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  1. The Sh121 MIRES consists of the N036 Byelka radar and the L402 Himalayas electronic counter-measures systems. The N036 Byelka radar features five AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Arrays) systems, three X-band and two L-band, and it’s also the first AESA radar used on a Russian aircraft. 
  2. After automatic separation of the pilot from the seat, the recovery parachute canopy is inflated providing the pilot’s safe descent. A portable survival kit, which is separated from the seat together with the pilot, supports his/her vital functions after landing or water landing, makes the pilot search easier, and the PSN-1 life raft supports the pilot floatation on the surface of water.
  3. The US media has sounded the alarm that the F-15, which the US Air Force touts as an all-weather, extremely maneuverable, tactical fighter designed to gain and maintain air superiority in aerial combat, is now facing tough competition from Russia's Sukhoi Su-35 (NATO reporting name Flanker E)..
  4. KOM 80 mm unguided aircraft rocket Unguided 1.3-4 3,6 11.3 (pod 386) 2196 20 x AT Fragmentation Rocket ,(400mm penetration) light anti-armor. This rocket is intended to engage modern tanks, lightly armored and soft-skinned combat materiel. Owing to the fragmentation effect, the rocket also inflicts damage on manpower S-8 OFP2 80 mm unguided aircraft rocket Unguided 6-7 9.2 16.7 (pod 402) – 20 x HE Fragmentation Rocket , This rocket is designed to engage personnel, soft and lightly armored targets. S-8 TsM 80 mm unguided aircraft rocket Unguided 1.3-3 3.6 11.1 (pod 382) – 20 x Smoke, This rocket is intended to mark ground targets, routes of movement and landing areas in daytime. Source steamcommunity.com

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Photo Sukhoi Su-35 jet fighter can be used for personal purposes according to the conditions of the purchased Royalty-free license. The image is available for download in high resolution quality up to 3448x2272 The crewmember protection against the dynamic pressure G-loads at ejection is provided with the protective gear, windblast shield, forced restraint in the seat, seat stabilization as well as the selection of one of three operation modes for the energy source depending on the suited pilot mass. At the aircraft speed exceeding 850 km/h, the MRM steady-state mode is adjusted by the automatics depending on the acceleration.The Su-57 entered serial-production of the jets this July, and the first of the 76 ordered jets will be delivered to the Russian forces by the end of the year. An export version of the jet, the Su-57E, could be offered to prospective customers in the Middle East and Asia at the Dubai Air show in November this year. According to the reports, an aircraft carrier version of the fighter is also in the cards. Su-35S Flanker1. Uisk1. Loadout System1. Crsa1. Petrol1. Fighter Jet3. Special Activities Center1. Field Hospital1

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SU-35 FLANKER-E COLORS. Acrylic colors set. AMIG7204. MiG & SU COLORS Grey & Green Fighters. Accurate colors grey MiG and SU jets. 4 jars 17mL The Su-27 was developed primarily for Russia’s air-defense interceptor forces. Work on the T-10 design that led to the Su-27 began in 1969. The requirement was for a highly maneuverable fighter with very long range, heavy armament and modern sensors, capable of meeting the F-15 on equal terms.As mentioned earlier, Sukhoi learned that a large RCS does not help the plane, as such, to the refinement of the lines, Sukhoi allied other Stealth measures:For the suspension to the carrier aircraft and launch weight of both modifications missiles used the same launchers rail and catapult type.

The Russian Air Force ordered 48 Sukhoi Su-35S jets in August 2009 with deliveries scheduled to run until 2015. Sukhoi began producing the components required for assembly of the aircraft in November 2009. An information management system integrated with onboard subsystems and a new phased array radar system with long-range aerial target detection have been installed in the aircraft, which is currently undergoing preliminary testing. Top 10 Advanced & Most Powerful Fighter Jets In 2019 (Top Speed, Price, Range And More...): F-16 Falcon, F-15 eagle, saab jas 39 gripen, mig 35, chengdu J-10, sukhoi SU-35, dassault rafale, F-35 lightning II, eurofighter typhoon, F-22 raptor and.. High-strength, low-weight, composite materials have been used for non-structural items such as the radomes, nose wheel, door and leading-edge flaps. Some of the fuselage structures are of carbon fibre and aluminium lithium alloy.The aircraft has a quadruplex, digital fly-by-wire control developed by the Avionika Moscow Research and Production Complex JSC (MNPK Avionika).The aircraft’s air-to-surface missiles include the Molniya Kh-29 (AS-14 Kedge) tactical missiles, the Kh-31P (AS-17 Krypton) anti-radiation missiles and the long-range Kh-58UShE (AS-11 Kilter) anti-radiation missiles.

APK-9 datalink pod for the Kh-59ME Kh-59ME Ovod M / AS-18 Kazoo and APK-9 Tekon pod on Su-30MK (KnAAPO image). – Image: ausairpower.netAPK-9 Tekon pod –Image : ausairpower.net Ordnance The Su-35 can be armed with a range of guided bombs, including the KAB-500Kr TV-guided bomb, KAB-500S-E satellite-guided bomb, LGB-250 laser-guided bomb, Kab-1500Kr TV-guided bomb and KAB-1500LG laser-guided bomb. A clip just released by Russian military officials shows the new version of the fighter being put through its paces by the country's Air Force While the R-172 is less mature than the R-37, India has recently negotiated an arrangement to fund final development and licence produce the weapon, not unlike the extant deal to licence the Yakhont as the BrahMos. Source ausairpower.netOn February 19, 2008 the Su-35 aircraft powered with 117S engines successfully performed its first test flight. The specified engine performances were proved during rigorous bench and flight tests. Russian Ministry of Defence is the launch customer for Su-35.The video was made during the recent exercises in the air above the Voronzeh and Tver Regions in central Russia, which involved Su-35S and MiG-31 jets, as well as around 500 servicemen.

Russia has already received orders for Su-35 fighter jets from China, India, Indonesia, and other countries. The Russian Defence Ministry plans to buy about 90 of such planes. The flight and combat performance of the Su-35 makes this aircraft superior to all existing fourth generation fighters Two Russian Su-35 fighter jets detected the approach of four F-18 aircraft of the US Navy. A Russian commander made a decision to monitor the approach of the guests. The Americans did not like the superiority of the Su-35 in the air, so they called four F-15 fighter jets of the Air Force of Japan for help The KAB-500L is the baseline laser semi-active homing 500 kg guided bomb developed for the FA-VVS and widely exported since the end of the Cold War. It achieved IOC in 1979. Indonesia plans to buy Sukhoi SU-35. Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian government plans to buy 11 Sukhoi SU-35 Flanker fighter jets to strengthen the countrys air defense, Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu said. We have just (discussed a plan) to buy Sukhoi and then drone

Chinese military set for capability boost with delivery of Russian Su-35 fighter jets. China develops fighter jet for training new generation of aircraft carrier pilots. Adapted JL-9 designed for use with the catapult launch system on the Type 002 carrier, which is still in construction 1/72 Simulation Diecast jet fighter static Alloy Metal Airplane model Russia Sukhoi SU-35 (SU35) Super Flanker e fighter. 0.0 (0 votes) Store: TransMoto Store All operators also use Su-27UB Flanker-C two-seat trainers. This retains full combat capability and has been developed further.

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Последние твиты от Fighter jets World (@FJW_Aviation). A global Aviation page for Fighter jets and Helicopter lovers. Russian SU-35 Performed High-speed Inverted Maneuver In Front Of U.S Navy Aircraft During An Unsafe Intercepthttps.. The deputy defense minister said at first the plane “inhaled” small stones from the runway, it had problems with the light, screens. But during the combat use these drawbacks were fixed. The ministry contracted ten aircraft annually, which the plant will supply to 2020. Fighters / Interceptors For in-flight refuelling the aircraft is equipped with a refuelling probe on the port side of the nose. Two external fuel tanks, type PTB-2000, provide an additional 4,000l of fuel. The ferry range with two external tanks is 4,500km. Su-35UB - Two-Seat Fighter/Trainer; increased vertical fin height; forward portion similar to that of the Su-30 variant. Su-35BM - Export Designation; single-seat fighter based on SU-27SM2 but with Su-35 system software; 2 x LCD screens; helmet-mounted displays; Fly-by-Optics; upgraded..

Photo about Large model of Russian Sukhoi SU-35 fighter jet on a display at an international air show The Sukhoi Su-35 is the designation for two improved derivatives of the Su-27 air-defence fighter. They are single-seat, twin-engine, supermaneuverable aircraft.. 2 Sukhoi SU 35 Fighter Jet. Stealth fighter test flight Moscow hasn't officially explained its jet fighter strategy, but it appears the purchases are meant to keep two factories in business amid a slump in Meanwhile, this February the first operational Su-35S fighters entered service with the 23rd Fighter Aviation Regiment at the 6883rd Air Base at Dzemgi, in.. This superb Sukhoi SU-35 MkII model jet fighter is designed as a hand launched, mid-engine, pusher propeller plane. This SU-35 model is designed to be hand launch, lightweight, easy to fly and a lot of fun. This plane requires assembly and is made of durable EPO foam

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Делайте Live ставки в пари по ходу матчей на МАРАФОНЕ. Ставки на футбол, хоккей, баскетбол и другие спортивные события в режиме реального времени Some new technical solutions used in the Su-27M were later incorporated in Su-30 fighter jets of various types and the Su-37 aircraft. DLE35RA. DLE Jet Board. Brand new upgrade and color matching. Video library The R-37 (Western designation: AA-13 Arrow, although sometimes AA-X-13 Arrow) is a large, fast, powerful, and extremely long-ranged Russian air-to-air missile. Vympel, a sizeable research and production company, (now part of TRV) designed and built the R-37.The pilot has two VHF/UHF encrypted radio communications systems and a jam-resistant military data link system between squadron aircraft and between the aircraft and ground control. The navigation system is based on a digital map display with a strapdown inertial navigation system and global positioning system.

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Su-35 and su 30 mki are fighters which are developed from su 27 fighter aircraft's tchnology. rate, intertia, velocity degredation and other stuff but purely looking at the design su-35 is made for a faster turn- and climb rate and is a pure cocaine of fighter jets where as su-30mki can take on hybrid roles The S-25 is a Russian air-to-ground rocket launched from aircraft. It is launched from the O-25 pod which can hold one rocket.In this report, we look at the 30 big tech themes for 2019, identifying winners and losers for each theme. This report will impact all industries helping:

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Indonesian media outlets reported in February 2018 that Russia had signed a contract for the delivery of 11 Su-35 fighters to Indonesia. A Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jet performs demonstration flights within Turkey's largest technology and aerospace event TEKNOFEST Istanbul on September 18, 2019. Su-57. Russian fighter jet The Su-35 is Russia's generation 4++ multirole supersonic super-maneuverable fighter jet developed as a follow-up of Su-27 one-seat planes. Aircraft's designing and tests. The work on the Su-27's modification capable of detecting and striking ground targets (i.e. the work on the full-fledged multirole..

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Till date, over 600 Su-30 fighters have been built. Multiple variants of the jet are currently in use with military forces across the world, like India, China, Malaysia, Venezuela, Algeria, and more. The other countries eyeing to acquire the aircraft include Iran, and India, which seeks to buy 18 additional Su-30s to supplement its depleting fleet of fighters.The design changes are substantial, with the original folding high aspect ratio canards replaced by a strake like cruciform canard stabiliser. The electro-optical seeker is completely replaced with a new Radar MMS developed ARGS-59E active radar seeker designed for attacks on shipping or other high radar contrast targets. Stated range performance for this variant is 285 km. The missile is fitted with a KTRV-Detal A-079E radar altimeter. US senior administration official has warned Egypt against buying a Russian Su-35 multi-role air-defense fighters and air-launched weapons. According to media reports in recent weeks, Egypt would buy over two dozen Su-35 fighter jets from Russia

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The Kit version requires a 2212-2450KV brushless motor, 40A ESC, 12g servos (x2) and 6x4 propeller plus your radio / receiver system and Lipo battery. You’ll be flying in no time.Its heavy armament of up to 10 air-to-air missiles gives excellent combat persistence; outstanding maneuverability, coupled with a helmet sight to cue agile R-73 missiles also make it a potent close combat fighter, and its large internal fuel capacity confers a very long range that allows the Su-27 to escort Su-24 interdictors. A U.S. aircraft flying in international airspace over the Mediterranean Sea was intercepted three times by a Russian fighter jet during a 175-minute period One of the interactions - the second - was deemed to be unsafe by the U.S. because the Russian SU-35 passed at high speed directly in front of.. With the Su-35 being much pricier than the Su-30; operators of the latter may find a strong value proposition in upgrading their existing aircraft to the Su-35 standard an even more cost-effective option.

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The planes took off from the airfields with a time gap of just one minute and dropped bombs on targets which were imitating enemy anti-aircraft systems and a tank convoy on the move. All targets were destroyed. Sukhoi Su-35 jet fighters of the ,Sokoly Rossii, (Falcons of Russia) aerobatic team fly in formation during a Turkey is close to reaching a deal with Moscow over the purchase of Su-35 fighter jets as well as co-manufacturing some components of the Russian-made jets, Turkish sources said Friday Pingback: Bölüm 2 Gökyüzündeki Katil СY-35; NATO Kod Adı ile FLANKER-E – Kıvanç Emir / Kevin SS

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  1. The Su-35 anti-ship missiles include Kh-31A, the long-range Kh-59MK (AS-18 Kazoo), the long-range Kalibr and the NPO Mashinostroenia heavy long-range Yakhont missile.
  2. Thread: Any Good Su-30/35 Mods? View Single Post. Su-35 mod. ATTENTION. In this mod, aircraft control is implemented through a custom LUA system - FBW
  3. In addition, with Russia working hard to get their 5th generation stealth fighter, the Su-57 into the Russian air force and then onto the world market, the unique selling proposition (USP) of the leading fighter of the previous generation would be considerably dented.
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  1. range At least 200 km, possibly 300–400 km (160–210 nmi) Flight altitude 3 m (9.8 ft)–30,000 m (98,000 ft) (KS–172) Speed 4,000 km/h (2,500 mph; 1.1 km/s; Mach 3.3) (KS–172) Guidance
  2. The S-108 airborne integrated communication system and NKVS-27 ground communication systems, the communication system is Russia, a new generation of airborne communication system. Can be between aircraft for combat, combat aircraft and early warning aircraft and combat aircraft and ground instructions the between tactics operation according to the information and swap, also can be used for aircraft navigation, identification, and other functions, these functions and the United States of LINK-16 roughly.
  3. According to open sources, one incident occurred with this type of aircraft without any victims. On April 26, 2009, a prototype of the Su-35 plane skidded off the runway during its speedy run and received considerable damage. The test pilot ejected to safety.

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  1. The GSh-30-1 (also known as “GSh-301”) is the standard cannon armament of most modern Russian fighters including the Yak-141 Freestyle, MiG-29 Fulcrum, Su-27 Flanker and its’ various derivatives. The GSh-30-2 is carried by the Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot ground attack plane and in external gun pods. The GSh-30-2K is a modified version with 2400mm long water-cooled barrels and variable rate of fire. It is used on a fixed mounting on Mi-24P Hind-F helicopters.
  2. In terms of the thermal signature Sukhoi should have used ceramic materials in parts that reach higher temperatures, such as in the exhaust of the engine.
  3. Read the latest Sukhoi Su 35 Fighter Jet news and browse our full collection of Sukhoi Su 35 Fighter Jet articles, photos, press releases and related videos. Sukhoi Su 35 Fighter Jet
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  5. al. Equipped with TTNT module to improve the communication ability, the communication speed can reach 2M\/ greater than LINK-16 seconds.
  6. The Kh-59 is a standoff, air-launched, air-to-surface weapon designed to engage ground and surface targets with pinpoint accuracy in optimal weather conditions. Its guidance system consists of an automatic navigation and control system which takes the weapon to the target’s area. A nose-mounted TV-sensor relays target area imagery to the launch airborne platform and the pilot selects the impact point. A bi-directional data link allows the pilot to select the impact point and re-target with the missile already in flight. The Kh-59 was introduced as the the Soviet counterpart to US SLAM standoff missile in the 1980s.
  7. Source  “Theatre of the pilot,” published in “Popular Mechanics” magazine ( №133, November 2013 ).

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The aircraft’s electronic warfare suite includes a radar warning system, radar jammer, co-operative radar jamming system, missile approach warner, laser warner and chaff and flare dispenser.Missile ground maintenance is provided by the OKA-E-1 aircraft guided weapons (AUSP) preparation system.The aircraft is powered by two Sturn / UFA AL-31F 117S turbofan engines with thrust-vectoring nozzle control, each supplying 86.3kN thrust or 142.2kN with afterburn. The engines were developed jointly by Sukhoi, Saturn and UMPO.Engage when first detect. R-77M fly for about 120 seconds out to about 160 km. Problem if glint from Pigeon fade during missile flight, so expect low kill probability. Keep guidance to last point if radio reflection show again. Send a two missile package, one radar locator [Editor: seeker] and one infra-red locator. Maybe R-77M radar self guidance head makes the Pigeon turn to show its tail feathers – very bright spot for infra-red seeker. Also use imaging infra-red so pass by flares to hit plane.

The Su-35 can be armed with a range of guided bombs, including the KAB-500Kr TV-guided bomb, KAB-500S-E satellite-guided bomb, LGB-250 laser-guided bomb, Kab-1500Kr TV-guided bomb and KAB-1500LG laser-guided bomb.The S-8 system is the main caliber weapon in the class of unguided aircraft rockets and can solve a variety of aircraft missions. Eurofighter Typhoon is the world's most advanced swing-role combat aircraft offering agile performance, interoperability and unrivaled flexibility

Su-30 (Russia), Su-30MKI (India), Su-30MKA (Algeria), Su-30MKM (Malaysia), Su-30SM (Russia), Su-30MK2 (China, Uganda, Indonesia), Su-30MK2V (Vietnam), Su-30MKV (Venezuela)Rostec CEO Sergei Chemezov told the media on February 20, 2017 that the United Arab Emirates had signed a letter of intent with Russia on the purchase of Su-35 planes.Physics colleagues say many glints as Pigeon flies and turns. Need to fire R-77M outside AIM-120D range so try to duck head-on shot. This is not so hard to do.OFM 340 mm unguided aircraft rocket Unguided 3 190 480 2520 1 x Ultra heavy FFAR(folding-fin-aerial-rocket) HE ,soft targets, concrete targets Source steamcommunity.comThe R-73 short-range, close-combat standardized missile was developed in the Vympel Machine Building Design Bureau, and became operational in 1984. The R-73 is included in the weapon complex of MiG-23MLD, MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters and their modifications and also of Mi-24, Mi-28 and Ka-50 helicopters. It also can be employed in flying craft which do not have sophisticated aiming systems.

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The Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E super maneuverable fighter jet of the Russian Air Force. Russian Air Force plans to purchase around 48 Su-35S aircrafts by 2015. The Sukhoi Su-35S Flanker-E fighter jets are powered by two thrust vectoring 117S engines The Su-35BM was unveiled at the Aerosalon MAKS air show in Moscow in August 2007 and its first flight was in February 2008. The SU-35BM entered into serial production as the Su-35S for the Russian Air Force in 2010.Identifying target type is always hard. Very bad to shoot airliner, but sometimes fighters hide under body of big plane. So, we declare Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) like Americans have over Washington. For commerce airplane, pass over SAM sites to get finer look. Time short for intercept, so if see airplane in ADIZ, shoot first – ask later. Pakistan Orders Su-35 fighter jets from Russia. Military Channel. 5:37. Sukhoi Su-35 Jets Intercept F-18 & F-15 Fighters Showing Them Who Is The Pakistan Orders Su-35 fighter jets from Russia - YouTube. Faizan Maqsood. 2:45. Private Fighter Jets For Hire: Alpha Jets Takeoff At 5 Wing Goose..

This superb Sukhoi SU-35 MkII model jet fighter is designed as a hand launched, mid-engine, pusher propeller plane. This SU-35 model is designed to be hand launch, lightweight, easy to fly and a lot of fun. This plane requires assembly and is made of durable EPO foam The Gryazev-Shipunov 30mm GSh-30-1 gun is fitted in the starboard wing root with 150 rounds of ammunition.The missile design features a canard aerodynamic configuration: control surfaces are positioned ahead of the wing at a distance from the center of mass. The airframe consists of modular compartments accommodating the homing head, aerodynamic control surface drive system, autopilot, proximity fuze, warhead, engine, gas-dynamic control system and aileron drive system. The lifting surfaces have a small aspect ratio. Strakes are mounted ahead of the aerodynamic control surfaces.“This year’s aircraft will be upgraded based on all the drawbacks and the Syrian experience,” he said during a visit to the Gagarin aircraft plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Su-35-jet-fighter-HD. Share

In comparison with the К-36D-3,5 seat, the К-36D-5 ejection seat has improved operating characteristics: Grom tactical air-to-ground missile UPDATE – New Grom air-to-surface missile undergoes flight tests on an Su-34 fighter-bomber https://t.co/OFXBOk0ACf pic.twitter.com/Q7qs45LFqP

Tactics are important. On fighter sweep we fly line-abreast, put two Su-35 60 km then Su-30MK 40 km more each side – see side radio reflections of Pidgeon and pass target location to shooter with best position.The Kh-59ME is an improved version of the Kh-59 standoff missile and was introduced in the early 1990s. It features two larger fragmentation and penetration warheads, minor airframe changes, and a new propulsion system for extended range. The missile can fly at altitudes between 7 and 1,000 meters. The nose-mounted TV-sensor relays target area imagery to the launch airborne platform and the pilot selects the impact point using the aircraft-mounted APK-9ME pod. The Kh-59ME improved standoff weapon has been integrated on Russian tactical attack aircraft such as the Mig-27 and Su-24. Source deagel.com Turkey has almost reached an agreement with Moscow over the purchase of Su-35 fighter jets and also the co-manufacturing of some On a visit to MAKS-2019 on August 27, Erdogan was shown a Su-57 stealth fighter jet, Su-35 fighter jet, Ka-52 military helicopter and Mi-38 transport helicopter

Sukhoi Su-35. 1985. FIGHTER-BOMBER. The Military Jets MiG-21, MiG-27, MiG-29, SU-22, SU-24, SU-25, SU-27, SU-30, IL-76, IL-78 are all-weather, multi-role fighters, meant to gain air superiority; besides, these jets operate in various conditions like take-off from unpaved runways, delivery of..    The recent R-37M is a powerful and effective missile. It is much more maneuverable than its predecessor, the R-33. It can engage targets from any altitude between 15 and 25 000 meters, giving it great versatility. Its high explosive fragmentation warhead is huge—60 kilograms—and capable of critically damaging even large AWACS aircraft. It has an incredibly fast speed—Mach 6 or about 7 350 km/h, which is enough to easily catch up with every type of aircraft. Above all, it reportedly has an enormous range— of up to 200.

Mean time to repair “IRBIS-E” item at maintenance stages (troubleshooting by means of replacement of failed units for the serviceable ones containing in SPTA) does not exceed 30 minutes.The К-36D-5 ejection seat realizes the crewmember emergency escape within the range of equivalent airspeed (VE.) from 0 to 1300 km/h, at Mach number up to 2.5 and aircraft flight altitude from 0 to 20,000 m, including takeoff, landing run and «Н=0, V=0» mode. The seat is used with the KKO-15 set of protective gear and oxygen equipment.This plane requires assembly and is made of durable EPO foam. Carbon fiber spars are supplied and provide exceptional strength in those high G maneuvers. There is also a decal sheet to give that authentic look along with an instrument display panel.he rail trigger APU-470 is used for the deployment of missiles under the wings of the aircraft, and the ejection device AKU-470 for the deployment of missiles under the fuselage and under the wings.

The engine is equipped with a highly efficient turbo compressor and integrated system of oil cooling. As a result, fuel consumption and the weight are reduced.The aircraft can fly at a maximum speed of 2,390km/h. The normal and ferry ranges of the aircraft are 3,600km and 4,200km respectively. The maximum altitude is 18,000m. The Su-35 weighs around 18,400kg and the maximum take-off weight is 34,500kg.Like other Soviet missiles of the time, the Kh-58 could be fitted with a range of seeker heads designed to target specific air defence radars such as MIM-14 Nike-Hercules or MIM-104 Patriot. Su 35 fighter jets Blogs, Comments and Archive News on Economictimes.com. Thirteen fighter aircraft have crashed during the period from 2017-18 to November 2019. Every accident is followed by an investigation by a BoI or a CoI which gives causes of accident and suggests remedial measures to..

Сухой (Sukhoy) Su-39 Frogfoot The Frogfoot is the most weaponized jet out of all the WAC fighters, carrying a GSh-30-2 cannon with 250 rounds, 4 Mil Mi-35, NATO reporting name: Hind The Hind should have something unique, namely carrying 7 more passengers in the back (it can actually do this.. The KAB-1500L bombs were deployed successfully during the Russian military campaign in Chechnya. Usually, the Su-24 Fencer and Mig-27 Flogger aircraft use this type of weapon in strike missions but can be used by the latest generation of Su-30MK multirole aircraft. The spectrum of targets to hit by this weapon include: railway and highway bridges, military and industrial facilities, ships and transport vessels, ammunition depots and railway terminals. Source deagel.comThe weapon uses the Azov 27N or later 27N1 semi-active laser homing seeker using an annular airfoil and optical design similar to the Paveway I/II series. It will provide similar characteristics to the baseline Paveway I/II seeker. The cited CEP is 7 to 10 metres which is consistent with this style of seeker and the bang-bang control loop technology involved.Worst part of the Pigeon is a very hot engine – 160 Celsius hotter than standard combat jet engine exhaust. It makes a very bright star in the sky and long jet plume. Russia adapted space technology for seeing ICBM launches, to air combat fighter. The OLS-35 [Editor: Infra-Red Search and Track Set] in service now, much better versions planned in next decade. Today, we see a standard fighter at about 50 km, by 2017 new technology will see Pigeon at about 150 km. Angle only measurement, but if we fly wide fighter-sweeps and pass angles to other fighters using the TKS-2 network, we can use trigonometry calculations in software to find range. Also the OLS-35 is passive – this is good.On the website of the Moscow model-prototyping company “Guild modelers” were pictures made this company a full-size demonstration model of prospective Russian aircraft target designation pod T220 / E. The container is designed of “Scientific and Industrial Corporation” Precision Instrument Systems “(of” SPC “NGN”) and the known data, intended for equipping MiG-29 SMT, Mig-29M / M2 (MiG-35) and Su-35C. It is reported that the container has a length of 2.4 m and a diameter of 0.37 m. The model aircraft suspended container targeting T220 / e development of “Scientific and Industrial Corporation” Precision Instrument Systems “(c) www.gildmaket.ru. Translated by google – Source bmpd.livejournal.com

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The S-13 rocket was developed in the 1970s to meet requirements for a penetrating weapon capable of cratering runways and penetrating hardened aircraft shelters, bunkers and pillboxes, to fill a gap between 80 mm and 240 mm rockets and fulfill a role similar to the 127 mm Zuni rocket. The S-13 is conventional in layout, with a solid rocket motor and folding tail fins that provide stability after launch. The impressive Su-35S is the latest incarnation of the T-10 family of fighter aircraft. It would be fair to describe this aircraft as the pinnacle of current The Su-35S is the first non-US fighter with substantial sustained supersonic cruise capability, which provides this aircraft with an enormous energy..

Radar control system “IRBIS-E” is used at all stages of combat application while interacting with on-board equipment complex, as well as with complexes of on-board  equipment within a group of aircraft under close and long-range air combat modes, during group and single operations day-and-night, under simple and heavy weather, over its own and the enemy territory in the presence of natural noise and jamming. Sukhoi Fighter jets. Sukhoi_Su-35S. RAF Tornado GR4 MOD. Fighter jet flying upside down - Amazing stunt. F-35 Fighter Jet. three flying super jets. Four amazing fighter Jets

Upgrade of Russia’s Sukhoi Su-30SM fighters to equip them with armaments, radar, sensors and engines from the more powerful Su-35 aircraft may hinder the market for the latter which is the current top-line Russian fighter jet. Describing the Su-35S as a 4++ generation jet fighter, Sukhoi claims that the characteristics of the aircraft exceed those of all European tactical fighters including the Dassault Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon. However, there's no doubt that the Su-35 is a capable and fearsome jet fighter

Russian Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E Fighter Jet Global Military Revie

The Su-27 (Nato designation Flanker) is the front-line fighter aircraft designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau and manufactured by Irkut Corporation.The first flight of the Su-27M (which was shortly renamed as the Su-35) took place on April 1, 1992. The Su-35 was on display at various international airshows and was offered for export but it did not find prospective buyers. The serial production of new fighter jets did not begin due to economic problems.

Kh-31AD airborne anti-ship guided missile is designed for hitting combat (assault landing) surface ships and cargo ships from the striking force (convoys) and single ships. This particular missile has a warhead power increased to 15% in compare with its prototype Kh-31A. Launch range is increased up to 120-160 km almost in two times.The KS-129 oxygen system is used onboard the MiG-29K (KUB), MiG-29UPG, MiG-35, Su-30МКМ, Su-30МКI(A), Su-35, etc. Source zvezda-npp.ruMax Range: 185.2 km *Note contradicting data from different sources but from what I understand the newer version will most likely have similar performance as in table FS2004 Sukhoi Su-35 LEX, a Russian fighter/bomber with full animation. However, B-47 of the jet bomber had flown first when the force disposition was begun, and obsoleting became this aircraft. Still, this long distance air performance doesn't throw away easily, and 380 planes were produced for the..

Su-35BM Flanker-E Battlefield Wiki Fando

The first prototype T-10 Flanker-A flew in 1977. The early flight development programme revealed serious problems that led to a total redesign; the resulting T-10S-1 flew in 1981. The single-seat Su-27 Flanker-B eventually entered operational service in 1985 and despite its age remains a formidable interceptor. Hobby Master 1/72 Air Power Series Jet. RA-5C Vi gilante. Sea Harrier. Su-35. S-3 Viking

This is a superb model of a Sukhoi SU-35 Jet Fighter. This SU-35 model is designed to be hand launch, lightweight, easy to fly and a lot of fun.The OLS-35 is an advanced infrared search and track (IRST) fire control system designed for the 4+ generation Su-35 fighter aircraft replacing the OEPS-27 sight system. OLS-35 comprises a heat-seeker, a laser rangefinder/designator and a TV camera along with new algorithms and advanced software to outperform its predecessor installed on the Su-27/Su-30 aircraft family. The Su-35 IRST is superior to the OEPS-27 in terms of range, precision and reliability. SU 35 Fighter Jet. Photo referenced. Photoshop CS5. Thank you! This one is pretty old now, some original jet designs could be interesting for me to do for sure!! Thanks for the suggestion Su-27 based fighter construction. Compared to the Su-27 design from which it is derived, the front fuselage diameter of the Su-35 has been increased to The Su-35S fighter jets of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) will be able to destroy naval targets of various classes, as well as ground objects, owing.. The Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E is a russian 4 ++ generation fighter.Sukhoi Su-35 is single-seat, twin-engine, highly-maneuverable aircraft .It is improved derivative of SU-27 FIGHTER JET . SU-35 has 2 powerful AL-41F1S engines manufactured by Saturn Lyulka, with TVC (vector nozzles) in 3D..

Top 5 Fighter Jets in the world 2017 - Top 5 MelhoresLockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Stealth Fighter CockpitRussian Su-25 Almost Hits US F-22 During Intercept Over

Russia releases video of new Sukhoi Su-35s fighter jet

Syrian President Bashar Assad has tried out the role of fighter jet pilot, as he arrived in Latakia province to inspect the President Assad has met the state-of-the-art and most important aircraft in the world, the Russian Su-35, located at the Khmeymim airbase, reads one of the posts, showing the.. The Su-35 is a multi-purpose fighter jet designed by Sukhoi on the basis of the Su-27 twin-engine supermaneuverable fighter aircraft. The jet is also armed with a 30mm cannon with 150 rounds for strafing or dogfighting. The Su-35 can reportedly carry up to 8,000kg of air-to-ground munitions system inertial navigation with midcourse guidance and terminal active radar homing (KS–172) Launch

Global War Birds: Su-34

Old radio locators now making a comeback. Many low frequency [Editor: VHF band], like NNIIRT NEBO series «Tall Rack», OBORONA «Tall King» and P-18-2 «Spoon Rest» see stealth airplane at 10,000 meters as far as 250 km. Rosoboronexport have on-line catalogue for these radio locators [1].The R-37M is believed to track its targets with both semi-active and active radar homing. Its radar system is the 9B-1388. The R-37M probably homes on its targets in this way: first, the launch platform detects its target and launches the R-37 towards the target’s hypothesized position. Once the R-37M comes within suitable range of the target, it activates its own radar and homes in on the target. The R-37M can also use a fire-and-forget mode where it is completely independent of its launch platform.The work on the one-seat multirole fighter jet as a derivative of the Su-27 plane restarted in the mid-2000s. The designers installed new avionics, the Irbis radar with a passive phased antenna array and more powerful engines with thrust vectoring on the aircraft. The fighter jet was also furnished with a new onboard information and control system.

The fighter jet was accepted for service in Russia’s Aerospace Force in 2017. By today, about 70 such planes have been delivered to operational Aerospace Force units. From 2015, these fighter jets made part of Russia’s air task force in Syria.This time, the Sukhoi Su-35 has the new Tikhomirov NIIP IRBIS-E ESA radar and can talk to earlier model Su-30MK to pass target coordinates – like Indian Air Force Su-30MKI talks to older MiG-21 and tells when to fire its missile [Editor: This is the TKS-2 intraflight network]. Ramjet Vympel R-77M «Adder» in service for several years with long range of about 160 km. Also, some new weapons – we discuss these later. Russia has completed the delivery of Su-35 combat aircraft to China in defiance of U.S. sanctions, Russia's military and technical cooperation agency told state media Tuesday. Russia and China signed a $2.5 billion deal on the delivery of 24 Sukhoi Su-35s in 2015, making it the first foreign buyer of the..

Learn How to Draw Fighter Jet Aircraft (Fighter Jets) Step

Each wing has four hardpoints – one on the wingtip and three under-wing stations. There are two hardpoints on the underside of the fuselage on the centreline and one under each engine. The jet's competition. The main competitors of the Su-57 will be the U.S.-made F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning. Vadim Kozyulin, a professor from Russia's The Russian fifth-generation fighter jet will enter mass production much later than the F-22 Raptor, which has already been in service with the.. The combined aero-gas-dynamic control gives the R-73 highly maneuverable flight characteristics. During flight, yaw and pitch are controlled by four aerodynamic control surfaces connected in pairs and by just as many gas-dynamic spoilers (fins) installed at the nozzle end of the engine. Control with engine not operating is provided by aerodynamic control surfaces. Roll stabilization of the missile is maintained with the help of four mechanically interconnected ailerons mounted on the wings. Drives of all missile controls are gas, powered from a solid-propellant gas generator.The Kh-59MK2 was developed with PLA-N funding to arm the Su-30MK2 Flanker G variant delivered to PLA-N naval strike wings. It has since been offered for export to other clients, in competition with the Kh-25E/UE Switchblade.

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