart rate monitoring in a case that is water resistant to 30 meters. Yes, you can swim with it. It also has a quiet, vibrating alarm and can track various activities at the swipe of a finger. Having all these functions together in one product is more rare than you would think. Fitbit, for instance, doesn’t have a single screened device that can be worn in the water. This alone makes the A360 a perfect band for active people who spend a lot of time in or near the water, or who want to take a quick shower without having to remove their fitness tracker. But that’s not all.Like the Loop and Loop 2, the A360 supports display notifications from your iPhone or compatible Android phone. There's a list of compatible devices on over on the Polar website. This time though, there's a nice screen to view messages, emails, and notifications from third party apps. When a notification appears only the first line of the message appears along side a cross icon to close it. There's no way to scan through the entire message. So if you want to read it, you need to go back to your phone.Annoyingly, tracking data on the A360 is only stored for the day, so you'll need to go back to the app to view progress over a longer period of time. One of the nicest features though is that by tapping on the My Day data you can see what activity you'll need to perform to make your daily goal. That could be rope skipping for 20 minutes or finding time to fit in an hour-long jog.

Polar might think throwing Swarovski crystals on its trackers is the way to a make its hardware more attractive, but the A360 is more on the money with its looks. It still retains the rugged, durable feel of a sports watch, but the addition of a touchscreen gives it the kind of sleekness that makes me think of the Samsung Gear Fit. Despite its flaws, the Gear Fit did look like something you'd want to wear. Polar ya tiene en su catálogo la pulsera de actividad Polar A360 con pulsómetro integrado, pero para el Polar M600 han optado por una solución ¿Se pueden meter planes de entrenamiento? Sí, a través de Polar Flow. ¿Mide la actividad diaria? Sí: pasos, distancias, calorías, nivel de actividad..

Ücretsiz. Android. Kategori: Sağlık ve Fitness. Polar Flow, Polar GPS spor saatleri, egzersiz takipçileri ve etkinlik takipçileriyle kullanıma yönelik bir spor, egzersiz ve etkinlik analiz hizmetidir.*. Egzersizinizi ve etkinliğinizi takip ederek başarılarınızı anında görün I bought the Polar A360 from the polar website and I've been wearing it for about a week. The only other fitness tracker I've owned was the fitbit one, so that will mainly be what I'm The flow app itself is a little tricky. This is something that I wish was a bit closer to the fitbit app. Sometimes it connects If you’re picky about the accuracy of the heart rate measurements, fret not. The Polar A360 also allows the you to use it as a display while it collects heart rate mesurements from other heart rate monitoring devices. I was able to use a Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart chest worn heart rate monitor with ease. You’ll have to wear your Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart HRM and commence activity tracking on your Polar A360. You’ll be asked if you would like to pair with the HRM once it connects.The Polar A360 is waterproof to 30m. That being said, Polar has stressed that the charging port should be dry before being plugging it in for syncing or charging.There’s an airplane mode where Bluetooth connectivity and wireless syncing will be turned off. That means no more smart notifications and also conservation of battery.Polar Flow App I need to be frank about the Polar Flow app. For the first year and a half that I used it, I hated it. More recently, however, it has become a lot more stable. Syncing with earlier devices was problematic, but I haven't had that experience with the the Polar A360 or M400. And I really fell in love with the app when I used it with the Polar Balance ( at Amazon) smart bathroom scale. It has some excellent features that give you solid advice about what to do different with your exercise and eating to change your weight. This is all to say, if you've had bad experiences with the Flow app previously, give it another shot.

The matte band, at 23.5mm wide, is available in brighter colours if you don't fancy something a little more subdued around the wrist. The good news is that you don't need to take a pair of scissors to it, like you have to with the Loop to get the right fit. That's because it comes in small, medium and large band sizes, so it should accommodate most wrist sizes. “I bought an A360, tried it out for a few days, and returned it. I found that the heart rate monitor was not accurate enough for me. I’m use to the accuracy of my M400. It was off by about 10-20 beats. That’s enough to put me in a different level. My level 3 goes from 91 to 103 based on a max of 130. If the watch is off by 10 to 15 beats, it’s not very helpful. I contacted Polar and asked them how I could make it more accurate. They said use a strap. But that’s why I bought this in the first place. I didn’t want to use a strap. So I tried it with a strap and it worked fine. I decided if I was going to use a strap, I might as well stick with my m400. I also found there was no way to keep the display on all the time. It is very annoying having to flick one’s arm every time you want to see the time. I found it didn’t go on some time when I wanted it to, and it did go on some time when I didn’t want it on. When it does go on, it’s for only a few seconds. It doesn’t give you enough time to examine your data. I did find the watch extremely comfortable. I was very disappointed though that it didn’t work out.”

The vibration is used as a wake up alarm and also remind the user to get up and move after being idle for too long. Morning alarms and idle alerts can only be set from the Polar Flow mobile app. Thereafter it must be synced to the Polar A360.Polar has customised a whole slew of stat screens which the you can refer to during training. Given the limited display estate, Polar has restricted the displayed stats during training mode to 2 stats per screen. Here are some screen shots of the stats combination display during activity tracking.

Our Verdict The Polar A360 is an easy-to-read fitness tracker with a built-in heart rate monitor whose main weakness is that it doesn't log the miles you run.Design and SpecsThe Polar A360 comes in small, medium, and large, as well as in black, white, and pink. Personally, I think black works best for this tracker. Additional bands cost $24.95, and add blue and green to the mix. Polar Flow creates separate reports for your activity, training and running, with each able to display your data is numerous formats. While Polar rate the A360 as having 14-day battery life, in testing I only managed 10 when logging training sessions most days The module is removable as well, making it a little easier to charge and give the band a wipe down when it's not in use. I'd recommend making sure the module is clipped back into place properly as it can have the habit of leaving a gap between the tracker and the band when it's around your wrist. If you like taking a dip, the A360 is waterproof up to 30 metres, so you can take it swimming. There's not many trackers that can offer that although heart rate monitoring isn't fully optimised for tracking in the water.

POLAR A360 im ausführlichen Test ✓ Erfahren Sie im umfangreichen Testbericht wie sich das Fitness-Armband in der Paxis schlägt ✓. genaue Messergebnisse bei Schritt-, Distanz- und Geschwindigkeitsmessung. Polar Flow App gewöhnungsbedürftig. Wasserdicht bis 30m First Look: Polar A360 Activity Monitor. Polar's newest activity tracker has a built-in heart-rate montior and color touchscreen, displays notifications from a Also syncs with Polar's Flow for Coach, allowing personal coach/trainer to remotely view users' activities. • Designed to encompass a 360-degree.. The A360 can be paired with Polar H7 and in my review, I was also able to pair it with the Scosche Rhythm + optical heart rate sensor. That being said, I did not try to pair any other brands of Bluetooth heart rate monitors. Once paired to a Bluetooth HRM such as the H7, it takes the HR readings from the H7 instead so the accuracy will be that of a chest worn HRM. It’s really a matter of preference. It does give you bragging rights when someone in the gym asks you what the device is. Other than that, a Polar H7 paired to a compatible smart phone running Polar Beat mobile app will work equally fine and probably be more accurate. That’s assuming you’re not interested in the 24/7 activity tracking and smart notifications. Just for your interest, the Garmin Forerunner 225, which is GPS enabled and has optical heart rate sensors, is going for a mere $50 more than the Polar A360’s RRP of $199. Glad the review is useful 🙂During the first few days, when I tended to play more with the A360's features, I found the device lasted for about 48 hours before I had to plug it in. After the novelty wore off and it became part of my daily routine, the A360 could go for about four days between charges. That’s about a day or so less than the typical battery life of the Garmin vivosmart HR and Fitbit Charge HR.Like others of its ilk, the Polar A360 delivered typical words of encouragement. "Congratulations!" often popped up on the screen along with a trophy icon at the end of a day. "Wow. A lot of activity. You did not sit for very long which will help you to stay healthy," was a typical post at the end of the day. (Of course, it also meant that because I wasn't sitting for long I didn't get much work done that day.) Other days, the app was less sanguine: "You were sitting for quite a few hours. Try to break it up tomorrow."

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